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									             Jesse Kendall
             123 Elm Street □ Alexandria, VA 22306 □ 703.555.5555 □

Focus:       Dedicated to providing accurate and efficient credit card administration.
             □   Experience in implementing and administering large corporate P-card and
                 merchant service program solutions,
             □   Demonstrated project management, presentation, and leadership skills
             □   Advanced skills with Microsoft Office products.


             ABC TRANSPORTATION, Alexandria, VA                                                        20xx-20xx
             Credit Card Program Administrator & Buyer / Contract Administrator: Oversaw 638 individual,
             fleet, pre-authorization, controlled value, department, special purpose, and virtual accounts. Set up
             and maintained accounts and developed effective policy/procedures. Processed electronic
             applications and issued new cards. Provided excellent customer service, system administration, and
             training for strategic account management (SAM) system. Audited 6000 monthly transaction receipts;
             monitored policies for violations and cash refunds. Managed office supply contract, increased cost
             savings, and developed strong supplier relationships.

             □   Grew program spending from $1 million to $38 million, and increased program rebate 1500%.
             □   Eliminated high interest payments by 23% per card by ending company’s use of gas
                 company fleet cards.

             BCD ENTERPRISES, Alexandria, VA                                                           20xx-20xx
             Credit Card Administrator: Implemented and administered company-wide purchasing card and
             merchant service credit programs. Directed the P-card program and assumed administration for other
             company card programs. Worked closely with Purchasing Department to identify opportunities for
             increased usage. Documented and maintained workflow and process narratives for all credit card
             program activities.

             □   Increased cardholders from 150 to 638 within five years.
             □   Performed all credit card administration in a timely and accurate manner.

             CDE ENTERPRISES, Alexandria, VA                                                           20xx-20xx
             Credit Card Administrator: Trained new cardholders. Managed card issuance, transaction/monthly
             limits, and GL department tables. Maintained cardholder profile, information, and restrictions.
             Reconciled file totals to provider statements, audited monthly user statements, verified supervisory
             approval, and prepared monthly statement reports.

             □   Organized all documentation to ensure files are easily accessible.
             □   Developed and maintained policies and procedures to ensure internal
                 control requirements were maintained and followed.

             Bachelor of Arts in Accounting
             Virginia Tech, Fairmont, WV

Training:    Additional Course Work in Accounting I and II and Cost Accounting

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