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									                                                    List of Journals Published in Telugu Prior to 1947
Sl. No Name of the Journal                                      Year of Start      To      Name of the Owner / Publisher/Editor   Place of Publication    Available at

 1    Vajraayudhamu          u                                 Jan 1925                  Sripada Krishnamurthi Sastri             Rajahmundry

 2    Satyaduutha            Satyaduutha                       1835                      Ballary Christian Association            Madras
 3    Telugu Journal         Telugu Journal                    1831                      London Mission society                   Madras
 4    Madras Chronicle       Madras Chronicle                  1835                      Saravana Perual Aiyer                    Madras
 5    Vrittanti              Vrittanti              Weekly     1838                                                               Madras

 6    Tarangini              Varthamana Tarangini   Weekly     8 June 1842      1850     Sayyad Rahimtulla/ Puvvada Venkatarao    Madras

 7    Hitavadi               Hitavadi               Monthly    1848

 8    Sri Yakshini           Sri Yakshini           Fortnightly 1863            1867     Tyagaraja Modali / Venkataramana Kavi    Ballari                N.A.

                                                    Monthly/                             Vinjamuru Krishnamacharyulu/
 9    Sujana Ranjani         Sujana Ranjani         Bi-monthly 1864             1867     Bahujanapalli Sitaramacharyulu           Madas                  OML, HYD

 10   Tattvabhodhini         Tattvabhodhini         Monthly    1865             1870     Veda Samajam                             Madras                 Patrika Library
      Prasiddabhiprayin      Swadeshajana                                                Sir. T. Madhava Rao/ Kokkonda
 11   i                      Prasiddabhiprayini                1865                      Venkataratnam Pantulu

      Godavari               Godavari
 12   Vidyaprabhodhini       Vidyaprabhodhini                  1879                      Rev. Baurough                            Rajahmundry

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                                                    List of Journals Published in Telugu Prior to 1947
Sl. No Name of the Journal                            Major issues dealt                                                            History
                             The journal was started with an aim to protect the importance of
                             textual language. The editor of the journal declared that, he was
                             alarmed by the rise of 'Gramya Bhasha' and he would fight for the
 1    Vajraayudhamu          rivival of textual language.
                             Probably the first journal in Telugu, primarily intended for the
 2    Satyaduutha            propagation of Christianity
 3    Telugu Journal         Copies not available
 4    Madras Chronicle       Business, Politics and Literature, Market information
 5    Vrittanti              Copies not available
                                                                                                 Chinnaya Suri was a regular columnist to this journal. It was the popular
      Varthamana             Local news, Trade aned Commerce, geography, Ethics, and             journal of those days. In the first issue it gave the list of all the printed
 6    Tarangini              administration.                                                     works upto that time.
                                                                                                 This journal was started by Edmund J. Sharky, who was considered as a
 7    Hitavadi                                                                                   famous Telugu Scholar.
                             The language used in this journal received appresication from
 8    Sri Yakshini           several people.
                             This journal was useful to students, especially those who were
                             appearing for examinations meant for recruitment in Government
                             services. The journal published several english words for Telugu
                             words and helped several scholars to translate important English
 9    Sujana Ranjani         books into Telugu.                                                  Scholars argued that this journal was led by Chinnaya Suri.
                             This journal used to propagate the ideas and programmes and
                             'Brahmo Samaj' a social reform movement launched by Raja Ram
                             mohan Roy and others. This was the first journal to discuss about
                             widow marriages. Several vedas were translated and published in
 10   Tattvabhodhini         Telugu.
      Prasiddabhiprayin                                                                          This journal is a Telugu supplement to the magazine 'Native Public
 11   i                                                                                          Opinion".

                                                                                                 This is a Telugu supplement to the English Journal 'Godavari Education".
      Godavari                                                                                   Kandukuri Viresalingam published seveal essays in this journal. He
 12   Vidyaprabhodhini                                                                           looked after the Telugu part of this journal for some time.

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                                    Year of Start      To      Name of the Owner / Publisher/Editor   Place of Publication    Available at

      Andhra                                                                                                                                           A.U. Library,
 13   Bashasanjivani         Andhra Bashasanjivani Monthly    1871            1899     Kokkonda Venkataratnam                   Madras                 Waltair

 14   Pradhayini             Purushartha Pradhayini Monthly   1872            1892     Daiva Samajam/ Uma Ranganayakulu         Machilipatnam

      Vyavahara                                                                                                                                        Gautami
 15   Tarangini              Vyavahara Tarangini              1872                     Vankipuram Raghavacharyulu               Madras                 Bangore
 16   Prakashini             Swadharma Prakashini             1872            1876     Dvaitam Koteswara Sarma                  Machilipatnam          Gautami
 17   Ranjani                Bramanda Ranjani                 1874
 18   Lokaranjani            Lokaranjani                      1874                     Kakarla Subbayya                         Madras                 Nellore
                                                                                       Ogirala Jagannadham/ Kanukurthi
 19   Sudh¢raµjani           sudhiranjani                     1874            1880     Bhujangarao                              Kakinada

 20   Vidvanman°hari¸i       vidvanmanoharini                 1874                     Mir Shujayat Alikhan                     Narasapuram

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Sl. No Name of the Journal This journal represented Major issues dealt and supported the
                                                      the traditioal ideas                                                             History
                           cause of traditionalists at a time when the Britishers were
                           introducing reforms in the country. It opposed the reforms in social
                           sphere. It opposed widow marriatges, woemn education and                   A famous Telugu writer, Kokkonda Venkataratnam, who was known as
                           several other reforms. It also opposed the liberalisation of               champion of Textual Telugu, was looking after the Telugu section in the
      Andhra               Language, and opposed the changes introduced in the literature by          journal 'The Native Public Opinion' started this journal on 28 November
  13 Bashasanjivani        Kandukuri Viresalingam, Vedam Venkataraya Sastri and several               1871 with the help of a philonthrophist vijaya Raghava Naidu.

                               This journal was started with great ideals. The journal tried to
                               improve the writing in Telugu. The journal stressed in the need to
                               write scientific issues in Telugu. It has created several equivalent
                               Telugu words for several scientific words in English. The editor of    Daiva Samajam was started in Machilipatnam in 1865. Later the
                               this journal read several books on medicine and wrote a series of      organisors of Daiva samajam started this journal in 1872. In the early
                               articles on human body. apart from Medicine, the journal               years the journal used to publish news both in Telugu and English with a
                               published issues related to Sceince, Religion, antibiotics, Ethics,    view to facilitate the European officers in town. In the begining, the
      Purushartha              education, Trade and commerce, Arts and crafts, histories, folk        journal was printed in Madras. Later the press was shifted to
 14   Pradhayini               tales, dialogues, theories and several other things.                   Machilipatnam.

                               Highcourt Reports, circulars related to Revenue, Police, Judicial
      Vyavahara                departments were some of the news published in this journal. The
 15   Tarangini                annual subscription to this journal was Rs. 10-00
 16   Prakashini               Religion, Literature
 17   Ranjani
                               Politicalo history, Geography, History of Telugu poets, heroic and
                               ethical stories, Grammar were some of the major issues published
 18   Lokaranjani              in this journal.

 19   Sudh¢raµjani             Literature
                               Later this journal was merged with Vivekavardhini of Kandukuri
 20   Vidvanman°hari¸i         Viresalingam

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                                  Year of Start      To      Name of the Owner / Publisher/Editor   Place of Publication    Available at

      Sakala                 Sakala                                                                                                                  Gautami,
 21   Vidyaprabhodhini       Vidyaprabhodhini               1875            1879     Guduri Venkata Krishnarao                Visakhapatnam          Bangore

                                                Fortnightly/                                                                                         Gautami,
 22   Vivekavardhini         Vivekavardhini     Weekly       Oct 1874       1885     Kandukuri Viresalingam                   Rajahmundry            Bangore

 23   Hasya Sanjivani        Hasya Sanjivani                July 1876                Kandukuri Viresalingam                   Rajaumundry

 24   Sat¢hitabh°dhini       Satihitabhodhini               April 1883               Kandukuri Viresalingam                   Rajahmundry            Gautami
 25   ni                     Satyasamvardhani               1881-07                  Kandukuri Viresalingam

                                                                                     Kandukuri Viresalingam/ Nyapathi
 26   Chintamani             Chintamani                     July 1881                Subbarao                                 Rajahmundry            Gautami

 27   Jan¡n¡ Patrika         Janana Patrika                 1893                     Rayasam Venkatasivudu                    Rajahmundry            Gautami
 28   Satyavadini            Satyavadini                    1905                     Kandukuri Viresalingam                   Rajahmundry
 29   Bharathi               Bharathi                       1875                                                              Ballary

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                             Major issues dealt                                                        History
                             The journal published intems with Scientific information in
                             question and answere format. Medicine, Veterinary Seicnce,
      Sakala                 Jotisha, Natural sciences, Vedas, News about Viceroys, current
 21   Vidyaprabhodhini       affairs and several other things.

                                                                                                this journal was first started as monthly in October 1874 and became
                                                                                                fortnightly in 1876 and run as weekly from 1885. Later an English
                                                                                                supplement was added to this journal. An English journal, "the Indian
                                                                                                Bee" was also attached to this journal. Later another Telugu journal
                                                                                                'chintamani' was also attached to this journal. Sri Vavilala Vasudeva
 22   Vivekavardhini         contemporary News and Social Reform Reform activities.             Sastri was made editor of Chintamani.
                                                                                                This journal was started as an attachment to Vivekavardhini of
                                                                                                Viresalingam. This was started with the sole aim to counter the attacks
                                                                                                of traditionalists, especially Kokkonda Venkataratnam Pantulu through
                                                                                                his journal Hasyavardhani. Later this journal was merged with Viveka
 23   Hasya Sanjivani                                                                           vardhini.
                             This was the first women's joiurnal in Andhra. Kandukuri
                             Viresalingam launched this journal to educate women. And ran it
                             for a period of three years. In spite of several difficulties,
                             Satihitabodhini fought many battles in defence of women's rights
 24   Sat¢hitabh°dhini       and status.
 25   ni

                             Chintamani has published several books. Panchatantram by
                             dubagunta Narayana Kavi, Prabhavati Pradyumnamu by Pingali
                             Surana, Molla Ramayanam, Panchali Parinayam were some of the
 26   Chintamani             important books published in this journal.
                                                                                                This journal was first started in July 1893 by Malladi Venkataratnam.
                                                                                                Later Rayasam Venkatasivudu and Kandukuri Viresalingam became
 27   Jan¡n¡ Patrika         Specialised in Women related issues.                               editors of this journal.
 28   Satyavadini            Social Reform
 29   Bharathi

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                                       Year of Start      To      Name of the Owner / Publisher/Editor   Place of Publication    Available at

 30   Janavinodini           Janavinodini                       1875             1885     V. Krishnamacharyulu                     Madras                 IOL, London
 31   Swadeshi               Swadeshi                           1875                                                               Barampuram

 32   Hasyavardhani          Hasyavardhani                      1875                      Kokkonda Venkataratnamu                  Madras
 33   Jnana Vinodini         Jnana Vinodini          Monthly    1875                      V. Venkata Sastri                        Madras
 34   Telugu Baptist         Telugu Baptist          Monthly    1875                      Velpula George                           Bezawada
 35   Jnanabhanu             Jnanabhanu              Monthly    1877                      Mrs. Asan                                Madras                 IOL, London
 36   Rayabhari              Rayabhari               Monthly    1877                      Missionaries                             Butla Chagallu
 37   Janmabhumi             Janmabhumi                         1878

 38   Mandara Manjari        Mandara Manjari         Monthly    1879                      Ogirala Jagannadham                      Kakinada
 39   Kalpavalli             Asalpajalpita Kalpavalli Monthly   Jan 1881                  Dasu Sriramulu                           Bandaru                Gautami
 40   Kalpavalli             Prabhandha Kalpavalli   Monthly    1880             1882     Gurajada Sriramamurthy                   Peddapuram             Gautami

 41   Sujanapramodini        Sujanapramodini                    1881                      Achanta Venkata Sankhyayana Sarma

 42   Chintamani             Chintamani              Monthly    1881                      Vavilala Vasudevasastri                  Rajahundry             Gautami
 43   Ka½¡nidhi              Kalanidhi               Monthly    1882                      Pulavarthi Shantayya                     Kakinada               Gautami
      Vidy¡rdhi              Vidyardhi
 44   Kalpabhujamu           kalpabhujamu            Monthly    1882                      Ulligondamu Ramachandrarao               Nellore
 45   Yadh¡rthav¡di          Yadharthavadi           Monthly    1883             1885     Garuda Kurmaiah                          Visakhapattanam
 46   ni                     Sujanamanoranjani       Fortnightly 1884                     Gudlavalleti Peraraju                    Jaggayyapeta

 47   Praka¿ika              Prakasika               Fortnightly 1884                     Gundugurthi Venkataramanayya             Vijayanagaram

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                            Major issues dealt                                                              History

                             The journal used to publish stories for children. It published stories
                             like 'Chitla Potla kaya', 'Rangu rangula billa' and several other
 30   Janavinodini           stories for children. This was a new experiment in Telugu.
 31   Swadeshi
                                                                                                      This journal was started as an attachment to Andhra Basha Sanjivani'.
                                                                                                      This was started with an aim to counter the reform tendencies society
                                                                                                      and literature propagated by Kandukuri Viresalingam through his
 32   Hasyavardhani                                                                                   journals Vivekavardhini and others.
 33   Jnana Vinodini         Vijnanika Patrika
 34   Telugu Baptist
 35   Jnanabhanu
 36   Rayabhari              Religious
 37   Janmabhumi

 38   Mandara Manjari        Literature
 39   Kalpavalli             Literature
      Prabhandha             The main objective of this journal was to introduce the ancient
 40   Kalpavalli             texts to the Telugu people.

 41   Sujanapramodini
                                                                                                      This journal was published as an attachment to the popular journal
 42   Chintamani                                                                                      'Vivekavardhani' led by Kandukuri Viresalingam.
 43   Ka½¡nidhi
 44   Kalpabhujamu           Education
 45   Yadh¡rthav¡di
 46   ni

 47   Praka¿ika

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                                   Year of Start      To      Name of the Owner / Publisher/Editor   Place of Publication    Available at

      Hind£                                                                                                                                           Gautami, OML
 48   JanasaÆsk¡ri¸i         Hindujanasamskarini   Monthly   1885                     Mannava Butchayya Pantulu                Madras                 (Madras)

      Amudritagrandha        Amudrita                                                                                                                 Nellore
 49   cint¡ma¸i              grandhachintamani     Monthly   1885            1904     Pundla Ramakrishnayya                    Nellore                (Vardhamana)
 50   N¢tidarpa¸amu          Nithidarpanamu        Monthly   1885            1887     Bhukta Jammayya Sastri                   Julumuru

 51   Sanm¡rgadar¿ini        Sanmargadarshini      Monthly   1885                                                              Pithapuram

 52   ËÆdhraprak¡¿ika        Andhraprakasika       Daily     1885            1928     A.C. Parthasarathi Naidu                 Madras
 53   N¢liprak¡¿ika          Niliprakasika         Monthly   1885                                                              Madras

 54   Sujana Man°ll¡sini     Sujanamanollasini     Monthly   1885                     Edunuthulu Muttayya                      Madras
 55   i                      Grandhapradarsini     Monthly   1886                     C. Srinivasa Jagannadha Sastri           Visakhapatnam

 56   D®¿¡bhim¡ni            Desabhimani           Weekly    1886                     Devaguptam Seshachalapathirao            Guntur
 57   Rasik°ll¡sini          Rasikollasini         Monthly   1886                     Paladugu Panakalarao                     Guntur
 58   Itih¡samaµjari         Itihasamanjari                  1887                     Nori Gurulinga Sastri                    Madras
 59   Man°raµjani            Manoranjani           Monthly   1887                     Bhaganagaram Gurulingadevara             Tuni                   Gautami
 60   Satyad£ta              Satyaduutha           Monthly   1888                     D. Anantam                               Madras

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                           Major issues dealt                                                           History

      Hind£                                                                                     The editor of this journal Butchayya Pantulu was a lover of social reform
 48   JanasaÆsk¡ri¸i         Religious                                                          activities. He has helped viresalingam in his reform activities.
                             The journal gave importance to publication of unpublished books.
                             The editors of this journal collected several unpublished books    Mitravinda Parinayam, Harischandra Nalopakhyanam, chandragada
      Amudritagrandha        related to Telugu language and literature and published them in    Charitra, Bhogini Dandakam, Vasundhara Vijayamu, Yadava Raghava
 49   cint¡ma¸i              this journal.                                                      Pandaviyamu were some of the unpublished by this journal.
 50   N¢tidarpa¸amu          Ethics

 51   Sanm¡rgadar¿ini
                                                                                                This journal was the first political journal in Telugu. It is a coincidence
                                                                                                that this journal was emerged in the same year in which the Inaidn
                                                                                                National Congress was emerged. Parthasaradhi Naidu led journal
                                                                                                continuously for 42 years. The used to criticise the official British line
                                                                                                and supported the casue of the Indian National Congress. It exposed the
                                                                                                corruption in government departments. This journal supported the
                                                                                                cause of the non-brahmins and supported Justice Party. Later this was
 52   ËÆdhraprak¡¿ika        Political Weekly -                                                 converted as Weekly.
 53   N¢liprak¡¿ika          Industrial - Business                                              This journal was used to provide publicity for Industrial goods.

