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									      Topic Synopsis: International Court of Justice

Chair Introductions

                        Hello! My name is Zain Yaseen and I will be the chair for the Novice ICJ
                        at the Whitney High School MUN Conference. I am a Senior at Whitney
                        High School taking on my fourth year of MUN. I will try the best that I
                        can to make this committee run smoothly and make it as fun as possible. I
                        hope you, the delegate, will help me achieve these goals. Good Luck to all
                        of you!

                        Hi there! My Name is Michael Jo, your Vice Chair for the Novice ICJ
                        Committee for WHSMUN. I am a Junior at Whitney HS and a have taken
                        MUN all three years of my high school career. I really hope that our
                        committee can have a great time come conference time, and make it a
                        memorable one. I am going to make the best effort to make the said
                        statement possible. Good Luck everybody! I’ll see you there!

Committee Background

                  ICJ (International Court of Justice) Committee Procedure

Role call

Motion to open debate

Lawyers are introduced by the Dias
      Prosecution – opening statement
       Defense – opening statement

Justices question the lawyers
        All questions are in round robin form

Three witnesses for the prosecution are presented in the following format:
   1. Swearing in – witness is introduced and sworn in
   2. Initial questioning – prosecuting lawyer is allowed to initial questioning of the witness
   3. Cross examination – defense lawyer cross examines the witness
   4. Redirect – prosecuting lawyer is allowed to address any new points that have arisen
       during the cross examination
   5. Justice questioning – justices are allowed the opportunity to question the witness and the
       lawyers in round robin form; a justice may pass if he/she does not with to ask a question
   6. After each witness is excused, the justices may then caucus to discuss the witness’s

After the prosecution has presented all of its witnesses, the counsel for the defense will present
their three witnesses in the same format as the prosecution’s witnesses with the defending lawyer
questioning before the prosecuting lawyer.

The prosecuting lawyer presents a closing statement.
The defending lawyer presents a closing statement.

 The justices will make speeches that address their opinion as to the guilt or innocence of the

 Deliberations: this is the ICJ equivalent of voting bloc. A motion will be taken to enter
deliberation and the justices will vote on the motion. “Deliberations” is essentially a long caucus
in which all of the justices form a majority bloc and a potential minority bloc. Each bloc will
write their opinions regarding the guilt of the defendant, their reasoning, and their prescribed
punishment. Justices within the blocs may submit their own written responses if they wish to
elaborate on the process that led to their decision or on their differences in opinion. After all the
opinions are submitted to the Dias, the chairperson will announce the verdict and punishment as
per the decision of the majority bloc.

 **If the justices wish to recall a witness for further questioning, they must do so before entering
*Adapted from LHHS MUN ICJ Rules

Topic 1: Legality of the Use of Force, Yugoslavia vs. USA

        During the Kosovo War, the United States of America aided the rebel group in its effort
to overthrow the government. After the war, Yugoslavia sued the US in the ICJ. Your job is to
find the who, what, where, when, why and how for this issue. The position paper for this topic
will not follow the usual position paper format. It will not be background history, UN
involvement, country policy. We want you to do whatever you want. Your goal is to give us a
research paper showing us that you know what is going on. This can include, but is not limited
to, knowing why the Kosovo War occurred, why the US got involved, who else got involved,
why did they get involved, what effects did this have on the international political climate, why
did Yugoslavia go to the ICJ, how this effects your country, what will your country do about it,
and so on. For your paper, follow standard MLA format and there will be no page limit. We only
ask that you be reasonable and efficient.

Topic 2: Assistance in Criminal Investigation, Djibouti VS. France

In 2006, the nation of Djibouti appealed to the ICJ for a suit against France in its objection to aid
Djibouti and provide judicial investigation of a criminal case. While petty, this case is significant
because of France’s withdrawal from the jurisdiction of ICJ. Similar to the previous topic,
provide a position paper reflecting your preparedness and knowledge of the case at hand. Include
(but not limited to) what caused Djibouti’s action, how France’s withdrawal can affect the case,
and what effects resulted from the ruling of the case, how the effects can, in turn, affect your
country, and/ or your country’s stance on it. Rules stated for the position paper is the same as

About the Committee

       We want this committee to be fun; however, we want everyone to participate in this
committee, especially since it will be a small committee. Also, plagiarism will not be tolerated.
Don’t copy and paste your research and turn it in. We will know and you will not receive credit
for your paper. Your performance in committee and the research paper will determine whether or
not you are eligible for an award, so don’t lose this opportunity be cheating.

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