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									                           Intermediate Memo
                                        May 3, 2010
Thank you!
A very special thank you to our Boston chaperones: Mrs. Bell, Mrs. Buckley, Mrs. Burn, Mrs.
Finnen, Mrs. Glynn-Young, Mrs. Hoke, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Julian, Ms. Mahoney, Mrs.
Mastro, Mr. Moran, Mrs. Moskowitz, Mrs. Myers, Mrs. Nora, Mrs. Sprouls, and Ms. Weldon.
Thank you to Mrs. Rodgers for your help as rehearsal assistant; we sincerely appreciate your
What an amazing trip! I could not have been happier with the choir in performance and
behavior. They represented NJ in such a fantastic way! My personal favorite moments were
the JFK performance and the service at Old South. What inspirational experiences for us all!
Thank you to all the parents who supported this trip in body, mind and spirit – it isn’t easy to
let your young child go off on their own, but you had faith in us that it would be a great
experience and for that I am thankful. This group is very special and I am extremely happy
that they were able to share a weekend tour together. We will remember it always
Pictures and Video:
If you have any photos of the choir from Boston that you feel would look great on the website,
please send them to Debbie Replogle. Also, if you have any videos that captured the choir
well, feel free to post them on youtube with NJYC in the title so we can all share!
Progress Report:
The choir sounded very good at rehearsal tonight despite most of us being tired! We worked
out some kinks in a few pieces that we hadn’t performed while in Boston. May 16th should be
a great concert!
Upcoming performances:
   May 16th – NJYC Concert, Bernards High School, 25 Olcott Avenue, Bernardsville, 3:00pm.
      Call time TBA
    June 18th – Host Land of Lake Boys Choir of Minnesota – we still need host families!
     See last past memos for information!

Homework (Please give this to your child) 
   Check Memorization on all NJYC concert repertoire:
         o   Sing for Joy                                     o   Exultate justi in domino
         o   I bought me a cat                                o   The Seven Wonders
         o   Drunken Sailor                                   o   Kalinka
         o   This Old Man                                     o   Give us hope

                            Have a great week!!!

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