 54   Sujana Man°ll¡sini     Literature
 55   i                      Literature

                                                                                                This journal was first started as 'Krishna Vrittantini' and 'Krishna News'.
                                                                                                Later it was published as Desabhimani in both English and Telugu. This
                                                                                                was also published as a daily for soe time. This was first Telugu daily. It
 56   D®¿¡bhim¡ni            Political                                                          was published from Vijayawada when it was a daily.
 57   Rasik°ll¡sini
 58   Itih¡samaµjari
 59   Man°raµjani            Cultural
 60   Satyad£ta              Religious

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                                 Year of Start      To      Name of the Owner / Publisher/Editor   Place of Publication    Available at

 61   Suman°bhiraµjani       Sumanobhiranjani    Monthly   1888                     Dabiru Krishnamurthi                     Julumuru               Gautami
 62   Ù¢car                  Teacher             Monthly   1888                     C. Gopalayya                             Visakhapatnam
 63   Mah¡r¡¸i               Maharani            Monthly   1889                     V. Krishnamachariyar                     Madras

 64   Kalpavalli             Kalpavalli          Monthly   1890                     Kopalle Venkataramanarao                 Ongole
 65   Ka½¡bhiv¤ddhi          Kalabhivriddi       Monthly   1890                     Paravastu Venkataranganadha swami        Visakhapatnam
 66   á¡rada                 Sarada              Monthly   1890                     Edavalli Kamasastri                      Butchireddipalem
 67   Sarasvati              Sarasvathi          Weekly    1890                                                              Ballari

                                                                                    Nyapathi Subbarao / Kandukuri
 68   Cint¡ma¸i              Chintamani          Monthly   1891             1898    Viresalingam                             Rajaumundry            Gautami
 69   Budhavidh®ya           Budhavidheya        Monthly   1891                     Nadella Purushottam                      Bandaru

      SatyasaÆvardha                                                                                                                                Rammohan
 70   ni                     Satyasamvardhani    Monthly   1891                     Kandukuri Viresalingam                   Rajahmundry            Library (BZA)
 71   L£tharin               Lutharin            Monthly   1891                     F.C. Makrid                              Madras
 72   Vijµ¡navardhani        Vijnanavardhani     Monthly   1891                     Y. Narayanappa                           Madras

 73   Sanm¡rgabh°dhini       Sanmargabhodhini    Weekly    1891                     Ra. Jagannadhayya                        Ballari
 74   R¡jay°gi               Rajayogi            Weekly    1891                     Gurajada Sriramamurthy                   Kakinada               Gautami

 75   Up¡dhy¡y°pay°gini      Upadhyayopayogini   Monthly   1892                     Kota Suryanarayana                       Bandaru

 76   Up¡dhy¡y°pak¡ri        Upadhyayopakari     Monthly   1892                     Mrs. Daidon                              Guntur

 77   Dharmavardhani         Dharmavardhani      Monthly   1892                     Ch. Subramanya Sastri                    Visakhapatnam
 78   Dh¢raµjani             Dhiranjani          Monthly   1892                     Vishwanatham Raghavendra Sastri          Atmakuru

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                          Major issues dealt                                                    History

 61   Suman°bhiraµjani       Literature
 62   Ù¢car                  Education
 63   Mah¡r¡¸i               Literary
                                                                                         Later the editor of this journal Ramanarao worked as the first assistant
 64   Kalpavalli             Literary                                                    editor to the Andhra Patrika in Bombay.
 65   Ka½¡bhiv¤ddhi          Literary
 66   á¡rada                 Literary
 67   Sarasvati              Social issues

                                                                                         This journal has published several ancient texts and helped for the
                                                                                         growth of Telugu Language and Literature. For the first time it started
                                                                                         literary competitions and inspired several writers toproduce novels,
 68   Cint¡ma¸i              Literary                                                    poetry, drama and several other forms of liteature.
 69   Budhavidh®ya           General

                                                                                         This journal was published by Prardhana Samaj of Rajahmundry.
      SatyasaÆvardha                                                                     Viresalingam wrote a breif biographical note on the life of Raja
 70   ni                     social Reform                                               Rammohan Roy in the second issue of this journal.
 71   L£tharin               Religious
 72   Vijµ¡navardhani

 73   Sanm¡rgabh°dhini       Ethics
 74   R¡jay°gi               Religion and Science

 75   Up¡dhy¡y°pay°gini      Education
                                                                                         This was the first among Telugu journals that were edited by an English
 76   Up¡dhy¡y°pak¡ri        Education                                                   woman/Man.

 77   Dharmavardhani         Religious
 78   Dh¢raµjani             General - Religious

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                                  Year of Start      To      Name of the Owner / Publisher/Editor   Place of Publication    Available at

 79   Saty¡nv®Ài¸i           Satyanveshini                                           Bajululla Saheb                          Rajahmundry

 80   Jµ¡n°dayaÆ             Gnanodayam         Fortnightly 1893                     Dasu Kesavarao                           Eluru

 81   Dharmavardhani         Dharmavardhani     Monthly    1893                      Ch. Ramamurthy                           Bhimavaram

 82   D®¿°pak¡ri             Desopakari         Weekly     1893                      Sattiraju Sitaramayya                    Eluru
 83   Prabuddh¡ndhra         Prabudhandhra      Monthly    1893                                                               Cuddapah
 84   V¡rt¡dar¿ini           Vartadarsini       Weekly     1893                      Nelaturi Krishnamacharyulu               Nellore
 85   á¡rada                 Sarada             Monthly    1893                                                               Yalamanchili
 86   Str¢hitabh°dhini       Strihitabhodhini   Monthly    1893                      Rapaka Kaustubhamu                       Kakinada

 87   áa¿il®kha              Sasilekha          Weekly     1894              1900    Gattupalli Seshacharyulu                 Madras
 88   Buddiprad¡yini         Buddipradayini     Monthly    1894                      Nandagiri Venkata Apparao                Gudiwada

 89   Vaijayanti             Vaijayanti         Monthly    1894              1899    Panappakam Anandacharyulu                Madras                 Gautami

 90   Ratn¡karamu            Ratnakaramu        Monthly    1894              1902    Mallampalli Bhairavamurthy               Bandaru                Gautami
 91   Sujanavin°dini         Sujanavinodini                1894                      Gonugunta Kotayya Sastri                 Bandaru
 92   L¡yaru                 Lawyer             Monthly    1894                      B. Peraraju                              Madras
 93   Vibudharaµjani         Vibudharanjani     Weekly     1894                      Damaraju Ramachandraravu                 Eluru
 94   V¤tt¡ntamaµjari        Vrittantamanjari   Weekly     1894                      Kommuri Lakshminarasimhamu

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                             Major issues dealt                                                              History
                                                                                                      This journal used to publish news criticising the news and other columns
 79   Saty¡nv®Ài¸i                                                                                    published in Satya samvardhani.

 80   Jµ¡n°dayaÆ             News

 81   Dharmavardhani         Religious

 82   D®¿°pak¡ri             Political                                                                Chilukuri Virabhadrarao worked as editor to this journal for some time.
 83   Prabuddh¡ndhra         General
 84   V¡rt¡dar¿ini           News                                                                     Tumuluri Venkataramanayya was the editor for some time.
 85   á¡rada                 Literature
 86   Str¢hitabh°dhini       Ethics

                                                                                                      Nelaturi Parthasarathi Iyengar worked as editor for some time. Later this
                                                                                                      journal became a daily. People used to say that this journal was a Telugu
                                                                                                      copy of the 'Madras Standard' published in English. During the Boyer
                                                                                                      Wars, this journal published news about the war. Book reviews were
 87   áa¿il®kha              Political                                                                also published in this journal.
 88   Buddiprad¡yini         General

                             Literature- in the first issue of the journal the editor declared that
                             the aim of the journal was to publish essays related to education,
                             to reprint the ancient and modern texts, to review book reviews,         Panappakam Anandacharyulu was one among the top most leaders of
 89   Vaijayanti             literary reviews and to encourage writers.                               Indian National congress of that time.

                             This journal had the fortune of printing a Telugu translation of
                             Sakuntala by Korada Ramachandra Sastry. It also secured the only
                             manuscript copy of Gopinatha Venkata Kavi's last work, Radhika
 90   Ratn¡karamu            Parinayamu from Venkatagiri estate and published it.
 91   Sujanavin°dini
 92   L¡yaru                 Law
 93   Vibudharaµjani         Political
 94   V¤tt¡ntamaµjari        News

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                                       Year of Start      To      Name of the Owner / Publisher/Editor   Place of Publication    Available at
 95   Sakal¡rdhad¡yini       Sakalardhadayini        Monthly    1894                      Konakanchi Venkata chalapathirao         Tuni
 96   Dh¢ma¸i                Dhimani                 Monthly    1895                      Pullele Sriramayya Sastri                Madras
                                                                                          Dabiru Krishnamurthi suri / Kanukolanu
 97   Ka½i´ga                Kalinga                 Monthly    1895                      Kanakadri Ramarao                        Srikakulam             Gautami
 98   L¡vartam¡ni            Telugu Law Vartamani Monthly       1895                      Sattiraju Sitaramayya                    Eluru
 99   Brahmavidya            Brahmavidya             Monthly    1895                      G. Srinivasa Sastri                      Madras

      Vartam¡na                                                                                                                                           Vardhamana
100   Tara´gi¸i              Vartamana Tarangini     Monthly    1895                      Bezawada Balakrishna Reddy               Butchireddipalem       (Nellore)

101   Vijµ¡navardhani        Vignana vardhani        Fortnightly 1895                     Ellamaraju Narayanamurthy                Rayadurgam
102   á¡rada                 Sarada                  Monthly    1895                      Achanta Suryanarayanaraju                Attili                 Gautami
      áivagrantha                                                                         Kandukuri Srisaila Virabhadra
103   Mukt¡va½i              Sivagrantha Muktavali   Monthly    1895                      Varaprasadarao                           Eluru
104   S£ry¡l°kamu            Suryalokamu             Weekly     1895                      G.C.V. Srinivasacharyulu                 Madras
                                                                                          Dodla Venkataramareddi/ Edavalli
105   á¡rada                 Sarada                             1896                      Kamasastri                               Butchireddipalem       Gautami

106   B¡lika                 Balika                             1896                      Sangitapu Bapiraju                       Srikakulam             Gautami
107   Ka½¡nidhi              Kalanidhi               Monthly    1896                      Pulavarthi Shantayya                     Kakinada

                                                                                          Sri Raja Kocherlakota Ramachandra
108   Sarasvati              Saraswati               Monthly    1896              1912    Venkata Krishnarao                       Kakinada               Gautami
109   Satyas¡dhani           Satyasadhani            Monthly    1897                      T.A. Swaminatha Aiyer                    Madras                 Gautami

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                          Major issues dealt                                                     History
 95   Sakal¡rdhad¡yini       Education
 96   Dh¢ma¸i                Literary

 97   Ka½i´ga
 98   L¡vartam¡ni            Law
 99   Brahmavidya            Vedantas

                                                                                         Bezawada Balakrishna Reddy studies Telugu and English and received
                                                                                         help from Kunduri Varadacharya, a Sanskrit writer to publish this journal.
      Vartam¡na                                                                          Bezawada Pattabhirami Reddy, who was father of Bezawada Gopala
100   Tara´gi¸i              Literature, contemporary news                               Reddy was the manager of this journal.

101   Vijµ¡navardhani        Science
102   á¡rada                 Education
103   Mukt¡va½i              Religious
104   S£ry¡l°kamu            Literature

105   á¡rada                 Education
                                                                                         This journal has followed the tradition of earlier journals like Amudrita
                                                                                         Grantha chintamani, Chintamani and others. This was considered as the
106   B¡lika                 Women                                                       first women's journal in Telugu.
107   Ka½¡nidhi              Literature

                                                                                         The proprietor of this journal Raja K.R.V. Krishna Rao, the Zamindar of
                                                                                         Polavaram, took the help of famous Telugu poet chilakamarthi Lakshmi
                                                                                         Narasimham to run this journal. Tirupathi Venkata Kavulu were also
                                                                                         patronised by this journal. This journal published an essay on the life and
                                                                                         history of 'Sir Arthur Cotton' which was written by V. Narasimha
                                                                                         Rayudu. In the early years of its inception this journal was published
108   Sarasvati              Literature                                                  from Rajaumundry but later its office was shifted to Kakinada.
109   Satyas¡dhani           Religious

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                                       Year of Start      To      Name of the Owner / Publisher/Editor   Place of Publication      Available at

110   Ravi                   Ravi                    Weekly     1897                      J.b. Malurian                            Kakinada

111   Prabh¡vati             Prabhavathi             Weekly     1897                      Sri Satchidananda Bodhakara Samajam      Secunderabad             Gautami
112   Vidy¡vati              Vidyavathi              Monthly    1897                      Omanduru Vaidyam Dorasamayya             Madras
113   Sun¢ti                 Sunithi                 Monthly    1897                      Nallagonda Kodandaramaiah                Rajahmundry
114   Janaraµjani            Mumukshu Janaranjani Monthly       1897                      A. Narasimhacharyulu                     Madras

                                                                                                                                                            Gautami +
115   Ka½¡vati               Kalavathi               Monthly    1897              1903    Sripada Krishnamurthi Sastri             Rajahmundry              Govt. Museum

116   Maµjuv¡¸i              Manjuvani               Monthly    1897              1904    Mantripragada Bhujangarao                Eluru                    Gautami

117   V¡gvalli               Vagvalli                Monthly    1899              1903    Komanduru Venkata Ramanuja Sarma         Nellore                  Gautami
118   Ënandad¡yini           Anandadayini            Monthly    1899                      Janamanchi Seshadri Sarma                Kaluvayi (Nellore Dt.)
119   B¡lasarasvati          Balasarasvathi          Monthly    1899                      S. Krishnarao                            Madras

120   B¡p¶is¶u               Baptist                 Fortnightly 1899                     W.M. Compbell
121   vari                                                                                K. Subbayya Gupta                        Madras
122   mu                     Kalanidhi Vrittantamu   Weekly     1899                                                               Guntur
123   J¡napadi               Janapadi                Monthly    1899                      V. Ram                                   Madras
124   Ny¡yabh°dhini          Nyayabhodhini           Monthly    1899                      Kopalle Venkataramanarao                 Ongole
125   Sujanaraµjani          Sujanaranjani           Monthly    1899                      Kommuri Lakshminarasimhamu               Kakinada

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                       Major issues dealt                                                   History

                                                                                      This journal was published from Kakinada for morethan 30 years by the
                                                                                      Camadian Baptist Mission.Though propagation of christianity was its
                                                                                      main goal, the journal also published news of local importance. This
110   Ravi                   Religious                                                helped for the spread of ideas of christianity in Andhra.

