Illinois Notice to Tenant of Sale of Rental Premises by Megadox


IL landlords, give notice to a tenant that the property they are renting has been sold with this Notice to Tenant of Sale of Rental Premises for Illinois.
- The tenant is notified that the property has been sold and is instructed to pay rent to the new owner.
- The Notice also includes a Record of Service form, so you can record the details of how you served the Notice on the tenant.
- Downloadable, fully editable, and easy to use.
The Illinois Notice to Tenant of Sale of Rental Premises template can be re-used as often as you require.

More Info

TO:   _____________________________________ (name of tenant)
      _____________________________________ (street address)
      _________ (city), Illinois, ____________ (zip code)

RE:   Sale of Rental Property

THIS NOTICE is to advise you that the rental property located at
______________________________________________________ (insert address of the rental
property), of which you are currently a tenant pursuant to the Lease / Rental Agreement
dated _______________________ (insert date), has been sold effective the ____ day of
__________________, __________. Please forward all future rental payments,
commencing with the next rental payment due on ___________________________ (insert
due date of next rent payment) to:

      Name: ___________________________________________
      Address: _________________________________________

THIS NOTICE will further advise you that your security deposit of $_____________ [if
the security deposit is accruing interest, include this part: plus interest accrued from
________________________ (date deposit was paid) to and including ________________
(date deposit was transferred) in the amount of $__________] has been assigned to the new
owner of the proper
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