10th Annual Student Research Conference by ipx46851


									P S Y C H O L O G Y
                           10th Annual
                      Student Research

                        Paper and Poster
                         Presentations of

                       Research Projects

                      Friday, April 28th, 2006
                                    Main Floor
                      Administration Building
                          9:00 am to 4:15 pm
 PR O G R A M ° ° ° ° °                                                            °°°°° NOTES
Paper Presentations - 12 minute presentation, 3 minutes for questions
M          O              R             N             I           N            G
                  9:00        Opening Remarks: Dr. Christopher Sears
                  9:15        Shannon Jones (Supervisor: Dr. Robinson)
                              In Her Shoes: an Analysis of Social Support for
                              Women with Metastatic Breast Cancer Participa-
                              ing in Supportive-Expressive Group Therapy
                  9:30        Carly McMorris (Supervisor: Dr. Hala)
                              Reality Source Monitoring in Children With and
                              Without Autism
                  9:45        Jocelyn Junaid (Supervisor: Dr. Chapman)
                              Individual Differences in Applicant Perceptions of

                           10:00 - 10:30
               Poster Presentations and Refreshments

        Poster Presenters will be available to answer questions

                  10:30       Keynote Address: Dr. Theresa Kline
                              “What You May Not Know, What You Know,
                              and What You May Not Know You Know”
                  11:00       Selina Elm (Supervisor: Dr. Schwartz)
                              Are You In or Are You Out? Residental Living
                              Arrangements and Psychosocial Development
                              During Emerging Adulthood
                  11:15       Shannon Hyde (Supervisor: Dr. Campbell)
                              Bouncing Back From Stress: Psychological
                              Resilience and Cardiovascular Recovery
                  11:30       Mark Troniak (Supervisor: Dr. Boon)
                              A Proposed Model of Forgiveness
                  11:45       Laurie Ching (Supervisor: Dr. Hodgins)
                              Motivational Interviewing: The Role of Commit-
                              ment Language in the Behavioral Outcome of
                              Pathological Gamblers

                                         12:00 - 1:00
                               Lunch on Your Own/Dessert on Us

                              (dessert to be served in the Atrium)

               Posters are displayed in the west hallway of the
         Administration Building. Poster presentations are scheduled
       for 10:00 - 10:30 am and 2:30 - 3:00 pm. Refreshments will be
                    available during poster presentations.
NO T E S ° ° ° ° °                                            °°°°° PROGRAM

                     A   F       T        E        R         N         O          O            N
                                  1:00     Lauren Turnquist (Supervisor: Dr. Kline)
                                           Effects of Visual Disorders Among Famous
                                  1:15     Tanjeem Azad (Supervisor: Dr. Bodner)
                                           The Effects of Self-referential Encoding on
                                           Recognition Memory
                                  1:30     Tara Wunsch (Supervisor: Dr. Boon)
                                           An Investigation of Variables Relating to
                                           Judgements of Revenge
                                  1:45     Chelsea Kramer (Supervisor: Dr. Hodgins)
                                           Variables Influencing Drinking Behaviour in
                                           Canadian University Athletes
                                  2:00     Ashley Marsh (Supervisor: Dr. Kaplan)
                                           The Effect of Head and Neck Rotation on the
                                           Perceived Ease of Pill Swallowing in Adults with
                                           Functional Dysphagia
                                  2:15     Seth Davis (Supervisor: Dr. Alderson)
                                           Validating the Sexuality Questionnaire

                                              2:30 - 3:00
                                Poster Presentations and Refreshments

                         Poster Presenters will be available to answer questions

                                  3:00     Alissa Perry (Supervisor: Dr. Lee)
                                           Empathy and Personality
                                  3:15     Karen Leung (Supervisor: Dr. Kooistra)
                                           Parent Stress and Adjustment in Families of
                                           Children with ADHD Compared to Families of
                                           Children with FASD
                                  3:30     Cherinne Kilroe (Supervisor: Dr. Vaughan)
                                           “It’s not you, it’s me!” Intra-personal Variables
                                           Affecting Romantic Relationship Satisfaction
                                  3:45     Tania Jacobs (Supervisor: Dr. Campbell)
                                           The Effects of a Mindfulness-based Stress
                                           Reduction (MBSR) Intervention on Cardiovascu-
                                           lar Reactivity, Mood, and Stress in Women with
                                  4:00     Closing Remarks: Dr. Christopher Sears
 PO S T E R P R E S E N TAT I O N S °°°°°                                                             °°°°° POSTER PRESENTATIONS

