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									                                                      Newsletter April 2005

News from the Office
                                                                    "If a pilot has a current PPL, getting the NPPL is just a
G-RHHT, our Piper Lance, appears again here at Little               paper exercise - there's no skills test or exams to pass and
Gransden having spent the darker, wetter and colder                 the process is relatively straightforward once you've made
months at Cambridge on a secure concrete base. A                    sense of the instructions. There's no problem holding an
week or so ago the aircraft went off to Le Touquet in sort          NPPL at the same time as a PPL, but you can let the PPL
of convoy formation with other club aircraft, including             lapse without repercussions for the NPPL so long as you
G-BOMP, and is now parked at Schipol while the pilot and            keep the latter current and have the required medical
his passengers enjoy the Royal festivities of Queens day in         certification.
                                                                    Full details of the process are scattered around in LASORS
At last the sun is shining and the grass is being trimmed it        2005, the CAA website and at www.nppl.uk.com , but this
must be time to dust off those headsets, put new batteries          is what worked for me: you need:
in the GPS and fly.
                                                                        1.    An application form, downloadable from
                                                                              www.nppl.uk.com for grant of a Single Engine
A few more of Colin’s thoughts.                                               Piston aeroplane (SEP) licence (confusingly also
                                                                              referred to as a simple single engine aeroplane -
Sitting here in April welcoming the Spring and late                           SSEA licence, depending where you look. But it's
evenings, having watched the snow or rain fall over the                       the same thing.). It's a daunting document but in
Winter I am realising how little flying I have managed over                   fact very little of it needs filling in if you are basing
the last couple of months, February and March. In that                        your application on a current PPL.
time there are an awful lot of people, normally regulars,
that I haven’t seen around for a while. Because of this I               2.    A certificate of your bona fides from the CFI (it's
thought I would just remind those people that you are not                     part of the application form and Ian charged me
allowed to carry passengers unless you have carried out 3                     £10 to do the business, as well as to certify the
takeoffs and landings in the last 90 days. The rules for re-                  hours flown in my log book).
qualifying are a bit strange. You can go off on your own
and do 3 (or as many as you need to make it up to 3) full               3.    A photocopy of the pages of your log book
stop circuits (remembering club currency rules as well).                      showing you have enough hours in the last twelve
You can go with an instructor and do the 3 circuits (as                       months to be current, also showing total hours
long as the instructor is satisfied). But if you go with a none               flown, duly certified as above by the CFI.
instructor check pilot you must do as many circuits as
required to be competent BUT not log the time, then the                 4.    A photocopy of your PPL including                    the
check pilot can jump out and you do the 3 circuits on                         revalidation pages to show it is current.
your own, logging P1.
                                                                        5.    A photocopy of your Class 2 medical certificate if
Another thing it is probably worth mentioning considering                     you are relying on that for medical certification.
the cold, wet weather we were having is problems with                         Otherwise the original of an NPPL medical
ice. None of the club aircraft are cleared for flight into                    declaration endorsed by your GP (see website for
known icing conditions but ice need not only affect                           details).
wings. If you taxi around in slushy snow you can pick up
quite a lot of slush around the wheels - even more if you               6.    Photocopies of your radio licence and birth
have spats. In excessively cold weather you could be in                       certificate or passport.
freezing air as soon as you lift off. What happens to the
slush on the wheels or in the spats? The landing could well             I told you it was straightforward! Apart from the
be effectively with the brakes on i.e. the wheels will not              bureaucracy, that is. Finally, they do want a little over
turn on touchdown. It happened to the previous owner of                 £130 of your money for a licence with lifetime validity,
my Pitts.                                                               subject to revalidation every two years. The
                                                                        revalidation procedure is a bit easier and cheaper
The NPPL qualification                                                  than the PPL but I think you've had enough rules and
                                                                        regulations for one newsletter so I'll spare you the
John Hudson, one of our members, decided last year to                   details. But one last thing - the NPPL web site has a
get an NPPL in addition to his PPL when he had a health                 couple of email addresses to write to with any
problem which threatened his Class 2 medical                            unresolved queries, and I found the people there very
certification. He writes here about his experience in                   helpful.”
obtaining the NPPL.

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