; Nova Scotia Discharge of Lien
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Nova Scotia Discharge of Lien


Nova Scotia contractors, discharge a lien against property to which you have provided labour or materials for improvements with this Discharge of Lien form. This Nova Scotia Discharge of Lien form is provided in MS Word format and is easy to download and use.

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									       IN THE MATTER OF: ________________ [NAME OF LIEN CLAIMANT];


       IN THE MATTER OF ________________ [NAME OF PROPERTY OWNER].

                                   DISCHARGE OF LIEN

       IN CONSIDERATION of the sum of One Dollar ($1.00) and other valuable
consideration satisfactory to the parties hereto, the undersigned lien claimant does hereby fully
discharge and release its Claim for                Lien against the estate and interest of
______________________ [NAME OF PROPERTY OWNER] in real property known as all
those lands, buildings and premises located at ________________________ [address], in the
City of ____________, County of _____________, Province of Nova Scotia, dated the _____
day of ______________, _______ and recorded in Book ____ at Page ______, and at the
Registry of Deeds for the County of __________________ and Province of Nova Scotia.

Dated at __________________________________ this _____ day of ______________,

Signature of Lien Claimant


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