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					                                                   HILLARY            OFFICE FOR        QUEENSLAND GOVERNMENT
                                                   COMMISSION         RECREATION
                                                   supporting sport   & SPORT
                                                   NEW ZEALAND        SOUTH AUSTRALIA

Football - Rugby League/
Dimensions for sport playing areas
                                      Mini Footy

Football - Rugby League is a 13-a-
side game of running, passing from
hand to hand, and kicking an oval
shaped ball. Derived from Rugby
Union, it is played by professional
and amateurs.

Dimensions of Field
Maximum 100m long x 68m wide.

Space about Field
Recommended minimum 3m
around field (preferred 6m). For a
100m x 68m field including
preferred free space and dead ball
area, 134m x 80m is required based
on maximum dimensions.

Height of posts must exceed 4m.
Crossbar is 3m high from ground to
top of bar. Posts are 5.5m apart.

58                                                                                                      F.6/97
                                                                           HILLARY             OFFICE FOR        QUEENSLAND GOVERNMENT
                                                                           COMMISSION          RECREATION
                                                                           supporting sport    & SPORT
                                                                           NEW ZEALAND         SOUTH AUSTRALIA

Football - Rugby League/
Dimensions for sport playing areas
                                         Mini Footy

Modified Rules                          the posts. Once a player has                    After a player picks up a dropped ball
Mini Footy                              attempted to kick at goal, he or she            by an opponent, intercepts a pass or
Mini goal post measures and             may not attempt another until all               gains possession immediately after
field measurements                      other players have been given an                the ball has been deliberately played
Ground to crossbar 2.0m. Crossbar       attempt. The attempt can be made                by an opponent and is tackled before
to top of goal post 1.5m and width      by use of a drop kick or place kick,            passing.
3.0m. The field is 68.0 x 30.0m. The    and the kicker will go back a
time is 3 x 10 minutes. In goal 30.0m   minimum of five metres from the                 Coaches are not allowed on the
wide and 10.0m (maximum) deep.          goal line.                                      field except to assist the very young,
The ball is a mini footy.                                                               to be present on the field:
                                        In mini, there are scrums where:                In any competition structured
Note: there is no minimum distance      Infringement by both sides, double              entirely for players below the age
for the in goal area, but a             knock on except after 3 play the                of seven years.
reasonable depth should be used         balls.                                          During round one only of any official
depending on available space.           Ball carrier is held up over his or her         seven years age group competition,
                                        opponent’s goal line, except after              irrespective of the individual ages
Playing positions                       the third play the ball.
                                                                                        of participants.
Prop hooker prop, winger, half 5/8      Pen kick opposition touches the ball
                                                                                        The first half of the regular season
centre winger.                          before it crosses the touch line.
                                        Ball strikes referee or any non                 to assist the young.
Maximum number of 8 players,            playing persons.
                                                                                        Kicking is not allowed in mini footy
consisting of three forwards and five   Ball carrier runs into referee.
                                                                                        except at:
backs. The minimum number of            Referee accidentally blows the
                                        whistle.                                        Starts of play, i.e. half way, goal line
players allowed per team is 6.                                                          and quarter way line.
Where maximum numbers are               The team not in possession must not             Pen kicks (but not a bomb). Note: A
exceeded, unlimited substitutions       move forward until the ball has been            bomb can be regarded as any kick
on an interchangeable basis are         played backwards by the player at the           aimed at gaining time (e.g. the
permitted. Where the substitution       play the ball.                                  chasers) rather than distance.
rule applies, each player must play                                                     Free kicks (this kick must be a place
a minimum of one period of 10           Mini - no markers
minutes.                                The ball is always played backwards
                                        at play the ball. One pass only 10              Goal kicks – drop or place kick.
Match duration                          metres out from own goal line. 14               Should a kick other than the above
Three ten minute periods with a         metres (is the 20m line in inter-               be attempted during a match, there
three minute interval between each      national law). Pen and free kicks - non         will be a changeover of possession
period. A try is scored in the normal   kicking team to retire 5 metres. A kick         at the spot at which the kick was
way. A try scored after less than two   to start play - non kicking team to retire      taken, unless advantage law
passes is worth three points. A try     5 metres. The place kick restarts are           applies.
scored after two or more passes is      to be taken in rotation by all team
worth five points. A penalty try is     members.                                        Sin Bin and Send Off
worth five points. A further two                                                        There is no send off or sin bin in
                                        No count at the tackle occurring:
points are awarded if the try is                                                        mini or mod, but a referee can
                                        Fields a kick from start of play, pen or
converted. All attempts at goal are                                                     replace a player by telling the
                                        free kick and is tackled before passing
taken from immediately in front of                                                      captain that he wants this player
                                        the ball.
                                                                                        replaced for a period of time.

F.6/97                                                                                                                                   59