111   Prabh¡vati
112   Vidy¡vati              Education
113   Sun¢ti                 Ethics
114   Janaraµjani            Vedantas

                                                                                      This journal has brought out Ghatikachala Mahatmyamu, the last work
                                                                                      of well known poet Tenali Ramakrishna which was hitherto not known to
115   Ka½¡vati               Literature                                               the literary world.
                                                                                      Raja Mantripragada Bhujangarao, the Zamindar of Lakkavaram in West
                                                                                      Godavari district was the proprietor of this journal. He has received
                                                                                      assistance from the famous Telugu Writer Nandiraju Chalapathirao to
116   Maµjuv¡¸i              Literature                                               run this journal.
                                                                                      This journal severely criticised the writings of famous writers Vedam
117   V¡gvalli               Literature                                               Venkataraya Sastri and Pundla Ramakrishnayya.
118   Ënandad¡yini           Literature
119   B¡lasarasvati          Literary

120   B¡p¶is¶u               Religious
121   vari
122   mu                     Industrial news
123   J¡napadi               Literary and news
124   Ny¡yabh°dhini          Morals, Law
125   Sujanaraµjani          Social, Literary

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                                   Year of Start      To      Name of the Owner / Publisher/Editor   Place of Publication    Available at
126   Satvas¡dhani           Satvasadhani                    1899             1905    Omanduru Vaidyam Dorasamayya             Madras
127   ár¢bh¡rati             Sribharati            Monthly   1899                     Vavilikolanu Subbarao                    Nellore                Gautami
      ËÆdhrabh¡À¡gr¡         Andhrabhasha
128   mavartam¡ni            Gramavartamani                  1899                     Dampuru Narasayya                        Nellore
129   Udy°gasthu·u           Telugu Udyogasthudu   Monthly   1899                     Esuratnamu                               Bapatla
130   Dharmav¡dini           Dharmavadini          Monthly   1901                     Boddupalle Subbayya                      Bapatla

131   Prasannamaµjari        Prasannamanjari       Monthly   1901                     S. Narayanamurthy                        Visakhapatnam

132   Dharm°pad®¿ini         Dharmopadesini        Monthly   1902                     A. Varadacharyulu                        Madras
133   Vi¿vas¤¶               Viswasrit             Monthly   1902                     Manduri Virabhadrudu                     Vedurupaka (E.G. Dt.)
134   Ì¿varadar¿ini          Eswaradarshini        Monthly   1905                     Chennapuri Brahma Samajam                Chennapuri
135   HaÆsa                  Hamsa                 Monthly   1908                     S. Hanumantharao                         Gooty
136   Sujµ¡na                Sugnana               Monthly   1909                     S. Gopalaswami                           Karvetinagaram, Chittor Dt
137   Ì¿varav¡dini           Eswaravadini          Monthly   1910                     K. Guruswami Sarma                       Tirupathi
138   D¢pika                 Divyagnana Dipika     Monthly   1910                     Chittamuri Ramayya Adayar                Chennapuri
      Vi¿iÀ¶advaita          Vishisthadvaita
139   Prak¡¿ika              Prakasika             Monthly   1910                     Vinjamuri Viraraghavacharyulu            Guntur
140   áa´karavijayamu        Sankaravijayamu       Monthly   1910                     K.G. Baburao                             Anantapuram

141   Kraistavabh°dhini      Christavabhodhini     Monthly   1904                     J.A. Barley                              Naidupeta (Nellore Dt.)
142   Hitav¡di               Hitavadi              Monthly   1905                     Rv. Dhannavada Anantam                   Bandaru
143   Kraistava              Christava             Monthly   1908                     S.B. Simon                               Prodduturu

      SaÆyukta               Samyukta
144   Sa´ghavartam¡ni        Sanghavartamani       Monthly   1909                     S.B. Simon                               Pasumalai (Madhurai)
145   Sah¡ya                 Sahaya                Monthly   1910                     M. Devadasu                              Rajahmundry
146   áe¶¶ibalija            Settibalija           Weekly    1909                                                              Rajahmundry

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                              Major issues dealt                                                    History
126   Satvas¡dhani           Religious                                                       Stories related to Shaiva religon and stories of Nayanars.
127   ár¢bh¡rati
128   mavartam¡ni            Literature and Language
129   Udy°gasthu·u                                                                           This journal was published by Salvation Army
130   Dharmav¡dini           Religious

131   Prasannamaµjari        Religious

132   Dharm°pad®¿ini         Religious
133   Vi¿vas¤¶               Religious
134   Ì¿varadar¿ini          Religious
135   HaÆsa                  Religious
136   Sujµ¡na                Religious
137   Ì¿varav¡dini           Religious
138   D¢pika                 Religious
139   Prak¡¿ika              Religious
140   áa´karavijayamu        Religious

141   Kraistavabh°dhini      Religious - Christianity
142   Hitav¡di               Religious - Christianity
143   Kraistava              Religious - Christianity

144   Sa´ghavartam¡ni        Religious - Christianity
145   Sah¡ya                 Religious - Christianity
146   áe¶¶ibalija            Caste - Settibalija

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                                    Year of Start      To      Name of the Owner / Publisher/Editor   Place of Publication      Available at

147   Kalpalata              Kalpalatha           Monthly    1903              1905    Achanta Venkata Sankhyayana Sarma        Visakhapatnam
148   Bh¡rati                Bharati              Monthly    1904                      Sunkara Rangayya                         Rajahmundry
149   B¡lasarasvati          Balasarasvathi       Monthly    1905                      Kollepara Papayya Sreshti                Pippara (Krishna Dt.)
150   K¡m®¿vari              Kameswari            Monthly    1906                      Puranam Suryanarayana Tirthulu           Vijayanagaram
151   Vidy¡vati              Vidyavathi           Monthly    1906                      C. Dorasamayyamgaru                      Chennapuri
152   Man°rama               Manorama             Monthly    1906              1910    Chilakamarti Lakshminarasimham           Rajahmundry
153   Sudar¿ini              Sudarsini            Monthly    1906                      Kasturi Sivasankara Sastri               Narasapuram

154   Sarasvati              Abhinavasarasvathi   Monthly    1908              1930    Janapati Pattabhiramasastri              Janapadu
155   Pr¡ci                  Prachi               Monthly    1909                      L.C. Ramachandra Iyer                    Madras

156   ËÆdhrabh¡rati          Andhra Bharati       Monthly    1910                      Ayyanki Venkata Ramanayya                Bandaru
157   Kavita                 Kavitha              Monthly    1910                      Venkata Ramakrishna Kavulu               Pithapuram              Gautami
158   Bh¡rati                Bharati              Monthly    1910                      Ve. Mrityunjaya Sarma                    Pithapuram
159   Man°raµjani            Manoranjani          Monthly    1910                      Kallakuri Narayanarao                    Kakinada
160   Man°raµjani            Manoranjani          Monthly    1910                      G. Jagannadharao                         Madras

161   Hind£b¡ndhavi          Hindubandhavi        Fortnightly 1901                     Chaturvedula Raghavayya                  Pallipadu (Nellore Dt.)

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                             Major issues dealt                                                      History
                                                                                            Kalpalatha published a Telugu short story 'Lalitha' which was considered
                                                                                            as first short story in Telugu. Venkata Parvatiswara Kavulu became
147   Kalpalata              Literarature - Language                                        famous through this journal.
148   Bh¡rati                Literarature - Language
149   B¡lasarasvati          Literarature - Language
150   K¡m®¿vari              Literarature - Language
151   Vidy¡vati              Literarature - Language
152   Man°rama               Literarature - Language                                        Chilakamarthi published a number of novels in this journal.
153   Sudar¿ini              Literarature - Language

                                                                                            This journal played an important role in the literary discussion that have
                                                                                            taken place between the top most Telugu writers of this century. The
      Abhinava                                                                              arguments between famours literary figures Tirupati Venkata Kavulu,
154   Sarasvati              Literarature - Language                                        Ramakrishna Kavulu, Kopparapu Kavulu were published in this journal.
155   Pr¡ci                  Literarature - Language

                                                                                            This journal published the popular poems Mutyala saramulu and
                                                                                            Diddubatu written by Gurajada Apparao. By publishing Mutyala
                                                                                            saramulu, which was written in spoken language the journal
                                                                                            encouraged the modern writers to use spoken language in the poetry.
                                                                                            This journal was recieved financial support from the Zamindars of
                                                                                            Vizianagaram, Nidadavolu, Gampalagudem, Pithapuram, Munagala,
156   ËÆdhrabh¡rati          Literarature - Language                                        Kapileswarapuram and Challapalli.
157   Kavita                 Literarature - Language
158   Bh¡rati                Literarature - Language
159   Man°raµjani            Literarature - Language
160   Man°raµjani            Literarature - Language

161   Hind£b¡ndhavi          Politics

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                                 Year of Start      To      Name of the Owner / Publisher/Editor   Place of Publication    Available at

                                                                                    Mutnuri Krishnarao / Avatapalli
162   K¤À¸¡patrika           Krishnapatrika    Weekly     1902 Feb 1                Narayanarao                              Bandaru                APSA
163   ËÆdhrak®sari           Andhrakesari      Weekly     1904                      Chilukuri Virabhadrarao                  Rajahmundry
164   Bh¡ratam¡ta            Bharatamata       Monthly    1906                      B.V.Nadh                                 Vizianagaram

165   L°kabandhu             Lokabandhu        Fortnightly 1906                     T. Gopalakrishna Iyer                    Madras
166   Vand®m¡taraÆ           Vandemataram      Weekly     1907                      Sripada Krishnamurthi Sastri             Rajahmundry
167   ËÆdhrapatrika          Andhrapatrika     Weekly     1908 Sept 9               Kasinadhuni Nageswararao                 Bombay

168   ËÆdhrapatrika          Andhrapatrika     Daily      1914 April 1              Kasinadhuni Nageswararao                 Madras
169   Gautami                Gautami           Daily      1908                      Sripada Krishnamurthi Sastri             Rajahmundry
170   Bh¡ratam¡ta            Bharatamata       Weekly     1908                      Oruganti Somayajulu                      Vizianagaram
171   Svar¡jya               Swarajya          Weekly     1908                      Gadicherla Harisarvottamarao             Bezawada
172   D®¿am¡ta               Desamaa           Weekly     1910                      Chilakamarti Lakshminarasimham           Rajahmundry

173   Ëryamatab°dhini        Aryamatabodhini   Monthly    1828                      Kasibhatta Brahmayya Sastri              Kakinada

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                           Major issues dealt                                                            History
                                                                                                This journal was started by Krishna District Association which was
                                                                                                formed in 1898. It supported the Vandemataram Movement in 1908. It
                                                                                                exposed the corruption of government officials. Krishna Patrika inspired
                                                                                                several nationalists to start journals in Telugu to popularise the ideas of
162   K¤À¸¡patrika           Politics                                                           Nationalism.
163   ËÆdhrak®sari           Politics
164   Bh¡ratam¡ta            Politics

165   L°kabandhu             Politics
166   Vand®m¡taraÆ           Politics
167   ËÆdhrapatrika          General

                                                                                                The journal was circulated to the Telugu people living in Madras,
                                                                                                Bombay, Central Provinces, United Provinces and the Princely States of
                                                                                                Mysore and Hyderabad. Andhra Patrika started the tradition of
                                                                                                distributing special supplements along with the journal. Andhra Patrika
                                                                                                used to publish a special issue every year on the occassion of Telugu
                                                                                                New Year day Ugadi. The Ugadi special issue of Andhra Patrika is known
                                                                                                for its scholarly articles on various subjects including history, literature,
                                                                                                culture and arts. Al most all the popular writers in Andhra wrote essays
                                                                                                in Andhra Patrika. Sivalenka Shambu Prasad and Shivalenka
168   ËÆdhrapatrika          General                                                            Radhakrishna became editors of this journal after 1938.
169   Gautami                Politics                                                           Historians argue that this was the first daily in Telugu
170   Bh¡ratam¡ta            Politics
171   Svar¡jya               Politics
172   D®¿am¡ta               Politics

173   Ëryamatab°dhini        Criticism of Social Reform activities, movements

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                                       Year of Start      To      Name of the Owner / Publisher/Editor   Place of Publication    Available at

174   Suvar¸al®kha           Suvarnalekha            Monthly     1905                     Tallapragada Suryanarayana               Tanuku
175   Pr¡rambhavidya         Prarambhavidya          Monthly     1906                     Garimella Somanna                        Eluru

      Prathama               Prathama Pathasala
176   P¡¶ha¿¡la Patrika      Patrika                 Monthly     1907                     Valluri Narasimha Naidu                  Rajahmundry
      Madras Bulletin        Madras Bulletin of Co-
177   of co-Operation        operation              Monthly      1909                     R. Ramachandra Iyer                      Madras
178   Rayitu Patrika         Rayitu Patrika          Monthly     1904                     Gattupalli Seshacharyulu                 Madras
179   Vyavas¡yamu            Vyavasayamu             Monthly     1910                     Gopisetti Narayanaswami Naidu            Eluru                  APSA
180   L¡patrika              Law Patrika             Monthly     1910                     Ch. Narasimharao                         Rajahmundry

181   Ër°gyaprab°dhini       Arogyaprabodhini        Monthly     1909                     Hakim Sheik Mahammad                     Rajahmundry
182   raÆ                    Jantuvartamanasaram     Monthly     1903                     V. Krishnamachariyar                     Madras
183   ramu                   Jantuvartamanasaramu    Quarterly   1902                     P. Ramachandrarao
184   P°l¢suvartam¡ni        Polisuvartamani         Monthly     1906                     K. Sundara Iyer                          Madras
      Hind£sam¡j¡bhiva       Hindusamajabhivardhan
185   rdhani                 i                                   1906                     D. Shyamarao                             Rajahmundry
186   Bhav¡ni                Bhavani                             1906                     Mangu Venkata Ramanujarao                Nellore
187   Janaraµjani            Janaranjani             Monthly     1907                     Rentala Subbarao                         Madras
188   Prab°dhini             Prabodhini              Monthly     1907                     Vaddepati Niranjana Sastri               Duggirala

189   Hind£sundari           Hindusundari            Monthly     1902                     Balantrapu Seshamma                      Kakinada

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                          Major issues dealt                                                         History

                                                                                              This journal is famous for its arguments against 'Satyavadini' journal
                                                                                              started by Kandukuri Viresalingam. The essays written by Panuganti
                                                                                              Lakshminarasimharao which were are known as 'Sakshi' were published
                             Criticism of Social Reform activities, movements and modern      in this journal. This journal also published essays written by Panuganti
174   Suvar¸al®kha           trends in Social and cultural fields.                            condemning the use of 'Vyavaharika Basha'.
175   Pr¡rambhavidya         Education

176   P¡¶ha¿¡la Patrika      Education
      Madras Bulletin
177   of co-Operation        Economics, Industries, Trade, Commerce and Law
178   Rayitu Patrika         Agriculture and Economics
179   Vyavas¡yamu            Agriculture and Economics
180   L¡patrika              Acts, Courts and Law

181   Ër°gyaprab°dhini       Medicine and Health
182   raÆ                    Veterinary Science, Medicine
183   ramu                   Veterinary Science, Medicine
184   P°l¢suvartam¡ni        Police, Law, Court, Government
185   rdhani
186   Bhav¡ni
187   Janaraµjani
188   Prab°dhini
                                                                                              This was the first journal started by Women to discuss the problems of
                                                                                              women in society. This was started by Madabhashi Chudamma and
                                                                                              Kallepalli Venkata Ramanamma in Kakinada in 1902. All the writers in
189   Hind£sundari           Women                                                            this journal were women.