Bischoff, Theanna - “Don’t Upset the Ladies”: A Qualitative Analysis and Evalu-     Wilson, Andrea - Physical Activity in Parents of Preschoolers: Motivation,
ation of the Experience of Supportive-Expressive Group Therapy for Women with       Benefits and Barriers (Supervisors: Dr. Dewey/Dr. Cantell)
Ovarian Cancer (Supervisor: Dr. Robinson)
                                                                                    Wingfield, Anna - Establishing the Psychometric Properties of the Sexual
Bourdage, Joshua - Personality Structure and Measurement: Sexuality                 Knowledge Questionnaire (Supervisor: Dr. Alderson)
(Supervisor: Dr. Lee)
                                                                                    Zabawski, Heather - The Relationship Between Parental Personality and
Bracco-Callaghan, Annaliisa - Factors Influencing Family Decisions to Decline        Environmental Influences in Cases of Shaken Baby Syndrome (Supervisor:
or Leave a Home Visitation Program (Supervisor: Dr. Boyes)                          Dr. During)

Burrowes, Anna - Dehumanization and Blame Attribution in Genocide                   Zverina, Michaela - An Examination of the Attitudes and Beliefs of Calgary’s
(Supervisor: Dr. Pruegger)                                                          Czech and Slovak Populations Regarding Mental Health and the Treatment of
                                                                                    the Mentally Ill (Supervisor: Dr. Alladin)
Chan, Greta - Fatigue, Emotionality, Cognitive Functioning and Quality of Life in
Breast Cancer Survivors (Supervisor: Dr. Pelletier)                                 Red Deer College Students
Cormican, Aileen - Awe-struck by the Median Raphe (Supervisor: Dr. Bland)           Bussiere, Jasmin - The Impact of an Intergenerational Program on Adults in
                                                                                    Continuing Care (Supervisor: Dr. Wells)
Craig, Kimberly - Assessing the Risk of Emotional Distress Among Independent
High School Students (Supervisor: Dr. Alladin)                                      Dhillon, Kiran - Videogame Use and Attention for Fast-Paced Events
                                                                                    (Supervisor: Dr. McLeod)
Dial, Lindsay - Sign Comprehension in Older Adults (Supervisor: Dr. Scialfa)
                                                                                    Esopenko, Carrie - Early Speech Language Intervention: A Pilot Study of a
Groff, Shannon - The Outpatient Experience (Supervisor: Dr. Carlson)                Screening Process for Identifying Speech/Language Deficits (Supervisors:
                                                                                    Dr. Wells/Dr. Oddie)
Hauser, Lisa - Hazard Detection and Identification on Aircraft Final Approach
(Supervisor: Dr. D. Kline)                                                          Fenton, Erin and Thresher, Robin - A Medical Chart Review Protocol to Identify
                                                                                    Adverse Drugs Interactions and Their Relationship to MMSE Scores
Loberg, Sarah - Perceived Parental Empathy, Hope and Medical Regimen Ad-            (Supervisors: Dr. Oddie/Dr. Goddard)
herence in Adolescents with Diabetes (Supervisors: Dr. Dewey/Dr. Cantell)
                                                                                    Forhan, Andrea and Grover, Lisa - Geriatric Health Service and Physician
MacKillop, Stephen - The Effect of Aging and Hyperlink Colour On Visual             Education Need Assessment (Supervisors: Dr. Oddie/Dr. Goddard)
Search (Supervisor: Dr. Scialfa)
                                                                                    Gilroy, Jan - The Effects of Perceived Parenting Styles on Young Adults’ Gender
Madden, Nicole - Temporal Processing in Parkinson’s Disease (Supervisor:            Roles (Supervisor: Dr. MacNeil)
Dr. Brown)
                                                                                    Hovind, Sarah and Sacrey, Lorie-Ann - Polypharmacy Effects on Cognition in
Percival, Gemma - The Illusion of Transparency: The Detection of Lies in Roman-     Community-Dwelling Older Adults (Supervisors: Dr. Oddie/Dr. Goddard)
tic Relationships (Supervisor Dr. Boon)
                                                                                    Iversen, Elysia - The Effects of Preferred and Nonpreferred Musical Genres on
Rothwell, Tammy - Temporal Processing Across Adulthood (Supervisor:                 Cognitive and Emotional Responses (Supervisor: Dr. MacNeil)
Dr. Brown)
                                                                                    Laiss, Stephanie - A Community Needs Assessment (Supervisors: Dr. Oddie/
Smith, Shannon - Children’s Understanding of Communicative Ambiguity                Dr. Goddard)
(Supervisor: Dr. Graham)
                                                                                    Laliberte, Renee - Television Watching and Memory for Print, Audio and
Trotter, Eileah - University Students’ Definitions of Sex, Sexual Partner and        Audiovisual Information (Supervisor: Dr. McLeod)
Virginity (Supervisor: Dr. Alderson)
                                                                                    McDonald, Keith - Impact of an Intergenerational Program on Children’s
Tsang, Kathy - Pilot Study of Reiki for Treating Fatigue in Cancer Patients         Attitudes Toward Aging and Cognitive Impairment (Supervisor: Dr. Wells)
(Supervisor: Dr. Carlson)

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