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                               Newsletter of Oak Park River Forest Strikers Soccer Club
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                               Strikers Kick for Cancer
                               —By Michele Donley
                               At preseason training camp in        sometimes other body parts,          $311; Okker Verhagen, sisters
                               August, Strikers players’ ac-        Strikers players raised money        Emily and Victoria Gullo and
                               complishments went far beyond        by asking friends and family         teammate Kate McCole with
                               sharpening their skills for the      to sponsor them for the 1,000        $300 each; and sibs Will and
                               upcoming season. Players from        juggles each player did over the     Caroline Criste, with $290 each.
                               our club raised more than            preseason camp week. The U13             Strikers got involved with
                               $17,000 to help fight childhood      Girls team won ice cream for         Kicks for Cancer at the sugges-
                               cancers in the Kicks for Can-        the entire team at Oberweis by       tion of OPRF High School player
                               cer program (more than any           raising the most money, a whop-      and former Striker Brad Clarke

The Kicker is a quarterly
publication for family and
friends of the Oak Park        other soccer club), in the process   ping $1,815. Strong competition      and his family. Brad successfully
River Forest Strikers Soccer   becoming a model for other           came from the U12 Girls with         battled lymphoma diagnosed
Club. We welcome com-
                               soccer clubs nationwide and the      $1,680 and the U10 Orange            as an 8th grader in 2001 and
                               first club in Illinois to take on    Girls, who brought in $1,490.        is now back on the soccer field,
ments, suggestions, and
                               this National program. Brian              Notable individual and fam-     starring on the OPRFHS Varsity
especially photos. Please      Goodman of the Leukemia &            ily fundraising efforts by players   last fall. “We are...amazed at the
send any and all to Vivien     Lymphoma Society said, “We are       included: #1 fundraiser Sarah        generosity and hard work that
Barkidjija at vpcprelations@   proud and honored to be part-        Garvey, who brought in $550;         so many offered to make this
                               nered with The Oak Park River        sisters Kristie and Brittany Borg,   fundraiser work!” Brad’s dad,
                               Forest Strikers in this endeavor.”   who each raised $500; siblings       Dave Clarke, wrote.
— Serena Hinckley                    Juggling balls off their       Malachy ($330) and Erin ($310)
  Newsletter Editor            knees, feet, thighs, heads and       Schrobilgen; Ryan Ebersole with
Letter from the President   D            ear Fellow Strikers,
                         The Fall season was a great success. I would
                         encourage everyone to take a few minutes
                                                                              Where are they now?
                                                                              Natasha Creticos
                         and have a look at our WEB page (www.                Played Strikers 1996-2001
                and you will see lots of
                         examples of very happy players. Congratula-          High School OPRF HS
                         tions to all our Strikers teams! Special con-          Varsity 1999-2002; Captain, Senior Year
                         gratulations go to the Girls U10 Orange team         Current team University of North Carolina
                         who took first place in their division and the         Asheville Bulldogs
                         following teams who placed second in their             4 year Division I Varsity player
                         divisions: U10 Boys, U11 Orange Boys, U11              Fall 2005 13-6 record
                         Navy Pacific Boys, U12 Boys, U12 Girls, and            Big South Conference Runner-Up
                         U17 Girls.                                           Current position Defense
                              Currently we have approximately 70
                                                                              Striker positions Defense and midfield
                         players taking advantage of Sportszone at
                         Melrose Park (                Favorite Strikers memory “My best memory is
                         Sportszone is a brand new indoor soccer              my teammates and also my coaches. I had some
                         facility with two regulation indoor fields.          great times and made some of my best friends
                         Come out on either a Tuesday or Friday from          through Strikers. The funniest moment was when
                                                                                                 a bird flew into a teammate’s
                         4:30 to 7:00 pm, and see how much fun it is.
                                                                                                         head and Ms. Deam
                         Only 25% of our club players are taking
                                                                                                             [long-time Strikers
                         advantage of this wonderful facility.                                                   coach Catherine
                         We hope that more players will                                                            Deam] held the
                         train at Sportszone next year.                                                              bird on her
                              I would like to thank                                                                    clipboard
                         all of the many indi-                                                                          and told
                         viduals who made the                                                                             us it was
                         Homecoming parade                                                                                ok, when
                         such a success. I would                                                                           it was
                         particularly like to                                                                              actually
                         thank John Ciccio of
JC’s Landscaping who provided us with a great                                                                            What I
vehicle that made OPRF Strikers look really                                                                             learned
impressive. Also, special thanks to Jane McCole,                                                                       in Strik-
Christine Sutton, and Lois Platt for organizing the                                                                  ers that
players and decorating the vehicle. You will see some                                                               helps me
nice pictures on our WEB page and we hope to see many                                                             most now “I
of you again next year.                                                                                        learned that even
                                                                                                           if you do not have the
     We have our Annual General Meeting on January 30th and I
                                                                                                       best individual players, it
would encourage you to come. It is a great way to become informed
                                                                                              doesn’t mean that you cannot
about what to expect for the upcoming year, and to let your opinions          win. Playing together and having fun while doing it
be known.                                                                     are far more important.”
     We are looking forward to 2006 with high expectations for lots of fun.
                                                                              College major and plans for the future
Daniel Corcos                                                                 Major in Psychology. Natasha plans on taking a
President                                                                     year off and working before going to grad school.
Oak Park River Forest Strikers Soccer Club
Girls U10 Orange—
Working to Move Up
—By John Barkidjija
                      “Gabrielle... which is the left       season was spent on basic soccer       are a reflection of how far this
                      side?” “Meghan... where does a        skills and field positioning. The      group of girls has come since
                      striker play?” “Tess... keep both     team finished with a just under        they started three seasons ago.
                      feet on the ground when you           .500 record and 4th in its division.   The defenders learned how to
                            throw the ball in.” These            After a decent turnout in         play tenacious defense, backing
                                       were all very        winter indoor training, and a          each other up, and passing the
                                               common       new coach, Katie Johnson, for          ball between themselves and
                                                    in-     the spring 2005 season, the girls      to midfielders. The midfield-
                                                            started to figure out the game         ers learned how to transition,
                                                            of soccer. Once the girls’ skills      switch fields, and score. The
                                                            improved, and they learned how         outside midfielders learned how
                                                              to play their positions and          to stay wide, and spread the field.
                                                                spread the field out, they could   Finally, the forwards learned how
                                                                  capitalize on their speed and    to get open, not be off-sides, and
                                                                   athleticism and outplay         finish. The record was the result
                                                                   their opponents. They even      of a great team effort: 8 girls
                                                                    beat the division leader 5-0   scored at least one goal during
                                                                    at the end of the Spring       the season and 11 girls had as-
                                                                    season.                        sists. Most of all, the “teamwork
                                                                        This all came together     wins” attitude, lack of egos and
                                                                  in the late summer and fall      positive parents created a success-
                                                                of 2005. After 100% team           ful team dynamic.
                                                               attendance at pre-season camp,            Members of the team
                                                             the now U-10 team won first           include Elana Abrams, Gabrielle
                                                            place at the Schaumburg Soccer         Barkidjija, Caroline Coughlan,
                                                            Fest tournament in August with         Emma Dunne, Isabela Escalona,
                                                            a record of 4-0, outscoring their      Meghan Ide, Sarah Jordan, Elena
                                                 struc-     opponents 26 to 2. They contin-        Levi-D’Ancona, Erin Schrobilgen,
                                          tions shouted     ued their winning ways in the fall     Hannah Silverman, Kate Spittle,
                                by the then Girls U-9       season, finishing in first place in    Tess Trinka and Lauren Wilkes.
                      coach in the team’s first season      their division with a record of
                      in the fall of 2004. The girls were   9-0-1, outscoring opponents 39
                      athletic and fast, and had great      to 4.
                      attitudes, but they had all come           The results of
                      from playing soccer on very small     the tourna-
                      fields and small goals. Now, they     ment and
                      had to learn about spreading the      the fall
                      field, playing their positions, and   sea-
                      passing the ball. Most of the first   son
Strikers Excel at Florida
College Showcase Tournament
—By John Donley

