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									         AERC 2001
    Adult Education Research Conference
                          June 1-June 3, 2001
                           Pre-conferences, May 31

                 Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center
                       East Lansing, Michigan

                       M ICHIGAN S TATE

                       Michigan State University Sponsors
                          Higher, Adult and Lifelong Education
                        Department of Educational Administration
                  Michigan Center for Career and Technical Education
                         School of Labor and Industrial Relations
Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources Education and Communication Systems
                                        AERC 2001
              42nd Annual Adult Education Research Conference

                                                       Conference Overview
     In This Program                         Thursday, May 31
                                              7:30 am           Registration & Assistance
     Conference Overview                      9 am-7:30 pm      Pre-Conferences
                                              7-9 pm            Welcome Reception
      Welcome Reception                      Friday, June 1
           Thursday, May 31
                                              7:30 am           Registration & Assistance
Papers, Roundtables, Symposia                 7:30-8:30 am      Continental Breakfast
        & Other Events                        7:45-8:30 am      Newcomers’ Gathering
            Friday, June 1                    8:30-9:15 am      Opening General Session
           Saturday, June 2                   9:30-10:20 am     Paper Session 1
           Sunday, June 3                     10:50-11:40 am    Paper & Roundtable Session 2
                                              11:40 am          How to Write for the AEQ
  Kellogg Center Floor Plan
                                                                Lunch on Your Own
                                              1:30-2:20 pm      Paper & Roundtable Session 3
                                              2:30-3:20 pm      Paper & Roundtable Session 4
                                              3:50-4:40 pm      Paper & Roundtable Session 5
                                              5-6 pm            Caucuses & Interest Groups
   Planning Committee                         6 pm              Dinner by ticket
                                              7:30 pm           African Masquerade Dancers
  John Dirkx, Chair       Patty Farrell
  John Beck               Joe Levine
  Laura Bierema           Mike Polzin        Saturday, June 2
  Lloyd Bingman           Jan Richards        7:30 am           Registration & Assistance
  Julie Brockman          Tina Riley
  Pam Eddy                Regina Smith        7:30-8:30 am      Continental Breakfast
                                              8:30-10 am        Symposia
    Steering Committee                        10:15-11:05 am    Paper & Roundtable Session 6
                                              11:15-12:05 pm    Paper & Roundtable Session 7
               Mary Alfred
              Tara Fenwick
                                              12:15-2 pm        Business Meeting Lunch with Awards
               Amy Rose                       2:10-3 pm         Paper Session 8
              Miriam Zukas                    3:10-4 pm         Paper & Roundtable Session 9
                                              4:30-7 pm         AEQ Board Meeting
Conference Coordination                       This Evening      Dinner On Your Own
         Drabant and Company                  8 pm-midnight     DJ Dance
     Merry Malfroid and Pat Drabant
                                              Sunday, June 3
                                              7:30 am           Assistance
                                              7:30-8:30 am      Continental Breakfast
                                              8:30-9:20 am      Paper Session 10
                                              9:50-10:40 am     Paper Session 11
                                              10:50-11:40 am    Paper Session 12

