Alberta Estoppel Certificate for Condominium Sale

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					                                                                       Date: _______________

                                    ESTOPPEL CERTIFICATE

                    THE OWNERS: CONDOMINIUM PLAN ___________
                                 RE: _____________

We wish to certify the following:

l.     (a)    Current monthly assessments or contributions of assessments for the subject unit
              are $_________ per month and are paid to _____________. The subject unit is not
              subject to any outstanding common expenses, levies, contributions or
              assessments due and payable as of the date of this Certificate.

       (b)    The present owner has fulfilled all his obligations in connection with the

       (c)    The capital replacement fund as of __________ has been established at

2.     No special or extraordinary condominium assessment has been levied which has not
been paid for the subject unit.

3.     The by-laws currently in effect are registered at the Land Titles Office for the
_____________ Land Registration District.

4.    The condominium corporation has placed insurance upon the parcel in accordance with
The Condominium Property Act and the said by-laws in the face amount of $_____________.

5.    The corporation has not mortgaged the common property and the corporation has not
mortgaged the unpaid common expense levies 
Description: Prepare an Estoppel Certificate for the sale of a condominium unit in Alberta with this easy-to-use template. An Estoppel Certificate is a signed statement prepared by the condo association at the request of the seller, which certifies that: - the seller is not behind in condo fees or other payments owing to the condominium corporation, except for any amounts which are stated in the Certificate, - insurance is in place on the condo building, - the by-laws of the condominium corporation are registered, - the common property has not been mortgaged or transferred, - any other relevant information required by the purchaser and the mortgage lender prior to closing. This Alberta Estoppel Certificate for Condominium Sale form is a downloadable and fully editable legal form.
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