The Oak Park-River Forest Strik-    a perennial national power that   ers Mel Becchi, Alison
ers U18 girls played with deter-    won its other four games with     Colucci, Eleni Nikols,
mination, skill and resilience at   ease to take the tournament       and Debbie Marder.
the Cocoa Expo college showcase     championship. Strikers sweeper    Steve Mort, a renowned
soccer tournament in Cocoa          Amanda Corcos, goalkeeper         English college coach
Beach, Florida on December          Anya Twillie and holding mid-     and former Strik-
27-29, finishing with one vic-      fielder Gillian Sullivan-Bing     ers coach, flew in
tory and one tie in three games     frustrated the Thunder by         from Manchester,
against a strong national field.    shutting down the middle of the   England to coach
     The Strikers defeated          field, while full backs Larissa   the team, and
Massachusetts Cheetah 3-0 on        Gasinski, Molly McGinnis and      was assisted by
goals by Jenny Donley, Cynthia      Cassie Wilson controlled the      Daniel Corcos.
Trefilek, and K.C. Gies and lost    outside lanes.                      Although
to the Florida Fusion 2-0. But           Tourna-                         soccer was
the highlight was a defensive                                              the focus
masterpiece in a 0-0                                                        of
tie                                                                          the trip,
                                                                               the girls also visited
                                                                                the beach and nearby       Schwartz
                                                                                 Disney World on their     speeds up the left
                                                                                  day off.                 wing at Cocoa Beach
                                                                                                           in the finale of her
                                                                                               The team    20-season (U9-U18)
                                                                                     consists of players   Strikers career.
                                                                                       from OPRF High
                                                                                        School, Trinity,
                                                                                         Bartlett High
                                                                                          School and
                                                                                   High School. The
                                                                      Club is planning similar trips to
                                                   ment standouts     national showcase tournaments
                                    included forwards Ana Pap-        for other teams in the futue.
                against the         pageorge, Colleen Harmon, and
   TSC (Maryland) Thunder,          Hali Schwartz and midfield-
Whirled Cup                                                         Players’ Player Awards
                                                                    Players’ Players are selected by their teammates
                                                                    (not the coaches or parents) as the players who
—By Vivien Barkidjija                                               consistently train hard, have positive attitudes and
                                                                    best exemplify what it means to be a team player.
It was a sunny, brisk November day when Strikers players and fami-  Congratulations to the fall 2005
lies gathered at Concordia University for the 5th annual OPRF Strik-Players’ Players!
ers Whirled Cup. As the day went on, players, coaches and parents
played soccer, ate hotdogs and brats, and cheered each other
on, all the while having a great time and raising money for
Strikers’ financial assistance fund. Through the generos-
ity of Strikers families and friends, this year’s Whirled Cup,
along with some related donations, raised over $11,500 to
                               support player financial assistance,
                                     furthering Strikers’ goal of
                                          not losing players for
                                             financial reasons.
                                                    A few highlights
                                                  of the day included
                                                    Hearty Souls games                                                    Lauren Mann,
                                                     with coaches and                                              Carly Loughran, Erin
                                                     a few brave parents                        Schrobilgen, Emily Munz, Zoe Snelling,
                                                     playing against the           Mary Puls, Lexie Barber, Rachel Durbin, Ali Brozek,
                                                     high school teams,        Isabel Firpo, Dianna Heredia, Theresa Yerkes, Amanda
                                                    and mini Hearty Souls         Corcos, Joe Gullo, Mark Hallman, Eddie Torres, Sam
                                                   games with younger         Walder, Nick Fascione, Mason Hinckley, Max Neumann,
                                                 players playing against                                   Griffin Berg, Grahame Watt
                                              their parents. The
                                           parents were
                                       notorious for                             2005
                                 breaking many
soccer rules, including the one about not                          Strikers Donations
carrying your child across the field to                     The following individuals have contributed
move her out of your way! Other ac-                          $100 or more to the Strikers during 2005.
tivities included juggling contests,                                Thank you for your generosity!
presentation of the Players’ Player
awards and farewells to the                                             Sheila and Fraser Aird
graduating seniors.                                                           Anonymous
      Strikers is deeply grateful                                     Vivien and John Barkidjija
to Ellen Plourde for her tireless                                     Kathy and Daniel Corcos
work organizing this annual                                           Michele and John Donley
event and to Concordia Uni-                                                Mark Grabowski
versity for allowing us to use                                          Cristy and Keith Harris
its fields. Thank you Strikers                                        Winnie and Larry Kearns
families and friends!                                                           Ron Koch
                                                                       Kary and John McIlwain
                                                              Anastasia O’Brien (Milan Stambolic)
                                                                Gillian Siegel and Steven Gillman
                                                                              Paul Wright
Board Meetings
Held the 1st Monday of every month at 7:30 pm
River Forest Community Center
                                                        Winter/Spring                      2006
Look for e-mail reminders                               Winter Training
All are welcome!                                        January 8–March 19

