Website Development Agreement clauses re Acceptance of Site by Megadox


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Customer’s Acceptance Testing
#.      Within ________ [hours/days] after the Completion Date, Customer shall commence
such operational and functional tests as it considers reasonable to ensure that the Website
complies, or is reasonably likely to comply, with the Functional Specifications as defined in this
Agreement. Developer shall have the right, at its sole cost and expense, to be present at all such
acceptance testing by Customer, provided that Developer shall in no way interfere with or
participate in any such acceptance testing. Upon the completion of its acceptance testing,
Customer shall notify Developer in writing that the Website either:

(a)    materially complies with the Functional Specifications and is thereby accepted by
       Customer; or

(b)    that there are deficiencies in certain aspects of the Website, which deficiencies Developer
       is required to correct within _____ days of receipt of such notice.

If no such notice is received within ________ Business Days after the Completion Date, the
Website shall be deemed to have passed all acceptance testing and to have been accepted by

Notice and Correction of Deficiencies
#.      In the event that Customer provides written notice of any deficiencies to Developer,
Customer shall describe the nature of such deficiencies to Developer in reasonable detail, the
circumstances in which they occurred, and a description of the Website’s failure to comply with
the Functional Specifications. Developer shall correct any deficiencies of which it receives such
notice within _
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