Nova Scotia Direction to Pay Proceeds from Sale of Property by Megadox


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									                                       [LETTERHEAD OF CLIENT]

November 1, 2012


Dear Sir/Madam:

Re:      Sale from [Vendor] to [Purchaser]
         Property Address: [property address]

This letter is to authorize you, in connection with the sale of the above-noted property by [vendor], to:

1.       Direct that all funds payable to [vendor], by cheque or otherwise, as a result of the above noted
         sale, to be made payable to “[LAWYER], IN TRUST”;

2.       Pay from the funds received by you, any and all outstanding mortgages or encumbrances against
         the property or, alternatively, to make appropriate arrangements for the discharge or assumption
         of all outstanding mortgages and encumbrances on the property, to pay any outstanding real
         estate taxes on the property; to pay any real estate commissions owing as a result of the sale of
         the Property, your legal fees, and any other fees and expenses on the transaction normally
         occurring; and

3.       Make such arrangements as you in your discret
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