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									Jesse Kendall
123 Elm Street
Provo, UT 84601

Career Aspirations:      Assertive Collector with a talent for persuasion and negotiation seeking opportunity
                         to maximize receivables. Adept at conversing with customers with past due accounts
                         while maintaining positive tones and relationships.

Collections Excellence: ABC Collections, Provo, UT, 20xx to 20xx
                         Collector / Team Leader
                         Effectively managed a team of six collectors. Located and contacted delinquent
                         credit cardholders through skip tracing. Negotiated and secured appropriate payment
                         arrangements. Researched discrepancies and applied payments.
                             Earned Employee of the Month and Service Star awards.
                             Reviewed account holders’ financial records; conducted cost-benefit analyses to
                             assess borrowers’ risks to default and asset returns. Performed detailed financial
                             analyses to forecast completeness of repayment plans.
                             Negotiated/implemented repayment plans to minimize uncollected revenue.

                         BCD Financial, Provo, UT, 20xx to 20xx
                         Collector / Revenue Officer
                         Maximized revenues by proactively collecting funds on residential loans with
                         receivable balances up to $400,000. Served as liaison across departments;
                         researched accounting issues, and reviewed customer accounts to ensure accuracy.
                         Evaluated claims; examined cash flows and records.
                         •   Earned kudos as a top performer among 500 account resolution managers by
                             effectively handling over 6,000 accounts. Collected payments and resolved
                             delinquencies to settle borrowers’ debts.
                         •   Investigated fraudulent returns/data to solve account problems and minimize
                             write-offs and foreclosures.
                         •   Played a key role in mitigating losses for a series of accounts with a net worth in
                             excess of $10 million.

Formal Education:        Bachelor of Arts in Finance, XYZ University, Provo, UT, 20xx

Technical Skills:        Windows XP; MS Office, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint;
                         Tally Accounting software

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