                        Your colleagues at
           MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY                   Need assistance? Email access?
           welcome you to AERC 2001              Stop by the AERC 2001 Registration Desk
          and East Lansing, Michigan.                   Main Lobby, Kellogg Center.
                                             AERC 2001
                                       — Thursday, May 31 —
African American                                                         Labor Education
9am - 5pm                     Heritage Room, Kellogg Center              9am - 5pm                             Lafayette Square
   The 9th Annual African American Pre-conference, “Self-                             across the street from the Kellogg Center
Determination for the New Millennium,” focuses on the following          Unearthing Seeds of Fire Again: A pre-conference for Labor,
themes: 1) historical research on people of African descent who are      Community, Civil Rights and other Activists
involved in adult and continuing education; and 2) research on              In 2000, a very important work in the history and practice of
contemporary issues relevant to the African diaspora in the area of      American adult education, Unearthing Seeds of Fire by Frank Adams
adult and continuing education.                                          and Myles Horton, celebrated its silver anniversary. This book
   The pre-conference provides an important forum for graduate           examined the experiences of Myles Horton, Highlander Folk School,
students to engage in critical dialogue on issues related to how         and the “Highlander Idea” of the primacy of adult empowerment that
culture and race impact adult education research and praxis. The         has fed progressive movements in Tennessee, across the South,
session brings together faculty, students and community                  throughout the nation and around the world since the school’s
practitioners from various backgrounds and ethnicities to discuss        founding in 1932. Please join us in rereading the book (or reading it
common issues and concerns.  Juanita Johnson-Bailey at   for the first time), celebrating its milestone and reflecting on the
                                                                         impact of the book, the movements and moments it helped create and
Extension Education                                                      the important place it still holds for activists in all movement and
9am - 5pm                                Ingham County Building          nations in its second 25 years in this new century. Frank Adams will
  This one day pre-conference session will bring together Extension      join the day long reflection as will other speakers with experience in
professionals, Extension Education graduate students and others          using the ideas of Myles Horton and Highlander in their work. The
who are interested in the broad field of research in Extension.          pre-conference fee includes a copy of the book, sent to you in
Transportation will be provided from the Kellogg Hotel and               advance, coffee breaks and lunch.            John Beck at
Conference Center to a local County Extension Office where all
sessions will be held. The day will include three different foci: a)     Women’s Caucus
sharing of findings of recent research studies, b) updating on studies   5:30 - 7:30 pm                 Corniche Room, Kellogg Center
currently in-process or being planned, and c) sharing of ideas           Is Balance Really Possible: One Woman’s Approach
regarding research that is needed in the Extension field. Lunch will        Geri Larkin, PhD, Zen Buddhist Priest, will share her story about
be hosted by MSU Extension and the Graduate Program in                   finding life balance. Burning out in the fast lane and suffering
Agricultural and Extension Education (Department of Agriculture          nervous exhaustion led Geri, a former management consultant, to
and Natural Resources Education and Communication Systems.)              seek solace in Zen Buddhist meditation. Geri’s account of her
                              S. Joseph Levine at    spiritual quest is simultaneously comical, solemn, whimsical, and
                                                                         excruciatingly truthful. Geri writes in her second book, Tap Dancing
Houle Scholars                                                           in Zen, “Seated in the caves of our hearts is freedom. And knowing
9am - 5pm                            Room 101, Kellogg Center            this makes me laugh out loud. I spent so many years getting
   All past and present Cyril O. Houle Scholars (Cohorts 1, 2, and       overeducated, overmanicured, overhoused, overautomated,
3) are invited to present at the 2nd Annual Houle Scholar Pre-           overeverything’d in an effort to find personal peace. But it turns out
conference. The conference goal is to provide a global forum for all     I’ve been carrying freedom—pure happiness—in the cave of my heart
scholars to share their research with an ever widening audience of       all along. This must be one of the great cosmic jokes of our time.”
Houle Scholars and other interested AERC participants. Scholars          Geri will share her reflections in her humorous and approachable
may rekindle relationships and initiate new ones through dialogue        style about the challenges of trying to do it all. Participants may want
about research on international adult education issues. Also, this a     to read one of Geri’s books prior to the pre-conference: Building a
time for the Cohort 2 to bring closure to their Houle Scholar Award      Business the Buddhist Way, Tap Dancing in Zen, and, Stumbling
experience by returning and sharing their completed research             Toward Enlightenment.            Laura Bierema at
projects with those who were there when they began their research.
                                            Ed Taylor at

                                                          please join us at the
                              AERC 2001 Welcome Reception
                               7-9 pm • Lincoln Room • Hors d’oeuvres • Cash Bar
                                               AERC 2001
                                           — FRIDAY, JUNE 1 —
7:30 am                                Registration Main Lobby                11:40 am - 1:30 pm       How to Write for the AEQ         River Café
7:30 - 8:30 am             Continental Breakfast Lincoln Lobby
7:45 - 8:30 am               Newcomers’ Gathering Room 103                    11:40 am - 1:30 pm         Lunch On Your Own

