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									                                         JESSE KENDALL, M.B.A.
       123 Elm Street ▪ Huntsville, AL 35807 ▪ Home: (256) 555-5555 ▪ Cell: (256) 444-4444 ▪

                                   CORPORATE FINANCE LEADERSHIP
Driven finance professional with demonstrated track record of maximizing business opportunities and consistently
achieving/exceeding corporate financial performance goals. Expert in analyzing existing operations and implementing
effective systems, strategies, and processes to improve organizational performance. Track record of increasing efficiency,
boosting productivity, and slashing operational expenses. Accomplished in identifying and capturing market opportunities
to accelerate expansion, increase revenues, and improve profit contributions. Key capabilities include:

    Cross-Functional Team Leadership               International Finance                Strategic Operational Planning
    Finance Management & Cost Control              Productivity Improvement             Account Management & Retention
    Client Relations & Consultation                Business Analysis                    Process Reengineering

                   ~ Demonstrated personal commitment to the highest standards of integrity ~
      ~ Proven dedication and initiative, maintaining personal accountability and top levels of performance ~

                                           PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE
ABC COMMUNICATIONS, Huntsville, AL ▪ 20xx-20xx
Global communication company with over $62 billion in annual sales and 160,000 employees.

CORPORATE FINANCE MANAGER, LONG DISTANCE (20xx-20xx): Ensured accurate, timely, and consistent financial
reporting/billing to safeguard company resources. Performed GL analysis and reported on infrastructure, service delivery
readiness, circuit costs and disconnects, professional services, fixed assets, depreciation, and operating expense
accounts. Communicated critical financial information to upper management. Set up and monitored all project accounting
billings and ensured 272 compliance with the FCC.
•   Monitored and maintained detailed annual capital budget of over $120 million. Helped manage the division’s
    revenue increase from $300 million in 2000 to $1 billion in 2003.
•   Streamlined accounting processes for month-end financial reporting. Closed corporate books monthly for
    BellSouth Long Distance and its divisions. Recorded revenues, cost of goods sold, operating expenses, commissions,
    receivables, payables, taxes, and deferred liabilities. Provided financial reporting to private and wholesale lines, mass
    markets, and corporate communications.

CORPORATE FINANCE MANAGER (20xx-20xx): Oversaw annual total value of $19.6 billion in financial transactions.
Monitored overall reconciliation process from the local exchange carrier (LEC) to the general ledger, and the internal
systems of AT&T. Interacted with other departments to resolve issues affecting the journaling process. Developed
exposure/benefit reconciliation reports on revenue accounts to determine the company’s financial standing every month;
reported findings to CFO. Devised and implemented process improvements to ensure efficient operations.
•   Financial Reporting: Provided revenue and AR reporting/tracking, developed non-toll revenue estimates, monitored
    the pending bill database, and prepared/reported MIU write-offs. Journalized cross-boundaries for all LECs, assessed
    impact of sale of exchanges (SOX), and reconciled Universal Card Services (UCS) account on a monthly basis.
    Provided GL analysis and auditing.
•   Personnel Management: Supervised, trained, motivated, mentored, and evaluated eight employees. Served on
    Associate Development Plan (ADP) and Leadership Identification Program (LIP) Committees and the Personnel
    Guideline Team. Verified and approved time reporting and tracking for employee vacation, flex time, FMLA, and
    disability; reviewed work schedules and overtime requirements.
•   System Development: Issued maintenance requests (MRs) for all system and balance errors. Worked directly with
    system developers to implement/maintain system changes. Served on CD ROM Committee and investigated ways of
    saving time, money, space, and resources by eliminating paper, microfiche, and offsite storage.

                   MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, XYZ University, Huntsville, AL ▪ 20xx
                  BACHELOR OF SCIENCE – ACCOUNTING, University of XYZ, Huntsville, AL ▪ 20xx

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