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					       Eyewitness Identification
       A Bibliography of Research

      Author                                Title                                Subject Matter

                               Expert Testimony and Eyewitness ID

James Doyle            “The Eyewitness Without The Expert: Trial         Expert Testimony re: Eyewitness
                       Judges and Social Science in Eyewitness           ID
                       Identification Cases”
James Doyle            Article re: United States v. Cornelius Wayne      Article reprinting case re: expert
                       Lester, 2003 WL 1786226 (March 18, 2003)          testimony on eyewitness
                       Reprinted in:               reliability
Solomon Fulero         “Expert Psychological Testimony on Eyewitness     Ohio Case Law on Eyewitness
                       Reliability in Ohio” Ohio Point of View, Summer   testimony and reliability
Saul M. Kassin         “On the General Acceptance” Of Eyewitness         Study results of eyewitness
                       Testimony Research a New Survey of the            experts during trial
                       Experts”, American Psychologist, May 2001,
                       Vol. 56, No. 4, 405-416
Michael Leippe         “The Case for Expert Testimony about              Expert Testimony in Trials
                       Eyewitness Memory” Psychology, Public Policy
                       and Law, December 1995, Vol. 1, No. 4, 909-959
Gregory G. Sarno, JD   “Admissibility, at Criminal Prosecution, of       Expert Testimony in Trials
                       Expert Testimony on Reliability of Eyewitness
                       Testimony” 46 ALR 1047 (1986)
Jonathan Schooler      “Expert Psychological Testimony” (Chapter 8)      Expert Testimony
Daniel Shuman          “The Impact of Daubert and its Progeny on the     Daubert in the behavorial and
                       Admissibility of Behavioral and Social Science    Social Science area
                       Evidence” 5 Psych. Pub. Pol. and L. 3, (1999)

                                      Eyewitness ID in General

John C. Brigham,       “Disputed Eyewitness Identification Evidence:     Eyewitness Errors
et al                  Important Legal and Scientific Issues” Court
                       Review, Summer 1999
Brian Cutler           “I‟ll Never Forget His Face: The Psychology of
                       Eyewitness Identification”
Jennifer Devenport     “Eyewitness Identification Evidence: Evaluating   Eyewitness ID in General
                       Commonsense Evaluations” 3 Psych. Pub. Pol.
                       and L. 338 (1997)
James Doyle            “No Confidence: A Step Toward Accuracy in         Eyewitness Confidence
                       Eyewitness Trials” The Champion, Jan/Feb 1998
William David Gross    “The Unfortunate Faith: A Solution to the         The worth of Eyewitness
      Author                               Title                                  Subject Matter
                      Unwarranted Reliance Upon Eyewitness                Identification in general
                      Testimony”, Texas Wesleyan Law Review,
                      Spring 1999
Elizabeth F. Loftus   “The Eyewitness on Trial”, Trial, October 1980      Eyewitness ID in General
Elizabeth F. Loftus   “Eyewitness Testimony” Harvard University           Eyewitness Fallibility
                      Press, Chapter 3, “Perceiving Events”
Steven Penrod         “The Accuracy of Eyewitness Identifications- is     Erroneous Convictions based on
                      there a Problem”                                    Eyewitness Testimony
Jonathan Schooler     “Consequentiality and Eyewitness Person             Consequentiality
                      Identification” Applied Cognitive Psychology,
                      Vol. 8, 107-121 (1994)
Jonathan Schooler     “The Verbal Overshadowing Effect: Why               Verbal Overshadowing
                      Descriptions Impair Face Recognition” Memory
                      and Cognition, 1997 Vol. 25 (2) 129-139
Jonathan Schooler     “The Costs and Benefits of Verbally Rehearsing      Verbal Overshadowing
                      Memory for Faces” Chapter 4
Jonathan Schooler     “Multiple Mechanisms Mediate Individual             Eyewitness Errors
                      Differences in Eyewitness Accuracy and
                      Suggestibility” Chapter 10 of Mechanisms of
                      Everyday Cognition
Jonathan Schooler     “Verbal Overshadowing of Visual Memories:           Verbal Overshadowing
                      Some Things are Better Left Unsaid” Cognitive
                      Psychology 22, 36-71 (1990)
Gary Wells, et al     “From the Lab to the Police Station, A Successful   National guidelines for the
                      Application of Eyewitness Research”                 collection and preservation of
                      American Psychologist, June 2000, Vol. 55,          eyewitness evidence
                      No. 6
Gary Wells, et al     “Eyewitness Identification Procedures:              Conducting Lineups and Photo
                      Recommendations for Lineups and Photo               spreads for Eyewitness ID
                      spreads”, Law and Human Behavior, Vol. 22, No.
                      6, 1998
Gary Wells            “Good, You Identified the Suspect: Feedback to      Eyewitness Feedback
                      Eyewitnesses Distorts Their Reports of the
                      Witnessing Experience” Journal of Applied
                      Psychology, 1998, Vol. 83, No. 3, 360-376
Gary Wells            “Eyewitness Testimony” Annual Review                Accuracy of Eyewitness
                      Psychology, 2003                                    Identification
Gary Wells            “What is Wrong with the Manson v. Braithwaite       Draft Paper
                      Test of Eyewitness Identification Accuracy”