8:30 - 9:15 am      OPENING SESSION                            Lincoln
                                                                              1:30 - 2:20 pm                                         SESSION 3
                                                                              PAPERS                                                          Room
9:30 - 10:20 am                                   SESSION 1
                                                                              Kathryn A. Sanders, Marilon Morgan                                101
                                                                                Study Abroad Programs: A Mirror for Adult Learning and
PAPERS                                                           Room
                                                                                Perspective Transformation
Carol R. Lyon                                                      101
                                                                              Robert E. Nolan, Randal D. Ice                                    102
  Cultural Mentors: Exploring the Role of Relationships
                                                                                A Re-Examination of the Role of Power and Politics in the
  in the Adaptation and Transformation of Women Educators
                                                                                Planning of Adult Education
  Who Go Overseas to Work
                                                                              Regina O. Smith, Patricia L. Farrell                             103A
Carol E. Kasworm                                                   102          MUD Play: A Transformative Learning Context
  Adult Learner Experiences of an Accelerated Degree Program
                                                                              Peter Grein Renner                                                106
Christie Knittel Mabry, Arthur L. Wilson                      103B              Evocative Narrative as Educational Research
  Managing Power: The Practical Work of Negotiating Interests
                                                                              Margaret L. Cain, Elizabeth Kjar                              Heritage
Tom Heaney, Roberto Sanabria, Elizabeth Tisdell, et al.            106         Learning in Context: Women in Transition from
  Reinventing the Adult Education Curriculum within an
                                                                               Situations of Domestic Violence
  Urban Latino Community
Steven Weiland                                                 Heritage       ROUNDTABLES
   Autobiographical Memory and Vocations of Learning                          Randee Lipson Lawrence, Jane West Walsh                       107
                                                                              Nadira K. Charaniya
10:20 - 10:50 am        Refreshment Break              Lincoln Lobby            Collaborative Inquiry: Expanding the Boundaries of
                                                                                Knowledge Construction in Graduate Adult Education Research
                                                                              Barbara McDonald                                                 Vista
10:50 - 11:40 am                                  SESSION 2                     Spirituality and Social Action: An Exploration of
                                                                                Committed Environmental Activists
PAPERS                                                           Room
Linda Ziegahn                                                      101
                                                                              2:30 - 3:20 pm                                         SESSION 4
  Reflection and Transformation in the Intercultural Context                  PAPERS                                                          Room
Catherine A. Hansman                                               102
                                                                              Saundra Wall Williams, Karen Watkins, Barbara Daley               101
  Who Plans? Who Participates? Critically Examining Formal
                                                                              Bradley Courtenay, Mike Davis, Darryl Dymock
  Mentoring Programs
                                                                                Facilitating Cross-Cultural Online Discussion Groups:
Carole Barlas                                                     103A          Issues and Challenges
  Learning-Within-Relationship as Context and Process in
                                                                              Shauna Butterwick                                                 102
  Adult Education: Impact on Transformative Learning and
                                                                                We’ve Got Nothing/Everything to Lose: Lessons Learned
  Social Change Agency
                                                                                from an Anti-Poverty Action Research Project
Martha Strittmatter Tempesta                                      103B
                                                                              Annie Brooks, Carolyn Clark                                      103A
 A Phenomenological Study of Learning Experiences of
                                                                                Narrative Dimensions of Transformative Learning
 Leaders Within a Social Movement
                                                                              Irwin H. Siegel                                                   106
Jodi Kaufmann                                                      106          From Symbols, Stories and Artifacts to Social Architecture
  Oppositional Feminist Ethnography: What Does It Have to
                                                                                and Individual Agency: The Discourse of Learning and the
  Offer Adult Education?
                                                                                Decline of “Organizational Culture” in the “New Work Order”
Mary V. Alfred                                           Heritage
                                                                              Irene C. Baird                                                Heritage
 Epistemology, Learning, and Self-Development Among
                                                                                 Evolution of Activists: Prison Women’s Writing As
 Immigrant Women of Color: The Case of British Caribbean
                                                                                 Change Agent for Their Communities
 Women in the United States
                                                                              Susan L. Stockdale, Dewey L. Fogerson, Ralph G. Brockett         103B
Elice E. Rogers                                                   107           Revitalizing the Study of Self-Directed Adult Learning
   A Critical Review of Race, Class and Gender in Adult Development
   Models and Theories: Implications for Adult Education                      Gerri Outlaw, Cathy S. Stanley                                    107
                                                                                Roots and Culture as a Basis for Transformation in
Daphne Greenberg                                                  Vista         Adult Education
  Are Linguistic Responses Similar in Adult Literacy
  Students and Third-Fifth Grade Children?                                    Michael L. Rowland                                               Vista
                                                                                African Americans and the Self-Help Revolution:
                                                                                A Missing Link in Adult Education

3:20 - 3:50 pm          Refreshment Break            Lincoln Lobby             ROUNDTABLES                                                      Room

3:50 - 4:40 pm                                       SESSION 5                 Sarah C. Conklin                                                  103B
                                                                                 Spiritual Formation and Sexuality Education in Seminaries:
PAPERS                                                            Room           What Can Adult Education Theory Contribute?

