; Ontario Notice to Tenant of Sale of Rental Premises
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Ontario Notice to Tenant of Sale of Rental Premises


ON landlords, give notice to your tenants that the property they are renting has been sold with this Notice to Tenant of Sale of Rental Premises. - The landlord is required to give written notice of the sale to each tenant renting a unit on the property. - The tenant is instructed to pay the rent to the new owner. - The Notice also includes a Record of Service form. - This is a reusable landlord-tenant notice. Pay for the form once, and it's yours to use as often as you require. The Ontario Notice to Tenant of Sale of Rental Premises template is provided in MS Word format, and is easy to use.

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TO:   _____________________________________ (name of tenant)
      _____________________________________ (street address)
      _________ (city), Ontario, ____________ (postal code)

RE:   Sale of Rental Property

THIS NOTICE is to advise you that the rental property located at
______________________________________________________ (insert address of the rental
property), of which you are currently a tenant pursuant to the Lease / Tenancy
Agreement dated _______________________ (insert date), has been sold effective the ____
day of __________________, __________. Please forward all future rental payments,
commencing with the next rental payment due on ___________________________ (insert
due date of next rent payment) to:

      Name: ___________________________________________
      Address: _________________________________________

THIS NOTICE will further advise you that your security deposit of $_____________ [if
the security deposit is accruing interest, include this part: plus interest accrued from
________________________ (date deposit was paid) to and including ________________
(date deposit was transferred) in the amount of $__________] has been assigned to the new
owner of the property.

I may be contacted at:

________________________ (insert your address)

___________________ (insert your phone number)

Signature of Landlord                            Date
                                      RECORD OF S
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