Washington Request for Full Reconveyance by Megadox


Prepare a Request for Full Reconveyance of a property held by a trustee with this easy template form for Washington.
- The form is used in connection with a promissory note and Deed of Trust executed as part of a real estate purchase.
- Once the note has been paid off, the holder of the note uses the Request form to instruct the trustee to transfer the property to the purchasers.
- The property is transferred without warranty.
This Washington Request for Full Reconveyance form is provided in MS Word format, and is easy to download, fill in and print.

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									                       REQUEST FOR FULL RECONVEYANCE

The undersigned beneficiary is the legal owner and holder of the promissory note in the original sum of
$____________________, secured       by that certain Deed         of   Trust on this ______ day      of
___________________, _________, in which __________________________________________________
[insert name of grantor] is grantor and ________________________________________________ [insert name of
trustee] is trustee, filed for record on this ______ day of ___________________, _________, as Auditor’s
File No. ___________ and recorded in Volume ______ of Mortgages, at page ___________, records of
_______________County, Washington.

The note and all other indebtedness secured by said Deed of Trust having been fully satisfied, the note
and Deed of Trust are herewith surrendered to you for cancellation and reconveyance.

You are therefore requested, upon payment of all sums owing to you, to reconvey without warranty, to
the person(s) entitled thereto, the right, title and interest now held by you thereunder.

Dated ______ day of ___________________, _________.

By _________________________________
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