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This Deed is made on the _____ day of ______________, _______.

BETWEEN: ____________________________________________________ [insert name of grantor]
Whose post office address is ________________________________________ [insert address of grantor]
(referred to as the “Grantor”)

AND: ____________________________________________________ [insert name of grantee]
Whose post office address is ________________________________________ [insert address of grantee]
(referred to as the “Grantee”)

The words “Grantor” and “Grantee” shall mean all Grantors and all Grantees listed above.

Transfer and Ownership. The Grantor grants and conveys (transfers ownership of) the property
described below to the Grantee. This transfer is made for the sum of ________________ DOLLARS
($___________). The Grantor acknowledges receipt of this money.

Tax Map Reference ( N.J.S.A. 46:15-2.1).
Municipality of _________________
Block No. _____________, Lot No. _________, Account No. ___________

________ No property tax identification number is available on the date of this deed. [Check this
statement if applicable.]

Property. The property consists of the land and all buildings and structures located on the land situated
in the City of _________________, County of _________________, and State of New Jersey. The legal
description is:

        [Give legal description of the property]

        The street address of the property is: ___________________________

Type of Deed. This Deed is called a Quitclaim Deed. The grantor makes no promises as to ownership or
title, but simply transfers whatever interest the Grantor has in the property to the Grantee.

Signatures. The Grantor signs this Deed as of the date at the top of the first page. If the Grantor is a
corporation, this Deed is signed and attested by its proper corporate officers and its corporate seal is
affixed. [Print name below each signature.]

Witnessed or Attested By:

Witness Signature                                       Signature of Grantor
Print Name -                                            Print Name –

STATE OF NEW JERSEY, COUNTY OF ______________________, SS:

I CERTIFY that on __________ [insert date], ______________________________ [insert name(s)] personally came before
me a
Description: Transfer your interest in a real estate property in New Jersey with this easy-to-use Quitclaim Deed. Under the Quitclaim Deed, the transferor conveys all of its interest in the property to the transferee but does not provide any warranties regarding the property. This form of Deed is often used to remove one spouse's name from title following divorce proceedings. This New Jersey Quitclaim Deed form is provided in MS Word format and is easy to download, fill in and print.
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