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UK Waiver for Massage Therapy


Protect your business and your staff against legal claims for injury or damages with this UK Waiver for Massage Therapy form. - All patients should sign the form before receiving treatment. - The patient acknowledges the risks inherent to the procedure, and states that his/her participation in the massage session is voluntary and that s/he assumes all risk. - The patient releases the clinic and the massage therapists from any liability. - Pay for the waiver form once, download, customise and use it as often as you require. - The form can be used anywhere in the United Kingdom. This UK Massage Therapy Waiver template is easy to download and use.

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									                        WAIVER FOR MASSAGE THERAPY

In consideration of my participation in massage session(s) with _____________________, I hereby
release, discharge and covenant not to sue ____________________, its officers, employees and agents
from liability from any and all claims including negligence of ____________________, its officers,
employees and agents, resulting in personal injury, accidents or illnesses (including death), and
property loss arising from, but not limited to, participation in the massage session.

I understand that my massage session(s) shall be for the purpose of stress reduction, relief from
muscular tension and spasm, relaxation, and/or improvement of circulation. The massage therapist
does not diagnose illness, disease or other physical or mental disorders, or prescribe medical
treatments of pharmaceuticals, or perform spinal manipulations. Massage session(s) shall not be a
substitute for medical examination or diagnosis, and it is recommended that I consult with a
physician for any physical ailment that I may have.

It is also understood that any information provided by the massage therapist shall be for educational
purposes only and is not diagnostically prescriptive. I have stated all known medical conditions, and
have consulted a physician regarding checked or prescribed conditions, and I shall update my
massage therapist with any changes in my health, and my massage therapist shall not be liable
should I fail to do so.

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