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123 Elm Street ▪ Sioux City, IA 51102 ▪ ▪ Home: 712-555-5555 ▪ Cell: 712-444-4444

Results-oriented and highly motivated Cost Engineer with advanced expertise in cost analysis and tracking, including
financial statements, reporting, and footnotes. Accuracy centered auditor with track record of maintaining consistent
application of procedures. Problem-solver proactive in seeking opportunities to improve efficiencies in reporting and data
extraction processes. Leader successful in training and staff development.


20xx-20xx       | COST ENGINEER ─ ABC COMPANY, Sioux City, IA
                  Oversaw two project engineers in execution of wastewater treatment projects. Devised and executed
                  project plans aligned to objectives. Developed project master, look ahead, and action plans. Conducted
                  cost management and control functions. Collaborated with leadership on job site coordination and
                  contract document interpretation. Reviewed project changes. Supervised productivity, changes, and
                  actual costs against projections.
                  DELIVERED RESULTS:
                    Performed comprehensive quality control activities.
                    Wrote RFIs; provided detailed clarification for delivery at project progress meetings.

20xx-20xx       | COST ENGINEER ─ BCD COMPUTERS, Sioux City, IA
                  Acted as financial advisor to the marketing director of the BCD PC brand. Costed out all components of
                  the fastest-growing PC brand in the U.S. market in 20xx. Directed the overall compliance with the
                  organization’s costing limits and policies; controlled the financials and provided advisement and
                  education to employees on standardized processes and procedures.
                  DELIVERED RESULTS:
                     Developed the first 24-hour competitive price/cost action response process in IBM.
                     Established and implemented a profit education and training program for the Northeastern Area
                  geographic marketing organization, as well as the first profit incentive plan for marketing in the U.S.

20xx-20xx       | COST ENGINEER ─ CDE ENTERPRISES, Sioux City, IA
                  Approved purchases and financial adjustments; evaluated and analyzed cost data and processed and
                  approved journal vouchers. Managed administration and financial close each period; handled quarterly
                  and year-end costing activities across divisions with numerous overhead rates. Set expectations and
                  supervised, trained, mentored, and oversaw the cost accounting assistant’s daily performance.
                  Generated comprehensive annual and quarterly business plans for operation; measured profitability
                  performance against business plans.
                  DELIVERED RESULTS:
                    Promoted from initial Cost Accounting Assistant position in 20xx.
                    Successfully executed comprehensive cost audits, which included revenue recognition, expense
                     report, firm fixed price programs, prepaid accounts, and cost estimating to ensure complete
                     compliance and control.

Bachelor of Business Administration (MBA) in Finance (GPA: 3.9/4.0)
Graduate School of Business - XYZ University, Sioux City, IA

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