Board of Directors           Other Contacts             Annual General Meeting
                                                        Monday January 30, 7:00 pm
Daniel Corcos                Kathy Corcos
President                    Executive Administrator    River Forest Community Center    All interested parents are welcome!
John Donley                                             Spring season training begins
VP Player Coaching &         Kim Lindsey                April 3
Development and              Striker Wear Manager
Acting Secretary      Spring season games begin                                Girls April 9, Boys April 23
                             Colette Heaphy
Vivien Barkidjija            Uniform Manager            Tryouts for 2006-2007 Seasons
VP Communications &      Saturday June 3 (Sunday June 4 for high shool girls)
Community Relations
vpcprelations@               Strikers Office            Boys League (NISL) Seeding Tournaments             771-5269
                                                        U9 August 12–13 Forest View Arlington Heights
Leonard Morrison                                        U10 August 5–6   Forest View Arlington Heights
Treasurer                                               U11 August 5–6   Wedgebury Rockford                              U12 August 5–6   Sportscore Rockford
                                                        U13 August 12–13 Sportscore Rockford
Larry Kearns
Coordinator of Boys                                     U14 August 12–13 Wedgebury Rockford
High School Program                                     Mandatory preseason training camp
                                                        August (specific dates to be confirmed)

Oak Park River Forest Strikers Soccer Club
P. O. B o x 5 5 4 4
River Forest, IL 60305

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