                                          Cross-Racial ID

John Gibeaut          “Yes, I‟m Sure That‟s Him”,                         Cross-racial ID
                      Trends in the Law, June 27, 2000
      Author                                 Title                               Subject Matter
David Rudolf          “Jury Instruction on Cross-Racial Identification”   Cross-Racial ID
                      Criminal Justice, September 20, 1999
John P. Rutledge      “They All Look Alike: The Inaccuracy of Cross-      Cross-Racial ID
                      Racial Identification”, American Journal of
                      Criminal Law, Spring 2001, 28 Am. J. Crim. L.
Sheri Lynn Johnson    “Cross-Racial Identification Errors in Criminal     Cross-Racial ID
                      Cases” Cornell Law Review, 69 Cornell L. Rev.
                      934 (1984)
Harvey Gee            “Eyewitness Testimony and Cross-Racial              Cross-Racial ID
                      Identification” New England School of Law, 35
                      New Eng. L. Rev. 835 (2001)
Christian A. Meissner “Thirty Years of Investigating the Own-Race         Cross-Racial ID
                      Bias in Memory for Faces a Meta-Analytic
                      Review” Psychology, Public Policy, and Law, 7
                      Psychol. Pub. Pol‟y & L. 3 (2001)

                                          Memory Problems

Deborah Davis and      “Foibles of Witness Memory for Traumatic/High      Memory and Traumatic Events
William C. Follette    Profile Events”, Journal of Air Law and
                       Commerce, Fall 2001
Elizabeth Loftus       “Our Changeable Memories: Legal and Practical      Problems with Memory
                       Implications” Nature Reviews, March 2003,
                       Vol. 4
Elizabeth Loftus       “Remembering Dangerously”                          Memory Problems
Elizabeth Loftus       “Memory Faults and Fixes” Issues in Science and    Problems with Human Memory
                       Technology, Summer 2002
Jonathan Schooler      “Qualities of the Unreal”, Journal of              Perception Problems with
                       Experimental Psychology, 1986, Vol. 12, No. 2,     Memory
Jonathan Schooler      “Memory for Emotional Events”                      Eyewitness Memory
                       The Oxford Handbook of Memory
John C. Yuille         “Some Effects of Alcohol on Eyewitness             Effects of Alcohol on Memory
                       Memory” Journal of Applied Psychology, 1990,
                       Vol. 75, No. 3, 268-273

