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THIS AGREEMENT was last updated on [date].

Please read this Subscription Agreement and indicate your acceptance by clicking the “AGREE” button at
the end of the Agreement.

1.      This Subscription Agreement is made between you as the user and [Publisher] as Publisher of
[Magazine]. By registering as a user and by using the [Magazine] site (the “Web Site”), you are indicating
that you agree to be bound by all of the terms in this Subscription Agreement. You may print and keep a
copy of this Agreement. Publisher may change the terms in this Subscription Agreement at any time and
from time to time. When the terms are changed, Publisher will notify you by email or online postings.
The changes will also appear in this document, therefore you should bookmark this page and check back
regularly. If you agree to be bound by the changes Publisher has made to this Agreement, you must click
on the “AGREE” button at the end of the Agreement. If you do not agree to the changes, you may cancel
your subscription to [Magazine]. If you do not click on the “AGREE” button but access the Web Site after
Publisher has notified subscribers of a change in the Subscription Agreement, you will be deemed to have
agreed to be bound by all of the changes.

2.      By clicking the “AGREE” button, you also are agreeing that Publisher may store the information
you provided as part of the registration process and provide aggregate statistical information about
[Magazine] subscribers to potential advertisers in [Magazine] and other publications published by
Publisher. Publisher also may use the information to inform you about other publications, products and
services, unless you notify Publisher that you do not wish to receive this information. However, Publisher
will not supply personal information, such as your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address or
other specific personal identifying information to any other party without your express prior consent.

3.      Publisher at all times reserves the right to charge a fee for access to any material appearing on the
Web Site. Notice of such fees will be provided when you visit the Web Site and attempt to access any
material for which a fee is charged. You will then have the opportunity to restrict your access only to
material which is free of charge, or to proceed with accessing the material for which a fee is charged.

4.      This Subscription Agreement may be terminated at any time by either party sending notice of
such termination to the other party. Upon termination of this Agreement, you will no longer be an
authorized user of the Web Site.

5.      All notices and other communications between the parties shall be made by Publisher to you at
the email address you provided in your registration form, and by you to Publisher at [Publisher’s email
address]. You are responsible for notifying Publisher if there is a change to your email address or any of
the other information you have provided to Publisher in your registration form.

6.      You are responsible for all use of the Web Site made using your username and password,
whether or not such use is made by you or by someone else using your username and password. You are
responsible for protecting and securing your username and password from unauthorized use. If you
believe there has been unauthorized use of your username or password, you should notify Publisher

7.      Unless otherwise stated, the copyright and other proprietary and intellectual property rights in
all material published on the Web Site are o
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