Alberta Guarantee of Mortgage by Megadox


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WHEREAS «LENDER» (the “Lender”) has lent or has agreed to lend to «BORROWER» (the
“Mortgagor”) the sum of ____________________________________ DOLLARS ($___________) (the
“Principal Sum”) repayable with interest thereon at the rate, in the manner and at the times set out in a
certain mortgage dated as of the ____ day of _______________, _____, a copy of which is attached hereto
(the “Mortgage”), granted by the Mortgagor to the Lender and registered (or to be registered) on those
lands described as:

        (legal description)

        (the “Lands”)

AND WHEREAS ________________________ (“the Guarantor”) is financially interested in the Mortgagor
and has agreed to execute these presents in consideration of the advance of the Principal Sum, or any
portion thereof, to the Mortgagor by the Lender;

AND IN FURTHER CONSIDERATION of the sum of ONE DOLLAR ($1.00) and other good and valuable
consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which the Guarantor hereby acknowledges, the Guarantor
hereby covenants and agrees with the Lender as follows:

1.       The Guarantor unconditionally guarantees to the Lender the due payment of the Principal Sum,
interest and other sums at the times and in the manner set out in the Mortgage, and the due performance
and observance of all covenants, conditions, stipulations and provisos contained in the Mortgage and in
any and all other security granted or to be granted with respect thereto, including, without restricting the
generality of the foregoing, any Chattel Mortgage and any Assignment of Leases and/or Rentals (herein
together with the Mortgage referred to as the “Security”). Reference to the Security in this Guarantee shall
include the Security or any part thereof as it is from time to time amended whether in the past, present or

2.       The liability of the Guarantor to the Lender shall be for all purposes as if the Guarantor was
primarily liable under the Security and not liable only as surety for the obligations of the Mortgagor and
no discharge of the Mortgagor's obligations under the Security or any part thereof whether by operation
of law, bankruptcy or otherwise, shall release the Guarantor from liability hereunder and without
restricting the generality of the foregoing, the Guarantor shall not be released by reason of any neglect or
default of the Lender which might otherwise operate as a discharge of the Guarantor or the releasing in
whole or in part of the properties and assets mortgaged, or the granting of time, releases or other
indulgences to the Mortgagor.

3.       No dealings of any kind between the Lender and the Mortgagor, whether with or without notice
to the Guarantor, shall exonerate or release the Guarantor in whole or in part, and in particular, and
without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Lender may give up, modify and amend the Security
or any part thereof, (including changes in principal, interest, method of calculation of interest,
amortization or otherwise) grant any indulgence, extension, release or postponement, accept
compositions, grant releases and discharges or partial releases and discharges of the Security or any part
thereof, waive any covenant or provision in the Security or any part thereof, or any obligation of the
Mortgagor, take or release any other securities or other guarantees from performance, apply all monies
received from the Mortgagor or the Guarantor from other securities upon such part of the amounts owing
under the Security as the Lender thinks fit and otherwise deal with the Mortgagor and the Guarantor as
the Lender in its absolute discretion thinks fit without notice to and without obtaining the consent of the

4.       The Lender shall not be concerned to see or inquire into the powers or capacity of the Mortgagor
or its directors or other agents acting or purporting to act on its behalf in respect of the creation and
issuance of the Security and this Guarantee shall be a valid and continuing one and binding upon the
Guarantor even though such creation and issuance shall be in excess of the powers of the Mortgagor or its
directors or shall be in any way irregular or defective and any declaration or adjudication that the
Security or any part thereof taken is unenforceable shall not affect, discharge or lessen the liability of the
Guarantor hereunder.

5.      The Lender at any time or times may extend or amend the time and method for payment of all or
any of the monies mentioned in or secured by the Security or any part thereof, and release from the
Security or any part thereof, any part of parts of the Lands, or vary the terms, covenants and conditions
therein contained, and either upon or without obtaining payment of any portion of the monies thereby
secured, and no such extension, agreement, release or variation shall affect the liability of the Guarantor
pursuant to this Guarantee.

6.      Any account settled or stated by or between the Lender and the Mortgagor or admitted by the
Mortgagor shall be accepted by the Guarantor as conclusive evidence that the balance or amount thereby
appearing due by the Mortgagor to the Lender is so due. The Guarantor renounces all benefits of
discussion and division.

7.       The Guarantor will not at any time claim to be subrogated in any manner to the position of the
Lender and will not claim the benefit of the Security at any time held by the Lender; provided, however,
that in the event of the Guarantor paying the Lender all the monies remaining unpaid under the Security,
then the Guarantor shall be entitled, on demand made by the Guarantor in writing, to the assignment of
such Security then remaining in the hands of the Lender.

8.       This Guarantee shall be in addition to and not in substitution for any other guarantees or other
securities which the Lender may now or hereafter hold in respect of the Security and the Lender shall be
under no obligation to marshal in favour of the Guarantor any other guarantees or other securities or any
money or other assets which the Lender may be entitled to receive or may have a claim upon. Neither the
loss of nor the unenforceability of any other guarantees or securities including the Security which the
Lender may now or hereafter hold, whether occasioned by any default by the Lender or otherwise, shall
in any way limited or lessen the Guarantor's liability hereunder.

9.      The Lender shall not be bound to exhaust its recourse against the Mortgagor or other parties
before requiring payment of the Guarantor, and the Lender may enforce the various remedies available to
it and may realize upon the Security or any part thereof, in such order as the Lender may determine.

10.      If there is more than one Guarantor of the Principal Sum or any part thereof, the release of any of
the Guarantors from its or their liability thereunder shall not affect the liability of this Guarantor or the
remaining Guarantor or Guarantors which guarantees shall remain unimpaired and still in full force and
effect. In any case where this instrument is executed by more than one party, all covenants, agreements
and obligations herein contained shall be joint and several.

11.     In the event that the Mortgagor shall become bankrupt or insolvent or shall be subject to the
provisions of the Bankruptcy Act, the Companies Creditors Arrangement Act, the Winding-up Act, or any other
Act for the benefit of creditors or go into liquidation either voluntarily 
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