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					Professional Editing Tips MLA Style Formatting
By: Heather Todd

Modern Language Association (MLA) and the American Psychological Assocation
(APA) are two common style guides used for writing academic papers. MLA is primarily
used in the liberal arts and humanities. APA is used within social sciences (e.g.
psychology, education, sociology).

Before you begin writing your college paper, your professor will advise you of the style
that is required. In addition, they may require additional preferences (e.g, a different style
to the cover page). Pay attention to these requirements because instructors will remove
grade points if a student does not follow the formatting for approved grammatical and
citation requirements.

It is recommended (strongly) that students study and learn the requirements of the style
early on in their education career and keep updated as different editions are released by
MLA (currently 3rd edition) and APA (currently 6th edition). Having good knowledge of
the style will help the student write more efficiently. A good tip is to keep a copy of the
style book next to your computer to use as a reference as you write. Highlight the most
commonly used punctuation and other information with a highlighter and post-it notes,
because the answer surely will come up again.

Both APA and MLA have Websites and
search engines that can help if you have a tough style problem. Also, most colleges have
Writing Centers or online tutorials to help you with ensuring that your use of the style
guidelines in your academic paper are perfect.

Here are some major differences in the two styles.

Reference Examples:

APA Style

Jelfs, A., Richardson, J., & Price, L. (2009). Student and tutor perceptions of effective
tutoring in distance education. Distance Education, 30(3), 419-441.

Mellers, B.A. (2000). Choice and the relative preasure of consequences. Psychological
Bulletin, 126, 910-924.

MLA Style

Jelfs, Anne, John T. E. Richardson, and Linda Price. "Student and tutor perceptions of
effective tutoring in distance education." Distance Education 30.3 (2009): 419-441.
Academic Search Premier. EBSCO. Web. 16 Feb. 2010.
Palmer, William J. Dickens and New Historicism. New York: St. Martin's, 1997. Print.

In-text citation examples:

APA Style

This is the citation format when there is a quote: According to Black (2009), "all clowns
scare children to death" (p.3).

MLA Style

According to Kenneth Black, "all clowns scare children to death" (3).

Professional Editing

There is another option if you need help with academic writing, especially when you are
writing a thesis or submitting a paper for publication. Many editors specialize in
academic writing and will offer to edit a paper based on word count or pages and the type
of editing required. Academic editing will cost more than a standard edit. These editors
are professionals who have a lot of experience editing papers in different style formats.
They can provide expertise for the difficult editing issues such as footnotes and endnotes,
charts and tables, and citing references.
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