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                                     Year of Start      To      Name of the Owner / Publisher/Editor         Place of Publication    Available at

190   G¤halakÀmi             Grihalakshmi         Monthly      1903                     Raja Mantripragada Bhujangarao                 Eluru

191   S¡vitri                Savitri              Monthly      1904                     Pulugurta Lakshminarasamamba                   Kakinada               Gautami, APSA
192   Sundari                Sundari              Monthly      1909                     B. Narayana                                    Komaripalem (Godavari)

193   Viv®kavati             Vivekavathi          Monthly      1908             1910    M.A. Srinivasa Sathi (on behalf of C. L. S.)   Madras
      ár¢lakÀm¢ve´ka¶        Srilakshmivenkateswara
194   ®¿varapatrika          patrika                Monthly    1913                     P. Anantacharyulu                              Putalapattu
195   Ëryatilaka             Aryatilaka           Monthly      1914                     K. Subramanya Sastrulu                         Bellary

196   V®d¡ntacandrika        Vedantachandrika     Monthly      1915                     C. Rajagopalachari                             Chittor
197   ËÆdhram¡ta             Andhramata           Weekly       1916                     Swami Venkatarao                               Hyderabad
198   Bh¡ratabh¡nu           Bharatabhanu         Monthly      1917                     Adipudi Somanatharao                           Madras
199   vani                   Sruthidharma Sanjivani Fortnightly 1917                    Sri Virabhadra Pakayaji                        Bezawada
      Br¡hmadharmapr         Brahmadharma
200   ak¡¿ika                Prakasika            Monthly      1919                     Palavajjula Lakshminarayana                    Rajahmundry

201   Bhaktasaµj¢vani        Bhaktasanjivani      Monthly      1919                     Vavilikolanu Subbarao                          Ontimitta

      Kraistava              Christavasanghabivardh
202   Sa´gh¡bivardhani       ani                    Monthly    1912                     Mattayi Samuel                                 Pasumalai
      Str¢lakoraku           Strilakoraku
203   Vartam¡namulu          vartamanamulu        Monthly      1912                     E.N.Macauley                                   Guntur
204   H¤day¡r¡vamu           Hridayaravamu        Monthly      1912                     Devar Sati, K. Gopalarao                       Madras
205   MiÀanar¢               Desiya Missionary    Monthly      1913                     National Misionary                             Visakhapatnam

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                        Major issues dealt                                                      History
                                                                                       Famous Telugu writer Nandiraju Chalapathi Rao worked as editor for
                                                                                       several years. This journal published several stories, essays and poems
                                                                                       which helped the women in Andhra to develop their knowledge and
190   G¤halakÀmi             Women and children                                        created enlightenment.

191   S¡vitri                Women
192   Sundari                Women

193   Viv®kavati             Women and children
194   ®¿varapatrika          Religion
195   Ëryatilaka             Religion

196   V®d¡ntacandrika
197   ËÆdhram¡ta             Religion
198   Bh¡ratabh¡nu           Religion
199   vani                   Religion
200   ak¡¿ika                Religion

201   Bhaktasaµj¢vani        Religion

202   Sa´gh¡bivardhani       Religion
203   Vartam¡namulu          Religion
204   H¤day¡r¡vamu           Religion
205   MiÀanar¢               Religion

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                                        Year of Start      To      Name of the Owner / Publisher/Editor   Place of Publication   Available at

206   K®th°likumitramu       Catholic Mitramu         Quarterly   1916                     Metadan                                  Madras
      Tenugu                 Tenuguchurchman
207   Carcimanpatrika        Patrika                  Quarterly   1916                     H. Auston                                Guntur
208   B¡lamitra              Balamitra                Monthly     1917                     Christian Ltierature Society             Madras
209   Telugul£tharan         Telugu Luthern           Monthly     1917                     H.R. Spyanglor                           Guntur
210   V®kuvajukka            Vekuvajukka              Monthly     1918                     C.E. Parker                              Madras
211   a                      Dakshina India Duta      Monthly     1920                     D.V. Yesudasu                            Nujividu
212   Mul¡gvartam¡ni         Mulag vartamani          Monthly     1920                     M.C. Talk                                Khammammettu
213   Ëryavai¿ya             Aryavaishya              Weekly      1911                     Sanagapalli Ramaswamy Gupta              Guntur
214   Caudari                Chawdary                 Monthly     1916                     G. Anjaneya Chawdary                     Eluru
                                                                                           D. Kotishwara Sarma Sastri, Kanuparthi
215   Niy°gi                 Niyogi                   Monthly     1920                     Markandeya Sarma                         Kavali

      a                      Varnashramadharma
216   SaÆsth¡panamu          Samsthapanamu            Monthly     1920                     Pinnamraju Venkata Subrahmanya Sarma     Kavali
217   Abhinavabh¡rati        Abhinavabharati          Monthly     1911                     Abbaraju Hanumantharao                   Vejendla, Guntur Dt.
                                                                                           Nalam Krishnarao, Kandula
218   M¡navas®va             Manavaseva               Monthly     1911                     Srimannarayanamurthy                     Rajahmundry

      s¡hityapariÀatpatr     Andhra
219   ika                    sahityaparishatpatrika   Quarterly   1912                     Andhra Sahitya Parishattu                Madras
220   Viv®kavardhani         Vivekavardhani           Weekly      1912                     T. Kesavarao                             Inagallu, Bapatla
221   S¡hityaprak¡¿ini       Sahityaprakashini        Monthly     1912                     G. Somayaji Sarma                        Kotipalli (Godavari)
222   ¸i                     Andhra Samrakshini       Monthly     1913                     Govindaraju Harischandraraju             Kakinada
223   ËÆdhras®va             Andhra seva              Monthly     1913                     Addanki Bindumadhavarao

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                          Major issues dealt                                                   History

206   K®th°likumitramu       Religion
207   Carcimanpatrika        Religion
208   B¡lamitra              Religion
209   Telugul£tharan         Religion
210   V®kuvajukka            Religion
211   a                      Religion
212   Mul¡gvartam¡ni         Religion
213   Ëryavai¿ya             Caste - Vaishya
214   Caudari                Caste - Kamma

215   Niy°gi                 Caste - Brahmana

216   SaÆsth¡panamu          Caste
217   Abhinavabh¡rati        Telugu Literature and Language

218   M¡navas®va             Telugu Literature and Language
                                                                                         The editors of this journal published several hand written documents
                                                                                         and contributed to the growth of historical research in Andhra. This was
      ËÆdhra                                                                             published by Andhra Sarasvata Parishat. Jayanti Ramayya Pantulu played
      s¡hityapariÀatpatr                                                                 an important role in running this journal. This journal continued till
219   ika                    Telugu Literature and Language                              1980s.
220   Viv®kavardhani         Telugu Literature and Language
221   S¡hityaprak¡¿ini       Telugu Literature and Language
222   ¸i                     Telugu Literature and Language
223   ËÆdhras®va             Telugu Literature and Language

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                                  Year of Start      To      Name of the Owner / Publisher/Editor   Place of Publication   Available at
224   R¡makath¡sudh¡         Ramakathasudha     Monthly    1918                      P. Subrahmanya Iyengar                   Chittor
225   ËÆdhras®va             Andhra seva        Monthly    1917                      A. Madhavasastri                         Pithapuram
226   Janaraµjani            Janaranjani        Monthly    1919                      M. Markandeyulu                          Eluru

227   Telugu                 Telugu             Monthly    1919                      Gidugu Venkataramamurthy                 Parlakimidi

228   S¡hiti                 Sahiti             Bi-Monthly 1919                      Tallavajjula sivasankara Sastri          Tenali
229   S¡hitya                Sahitya            Monthly    1919                      Burra Seshagirirao                       Vizianagaram

230   Darb¡ru                Darbaru            Fortnightly 1912                     Palaparthi Ramamurthy                    Guntur

231   ËÆdhracandrika         Andhrachandrika    Weekly     1914                      B.N. Swamy                               Prodduturu

232   Triliµjµa              Trilinga           Monthly    1914              1955    Vavilla Venkateswara Sastri              Madras
233   ri                     Andhradesopakari   Fortnightly 1918                     Nelaturi Raghavacharyulu                 Nellore

234   ËÆdhrajanani           Andhra Janani      Fortnightly 1919                     B.V. Krishnarao                          Ventrapragada

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                          Major issues dealt                                                     History
224   R¡makath¡sudh¡         Telugu Literature and Language
225   ËÆdhras®va             Telugu Literature and Language
226   Janaraµjani            Telugu Literature and Language

                                                                                         Gidugu Ramamurthy Pantulu started this journal in order to persuade
                                                                                         the othodox scholars who opposed who opposed him in his mission.
                                                                                         Ramamurthy Pantulu proved through his journal that the the orthodox
                                                                                         scholars who advocated classical language did not know the nature of
                                                                                         language and could not write a single sentence in that language without
                                                                                         mistake. He laid bare the classical Telugu scholarship of Vedam
                                                                                         Venkataraya Sastry under the heading Andhra Panditha Bishakkula
227   Telugu                 Telugu Literature and Language                              Bhasha Bheshajam.
                                                                                         Tallavajjula Sivasankara Sastri, Nori Narasimha Sastri, chinta Dikshitulu,
                                                                                         Nanduri Subbarao, Nayani Subbarao and seveal other famous poets in
                                                                                         Telugu literature started this journal in 1919. They used this journal to
                                                                                         popularise their ideas in Literature and introduced several changes in
228   S¡hiti                 Telugu Literature and Language                              Literature.
229   S¡hitya                Telugu Literature and Language

230   Darb¡ru                Politics

231   ËÆdhracandrika         Politics

                                                                                         This journal served people for about four decades. This journal has a
                                                                                         demand in Burma, South Africa apart from Andhra. The silver jubilee
                                                                                         celebrations of this journal were held in 1941. Politics and social reform
                                                                                         were the main issues discussed int his journal. Apart from politics, this
232   Triliµjµa              Politics                                                    journal published valuable information on Language and literature.
233   ri                     Politics

234   ËÆdhrajanani           Politics

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                                     Year of Start      To      Name of the Owner / Publisher/Editor   Place of Publication    Available at

235   Nell£rupatrika         Nellore Patrika      Weekly       1920                     Birudavolu Jagadiswara Prasadarao        Nellore
236   Gurub°dhini            Gurubodhini          Monthly      1912                     R. Rangayya Sastri                       Barampuram

237   Pr¡dhamika Vidya       Pradhamika Vidya     Monthly      1913                     Ch. Narayanamurthy                       Eluru

238   svamu                  Granthalayasarvasvamu Quarterly   1915             1928    Ayyanki Venkataramanayya                 Bezawada
239   Vidy¡nidhi             Vidyanidhi           Monthly      1915                     N. Appayya Sarma                         Madras
240   Vidyakalpamu           Vidyakalpamu         Monthly      1917                     M. Adikesavulu                           Madras

241   Up¡dhy¡yab°dhini       Upadhyayabodhini     Monthly      1918                     Mantripragada Sambasivarao               Gunturu
      Gautam¢granth¡l        Gautamigranthalayodya
242   ay°dyamamu             mamu                  Monthly     1919                     Addanki Satyanarayana Sarma              Rajahmundry

243   Vidy¡bhivardhani       Vidyabhivardhani     Monthly      1919                     Nemali Subbarao                          Venkatagiri

244   Hitab°dhini            Hitabodhini          Monthly      1913                     B. Srinivasarao                          Mahabubnagar

                                                                                        Suri Venkata Narasimha Sastri, Guduri
245   Sahak¡ramu             Sahakaramu           Monthly      1915                     Ramachandrarao                           Bezawada
246   IÆ·as¶r¢               Industry             Monthly      1914                     Raja Mantripragada Bhujangarao           Eluru
247   ËÆdhrabaj¡ru           Andhrabajaru         Monthly      1917                     Mallabi Subbarao                         Kakinada               Gautami
248   Raitu                  Raitu                Weekly       1918                     Pamulapati Venkatakrishnayya             Tenali

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                          Major issues dealt                                                         History

                                                                                             Rebala Sundararamireddy, Amancharla Krishnarao, B.J. Prasadarao and
                                                                                             several others started Jnana Pracharini Sangham in Nellore and
                                                                                             published the journal Nellore Patrika on behalf of this association. But
                                                                                             this journal was stopped after 9 months due to the differneces between
                                                                                             the members of this association on the adoptation of a resolution to
                                                                                             start 'Non- cooperation Movement' by the Indian National Congress at
235   Nell£rupatrika         Politics                                                        its Calcutta cession.
236   Gurub°dhini            Education

237   Pr¡dhamika Vidya       Education
                                                                                             This journal helped for the spread of Library movement in Andhra. With
      Granth¡layasarva                                                                       the inspiration provided by this journal, several libraries were formed in
238   svamu                  Education, Libraries                                            allover Andhra.
239   Vidy¡nidhi             Education
240   Vidyakalpamu           Education

241   Up¡dhy¡yab°dhini       Education
242   ay°dyamamu             Education

243   Vidy¡bhivardhani       Education

                                                                                             This was considered as the first Telugu journal published in Telugu in
                                                                                             Hyderabad State. This journal was stopped within two years because of
244   Hitab°dhini            Agriculture, Economy, Industry, Trade and Law                   very less numbers of Telugu literates in Hyderabad state.
                                                                                             Earlier this journal was published from Madras with the title 'Industry' .
                                                                                             After the formation of 'Andhra Sahakara Sammelanam' this journal was
                                                                                             published from Machilipatnam with the title Sahakari. Later it was
245   Sahak¡ramu             Agriculture, Economy, Industry, Trade and Law                   shifter to Bezawada.
246   IÆ·as¶r¢               Agriculture, Economy, Industry, Trade and Law
247   ËÆdhrabaj¡ru           Agriculture, Economy, Industry, Trade and Law
248   Raitu                  Agriculture, Economy, Industry, Trade and Law

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                                    Year of Start      To      Name of the Owner / Publisher/Editor   Place of Publication   Available at
249   Telugul¡jarnalu        Telugu Law Journal   Monthly    1919                      Turaga Purushottam                       Machilipatnam
250   Ny¡yab°dhini           Nyayabodhini         Monthly    1919                      Devaguptam Seshachalapathirao            Guntur
251   Ër°gyamu               Arogyamu             Monthly    1913                      V. Gopalakrishna                         Kakinada

252   ár¢dhanvantari         Sridhanvantari       Fortnightly 1915                     Achanta Lakshmipathi                     Madras
253   Jµ¡n°daya              Gnanodaya            Monthly    1913                      Sethu Brothers                           Machilipatnam
254   Vijµ¡navallika         Vignanavallika       Monthly    1915                      H. Sankararao                            Dharmavaram

255   Jy°tiÀaprak¡¿ika       Jyotishaprakashika   Monthly    1912                      Ivaturi Ayyanna                          Amalapuram

256   Vasundhara             Vadundhara           Fortnightly 1915                     Vanguri Subbarao                         Machilipatnam
257   Viv®k°dayamu           Vivekodayamu         Monthly    1916                      B. Venkatarao                            Kakinada
258   D¢nabandhu             Dinabandhu           Weekly     1917                      Vemuri Ramjirao                          Machilipatnam

259   Aru¸°dayamu            Arunodayamu          Fortnightly 1920                     C. Srinivasarao                          Adoni

260   Anas£ya                Anasuya              Monthly    1914                      Vinjamuri Venkataratnamma                Kakinada
261   Str¢dharma             Stridharma           Monthly    1917                      Mrs. Malathi Patwarthan                  Madras

262   Saundaryavalli         Soundaryavalli       Monthly    1919                      Ramabayi                                 Madras

263   Sa´g¢taprak¡¿ika       Sangitaprakashika    Monthly    1915                      K.V. Srinivasa Iyengar                   Madras

264   B¡labh¡rati            Balabharati          Monthly    1918                      Duvvuri Jagannadha Sarma                 Kakinada

264   Janav¡¸i               Janavani             Daily      1936                      Tapi Dharmarao                           Kakinada

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                          Major issues dealt                                                        History
249   Telugul¡jarnalu        Agriculture, Economy, Industry, Trade and Law
250   Ny¡yab°dhini           Agriculture, Economy, Industry, Trade and Law
251   Ër°gyamu               Medicine and Health

252   ár¢dhanvantari         Medicine and Health
253   Jµ¡n°daya              Medicine and Health
254   Vijµ¡navallika         Medicine and Health

255   Jy°tiÀaprak¡¿ika       General

256   Vasundhara             General
257   Viv®k°dayamu           General
258   D¢nabandhu             Caste

259   Aru¸°dayamu            General
                                                                                             The editor of this journal was wife of Vinjamuri Narasimharao and sister
260   Anas£ya                Women                                                           of famous Telugu poet D.V. Krishna Sastri.
261   Str¢dharma             Women

                                                                                             Smt. Ramabayi was the wife of famous freedom fighter Gadicherla
                                                                                             Harisarvothamarao. She has started this journal with the financial
                                                                                             assistance provided an advocate Nalla Guruswami Chetti. This journal
                                                                                             gave special emphasis to issues related to Women problems, women's
262   Saundaryavalli         Women                                                           education, social reforms and others.