                                             News Articles

Cerisse Anderson       “Expert Testimony Allowed on Eyewitness            News Article
                       Reliability” New York Law Journal, June 3, 2002
Karlyn Baker           “Faulty Witness Reports Not Unusual, Stress        News Article
                       Derails Descriptions, Experts Say; Tips Offered    October 17, 2002, Page A10
                       on Giving Accounts” Washington Post, 17, 2002,
       Author                                Title                                 Subject Matter
Steve Chapman           “Your Lyin‟ Eyes, What to do about                 Article re: Eyewitness
                        Eyewitnesses who Get it Wrong” Jurisprudence,      Identification
                        May 14, 2002
Tim Doulin              “OSU-area Rapes: Man Vindicated after DNA          News Article
                        Test” The Columbus Dispatch, June 30, 1999
Filed under “E”         Eyewitness Identification, Truth in Justice        News Article
Editorial (no author)   “Three Strikes”, Washington Post, April 6, 2003,   New Article
Filed under “E”         B06
Eric Ferkenhoff         “Man Held Mistakenly is Dropped as Suspect”        News Article
                        Chicago Tribune, June 9, 2002
Kathryn Foxhall         “Suddenly, a Big Impact on Criminal Justice”       News Article
                        Monitor on Psychology, Vol. 31, No. 1, January
Solomon Fulero          “Recent Cases Focus on False Confessions and       News Article
                        Expert Testimony” Monitor of Psychology, Vol.
                        32, No. 5, May 2001
Filed under “F”         Interview with Dr. Solomon on 48 Hours, July       News Article
                        23, 1998
Sean Gardiner           “Getting it Right: Experts Eye Measures to         News Article
                        Prevent Injustices” Newsday, December 11, 2002
Atul Gawande            “Under Suspicion, the Fugitive Science of          Identification
                        Criminal Justice”, The New Yorker, January 8,
Malcolm Gladwell        “Matters of Choice Muddled by Thought”             News Article
                        Washington Post, March 4, 1991, A3
Frank Green             “Eyes Don‟t Always Have It”, Richmond-Times        News Article
                        Dispatch, January 28, 2002
Sylvia Hsieh            “Criminal Defense Lawyers Get New Weapon           New Article
                        against Eyewitnesses‟ ID: Justice Department
                        Issues Guidelines” Lawyers Weekly USA,
                        November 15, 1999
Amber Hunt              “Expert Cast Doubts on Confessions” Times          News Article
                        Herald, March 25, 2001
Amber Hunt              “Legal expert: Innocent people sometimes           News Article
                        „confess‟ to crime” Times Herald, April 20, 2001
Mari N. Jensen          “Some Things Just Don‟t Translate”                 News Article
                        The Dallas Morning News, September 1, 1997,
                        Page 6D
John Keilman            “Expert Witness: Don‟t Trust Your Memory”          News Article
                        Dayton Daily News, May 27, 1999
Gina Kilata and Iver    “New Way to Insure Eyewitness Can ID The           News Article
Peterson                Right Bad Guy” NY Times, 7/21/01
Gina Kilata             “New Way to Insure Eyewitnesses can ID the         News Article
                        Right Bad Guy” New York Times, July 21, 2001
      Author                             Title                                Subject Matter
James H. Neal       “Mistaken Identification leads to Mistaken        News Article
                    Conviction in D.C. Purse Snatchings”, Justice:
Tom Perrotta        “Judge Suppresses Identification by Eyewitness”   New Article
                    New York Law Journal, Feb (2000)
Mary Roach          “When Not to Use Your Head”, Health, June         News Article re: Intuition
Tom Schoenberg      “Blink of an Eye, D.C. Cases Test Use of Expert   News Article
                    on Reliability of Eyewitness Testimony” Legal
                    Times, November 8, 1999
Tom Schoenberg      “Family Tragedy” Legal Times, October 2, 2002     News Article
Margaret Talbot     “True Confessions” Atlantic Monthly, November     News Article
Jennifer Thompson   “I Was Certain, but I Was Wrong” New York         News Article
                    Times, June 18, 2000
Rob Warden          “How Mistaken and Perjured Eyewitness             New Article
                    Identification Testimony put 46 Innocent
                    Americans on Death Row” Center for Wrongful
                    Convictions, Northwestern University School of
                    Law, May 2, 2001

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