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Branch Manager Resume Example


Enjoy this expertly developed sample branch manager resume. This resume example was developed by Aspirations Career Services, Inc. Visit AspirationsResume.com today to evaluate resume writing services, find a great resume writer, and get free resume evaluations.

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									                                             Jesse Kendall
                          123 Elm Street, Dover, NH 03821, 603.555.5555, jkendall@notmail.com

                                  SUPERIOR BANK BRANCH MANAGEMENT
Outstanding banking management professional with extensive experience developing high net worth client relationships
and referral networks. Deliver exceptional results through business development, client management, and strategic
planning. Expertise in cultivating and maintaining key relationships. Leverage core strengths and connections to develop
new business, establish lasting banking relationships, and secure strategic alliances.

                                                  Areas of Excellence
             Referral Networks                   Strategic Planning                      Vendor Relations
             Business Development                Competitor Intelligence                 Personnel Oversight
             Sales Strategies/Tactics            Account/Client Management               Product Presentations

                                           Branch Leadership Excellence

ABC BANK, Dover, NH                                                                                                20xx to 20xx
Bank Branch Manager: Oversaw a team of five bankers that executed all sales activities; established and achieved sales
goals through effective sales management techniques. Recruited, trained, and mentored staff on client profiling,
conducting sales meetings, and closing deals.
    Exceeded goals and expectations; conducted skills assessment, performance management, development feedback,
    and coaching of employees and sales force.
    Utilized consultative sales approach to define customer goals and develop solutions that cultivated strong
    relationships with customers.

BCD BANK, Dover, NH                                                                                                20xx to 20xx
Branch Manager / Commercial Lending Manager: Directed and successfully increased the commercial loan portfolio,
specializing in financial analysis and overall credit evaluation. Consistently eliminated technical exceptions to meet regulatory
agency compliance requirements for assigned loan portfolio. Assisted Branch Managers and Lending Officers in the
underwriting, analysis, and approval of commercial loan requests of up to $500,000.
    Established loan review audit procedures to enhance quality of loan portfolio.
    Secured past due loan payments and resolved payment delinquency issues.

CDE NATIONAL BANK, Dover, NH                                                                                       20xx to 20xx
Branch Manager: Conducted in-depth credit review for renewal and new request facilities in excess of $250,000 for domestic
and international corporations. Reviewed all loan requests prior to approval; verified completion of credit packages and
analyzed feasibility of the business. Assisted loan officers in structuring loan packages. Directed loan tracking/monitoring
system, file room, loan exceptions, and three employees.
    Built a team of investment professionals to provide expert fee advice services, which included personal portfolio
    construction, strategic income planning, and customized services for high net worth investors.
    Propelled two branches to over $1 billion in assets in 20xx and again in 20xx.
    Earned fast track promotion from initial Assistant Branch Manager position within three months of hire.

                                             XYZ STATE UNIVERSITY – Dover, NH
                                                  B.S. in Finance, 20xx

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