263   Sa´g¢taprak¡¿ika       Music
                                                                                             This journal also conducted training classes to teach music to the
264   B¡labh¡rati            Children                                                        children
                                                                                             This journal was started by the Zamindar of Pithapuram with a view to
                                                                                             popularise the ideas and programmes of his own political outfit Praja
                                                                                             Party (People's Party). This journal was stopped during Second World
264   Janav¡¸i               Politics                                                        War.

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                                     Year of Start      To      Name of the Owner / Publisher/Editor    Place of Publication   Available at

265   Ënandat¢rtha           Anandatirtha          Fortnightly 1922                     K. Seshagirirao                           Madras
266   u                      Tarakasandesamu       Monthly    1922                      Gundimeda Venkatasubbarao                 Yalamanchili
267   M¢m¡Æsa                Mimamsa               Monthly    1922                      K.N. Kameswararao                         Tenali

268   áaivaprac¡ri¸i         Saivapracharini       Fortnightly 1923                     Mudigonda Viresalinga Ayyavarlu           Warangal
269   Ëdi¿aivapatrika        Adisaivapatrika       Monthly    1923                      Chilumuri Purushottama Gurukkal           Chilumuru (Tenali)
270   Aikamatyamu            Aikamatyamu           Monthly    1923                      Suryadevara Sanjivarayanamgaru            Bezawada

271   Jµ¡nad¢pika            Gnanadipika           Fortnightly 1923                     Meduri Sriramamurthy                      Vizianagaram

272   Dharmas¡dhani          Dharmasadhani         Fortnightly 1923                     Palaparthi Narasimham                     Guntur
273   Satsa´ga               Satsanga              Monthly    1923                      M. Seshachalamu                           Bandaru
274   R¡mak°¶i               Ramakoti              Monthly    1925                      Karupalli Sivaramadasu                    Hosuru
275   Sujµ¡nacandrika        Sugnanachandrika      Monthly    1925                      Suryadevara Sanjivanarayanamgaru          Tummapudi (Guntur)
276   Mura½i                 Murali                Monthly    1926                      Rayavarapu Kondalarao                     Srikakulam
277   ini                    Saivarahasyabodhini   Monthly    1926                      Mudigonda Nagalingasastrulu               Tenali
278   Ëryapatrika            Aryapatrika           Monthly    1927                      Kolachalam Krishnasomayajulu              Guntur
279   V®d¡ntad¢pika          Vedantadipika         Monthly    1927                      V. Vasudevacharyulu                       Madras
280   á¡nti                  Shanti                Monthly    1927                      Omkarananda Swamy                         Totapalli Kondalu (Godavari)

281   ár¢¿ailapatrika        Srisailapatrika       Monthly    1927                      Chaganti Viramallikarjunalingam Ayyavarlu Srisailam
282   Jy°ti                  Jyothi                Monthly    1928                      Suryadevara Sanjivanarayanamgaru          Tummapudi (Guntur)
283   Yadh¡rthabh¡rati       Yadarthabharati       Monthly    1928                      Malayala Swamulu                          Madras
284   Svav¤ddi               Svavriddi             Monthly    1928                      Premaraju Satyanarayanarao                Bandaru
285   Sub°dhini              Subodhini             Monthly    1928                      M.S. Subbanna                             Ballary
286   NimiÀ¡mba              Nimishamba            Monthly    1929                      Tangirala Ramanadha Sara, Anantayya       Nellore
287   Var¸¡¿rama             Varnashrama           Monthly    1929                      Mopidevi Venugopalarao                    Bezawada

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                             Major issues dealt                                                   History

265   Ënandat¢rtha           Religion
266   u                      Religion
267   M¢m¡Æsa                Religion and Philosophy

268   áaivaprac¡ri¸i         Religion and Philosophy
269   Ëdi¿aivapatrika        Religion and Philosophy
270   Aikamatyamu            Religion

271   Jµ¡nad¢pika            Religion
                                                                                            This journal was started to pupolarise the ideas and programme of
272   Dharmas¡dhani          Religion                                                       Brahmo Samaj movement in Andhra.
273   Satsa´ga               Religion
274   R¡mak°¶i               Religion
275   Sujµ¡nacandrika        Religion
276   Mura½i                 Religion
277   ini                    Religion
278   Ëryapatrika            Religion
279   V®d¡ntad¢pika          Religion
280   á¡nti                  Religion

281   ár¢¿ailapatrika        Religion
282   Jy°ti                  Religion
283   Yadh¡rthabh¡rati       Religion
284   Svav¤ddi               Religion
285   Sub°dhini              Religion
286   NimiÀ¡mba              Religion
287   Var¸¡¿rama             Religion

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                                     Year of Start      To      Name of the Owner / Publisher/Editor   Place of Publication   Available at

288   V¢ra¿aivaprac¡ri¸i     Virasaivapracharini   Fortnightly 1929                     Gurudevi Subramanyam Devara              Bezawada
289   Ërk¡¶miÀan             Arcot Mission         Monthly    1921                      J. w. Warshin                            Nellore
290   patrika                Andhrachristavapatrika Weekly    1925                      Rv. Nethaniyelu                          Machilipatnam
291   Par°pak¡ri¸i           Paropakarini          Monthly    1927                      M. Davidu                                Ramayapatnam

292   KÀatriyapatrika        Kshatriyapatrika      Fortnightly 1921                     Muddu Nagaraju                           Eagavaripalem (chengalpattu Dt.)
293   D®v¡´gajy°ti           Devangajyothi         Monthly    1921                      Dontamsetti Nageswararao                 Madras

294   Agnikulaprak¡¿ika      Agnikulaprakashika    Monthly    1923                      Ponnamandala Lakshmanaswami              Korangi
295   a                      Kammakulapatrika      Weekly     1923                      V. Ramaseshayya                          Bandaru
296   Kammapatrika           Kammapatrika          Weekly     1923                      K.R.G. Ray Chowdary                      Bandaru

297   Re··ir¡¸i              Reddirani             Monthly    1923              1932    Mallidi Sattireddy                       Rayavaram (EG Dt)
298   Vai¿ya                 Vaishya               Monthly    1923                      P. Swami Babu
299   K¡pu                   Kapu                  Weekly     1924                      Ikkurthi Tirupathinaidu                  Mandapalli (Krishna)
300   D®v¡´gapatrika         Devangapatrika        Monthly    1925                      P. Ramakrishnayya                        Madras
301   Telaga                 Telanga               Weekly     1926                      Addepalli Lakshamanaswamy                Rajahmundry
302   Br¡hma¸apatrika        Brahmanapatrika       Monthly    1926                      Sirobhushanam                            Saidapeta (Madras)

303   Ëdim¡ndhra             Adimandhra            Fortnightly 1927                     Dadla Pullayya                           Rajahmundry
304   a                      Adikshatriyapatrika   Monthly    1927                      Kola Appalanarasimha Deva                Rajahmundry
305   Ëryavai¿ya             Aryavaishya           Monthly    1927                      Nemani Suryanarayana                     Srikakulam
      Telagasa´gh¡bhiv       Telagasanghabhivardha
306   ardhani                ni                    Weekly     1927                      Kanchumarti Ramachandrarao               Rajahmundry

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                           Major issues dealt                                                    History

288   V¢ra¿aivaprac¡ri¸i     Religion
289   Ërk¡¶miÀan             Religion - Christian
290   patrika                Religion - Christian
291   Par°pak¡ri¸i           Religion - Christian

292   KÀatriyapatrika        Caste - Kshatriya
293   D®v¡´gajy°ti           Caste - Devanga

294   Agnikulaprak¡¿ika      Caste - Agnikulakshatriya
295   a                      Caste - Kamma
296   Kammapatrika           Caste - Kamma
                                                                                          Though the name suggests that the journal deals with matters relating
                                                                                          to the Reddi community, in fact it iwas not so. It was devoted entirely to
                                                                                          literature and history. For the first time, Veturi Prabhakarasastry
                                                                                          published several manuscripts relating to the reddi kingdoms in Andhra
297   Re··ir¡¸i              Caste - Reddi                                                in this journal.
298   Vai¿ya                 Caste - Vaishya
299   K¡pu                   Caste - Kapu
300   D®v¡´gapatrika         Caste - Devanga
301   Telaga                 Caste - Telaga
302   Br¡hma¸apatrika        Caste - Brahmana

303   Ëdim¡ndhra             Caste
304   a                      Caste
305   Ëryavai¿ya             Caste
306   ardhani                Caste - Telaga

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                                      Year of Start      To      Name of the Owner / Publisher/Editor   Place of Publication   Available at
307   D®v¡´gas®va            Devangaseva            Monthly    1927                      Sajja Suryanarayana                      Pithapuram
308   V¡savi                 Vasavi                 Monthly    1927                      Tumpudi Bhagavantam Gupta                Madras
309   Vai¿yav¡¸i             Vaishyavani            Monthly    1927                      A. R. Tattvanidhi                        Aska (Ganjam)
      R¡japutr¡bhivardh                                                                  Bhupathiraju Sitaramaraju, Marepalli
310   ani                    Rajaputrabhivardhani   Monthly    1927                      Ramachandra Sastri                       Visakhapatnam
311   ika                    Srivaikhasanapatrika   Monthly    1928                      E. Seshachari                            Eagavaripalem (chengalpattu Dt.)
312   ni                     Agnikulaprabodhini     Monthly    1929                      Karri Satyaraju                          Kakinada

313   Vai¿ya                 Vaishya                Fortnightly 1929                     Kasi Annadana Satram                     Guntur
314   Re··ikulaprabha        Reddikulaprabha        Monthly    1930                      R.V. Goud                                Rayasamudram (Chittor)
315   M¡t¤bh¡À¡              Matribhasha            Monthly    1921                      Kasi Krishnacharyulu                     Guntur

316   Prabuddh¡ndhra         Prabuddhandhra         Monthly    1922              1930    Sripada Subrahmanya Sastri               Rayavaram (Madras)
317   Ka½a                   Kala                   Monthly    1922              1924    Pakala Venkata Rajamannar                Madras
318   ini                    Andhrabhasha Vilasini Monthly     1923              1930    Chelikani Latcharao                      Chitrada (Godavari)

319   á¡rada                 Sarada                 Monthly    1923              1924    Kauta Srirama Sastry                     Machilipatnam

                                                                                         Raja Vasireddi Durgasadasiveswara Prasad
320   Sarasvati              Saraswathi             Monthly    1923              1928    bahadaru                                 Muktyala

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                           Major issues dealt                                                     History
307   D®v¡´gas®va            Caste - Devanga
308   V¡savi                 Caste - Vaishya
309   Vai¿yav¡¸i             Caste - Vaishya
310   ani                    Caste - Rajaputra
311   ika                    Caste
312   ni                     Caste - Agnikulakshatriya

313   Vai¿ya                 Caste - Vaishya
314   Re··ikulaprabha        Caste
315   M¡t¤bh¡À¡              Telugu Literature and Language
                                                                                          This journal was started by a cultural association called 'Kalabhivardhani
                                                                                          parishattu'. The Sripada Subrahmanya Sastry carried out rigorous
                                                                                          struggle against the campaign for the spread of Hindi, through this
316   Prabuddh¡ndhra         Telugu Literature and Language                               journal.
317   Ka½a                   Telugu Literature and Language                               Rajamannar was the chief justice of Madras High court.
      ËÆdhrabh¡À¡vil¡s                                                                    Chelikani Latcharao was a great patron of Telugu and he started Andhra
318   ini                    Telugu Literature and Language                               Parishodhaka Mandali.

                                                                                          This journal followed the tradition of Modern Review published from
                                                                                          calcutta. This journal was released 0n 20th of every month. Nadimpalli
                                                                                          Narasimha Rao and Silam Jagannatha Naidu provided financial
                                                                                          assistance to this journal. The novel Himabindu written by Adavi Bapiraju
319   á¡rada                 Telugu Literature and Language                               was published as a serial in this journal.

                                                                                          This journal was published by Raja Vasireddi Durga Sadasiveswara
                                                                                          Prasad bahadur, the Zamindar of Jayantipuram in Krishna district. For
                                                                                          the first time the letters of C.P. Brown were published in this journal.
320   Sarasvati              Telugu Literature and Language                               The journal also published several rare books in Telugu literature.

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                                    Year of Start      To      Name of the Owner / Publisher/Editor   Place of Publication   Available at

                                                                                       Kasinadhuni Nageswararao / Sivalenka
321   Bh¡rati                Bharati              Monthly     1924                     Shambu Prasad / Radhakrishna
322   mu                     Andhrabhyudayamu     Monthly     1923-06                  Kokila Sitaramasarma                     Anumakonda

323   amu                    Sarasvatha Sarvasvamu Monthly    1923             1924    Elurupati Ramabhadrachayanulu            Tanuku
324   mu                     Andhrasarvasvamu     Monthly     1924             1926    Edida Venkatarao                         Rajahmundry

325   Vajr¡yudhamu           Vajrayudhamu         Monthly     1925                     Sripada Krishnamurthy                    Rajahmundry
326   PuÀkara¸i              Pushkarani           Monthly     1925                     Vadrangi Ramarao                         Bezawada
327   Bh¡ratip¡rij¡tamu      Bharatiparijatamu    Monthly     1925                     Peddinti Venkatasastri                   Kakinada
328   Madhurabh¡rati         Madhurabharati       Monthly     1925                     Goteti Seshacharyulu                     Tenali
329   Suman°ll¡sini          Sumanollasini        Monthly     1925                     Susarla Kumaraswamy Sastri               Pedakallepalli (Krishna)
330   Sakhi                  Sakhi                Quarterly   1925                     Tallavajjula Sivasankara Sastry          Guntur
331   ËÆdhrabh¡rati          Andhrabharati        Monthly     1926                     Tallapragada Ramarao                     Bandaru

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                           Major issues dealt                                                        History

                                                                                             Bharati was the most famous and valuable journal in Telugu Literature.
                                                                                             This was started by Kasinadhuni Nageswararao in 1924. Bharati
                                                                                             published the writings of well known Telugu writers of twentieth
                                                                                             Century. Venkata Parvathiswara Kavulu, Basavaraju Apparao, Sripada
                                                                                             Krishnamurthy Sastri, Sivasankara Sastri, Jashuva, Tummala
                                                                                             Sitaramamurthy, Adavi Bapiraju, Umar Ali Shah, Kanuparthi
                                                                                             Varalakshmamma, Rayaprolu Subbarao, Seshadri Ramana Kavulu,
                                                                                             Mallampalli somasekhara Sarma, chilukuri Narayanarao, Veluri Sivarama
                                                                                             Sastri, Mamidipudi Venkata Rangayya and several others were regular
                                                                                             writers to this journal. Bharati has an editorial board which consists
                                                                                             experts from various disciplines like, Literature, History, Language, Arts,
321   Bh¡rati                Telugu Literature, Language,                                    Dance, Music, Politics, Economy, Physics, Chemistry, Journalism.
322   mu                     History, Arts, Telugu Literature and Language

                                                                                             This journal was released on 15th day of every month from Tanuku in
                                                                                             West godavari district. The aim of this journal was to popularise the
      S¡rasvatasarvasv                                                                       writings of ancient writers, and unearth the important unpublished
323   amu                    Telugu Literature and Language                                  books and introduce them to the people.
324   mu                     Telugu Literature and Language                                  This journal published the village histories collected by Col. Meckenzie

