Alphabet Block Christmas Tree Centerpiece Pattern by Megadox


Create a unique Alphabet Block Christmas Tree Centerpiece with this easy step-by-step pattern.
- This lovely Christmas keepsake is made from children's wooden alphabet blocks, inexpensive trimmings, and tiny toys and ornaments.
- These make wonderful holiday gifts for young and old.
- The pattern includes a photo of the finished item.
This Alphabet Block Christmas Tree Centerpiece Pattern is provided in PDF format for easy downloading and printing.

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                          HOW TO MAKE
A delightful Christmas keepsake for any child (big or small), the alphabet block Christmas tree is
easy to make, and can be completed in the space of an afternoon.

Materials Needed

•       46 (for 6-tier tree) or 64 (for 7-tier tree) colorful wooden alphabet
•       Hot glue gun and a good supply of glue sticks
•       Matte board, balsa wood or strong cardboard
•       Variety of small toys and figurines
•       Sprigs of plastic holly and evergreen
•       Length of evergreen garland or tinsel
•       Selection of small Christmas package decorations

Assembling the Tree

1.      Create the first two tiers of the tree as follows: Tier 1 will consist of a single block
        centered on and glued to the top of Tier 2. Make Tier 2 by positioning three blocks in a
        circle and gluing them together at the points of contact. Allow plenty of time for the glue
        to dry before attaching the single block to the top.

2.      Make each additiona
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