UK Nondisclosure and Noncircumvention Agreement (Manufacturing)

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THIS AGREEMENT made as of the ______ day of ________, _______.


                         DISCLOSING PARTY, a ____________ company
                              having an office at [city], [county]
                                 (“DISCLOSING PARTY”)

                                                                               OF THE FIRST PART

                                               - and -

                               RECIPIENT, a __________ company
                                having an office at [city], [county]

                                                                           OF THE SECOND PART


A.     The Parties intend to participate in negotiating for the manufacture and distribution of
       DISCLOSING PARTY designs, engineering and technology which DISCLOSING PARTY has
       developed (such designs, engineering and technology being referred to hereafter as
       “Confidential Information”);

B.     In the process of such negotiations DISCLOSING PARTY has already disclosed or will
       disclose to Recipient various parameters and other information about and concerning the
       Confidential Information; and

C.     Recipient desires to protect DISCLOSING PARTY’s investment and property in and
       ownership of the Confidential Information.

NOW THEREFORE for good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is
hereby acknowledged, Recipient agrees as follows:

1.     So long as this Agreement is in effect, it shall not, without notice to DISCLOSING PARTY,
       communicate or deal with, contract or negotiate with or consummate any of the
       aforementioned transactions, or any other further private financing transactions with any
       Contact which has been introduced or brought to its attention by DISCLOSING PARTY
       during the course of, or as a result of the negotiations or transactions contemplated hereby
       unless Recipient agrees to compensate DISCLOSING PARTY in accordance with any
       agreement that may then be in place between the Parties or, to the extent that no such
       agreement is in place, in accordance with reasonable compensation negotiated by the Parties
       in good faith.

2.     This Agreement shall apply to any and all technology, designs and information provided by
       DISCLOSING PARTY to Recipient, whether in writing, electronically, verbally, or otherwise.

3.     The Confidential Information of DISCLOSING PARTY is of absolute secrecy and is being
       revealed in strictest confidence, and Recipient hereby agrees for the term of this Agreement to
       keep completely confidential the Confidential Information and every part thereof introduced
       by or brought to its attention by DISCLOSING PARTY.

4.     One significant purpose of this Agreement is to restrict the access, manufacture and
       distribution to or of the Confidential Information and to include any and all subsequent
Description: Protect your confidential and proprietary information with this UK Nondisclosure and Noncircumvention Agreement for Manufacturing. - Parties. The parties to the Agreement are looking to manufacture and distribute technology products through third parties, and each will be disclosing certain confidential information as part of the relationship. - Non-Circumvention. The recipient of confidential information agrees not to contract or consummate any transactions brought to its attention by the disclosing party, unless the recipient agrees to compensate the disclosing party accordingly. - Confidentiality. The recipient agrees to keep all of the information strictly confidential. - Liability for Breach. If an attempt is made to circumvent the agreement, the recipient is liable to the disclosing party for all costs associated with developing the information and all revenues earned from use of the information. This UK Manufacturing Nondisclosure and Noncircumvention Agreement is downloadable and fully editable, and can be used anywhere in the United Kingdom.
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