                                                                                             This journal published several essays and arguments among the scholars
                                                                                             like Sripada Krishnamurthy, Gidugu Venkata Sitapathi and others on the
325   Vajr¡yudhamu           Telugu Literature and Language                                  use of Spoken language in Literature.
326   PuÀkara¸i              Telugu Literature and Language
327   Bh¡ratip¡rij¡tamu      Telugu Literature and Language
328   Madhurabh¡rati         Telugu Literature and Language
329   Suman°ll¡sini          Telugu Literature and Language
330   Sakhi                  Telugu Literature and Language
331   ËÆdhrabh¡rati          Telugu Literature and Language

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                                   Year of Start      To      Name of the Owner / Publisher/Editor   Place of Publication   Available at
332   Janaraµjani            Janaranjani          Monthly    1926                     V. Rangarao                              Madras
333   rika                   Teluguvangmayapatrika Monthly   1926                     Akkiraju Umakantham                      Madras
334   D®¿abandhu             Desabandhu           Monthly    1926                     Bellamkonda Ramanujacharyulu             Vaddepalli
335   Brahmabh¡rati          Brahmabharati        Monthly    1926                     Somaraju Ramanujarao                     Rangoon
336   Lalita                 Lalitha              Monthly    1926                     Paluri Sitapathirao                      Vizianagaram
337   Subh¡Ài                Subhashi             Monthly    1927                     Pandiri Mallikarjunarao                  Rajahmundry
338   Abhyudaya              Abhyudaya            Monthly    1927                     Jonnalagadda Radhakrishnayya             Rajahmundry
339   ËÆdhraher¡l·u          Andhraheraldu        Monthly    1927                     Andhra Vidhyardhi Sanghamu               Madras
340   Kalpavalli             Kalpavalli           Monthly    1927                     Pattipati Ramakrishnayya                 Narasapuram
341   Kavita                 Kavita               Monthly    1927                     Vedula Kamasastri                        Alamuru
342   PuÀpam¡la              Pushpamala           Monthly    1927                     Sri Hanumantharao                        Bandaru

343   Bh¡ratakath¡nidhi      Bharatakathanidhi    Monthly    1927                     P. Narasimhasastry                       Prodduturu

344   Suj¡ta                 Sujatha              Monthly    1927             1940    Balakrishnareddy                         Hyderabad
345   Suprabh¡tamu           Suprabhatamu         Monthly    1927                     G. Ramanujacharyulu                      Ponnuru

346   Jayanti                Jayanti              Bi-Monthly 1927                     Vishwanatha Satyanarayana                Bandaru
347   ËÆdhrajy°ti            Andhrajyothi         Monthly    1929                     Vinnakota Venkataratna Sarma             Kakinada
348   Ënandabh¡rati          Anandabharati        Monthly    1929                     S.G. Acharya                             Madras
349   D®¿abandhu             Deshabandhu          Monthly    1929                     Bellamkonda Narasimhacharyulu            Vaddepalli
350   Vidy¡rthi              Vidyarthi            Monthly    1929                     Vavilala Gopalakrishnayya                Sattenapalli
351   PuÀp¡µjali             Pushpanjali          Monthly    1930                     Jonnalagadda Radhakrishnayya             Madras
352   Sudha                  Sudha                Monthly    1930                     V. Kutumbarao, S.G. Acharya              Madras
353   Nava¿akti              Navasakti            Weekly     1921                     Raja Kotagiri Venkatakrishnarao          Bezawada

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                          Major issues dealt                                                   History
332   Janaraµjani            Telugu Literature and Language
333   rika                   Telugu Literature and Language
334   D®¿abandhu             Telugu Literature and Language
335   Brahmabh¡rati          Telugu Literature and Language
336   Lalita                 Telugu Literature and Language
337   Subh¡Ài                Telugu Literature and Language
338   Abhyudaya              Telugu Literature and Language
339   ËÆdhraher¡l·u          Telugu Literature and Language
340   Kalpavalli             Telugu Literature and Language
341   Kavita                 Telugu Literature and Language
342   PuÀpam¡la              Telugu Literature and Language

343   Bh¡ratakath¡nidhi      Telugu Literature and Language
                                                                                         This journal from Telangana contained articles of high literary value.
                                                                                         Suravaram Pratapa Reddy, an eminent scholar had contributed several
344   Suj¡ta                 Telugu Literature and Language                              rare articles to it.
345   Suprabh¡tamu           Telugu Literature and Language

346   Jayanti                Telugu Literature and Language
347   ËÆdhrajy°ti            Telugu Literature and Language
348   Ënandabh¡rati          Telugu Literature and Language
349   D®¿abandhu             Telugu Literature and Language
350   Vidy¡rthi              Telugu Literature and Language
351   PuÀp¡µjali             Telugu Literature and Language
352   Sudha                  Telugu Literature and Language
353   Nava¿akti              Politics

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                               Year of Start      To      Name of the Owner / Publisher/Editor   Place of Publication   Available at

354   K¡´gres                Congress           Weekly   1922                     Madduri Annapurnayya                     Rajahmundry
355   G¡ndhi                 Gandhi             Weekly   1922                     Kesapragada Vireswara Sarma              Konasima
356   Gr¡map¡lana            Gramapalana        Weekly   1922                     Kanagala Sriramamurthy                   Guntur
357   Ny¡yad¢pika            Nyayadipika        Daily    1922                     Kutty Raghavayya Naidu                   Madras

358   N¢lagiri               Nilagiri           Weekly   1922 Aug 24              Shabnavisu Venkata Ramanarasimharao      Nallagonda
359   Tenugupatrika          Tenugupatrika      Weekly   1922 Aug 28              Oddiraju Sodarulu                        Inugurthi
360   Pinakin¢patrika        Pinakinipatrika    Weekly   1922                     Pappuri Ramanujacharyulu                 Anantapuram

361   M¡t¤s®va               Matriseva          Weekly   1922                     Gadicherla Harisarvothamarao             Tadipatri
362   Svatantra              Swatantra          Weekly   1922                     Bhamidipati Satyanarayana                Rajahmundry

363   ËÆdhrav¡¸i             Andhravani         Weekly   1923                     Nyapathi Narayanamurthy                  Barampuram

364   Gu¸¶£ru Patrika        Gunturu Patrika    Weekly   1923                     Unnava Lakshminarayana                   Guntur

365   Palle¶£ru              Palleturu          Weekly   1923                     Sanivarapu Subbarao                      Tanuku
366   V®gujukka              Vegujukka          Weekly   1923                     Devaraju Venkata Krishnarao              Barampuram
367   Svatantra              Swatantra          Weekly   1923                     Govindaraju Venkata Krishnarao           Guntur
368   Svar¡jya Patrika       Swarajya Patrika   Weekly   1923                     Duggirala Raghavachandrayya              Bezawada

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Sl. No Name of the Journal              Major issues dealt                                                     History
                                                                             This journal was started on behalf of Andhra Yuvajana Svarajya Sabha of
                                                                             rajamundry as cyclostyle paper. Later it was published from Gautami
                                                                             Satyagraha Ashramam. The writings of Madduri Annapurnayya,
                                                                             Ramachandruni Venkatappa and Krovvidi Lingaraju which were
                                                                             published in this journal created censation and led to the arrest of editor
354   K¡´gres                Politics                                        of this journal.
355   G¡ndhi                 Politics
356   Gr¡map¡lana            Politics
357   Ny¡yad¢pika            Politics

                                                                             The formation of Nizam Rashtra Andhra Jana Sangham inspired
358   N¢lagiri               Politics                                        Shabnavis to start a journal to popularise the ideas of the association.
359   Tenugupatrika          Politics
360   Pinakin¢patrika        Politics

                                                                             This journal helped for the spread of nationalist ideas in Rayalasima
                                                                             region. This journal was started in 1922 by Gadicherla
                                                                             Harisarvothamarao with the help of Ketu Venkati Reddy, Sankati
                                                                             Kondareddy and several others. This journal popularised the ideas of
                                                                             programmes of Indian National Congress. The news related to
361   M¡t¤s®va               Politics                                        Rayalasima region were also published in this journal.
362   Svatantra              Politics

                                                                             Later the editor of this journal Nyapathi Narayanamurthy became editor
                                                                             of Anhdra Prabha, Vauhini, Prabhatam, Vijayaprabha, Kalinga,
                                                                             Jayabharat and other journals. The colum entitled Pan suphari that he
363   ËÆdhrav¡¸i             Politics                                        has written in Andhra Prabha was very much popular in Andhra.

364   Gu¸¶£ru Patrika        Politics                                        Unnava Lakshminarayana was the author of the famous novel Malapalli'.
                                                                             This was the first journal to publish the news of the murder of Alluri
365   Palle¶£ru              Politics                                        Sitaramaraju, the hero of Manyam rebellion.
366   V®gujukka              Politics
367   Svatantra              Politics
368   Svar¡jya Patrika       Politics

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                                 Year of Start      To      Name of the Owner / Publisher/Editor   Place of Publication    Available at

369   SiÆhapuri              Simhapuri         Weekly     1923                      Paturu Subbaramayya                      Nellore
370   ËÆdhrav¡¸i             Andhravani        Weekly     1924                      Nishtala Ramamurthy                      Visakhapatnam
371   Jy°ti                  Jyothi            Weekly     1924                      Jayanthi Venkatanarayana                 Barampuram
372   Praj¡bandhu            Prajabandhu       Weekly     1924                      Arcot Ranganatha Modaliyar               Adayar
373   L°kam¡nya              Lokamanya         Monthly    1924                      Kalluri Subbarao                         Anantapuram

374   Saty¡grahi             Satyagrahi        Weekly     1924                      Atmakuri Govindacharyulu                 Eluru
375   ËÆdhrak®sari           Andhrakesari      Weekly     1925                      Perala Nageswararao                      Tenali

376   ËÆdhraraµjani          Andhraranjani     Fortnightly 1925                     Dhurjati Subbarao                        Nellore

377   Ëryaprabha             Aryaprabha        Fortnightly 1925                     Duvvuri Jagannadha Sarma                 Vizianagaram

378   K¡rmikapatrika         Karmikapatrika    Weekly     1925                      Avatapalli Narayanarao                   Rangoon

379                          Korada            Fortnightly 1925                     Nori Venkateswarlu                       Bezawada

380   G°lako¸·a              Golakonda         Fortnightly 1925 Oct 5       1966    Balakrishna Reddy                        Hyderabad              ICSSR, OU

381   Navayuga               Navayuga          Fortnightly 1925                     Sethu Brothers                           Bandaru

382   Telugu Sam¡c¡r         Telugu Samachar   Monthly    1925                      Sankara Sayanna Parsha                   Bombay
383   Praja                  Praja             Weekly     1925                      Khandavalli Rajarao                      Rajahmundry
384   V¡rta                  Vartha            Daily      1925                      Kommuri Venkatramayya                    Tenali

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Sl. No Name of the Journal              Major issues dealt                                                     History

                                                                             Simhapuri was first started as cyclostyled paper and later attained a
                                                                             printing mission. This journal was stopped in 1931 due to several
                                                                             restrictions from the government. Later the government arrested the
369   SiÆhapuri              Politics                                        editor of this journal and confiscated his house and properties.
370   ËÆdhrav¡¸i             Politics
371   Jy°ti                  Politics
372   Praj¡bandhu            Politics
373   L°kam¡nya              Politics
                                                                             Later, another journal Palleturu edited and published by Sanivarapu
                                                                             Subbarao was merged in this journal. After that, the journal was
                                                                             confiscated by Government and its properties were sold out in open
374   Saty¡grahi             Politics                                        market in 1931.
375   ËÆdhrak®sari           Politics

376   ËÆdhraraµjani          Politics

377   Ëryaprabha             Politics
                                                                             This journal worked for the progress of workers of Andhra who have
                                                                             migrated to Burma and working in Rangoon. The editor of this Journal
                                                                             Avatapalli Narayanarao worked as editor of Andhra Patrika when it was
378   K¡rmikapatrika         Politics                                        started in Bombay in 1908.

379                          Politics

                                                                             This was the longest survived telugu journal in Hyderabad State. This
                                                                             journal was started by Rajabahaddaru Venkatrami Reddy. Suravaram
380   G°lako¸·a              Politics                                        Pratapa Reddy was the editor of this journal for long time.

381   Navayuga               Politics
                                                                             In the early years of its inception this journal was published in three
382   Telugu Sam¡c¡r         Politics                                        languages including Telugu.
383   Praja                  Politics
384   V¡rta                  Politics

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                                    Year of Start      To      Name of the Owner / Publisher/Editor   Place of Publication   Available at
385   Vijayav¡·a             Vijayawada           Weekly     1925                      Dhanvada Ramachandrarao                  Bezawada
386   Sva¿akti               Swasakti             Weekly     1925                      Katta Sitaramayya                        Visakhapatnam

387   S¡dhana                Sadhana              Weekly     1925                      Pappuri Ramacharyulu                     Anantapuram

388   ËÆdhrar¡À¶ramu         Andhrarashtramu      Weekly     1926                      Gadepalli Suryanarayana Sarma            Rajahmundry

389   G¡ndh¢g¢ti             Gandhigiti           Weekly     1926                      Gonuguntla Venkata Subrahmanyam Setti    Madras
390   Cittaraµjan            Chittaranjan         Weekly     1926                      Boddapati Venkata Sivarama Sarma         Rajahmundry
                                                                                       Tanguturi Prakasam Pantulu / Manikonda
391   Svar¡jya               Swarajya             Fortnightly 1926                     Satyanarayana Sastri                     Madras
392   IÆdr¡vati              Indravathi           Weekly     1927                      Vanam Sankara Sarma                      Pattikonda
393   Air¡vati               Airavathi            Weekly     1927                      V. V. Reddy                              Rangoon
394   Ka½i´ga                Kalinga              Weekly     1927                      Nyapathi Narayanamurthy                  Barampuram
395   Praj¡¿akti             Prajasakthi          Weekly     1926                      Gullapalli Venkatapunnayya               Cuddapah
396   Yugandhara             Yugandhara           Weekly     1927                      N. Tirunarayanaswamy                     Eluru
      Ra´g£n                 Rangoon Andhra
397   ËÆdhrapatrika          Patrika              Weekly     1927                      K. S. Sundaram                           Rangoon
398   u                      Rashtretarandhrulu   Monthly    1927                      Bhandaru Dandapani                       Karagpur

399   Samadar¿ini            Samadarshini         Fortnightly 1927                     Pinjali Subrahmanyam Setti               Madras
400   Svadharma              Swadharma            Weekly     1927                      Govindaraju Venkata Krishnarao           Guntur
401   Muslimpatrika          Hindumuslimpatrika   Weekly     1927                                                               Palakollu
402   ËÆdhram¡ta             Andhramata           Weekly     1928                      Tangirala Ramanatha Sarma                Nellore

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Sl. No Name of the Journal              Major issues dealt                                                   History
385   Vijayav¡·a             Politics
386   Sva¿akti               Politics
                                                                             This journal projected the views of Rayalasima people and leaders and
                                                                             argued for the formation of Separate Rayalasima State. The resistence
                                                                             offered by this journal against the demand for the formation of Andhra
                                                                             State led to the 'Sri Bagh Pact' between the leaders of Andhra and
387   S¡dhana                Politics                                        Rayalasima.

