UK Limited Guarantee by Megadox


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									                               LIMITED GUARANTEE

THIS DEED is made on the _____ day of ______________, _______.


                                [NAME OF GUARANTOR]
                                   (the ‘Guarantor’)

                                          - and -

                                 [NAME OF CREDITOR]
                                    (the ‘Creditor’)

A.     The Creditor may, from time to time at the Guarantor's request, extend financial
       accommodation (‘Credit’) to [NAME OF CUSTOMER] (the ‘Customer’) on the
       security of this Guarantee.

B.     The Guarantor has acknowledged that it will gain a commercial benefit by providing
       this Guarantee.

NOW THEREFORE the parties agree as follows:

1.     As an inducement for the Creditor to extend the Credit to the Customer, the Guarantor
unconditionally guarantees to the Creditor the prompt, punctual and full payment of certain
sums now or hereafter due to the Creditor from the Customer, provided, however, that the
liability of the Guarantor shall be limited to a maximum amount of £______________ and
the Guarantor shall not be liable under this Guarantee for any greater or further amount.

2.     Until termination of this Agreement, the Guarantor's liability shall remain in full force
and effect, despite anything which apart from this provision might otherwise release or
exonerate the Guarantor from its obligations including, without limiting the generality of the
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