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CompaniesInn India Private Limited
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Charge Management Services








company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 by a team of Corporate Professionals including Company Secretaries, Corporate Lawyers and Chartered Accounts. COMPANIESINN has presence in Bangalore, Kochi, Chennai and Hyderabad and have a wide network of Practicing Company Secretaries and Chartered accountants across the country.

We provide comprehensive Corporate Secretarial Services with excellent infrastructure in the fast changing age of information technology.

COMPANIESINN Charge Management Services

The promoters of COMPANIESINN have a track record of more than 10 years of providing Charge Management Services such as Registration of Charges, Modifications and Satisfaction thereof to Banks and Financial Institutions. COMPANIESINN provides a comprehensive package of services to the Banks and financial Institutions by way of Search and Status Reports, Corporate Information Reports, Scrutiny of Charge records etc.


We have been appointed as the sole service provider for the Charge Management Services by ING VYSYA BANK LIMITED for all their branches across India and has successfully managing the same with 100% registration of forms from ROC offices across the country. India Private Limited

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Charge Management Services MCA 21

The task of Charge Management by the Banks and companies has been entered in to a new arena in the e-filing initiative of ‘MCA21’ by the Ministry of Company Affairs.

Ministry of Company Affairs (MCA), Government of India (GoI) has initiated MCA21 program, wherein 100% paperless document filing by companies. MCA21 is envisioned to provide anytime and anywhere services to the corporate community and other stakeholders. It is a pioneering program being the first e-governance project being undertaken in the country. This program builds on the GoI vision to introduce a service oriented approach in the design and delivery of Government services, establish a healthy business ecosystem and make the country globally competitive.


The following are the Changes in the revised Charge filing system under MCA21


Documentation of Form 8 /17 on the basis of Loan Documents. In the revised filing system, only Form 8 is required for the registration of Charges/ Modification of Charge. Filing of Form 13 has been discarded.


Loan Documents has to be scanned and digitalised and has to be attached to e-Form 8 /17


Digital Signature has to be affixed to the e-Form 8 /17 by the Bank and Company officials

• •

Pre-Certification by Company Secretary in Practice (only for Form 17) Online Filing of e-Form 8 with MCA ( and payment of necessary fee using internet banking/credit card. At the time of filing the documents, MCA will assign a unique Service Request Number (SRN). This number is used for tracking the status of registration of e-Form. India Private Limited

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Charge Management Services Obtaining Confirmation of registration of Charges from MCA. Once the form is registered, the status will be available on the website


Pre-requisites for E-filing of Charge Documents


The forms to be filed with the MCA has to be in the standard PDF format

• •

The documents should be signed digitally by the signatory(ies) The Bank official and the Director of the borrower company should have a valid Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)


The Loan documents should be attached in PDF format along with eForm 8.


The electronic documents should be certified by a Practicing Company Secretary, where ever required.


We at COMPANIESINN have a strategic plan to take care of the changed needs of the Banks and Financial Institutions. We have launched composite services under MCA 21 as follows:

1. Charge Management Services:

An initiative to take care of the Registration of Charges, modifications and satisfaction thereof.

We undertake whole process of Charge Registration under MCA21 from Documentation of e-Form 8 /17 to obtaining registration Certificate. India Private Limited

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Charge Management Services

2. Digital Signature Solutions:

We are a Premier Registration Authority appointed by TATA Consultancy Services (Certifying Authority) to make available Digital Signature Certificates for MCA21 e-filing.

3. Corporate Information Services:

We organize for Search / Status Reports, Corporate Information Reports certified by Professionals and arranges for certified copies of documents from MCA Registry.

4. Corporate Secretarial Services:

COMPANIESINN provides comprehensive Corporate Secretarial Services such as Company Law Services • • • • • • Company Incorporation Guidance on legal & procedural aspects of corporate affairs under Companies Act Documentation / Filling of Documents / Returns under Companies Act Merger, Demerger, Amalgamation and takeover Corporate Due Diligence / Secretarial Audit Drafting & Scrutinizing of legal documents, Memorandum of understandings, Joint venture agreements

Foreign Exchange Management Act • Guidance on FEMA regulations, Documentation / Filing of Returns under FEMA, obtaining Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) approvals etc.