388   ËÆdhrar¡À¶ramu         Politics
                                                                             The news that were published in Navajivan and Young India were
389   G¡ndh¢g¢ti             Politics                                        translated into Telugu and published in this journal.
390   Cittaraµjan            Politics

391   Svar¡jya               Politics
392   IÆdr¡vati              Politics
393   Air¡vati               Politics
394   Ka½i´ga                Politics
395   Praj¡¿akti             Politics
396   Yugandhara             Politics
397   ËÆdhrapatrika          Politics
398   u                      Politics

                                                                             When there was a serious ideological struggle between Congress and
                                                                             Justice Party, this journal worked as the mouthpiece of Justice and
399   Samadar¿ini            Politics                                        helped for the progress of non-brahmins in the Madras Presidency.
400   Svadharma              Politics
401   Muslimpatrika          Politics
402   ËÆdhram¡ta             Politics

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                                        Year of Start      To      Name of the Owner / Publisher/Editor   Place of Publication    Available at
403   Pr¡jek¶u               Tungabhadra Project      Weekly     1928                                                               Anantapuram

404   Svatantra              Swatantra                Weekly     1928                      Mungara Subba Reddy                      Nellore
405   Pa¿cim¡ndhra           Paschimandhra            Weekly     1928                      G.V. Punnayya Sastri                     Cuddapah
406   Satyas¡dhani           Satyasadhani             Weekly     1928                      Silam Jagannatharao Naidu                Bandaru

407   Paduguriba¸¶u          Paduguribantu            Fortnightly 1928                     Gidugu Venkata Narasimharao              Guntur
408   Úel¶¡¡Ædhra            Delta Andhra             Monthly    1928                                                               Gadilanka (Konasima)
409   Svaparip¡lana          Sthanika Svaparipalana Monthly      1928                      Titti Balaramayya                        Baruva (Ganjam)
410   K®sari                 Kesari                   Weekly     1929                      Kodamarthi Kameswararao                  Tenali
411   V¡rt¡va½i              Vartavali                Weekly     1929                      Kommuri Venkatramayya                    Tenali
412   trika                  Jamindari Raitupatrika   Weekly     1930                      Nelluri Venkatrama Naidu                 Nellore

413   Gr¡m°p¡dhy¡yu·u        Gramopadhyayudu          Monthly    1922                                                               Visakhapatnam

414   Pr¡dhamikavidya        Pradhamika Vidya         Monthly    1923                      Gadicherla Suryanarayana                 Kakinada
      dhamik°p¡dhy¡ya        pradhamikopadhyaya
415   Patrika                patrika                  Monthly    1924                      Bhogaraju Bharmaraju                     Pedapadu (Krishna Dt)
416   ini                    Grama Gurupadesini       Monthly    1924                      Mecauley Sati                            Guntur
      Dharmagranth¡lay       Dharmagranthalayapatri
417   a Patrika              ka                     Monthly      1925                      Yatagiri Lakshmi Venkataramana           Kakinada

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Sl. No Name of the Journal               Major issues dealt                                                     History
403   Pr¡jek¶u               Politics

                                                                              This journal functioned as the spokesperson of the Justice party till 1940.
                                                                              Bezawada Ramachandra Reddy was person behind this journal. He used
                                                                              to wrote a column 'sudanturaayi' in which he used to project the views
                                                                              of Justice Party. Kavikokila Duvvuri Rami Reddy, the famous poet,
404   Svatantra              Politics                                         worked in the editorial board of this journal for some time.
405   Pa¿cim¡ndhra           Politics
406   Satyas¡dhani           Politics

407   Paduguriba¸¶u          Politics
408   Úel¶¡¡Ædhra            Politics
409   Svaparip¡lana          Politics
410   K®sari                 Politics
411   V¡rt¡va½i              Politics
412   trika                  Politics

413   Gr¡m°p¡dhy¡yu·u        Education

414   Pr¡dhamikavidya        Education
415   Patrika                Education
416   ini                    Education
417   a Patrika              Education

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                                     Year of Start      To      Name of the Owner / Publisher/Editor   Place of Publication   Available at

418   P¡¶ha¿¡lapatrika       Pathasala Patrika     Fortnightly 1925                     Gundu Raghava Dikshitulu                 Guntur

      Mah¡r¡j¡               Maharaja Kalasala
419   Ka½¡¿¡la Patrika       Patrika               Quarterly   1925                     Maharaja Kalasala Vidyarthulu            Vizianagaram

420   Vidy¡rthi              Vidyarthi             Fortnightly 1925                     Kuruganti Sitaramayya                    Bezawada
      ËÆdhravidy¡bhiv        Andhra
421   ardhani                vidyabhivardhani      Monthly     1926                     Ratnakaramu Venkatappayya                Inagallu

422   Gr¡m°p¡dhy¡yu·u        Gramopadhyayudu       Quarterly   1926                     Tejomurthula Sivaramayya                 Jilumuru (Ganjam)
423   Vidy¡patrika           Vidyapatrika          Monthly     1926                     Dulla Pattabhiramayya                    Bandaru
      ËÆdhrar¡À¶rapr¡        Andhrarashtra
424   dhamika Vidya          Pradhamika Vidya      Monthly     1927                     Garimella Somanna                        Eluru

425   Up¡dhy¡ya Patrika      Upadhyaya Patrika     Monthly     1928                     B.V. Devara                              Nandyala
426   Vidy¡nanda             Vidyananda            Monthly     1928                     Swami Venkateswarlu                      Madras
      Up¡dhy¡yu·u -
427   Vidya                  Upadhyayudu - Vidya   Monthly     1929                     Valiveti Srimannarayana                  Guntur
428   P¡¶ha¿¡la              Prathamapathasala     Monthly     1929                     Ayinampudi Gurunatharao                  Ghantasala
429   Our Scout              Our Scout             Monthly     1929                     B.H.V. Krishnarao                        Narasapuram
                                                                                        Govindaraju Venkata Krishnarao/
430   Parapati               Parapati              Fortnightly 1925                     Tallapragada Ramarao                     Guntur

431   Gr¡m°ddara¸a           Gramoddarana          Monthly     1926                     A. Swaminatha Iyer                       Madras

      K¤À¸¡                  Krishna
432   Sahak¡rapatramu        Sahakarapatramu       Monthly     1928                     Krishna District co-operative Bank       Bandaru

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                          Major issues dealt                      History

418   P¡¶ha¿¡lapatrika       Education

419   Ka½¡¿¡la Patrika       Education

420   Vidy¡rthi              Education
421   ardhani                Education

422   Gr¡m°p¡dhy¡yu·u        Education
423   Vidy¡patrika           Education
424   dhamika Vidya          Education

425   Up¡dhy¡ya Patrika      Education
426   Vidy¡nanda             Education
      Up¡dhy¡yu·u -
427   Vidya                  Education
428   P¡¶ha¿¡la              Education
429   Our Scout              Education

430   Parapati               Agriculture, Economics, Industries, Trade, Commerce and Law

431   Gr¡m°ddara¸a           Agriculture, Economics, Industries, Trade, Commerce and Law

432   Sahak¡rapatramu        Agriculture, Economics, Industries, Trade, Commerce and Law

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                                      Year of Start      To      Name of the Owner / Publisher/Editor   Place of Publication   Available at

433   Sahak¡ra Patrika       Sahakara Patrika       Monthly     1928                     Mannepalli Ramakrishnarao                Nellore
      Samm®½ana              Sahakara Sammelana
434   Patrika                Patrika                Monthly     1928                     Narasimhadevara                          Alamuru

435   Rait¡´gamu             Raitangamu             Monthly     1928                     S.G. Acharya                             Madras

436   Raitu Patrika          Raitu Patrika          Weekly      1929                     Marina Narasanna                         Rajahmundry
437   Patrika                Prakatanapatrika       Monthly     1925                     Gundu Raghava Dikshitulu                 Guntur

438   Kriminal L¡ N°¶su      Criminal Law Notes     Monthly     1927                     C. Venkatarao                            Parvathipuram

439   Ëyurv®dapatrika        Ayurveda Patrika       Monthly     1927                     B.Shyamasundararao / B. Kesavarao        Barampuram
440   Candrika               Ayurveda Chandrika     Monthly     1924                     Peridepi Ayyavarappa                     Peridepi
441   Ër°gyaprak¡¿ika        Arogyaprakashika       Monthly     1925                     Dr. M. Ramarao                           Madras
442   rika                   Andhravaidya patrika   Quarterly   1926                     Dr. K. V. Subbarao                       Madras

      ËÆdhravaidyasa         Andhra Vaidya
443   mm®½anapatrika         Sammelana Patrika      Monthly     1926                     Veturi Sankara Sastri                    Muktyala

      Sad¡r°dyamu -          Sadarogyamu -
444   Dantak˨mamu           Dantakshemamu          Monthly     1926                     Dr. H. Venkatrao                         Madras
445   Ër°gyaprak¡¿ini        Arogyaprakasini        Monthly     1927                     M. Sitaramanjaneyacharyulu               Eluru
446   Prak¤ti                Prakruti               Monthly     1927                     C. Hanumayya                             Bezawada

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                          Major issues dealt                                                        History
                                                                                            This journal was published by The Nellore District co-operative
                                                                                            Federation. Later, this was run by Nellore District Banking Union with
                                                                                            Mamidipudi Venkata Rangayya as editor. Vennelakanti Apparao became
433   Sahak¡ra Patrika       Agriculture, Economics, Industries, Trade, Commerce and Law    editor of this journal in 1933.
434   Patrika                Agriculture, Economics, Industries, Trade, Commerce and Law    This was published by East Godavari District Co-operative Federation.

435   Rait¡´gamu             Agriculture, Economics, Industries, Trade, Commerce and Law
                                                                                            The editor of this journal was an active politician and leader of strong
436   Raitu Patrika          Agriculture, Economics, Industries, Trade, Commerce and Law    peasant community.
437   Patrika                Agriculture, Economics, Industries, Trade, Commerce and Law

438   Kriminal L¡ N°¶su      Law

439   Ëyurv®dapatrika        Medicine and Health
440   Candrika               Medicine and Health
441   Ër°gyaprak¡¿ika        Medicine and Health
442   rika                   Medicine and Health

443   mm®½anapatrika         Medicine and Health

      Sad¡r°dyamu -
444   Dantak˨mamu           Medicine and Health
445   Ër°gyaprak¡¿ini        Medicine and Health
446   Prak¤ti                Medicine and Health

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                                     Year of Start      To      Name of the Owner / Publisher/Editor   Place of Publication   Available at
      Sarasvat¢              Sarasvathi Vaidya
447   Vaidyapatrika          patrika               Monthly    1927                      S. Subbarayudu                           Alamuru
448   ËÆdhravaidya           Andhravaidya          Monthly    1929                                                               Gadilanka (Godavari)

                                                                                        Kaiva Subramanya Sarma / Gadicherla
449   Kaum°daki              Kaumodaki             Fortnightly 1929                     Harisarvothamarao                        Nandyala
450   Saµj¢vi                Sanjivi               Monthly    1929                      Gadepalli Subbarao                       Bandaru

451   Vijµ¡navallari         Vignana Vallari       Fortnightly 1927                     Dantanala Nageswara Sastri               Bezawada
452   Ënandacandrika         Ananda chandrika      Monthly    1921                      Karupalli Sivaramadasu                   Jagerupalli (Hosuru Dt.)
453   Navvulat°¶a            Navvulathota          Monthly    1922                      Kosuru Gurunatha murthy                  Bandaru

454   Muddulu                Muddulu               Bi-Monthly 1922                      I. Venkata Ramanayya                     Pedaravuru (Tenali)

455   Citragupta             Chitragupta           Fortnightly 1928                     S.G. Acharya                             Madras

456   Ënandav¡hini           Anandavahini          Monthly    1930                      S.S. Vasan                               Madras
457   Jy°tiÀa                Jyothisha             Monthly    1924                      Lanka Parvatishwara Sastri               Tenali
458   Jy°tiÀacandrika        Jyothisha Chandrika   Monthly    1925                      Akella Venkata Sastri                    Gopalapuram (Godavari)
459   G¢tapatrika            Gitapatrika           Monthly    1922                      Duvvuri Jagannadha Sarma                 Adrangi
460   Gandharva              Gandharva             Monthly    1928                      Duvvuri Jagannadha Sarma                 Vizianagaram
461   N¡¶akaka½a             Natakakala            Monthly    1923                      Malladi Vishwanadha Sarma                Vizianagaram
462   B¡labharati            Balabharati           Monthly    1922                      Anantagiri Peranarya Kavi                Anantapuram
463   Kum¡rab°dhini          Kumarabodhini         Monthly    1924                      Hari Subbarao                            Madras
464   B¡labharati            Balabharati           Monthly    1924                      G. Subrahmanyam                          Madras
465   B¡lavidya              Balavidya             Monthly    1924                      Nandiraju Chalapathirao                  Eluru

466   Pillalak¡kitamu        Pillalakakitamu       Fortnightly 1925                     Srinivasulu                              Madras
467   Telugupatrika          Telugupatrika         Weekly     1922                      P. Krishnarao                            Rangoon

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                         Major issues dealt                                                   History
447   Vaidyapatrika          Medicine and Health
448   ËÆdhravaidya           Medicine and Health
                                                                                        This journal used to publish news related to Medicine and National
                                                                                        Movement. This journal published a special issue on King Kirshna
449   Kaum°daki              Medicine and Health                                        Devaraya of Vijayanaga Empire of Medieval times.
450   Saµj¢vi                Medicine and Health

451   Vijµ¡navallari         Medicine and Health
452   Ënandacandrika         Comedy
453   Navvulat°¶a            Comedy and Satire

454   Muddulu                Comedy

455   Citragupta             Comedy
                                                                                        The editor of this journal Vasan started Gemini studio in Madras. He was
                                                                                        famous in both Film Industry and Journalism. He has the started the
                                                                                        Tamil comedy journal 'Ananda Vikatan' and its Telugu version Ananda
456   Ënandav¡hini           Comedy                                                     Vahini.
457   Jy°tiÀa                Jyothisham
458   Jy°tiÀacandrika        Jyothisham
459   G¢tapatrika            Music and Dance
460   Gandharva              Music and Dance
461   N¡¶akaka½a             Music and Dance
462   B¡labharati            Children                                                   This journal was meant for Women and Children.
463   Kum¡rab°dhini          Children
464   B¡labharati            Children
465   B¡lavidya              Children

466   Pillalak¡kitamu        Children
467   Telugupatrika          General

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                                       Year of Start      To      Name of the Owner / Publisher/Editor     Place of Publication    Available at
                                                                                          Bhagavathula Lakshmipathi Sastri / Konda
468   Y¡jµavalka             Yagnavalka              Monthly     1923                     Subbarayudu                                Tenali
      Svadharmaprak¡¿                                                                     Kanaparthi Markandeya Sarma / Dvaita
469   ini                    Swadharma Prakashini    Monthly     1923                     Kotiswara Sastri                           Madras
470   Arcakapatrika          Archakapatrika          Monthly     1927                     V. Srinivasacharyulu                       Bezawada

471   ka                     Dakshinandhra Patrika   Quarterly   1927                     Sadhu Varadarajam Panthulu                 Madras                 Rajahmundry
      D®v¡layasam¡c¡ra       Devalayasamachara
472    Patrika               patrika                 Fortnightly 1927                     Agnihotram Vijayasarathi                   Bandaru
                                                                                          Kaiva Seshasastrulu / D. Rajasekhara
473   Brahmanandini          Brahmanandini           Monthly     1927                     Satavadhani                                Prodduturu
474   Ratnagiri              Ratnagiri               Monthly     1927                     Kannelli Munireddy                         Hosuru

475   AhiÆsa                 Ahimsa                  Fortnightly 1928                     Guduri Ramachandrudu                       Gudiwada
476   Punarnirm¡¸amu         Gramapunarnirmanamu Monthly         1928                     Narasimhadevara Satyanarayana              Alamuru
477   ËÆdhralakÀmi           Andhralakshmi           Monthly     1921                     Kallepalli Venkata Ramanamma               Kakinada

478   Hind£yuvati            Hinduyuvathi            Fortnightly 1923                     Yaminipurna Tilakamma                      Madras
479   Bh¡ratamahi½a          Bharatamahila           Monthly     1925                     M. Sundaramma                              Anantapuram

480   G¤halakÀmi             Gruhalakshmi            Monthly     1927                     Dr. K. N. Kesari                           Madras
481   Abhis¡rika             Abhisarika              Monthly     1950                     Dhanikonda Hanumantharao                   Tenali/ Madras

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Sl. No Name of the Journal             Major issues dealt                                                    History

468   Y¡jµavalka             General
469   ini                    General
470   Arcakapatrika          General
                                                                            This journal was started by the Telugu people living in the southern parts
                                                                            of the Madras Presidency with a view to protect and popularise the
                                                                            Telugu language in the tamil districts. It began in Madras and later
                                                                            shifted to Tirunalveli. Some of the essays in this journal were published
      DakÀi¸¡ndhrapatri                                                     in Tamil script with a view to facilitate the the Telugu people living in
471   ka                     General                                        Tamil districts.
472    Patrika               General

