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USA Letter of Interest and Loan Proposal from Broker


USA brokers, write a letter of interest and loan proposal to a client who wants to secure conventional financing to capitalize its business. - The broker would be given the exclusive mandate to source out the financing. - Upon agreeing to the terms, the client will pay the broker a retainer to cover expenses. - As compensation, the broker will be paid a commission, being a percentage of the total funds acquired. This USA Letter of Interest and Loan Proposal from Broker is provided in MS Word format, and is easy to download, fill in and print.

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									                                  LETTER OF INTEREST


 [Name of Company]
[Street Address]
[city, state, zip code]

Attention: _______________________

Dear Sirs:

RE:      Representation of [Name of Company by [Name of Broker]
         in Procuring Financing to a Maximum of USD $___________

Further to our meeting on __________ [insert date] and subsequent discussions, we have
reviewed your Business Plan and pro forma financials.

Based on that review, we are prepared to act on your behalf to attempt to procure financing for
you on the following terms:

(a)      [Name of Broker] will represent [Name of Company] in endeavoring to secure
         conventional financing of up to USD $__________.

(b)      This financing will be secured by inventory, accounts receivable and a general security
         agreement. This agreement is to be mutually acceptable to you and the lender.

(c)      The loan amount pursued by us will not unduly affect any grants or loan guaranty
         programs currently underway by the principals of [Name of Company].

(d)      In order for [Name of Broker] to initiate this loan proposal program on your behalf, we
         need to come to an agreement as to our fees and the payment terms.

(e)      Before we agree to act for you in this matter, [Name of Broker
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