Notice of Grant of Stock Options by Megadox


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									                                     GRANT OF STOCK OPTIONS
                                         [on company letterhead]
November 1, 2012

To:      [Name of Eligible Person]

Re:      Employee Stock Option Plan
         Grant of Options

You have been designated as an Eligible Person under the [name of company] (“Company”) Employee
Stock Option Plan (“Plan”) and are hereby granted Options under the Plan as follows:

Date of Grant

Designated Amount
(number and class of shares of the Company you have
the option to purchase)
Earliest Exercise Date
(the earliest date you are allowed to exercise your
Latest Exercise Date
(the date on which your options will expire, if you have
not previously exercised them)
Vesting Requirements and Vesting Deadlines
(any particular conditions which must be satisfied
before you can exercise your options, other than your
still being employed by the Company at the time you do
Strike Price
(the price per share you must pay if you decide to
exercise any of your options)

This Grant of Options is subject to the Plan document and the Shareholders’ Agreement referred to in the
Plan, copies of which are available for you at your request.

If you agree to participate in the Plan and comply with its terms and conditions, please sign one copy of
this letter and return it to 
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