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					                       8. Commercial Data Processing
                            Homework Questions
Due Friday 13th November

Complete in your Homework Jotter

Charlie owns a small supermarket and has recently bought a mainframe computer
and terminals to replace the old manual till system.

1. (a) Give 2 advantages to Charlie’s business of using computers to handle large volumes
       of data

(b)    His friend has said that he should now follow the Data Processing Cycle. He is unsure
       of what this is. Give the 4 steps in this cycle

(c)    He has a number of terminals in the store. What is a terminal?

(d)    An old lady Agnes keeps on bugging Charlie about the difference between data and
       information. She says information has no meaning. What is the difference?

2. (a) Give the 3 different methods of data input in relation to the data processing cycle

(b)    What are the 4 items represented on a barcode?

(c)    What is the difference between a Magnetic Stripe card and a Smart Card?

(d)    Charlie wants to make sure that the data going into the system is correct. He is going
       to ask staff to verify their passwords when they log on to the system. What is

(e)    Give 2 other examples of where you may find companies using computers to handle
       large volumes of data?

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