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       NEWSLETTER                    JUNE 2009

Welcome to our first newsletter of 2009. We look back at 2008 and the past 4 and a half years with delight over
our achievements, and dignity over learning from and overcoming the numerous challenges we have faced in
turning Jim Cogan’s vision for kids in Africa into a reality. By the end of 2008, Alive & Kicking Kenya had
stitched over 180,000 balls, thanks to our dedicated staff. The end of 2008 was also marked by the sad
departure of Martin Barnard and Carol Ngori, two extraordinary people who have sacrificed a lot for A & K.
It’s not very often in life that we are privileged to meet such individuals and we are thankful for the time we
shared, moments that shall never be forgotten. As we look forward, at the year ahead its bound to be full of
change and challenges but with collaborations, co-operation and support from all of you who have done so in
the past we stand to achieve yet again. Thank you. JK
                                                                           AWA WORKSHOP VISIT
                                                            Headed by Carma Zimmerman, a delegation of 30
On December 6th & 7th 2008 and April 26th 2009,             lovely women from the American Women’s Associa-
Alive & Kicking participated in the Craft fair at the       tion of Kenya visited our A & K workshop on February
Ngong Racecourse and the Renaissance fair at ISK,           10, 2009. Having worked closely with AWA for some
respectively. Both events were organized by the             time, we were pleased to have them over. Country
American Women’s Association of Kenya (AWA) and             Administrator ,Joel & Accountant, Roy played gracious
we were proud to exhibit our quality leather balls as       hosts to the AWA delegation as they took them
well as disseminate information on our initiative. Our      through our ball-making operations, and introduced
participation was well received by the patrons and we       them to the A & K family. AWA is an all-volunteer, non-
were able to create awareness of Alive & Kicking.           profit, non-political association founded by women of
                                                            the Americas to assist projects for women, children
                                                            and the elderly in Kenya.

Edward, Francis, Faith, and Martin Barnard at the           Roy explains the ball-making process as the AWA ladies
Alive & Kicking stall at the Christmas Fair.                listen ever-so attentively.

                                          BUSINESS DAILY CAPTION

“A group of stitchers are in a fast-paced ball game on Nairobi’s Mombasa Road. They are armed with sharp nee-
                                   dles, thread and determination to make balls…”

On Wednesday April 29, 2009, the Business Daily featured an informative article on Alive & Kicking Kenya, and
the above is just but a snippet of what the In-depth Extra Column read with regard to our initiative. Raising aware-
ness of our initiative continues to remain a priority as we strive to make a change through sport across Africa, and
we were pleased to have our story and activities highlighted in such a prominent newspaper.
                    UEFA Contract                                                      PIRELLI

We are pleased to have secured yet another ball-             In an ongoing product promotion, Alive & Kicking teamed up
making contract with UEFA to supply 13,000 balls for         with Pirelli to make balls to be used as customer gifts,
UEFA’s Respect Programme. Since partnering up with           whereby customers win a quality, leather made A & K foot-
                                                             ball for every set of tyres bought. Since the inception of our
UEFA in 2006 on its “Balls for Africa” initiative in con-    partnership in October 2008, Pirelli through its sole distribu-
junction with CAF, Alive & Kicking has delivered a total     tor in Kenya AUTOXPRESS Ltd has purchased over 1,400
of 81,000 balls bearing HIV/AIDS prevention messages         balls from A & K, for which we are truly grateful. We look
throughout schools in Africa. It is thus with zeal that we   forward to a lasting amiable relationship with Pirelli.
embark on making this new order of balls for UEFA and
hope to continually support each other in our common
goal to bring about positive change in the lives of young
people through sport.

                   NEWS FLASHES

Nakumatt Update

Kenya Sales
We are pleased to announce that since our balls hit the
shelves of various Nakumatt stores in July 2008, we
have sold over 6,800 of them; thanks to you our sup-
porters. Thanks are also due to Nakumatt for welcom-
ing our presence into their stores, and for their continu-
ous support, which saw our points of sale make their
debut into an additional 2 Nakumatt outlets. Our balls
are therefore present in a total 14 Nakumatt supermar-
kets countrywide.

Rwanda via Uganda
We’re even more pleased to report that following talks
with Mr. Shah, M.D. of Nakumatt Holdings Ltd, Alive &
Kicking balls will in the coming months go on sale in          Mr. Vipool Karia, Branch Manager, AUTOXPRESS LIM-
Nakumatt supermarkets in Uganda and Rwanda. In               ITED, Mombasa Road, presenting a Pirelli branded Alive &
view of the fact that                                                      Kicking football to a customer.
Alive     &     Kicking’s
game plan has always                                                           Gift-giving challenged?
been to create health
awareness        through                                                              Are your gift giving skills pushed to
                                                                                      the limit every time a special occa-
sport all over Africa,
                                                                                      sion rolls around? Here’s an idea,
we are thrilled to have                                                               instead of the usual socks/tie, flow-
our “Balls to Make a                                                                  ers/chocolate combo, why not per-
Difference”     initiative                                                            sonalize an Alive and Kicking ball
transcend the Kenyan                                                                  with a message or logo chosen by
borders through our                                                                   you? As a “not for profit” social en-
partnership with Naku-                                                                terprise, our balls are sold at cost
matt. We believe this                                                                 and similarly, all customized print-
marks the beginning                                                                ing will be charged at cost. For a cus-
                                                                                   tomized leather ball, we trust that both
of bigger things to
                                                                                   individuals and corporate organiza-
come within the East-                                                              tions will find the pricing competitive,
ern African region and                                                             and well worth it. How’s that for gift-
we shall endeavor to keep you fully informed on the                                giving made easy?
progress of this new venture. Until then, please feel
free to visit our points of sale in a Nakumatt outlet near                         NEW CLIENTS
you. Go on, buy a ball and make a difference.
                                                                      •Katine/Guardian Newspaper •Exotic
   (Inset: Isaac Juma posing by an Alive & Kicking POS at
                     Nakumatt Junction)
                                                                         •Malaria No More •UEFA Respect
                                                                   •Italian Embassy •Ministry of Youth Affairs

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              Alive and Kicking Kenya Ltd, PO Box 27641-00506, Nairobi * Tel: 020 552688/98
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