Intellectual Property Laws • Registration of Trade Marks and Design India Private Limited

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In the revised filing system as detailed above, COMPANIESINN has a plan of action to take care of the challenging needs of BANKs / Financial Institutions. We have implemented Charge Management Services for the efficient and easy management of Charge registration and related process.


Loan Documents

CompaniesInn to prepare Form 8/17 in PDF Format and digitalising the Loan Documents

Form 8/17 in PDF Format

Signed Form 8/17 in PDF Format Digital Signature by Bank & Company

Certification of Forms, if required

e-filing of Form 8/17
Confirmation of registration to BANK


MCA India Private Limited

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Charge Management Services Process of Charge Registration


A certified copy of Charge Documents to be forwarded COMPANIESINN Bangalore Office by Courier. Or,


Where the Bank Branch has the scanning facility, email the Charge Documents in PDF format


Up on receipt of Charge Documents, COMPANIESINN will

prepare e-

Form 8 (PDF format) and will attach pdf version of charge document (scanned loan documents) and forward the same to concerned Branch / Officer


COMPANIESINN will forward the documents directly to the Borrower if the contact point is provided.


Bank has to forward the e-from 8 to the company to obtain the digital signature of Company Director (borrower company)


Company Director to affix the Digital signature on e-Form 8 and forward to Bank


Bank Manager to affix the Digital Signature on the e-Form 8 and forward the same to BGS-Bangalore office.


COMPANIESINN to obtain the pre-certification of e-form by SGB & Co, Company Secretaries.


COMPANIESINN will file the Form online with MCA


COMPANIESINN will follow-up with the filing to obtain the online confirmation of registration of Document. India Private Limited

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Charge Management Services In the MCA21 e-filing regime, make sure the following while loan documentation


One of the directors of the borrower company / Company Secretary should have a valid digital signature issued by the Certifying Authorities in India.


The Company has completed the Rolecheck with MCA, i.e, the company should have filed Form DIN 3 and registered the Digital Signature of Director / Company Secretary with MCA.


The Manager of the Branch / the Official authorised to sign the document has a valid digital signature.









or Contact 080 4219 4109


The resolution passed by the company for availing the credit facility should authorise the Director who holds the Digital Signature to sign the e-Form 8 to file with the MCA.


Apart from the usual resolution, the following may be added to the text of resolution

‘RESOLVED FURTHER THAT, Mr.A.N.OTHER who holds the Digital Signature Certificate be and is hereby authorised to affix his signature on the documents such as Form 8 and other documents to be filed with the Ministry of Company Affairs / Registrar of Companies for the registration of Charges from time to time.’ India Private Limited

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Charge Management Services

Advantages of COMPANIESINN Charge Management Services.

• • • •

Timely filing and registration of Charges. Frees the manager and ensures compliance. Easy filing of Forms with COMPANIESINN infrastructure and network. COMPANIESINN takes the burden of follow-up with MCA for registration of Charges.


Single Point of contact for all the branches of the Bank for Registration of Charges

• •

Professional & Cost effective service by BGS Prompt and timely e-communication with Bank about progress of registration.

• • •

Makes the manager e-savvy Guidance to Bank officials about the process of MCA 21 One stop shop for the bank for all services under MCA21.

We at COMPANIESINN are committed to provide quality and timely service to BANK and your clients with our ‘Charge Management Services’.

Should you need any more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Yours sincerely

BINOY CHACKO Diretor India Private Limited # 463, 10th Main | 13th Cross | Wilson Garden Bangalore—560 027 | INDIA Tel +91 80 4219 4109 | 4219 4289 Mobile : +91 99457 54280 E-Mail: Web : India Private Limited

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