473   Brahmanandini          General
474   Ratnagiri              General

475   AhiÆsa                 General
476   Punarnirm¡¸amu         General
477   ËÆdhralakÀmi           Women

478   Hind£yuvati            Women
479   Bh¡ratamahi½a          Women

                                                                            Dr. K.N. Kesari was the owner of Lodhra, a medicine for one of the
                                                                            common ailments of adult women and made a big fortune. In his sincere
                                                                            desire to serve the womenfolk who made him rich, he launched a
                                                                            journal Grihalakshmi and ran it on excellent lines. It is a matter of fact
                                                                            that this journal was closed in 1960 after Kesari's death. Grihalakshmi
                                                                            was printed on a fine paper with a tri-colour cover page and was
480   G¤halakÀmi             Women                                          carrying good articles and pictures.
481   Abhis¡rika             Sex

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                                      Year of Start      To      Name of the Owner / Publisher/Editor   Place of Publication   Available at
482   Sarasvati              Saraswathi           Weekly        1933                     Vempati Satyanarayana                    Visakhapatnam
483   Divyav¡¸i              Divyavani            Weekly        1937                     Chivukula Appayya Sastri                 Secunderabad

484   M¡t¤s®va               Matriseva            Fortnightly 1938                       Pasumarthi Virabhadraswami               Vizianagaram

485   Kaly¡¸i                Kalyani              Monthly       1931             1938    Ganti Suryanarayana Sastri               Madras
486   Navyabh¡rati           Navyabharathi        Monthly       1934                     Kodali Satyanarayana                     Eluru
487   UdayalakÀmi            Udayalakshmi         Monthly       1931                     Mocharla Hanumantharao                   Kakinada
488   Candrika               Chandrika            Monthly       1935                     Bulusu Venkataramanaiah                  Madras
489   JayalakÀmi             Jayalakshmi          Monthly       1935                     Somayya                                  Bapatla

490   Bh¡rat¢ya Vai¿ya       Bharatiya Vaishya    Weekly                                 Annavarapu Subbarao                      Bezawada
491   Re··ipatrika           Reddipatrika         Weekly                                 M. Appalaswami Reddy                     Visakhapatnam

492   Re··i                  Reddi                Fortnightly                            B. Subbareddi                            Cuddapah

493   V¡savi                 Vasavi               Fortnightly                            J. Sammalwar                             Madras
494   Ëdi ËÆdhra             Adi Andhra           Monthly                                N. Lakshmana Swamy                       Kakinada
495   Ëdivelama              Adivelama            Monthly                                S. Rangarao                              Guntur
496   U·ay¡r Patrika         Udayar Patrika       Monthly                                P. Suryanarayana                         Moyyeru
497   Kul¡lu                 Kulalu               Monthly                                Devaguptam Satyalingam Udayar            Natta Rameswaram
498   Gau·apatrika           Gauda Patrika        Monthly                                Arepalli Potharaju                       Nidadavolu
499   Navaj¢van              Navajivan            Monthly                                D.S. Murthy                              Madras
500   Re··iprabha            Reddiprabha          Monthly                                B. Govinda Reddy                         Moyyeru
501   mu                     Viprakuladarpanamu   Monthly                                                                         Kantheru (W.G. Dt.)
502   i                      Settibalijasundari   Monthly                                P. Venkanna                              Natta Rameswaram

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                             Major issues dealt                                                   History
482   Sarasvati              Literature and Language
483   Divyav¡¸i              Literature and Language

484   M¡t¤s®va               Literature and Language
                                                                                            Ganti Suryanarayana Sastry was known to literary world as the publisher
                                                                                            of London Royal edition of Telugu prabandhas under the series
                                                                                            Srungara Granthamala from Madras. He was the first publisher of the
                                                                                            well known Enki Patalu in 1918. He started the Telugu journal Kalyani in
                                                                                            Madras to which scholars such as Veluri Sivaramasastry used to
485   Kaly¡¸i                Literature and Language                                        contribute.
486   Navyabh¡rati           Literature and Language
487   UdayalakÀmi            Literature and Language
488   Candrika               Literature and Language
489   JayalakÀmi             Literature and Language

490   Bh¡rat¢ya Vai¿ya       Caste
491   Re··ipatrika           Caste

492   Re··i                  Caste

493   V¡savi                 Caste
494   Ëdi ËÆdhra             Caste
495   Ëdivelama              Caste
496   U·ay¡r Patrika         Caste
497   Kul¡lu                 Caste
498   Gau·apatrika           Caste
499   Navaj¢van              Caste
500   Re··iprabha            Caste
501   mu                     Caste
502   i                      Caste

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                                    Year of Start      To      Name of the Owner / Publisher/Editor   Place of Publication    Available at
503   Harijan                Harijan             Monthly                               Undru Subbarao                           Rajolu

504   Dakkan Vai¿ya          Deccan Vaishya      Bi-Monthly                            Juvvadi subbaraya Gupta                  Nellore
505   P£lada¸·a              Puladanda           Monthly      1935                     Papayya Lingam                           Rajahmundry

                                                                                       Patibanda Madhavasarma / Gudipati
506   V¢¸a                   Vina                Monthly      1936                     Rajagopal                                Telaprolu

507   Tenugutalli            Tenugutalli         Monthly      1938                     Rachamalla Satyavathidevi                Secunderabad
508   Mahati                 Mahathi             Monthly      1938                     Vasireddi Venkatasubbayya                Tenali

509   ËÆdhri                 Andhri              Monthly      1939                     Madhunapanthula Satyanarayana Sastri     Pallipalem

510   Vibh£ti                Vibhuti             Monthly      1939             1945    Pandita chidire Mathamu Virabhadra Sarma Secunderabad
511   Vi¿vaka½a              Vishwakala          Monthly                               Kundurthi Narasimharao                   Guntur

512   Udayini                Udayini             Bi-Monthly 1935                       Kompella Janardhana Rao                  Madras

513   Pratibha               Pratibha            Quarterly    1936             1940    Telikicharla Venkataratnam               Rajahmundry
514   ËÆdhrapraja            Andhrapraja         Weekly       1941                     M.S.Murthy                               Nellore
515   Nava¿akti              Navasakti           Weekly       1937 Dec 14 1939         Madduri Annapurnayya                     Rajahmundry            Hyderabad

516   V¡¸i                   Vani                Fortnightly 1941                      Mudda vishwanatham                       Madras
517   K¤Ài                   Krushi              Monthly      1941                     K. Vemana Reddy                          Bezawada
518   Railv®p¡seµjaru        Railway Passenger   Monthly      1941                     Suryadevara Sanjivarayanamgaru           Tummapudi (Guntur)
519   Tara¸i                 Tarani              Monthly      1942                     Chilla Subbaraya Siddhanti               Secunderabad
520   E¼ukala                Erukala             Monthly      1942                     Kampa Punnayya                           Guntur

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                             Major issues dealt                                                    History
503   Harijan                Caste

504   Dakkan Vai¿ya          Caste
505   P£lada¸·a              Caste

                                                                                            The journal was known for its nuetrality in literature. The has created a
                                                                                            censation by publishing Chalam's Musings. The journal also concentrated
506   V¢¸a                   Literature and Language                                        on social economic and political issues.

                                                                                            This journal was run on behalf of Abhyudaya Rachayitala Sangham.
                                                                                            Adavi Bapiraju, Veldurthi Manikya Rao and Vattikota Alwar Swamy were
507   Tenugutalli            Literature and Language                                        the members of the editorial board.
508   Mahati                 Literature and Language

509   ËÆdhri                 Literature and Language

510   Vibh£ti                Literature and Language
511   Vi¿vaka½a              Literature and Language
                                                                                            Though this journal was run for a short period, it gave much popularity
512   Udayini                Literature and Language                                        to the writings of Srirangam Srinivasarao.

                                                                                            This journal was published by Navya Sahitya Parishat to propagate the
                                                                                            modern Telugu poetry. The journal supported the language reform
513   Pratibha               Literature and Language                                        movement started by Gidugu Ramamurthy Pantulu.
514   ËÆdhrapraja            Politics
515   Nava¿akti              Politics

516   V¡¸i                   Literature and Language
517   K¤Ài                   Agriculture
518   Railv®p¡seµjaru        Railways
519   Tara¸i                 Literature and Language
520   E¼ukala                Caste

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                                  Year of Start      To      Name of the Owner / Publisher/Editor   Place of Publication    Available at

521   Praj¡¿akti             Prajasakthi        Weekly     1942 July 19 1948         Katragadda Rajagopalarao                 Bezawada               Hyderabad

522   M¢j¡n                  Mijan              Daily      1944                      Adavi Bapiraju                           Hyderabad
523   Tela´g¡¸¡              Telangana          Daily      1945                      Bukkapatnam Ramanujacharyulu             Hyderabad
524   B¡la                   Bala               Weekly     1945                      Nyapathi Raghavarao
525   Praj¡patrika           Prajapatrika       Weekly     1946                      Bodapati Sivaramakavi                    Rajahmundry

526   Abhyudaya              Abhyudaya          Monthly    1946                      Chadalavada Pitchayya                    Bezawada

527   Nav°daya               Navodaya           Monthly    1946                      Nilamraju Venkataseshayya                Madras                 Khammam
528   ËÆdhra¿ilpi            Andhrasilpi        Monthly    1946                      V.R. Chitra & Pilaka Ganapathi Sastri    Madras
529   M¡t¤bh£mi              Matrubhumi         Weekly     1947                      Anne Anjayya                             Bezawada
530   Aru¸ar®kha             Arunarekha         Monthly    1947                      Narapareddy Ramireddy                    Nellore
531   á°bha                  Sobha              Monthly    1947                      Devulapalli Ramanujarao                  Warangal

532   Hitab°dhini            Hitabodhini        Monthly    1913 June                 B. Srinivasarao                          Mahabubnagar

533   ËÆdhram¡ta             Andhramata         Weekly     1916                      Swami Venkatarao                         Hyderabad
534   mu                     Andhrabhyudayamu

535   Prabha                 Prabha             Fortnightly 1935                     Gadde Lingayya                           Bandaru

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                             Major issues dealt                                                    History
                                                                                            Prajasakti was used to popularise the ideas and programmes of Andhra
521   Praj¡¿akti             Politics                                                       provincial committee of Communist Party of India.

                                                                                            This journal was simulteanously started in Telugu, English and Urdu by a
                                                                                            Muslim Merchant Calcuttawala in 1944. The Telugu section was edited
                                                                                            by well known writer Adavi Bapiraju. Bapiraju, who was nationalist left
                                                                                            this paper when the atrocities of Rajakars increased in Hyderabad state.
                                                                                            The paper recieved financial assistance for supporting the Rajakar
                                                                                            movement. This paper was closed after the Police Action on Hyderabad
522   M¢j¡n                  Politics, Literature and Language                              in 1948.
523   Tela´g¡¸¡              Politics, Literature and Language
524   B¡la                   Children
525   Praj¡patrika           Politics
                                                                                            Journal of Andhra Provincial Progressive Writers association. It published
526   Abhyudaya              Literature and Politics                                        the writings of progressive writers.

                                                                                            This journal was started by a communist sympathiser to popularise the
527   Nav°daya               Literature and Language                                        activities of communists in Telangana and Andhra regions.
528   ËÆdhra¿ilpi            Literature and Arts
529   M¡t¤bh£mi              Politics
530   Aru¸ar®kha             Literature & Politics
531   á°bha                  Literature and Language

                                                                                            This was the first journal that was started in Telangana region of Andhra
                                                                                            Pradesh. This journal published information on the cultivation, crops,
                                                                                            seeds and agricultural implements. The government promised to provide
532   Hitab°dhini            Agriculture                                                    financial assistance to this journal.

                                                                                            This journal was published by the theosophical society of Hyderabad. It
533   ËÆdhram¡ta             Religious                                                      used to publish the news about the Theosophical society.
534   mu

535   Prabha                 Literature - Politics

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                               Year of Start      To      Name of the Owner / Publisher/Editor   Place of Publication    Available at
                                                                                  Ramnath Goenka/ Khasa Subbarao /
536   ËÆdhraprabha           Andhraprabha     Daily     1938 Aug 15               Nyapathi Narayanamurthy                  Madras

537   Vijµ¡naÆ               Vignanm          Bi-Monthly 1937                     Kalipatnam Kondayya                      Rajahmundry

538   Jam¢nraitu             Zamin Ryot       Weekly    1930              Till date Nelluri Venkatramanaidu                Nellore                Nellore

      S¶®¶ K¡´gres           State Congress
539   Sam¡c¡r                Samachar         Weekly    1947                      Gadiyaram Ramakrishna Sarma              Kurnool

540   Navayuga               Navayuga         Weekly    1946                      Ravi Narayana Reddy                      Hyderabad

541   K¡kat¢ya               Kakatiya         Weekly    1946                      Pamulaparthi Sadasivarao                 Warangal

542   Haidar¡b¡d             Hyderabad        Weekly    1946                      Marri Chenna Reddy                       Vijayawada
543   ËÆdhrak®sari           Andhrakesari     Monthly   1941                      Gandavarapu Hanumantharao                Hyderabad
544   K¡ga·¡                 Kagada                     1940 Jan 10               Tapi Dharmarao                           Madras
545   Citraka½a              Chitrakala       Monthly   1937                      Inturi Venkateswararao                   Madras
546   ËÆdhramahi½a           Andhra Mahila    Monthly   1944                      K. Lakshmi Raghuram                      Madras

547   Mahi½a                 Mahila           Monthly   1946                      Komarraju Atchamamba                     Vijayawada

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                             Major issues dealt                                                     History

536   ËÆdhraprabha           Politics - Literature

537   Vijµ¡naÆ               Science

                                                                                            This is one of the longest survived weekly in Telugu. This was started in
                                                                                            1930 when the peasant movements were rising in India. The journal
538   Jam¢nraitu             Politics                                                       concnetrated on the problems of peasants in Zamindari areas.

                                                                                            This journal was run the youth of Hyderabad State to oppose the
                                                                                            atrocities of Razakars and Nizam police. The youth used to collect news
                                                                                            from Gadval, Mahabubnagar and neighbouring areas in Hyderabad and
      S¶®¶ K¡´gres                                                                          published then in this journal. The Programmes of Hyderabad State
539   Sam¡c¡r                Politics                                                       Congress and its activities were also popularised through this journal.
                                                                                            This journal was started to propagate the ideas of communism in
                                                                                            Telangana. This was published secretly because of Government
540   Navayuga               Politics                                                       restrictions.
                                                                                            This journal was considered as a progressive journal. Several famous
                                                                                            writers of Telangana region were associated with this journal. Seveal
                                                                                            artists and writers were trained in this journal. Chalasani Prasadarao, a
                                                                                            cartoonist, who later became a famous artist was also trained in this
541   K¡kat¢ya               Politics                                                       journal.
                                                                                            This journal was started by the congress leaders of Hyderabad state with
                                                                                            the help of Congress leaders of Andhra region. The journal exposed the
                                                                                            atriocities of Razakars and Nizam police on the people in Telangana
542   Haidar¡b¡d             Politics                                                       region.
543   ËÆdhrak®sari           Politics, Literature
544   K¡ga·¡                 Politics, social reform, Literature
545   Citraka½a              Cinema
546   ËÆdhramahi½a           Women

                                                                                            The journal popularised the ideas and programmes of 'women's
                                                                                            association' in addition to giving information on child care and women's
                                                                                            health. It fought for the women's rights like the share in the property,
547   Mahi½a                 Women                                                          equal wages along with men labourers etc.

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                                      Year of Start      To      Name of the Owner / Publisher/Editor   Place of Publication    Available at
548   Kalpavallari           Prabandha kalpavallari   Monthly   1909                     Gantupalli Somayya                       Guntur                 APSA

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Sl. No Name of the Journal                          Major issues dealt                   History
548   Kalpavallari           Telugu Language and Literature

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