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					                                      OPTION TO PURCHASE

        (hereinafter the “Purchaser”)

In consideration of TEN ($10.00) DOLLARS and other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and
sufficiency of all of which is hereby acknowledged, [VENDOR] (hereinafter the “Vendor”) hereby grants
to the Purchaser an irrevocable option to purchase (hereinafter the “Option”) in respect of those lands set
out and described in Schedule “A” hereto (hereinafter the “Lands”), or any portion thereof, at the price of
[purchase price amount] ($____________) DOLLARS (hereinafter the “Purchase Price”), on the terms set
out below.

The Option is exercisable by notice in writing delivered personally or mailed (postage prepaid), or by
facsimile message, to the Vendor at the following address:

        [address of vendor]
        Fax: [fax number]

prior to [cut-off time] on the Exercise Date.

For the purposes hereof, “Exercise Date” shall mean [exercise date].

1.      Notice

The Vendor undertakes to notify the Purchaser immediately upon the occurrence of any event or
condition in any way affecting the Lands.

2.      Expiry

The Option shall expire if not exercised on or before the Exercise Date.

3.      Deposit

When exercising the Option, there shall be paid to the Vendor by certified cheque or bank draft at the
address noted above a deposit in the sum of [deposit amount] ($_________) DOLLARS (the “Deposit”)
which sum shall be held by the Vendor pending completion of the sale, or upon termination of the
agreement (if any) arising from the exercise of the Option (the “Purchase Agreement”) in accordance with
the terms thereof. The deposit and any other consideration paid by the Purchaser to the Vendor shall in
the event of completion, be credited to the account of the Purchaser and shall be refundable in full to the
Purchaser in the event that the transaction contemplated by the Purchase Agreement fails to close for any
reason whatsoever.

4.      Representations and Warranties

The Purchase Agreement shall contain, inter alia, representations and warranties by the Vendor as the
Purchaser may reasonably require to the effect that the Vendor is not aware of any contaminants,
hazardous material, pollutant or dangerous waste on or under the Lands.

5.      Purchaser’s Conditions

(a)     The Purchaser has entered into this Agreement in reliance upon the conditions herein, all of
        which will constitute a condition precedent to the Purchasers' obligations to complete the

(b)     The Vendor has a good and marketable title to the Lands.

(c)     The Vendor is a resident of Canada for the purposes of Section 116 of the Income Tax Act

(d)     The Purchase Price shall include all permanent fixtures presently located on the Property.

(e)     The Vendor undertakes to effect the transfer of land in registrable form upon the Purchaser
        instructing the Vendor to effect such registration.

6.      Vendor’s Conditions

(a)     The Vendor grants this Option to the Purchaser to purchase the Lands for the purpose of

(b)     In the event that the Purchaser exercises its Option to purchase the Lands the Purchaser shall use
        the Lands for the purpose of ______________________________.

(c)     In the event that the Purchaser exercises its Option to purchase the Lands, the Vendor shall cause
        to be registered a restrictive covenant against the Lands, respecting the use and development of
        the Lands. The terms of such restrictive covenant shall be consistent with the terms of this

(d)     In the event that the Purchaser exercises its Option to purchase the Lands, the Purchaser agrees to
        use the Lands in compliance with the requirements of relevant municipal authorities.

7.      Closing

Subject to mutual agreement by the Vendor and Purchaser, closing of the transactions contemplated by
the Purchase Agreement shall occ
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Description: Give a purchaser an irrevocable option to purchase land in Canada with this Option to Purchase Land template. - The purchase price will include all permanent fixtures on the land. - The vendor has the right to register a covenant restricting the use of the land, which the purchaser must agree to and abide by. - The purchaser has the right to register a caveat on title to the land, with respect to its interest under the option. - The purchaser can exercise the option for either all or part of the land. - The option is irrevocable, meaning the vendor cannot revoke it until the option period has expired. This Canada Option to Purchase Land form is in MS Word format and is fully editable.
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