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					                       S4 Computing Homework 2

Homework due Thursday 13th September

Complete in your homework jotter and get parents signature

1. Chris Murray has just started up a fish shop in St Andrews and uses a
spreadsheet to record sales figures.

(a) What formula did he use in cell G2 to calculate the Total Sales of fish for the

(b) What type of referencing did he use to replicate the formula from G2 down
to G7. Explain your answer

(c) What is absolute referencing?

(d) He has appointed a new member of staff in the shop and doesn’t want any of
the formulas to be tampered with. What feature of spreadsheets could be used to
prevent this from happening?

(e) Chris is now selling Steak Pie suppers in the shop and wished to add the
sales for this meal to the spreadsheet. Explain how he could do this

(f) Chris wants to round up the Average weekly sales to the nearest whole
number. Give the steps he would follow to do this

(g) What 4 items should be included in a fully labelled chart?

(h) Chris wants to identify which meals are successful. He feels that if he sells
more than 60 meals in a month then the product is successful. What formula
could he use to work out whether the total monthly sales of fish was successful?

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