Arthur L. Wilson, Ronald M. Cervero                                 101        Ujwala Samant, Patsy Medina                                        107
  Adult Education and the Struggle for Knowledge and Power:                      New Perspectives in ESOL Classroom
  Practical Action in a Critical Tradition                                     Olga Ebert, Mary Ziegler, Gail Cope                               Vista
Nadira K. Charaniya, Jane West Walsh                                102          Learning and Earning: The Role of Incentives in
  Adult Learning in the Context of the Interreligious Dialogue                   Educational Achievement
  Process: A Collaborative Research Study Involving Christians,
  Jews and Muslims                                                             5 - 6 pm                        Caucus & Interest Groups
Kyungmi Hyun, Susan Strauss                                        103A                         Lesbian, Gay & Allies                             101
  “Place”: Classrooms and Cyberspace—A Discourse                                                Houle Scholars Application Information            102
  Analysis of How Place Shapes Interaction and Learning                                         Graduate Students                               103A
                                                                                                African American                                  106
Vicki K. Carter, Sharon L. Howell, Fred M. Schied                   106                         Women’s Caucus Business Meeting               Heritage
  Education as Function of Productivity:
  A Hermeneutic Study of Standards on Ethics and Integrity in
  Human Resource Development Texts                                             6 - 7:15 pm           Dinner with cash bar                  Big 10 C
                                                                                                           ticket required
Gary Cale                                                       Heritage
  When Resistance Becomes Reproduction:                                        7:30 - 8:30 pm                                            Auditorium
  A Critical Action Research Study                                                           African Masquerade Dancers

                                      — SATURDAY, JUNE 2 —
7:30 am                                Registration Main Lobby                 ROUNDTABLES                                                      Room
7:30 - 8:30 am             Continental Breakfast Lincoln Lobby
                                                                               Mary Beth Bingman, Christine Smith                                 107
8:30 - 10 am                                         SYMPOSIA                   Research to Practice, Research in Practice:
                                                                                Disseminating Results or Supporting Change?
                                                                               Alisa Belzer                                                      Vista
Donna D. Amstutz, Scipio A.J. Colin III                    Auditorium            Shaping Practice from the Top Down:
Fred Schied, Vanessa Sheared                                                     The Impact of Federal Legislation on ABE Practice
  Lifelong Learning: A Debate Regarding the
  Appropriateness of Adult Education Faculty’s Participation in
  Teacher Preparation Programs                                                 11:15 - 12:05 pm                                        SESSION 7
Laura L. Bierema, Maria Cseh, Andrea Ellinger                   Lincoln        PAPERS                                                           Room
Wendy Ruona, Karen Watkins
  HRD on the Margins: Exploring Resistance of HRD in                           Elisabeth Hayes, Wendy Way                                         101
  Adult Education                                                                 The Politics of Learning at Work:
                                                                                  Experiences of African American Women in Entry-Level Jobs
10:00 - 10:15 am        Refreshment Break            Lincoln Lobby             Mark Murphy                                                        102
                                                                                The Political Economy of Civil Society:
10:15 - 11:05 am                                     SESSION 6                  Implications for Adult and Community Education
                                                                               Simone Conceicao-Runlee                                            106
PAPERS                                                            Room           A Phenomenological Study of College Faculty Experiences
Tara J. Fenwick                                                     101          Derived from Teaching in a Computer-Mediated Environment
  Transgressive Possibilities in Post-Corporate                                  When There is an Absence of Physical Presence
  Enterprise Culture                                                           Linda G. Klimczyk                                                  107
Shu-chuan Liao                                                      102          Separate But (Un)Equal? A Critical Investigation of
  Voices from Within—Homemakers as Agents of Social Change                       Disabled Adults’ Access to Online Education
Laurel Jeris                                                        106        Alison A. Carr-Chellman, Davin J. Carr-Chellman           Corniche
  Comparison of Power Relations Within Electronic and                            Adult Education as Snake Oil Under the Guise of Democracy
  Face-to-Face Classroom Discussions: A Case Study                             Mary Ann Phelan Penner                                         Heritage
Sharon L. Howell                                                    107         Helping Adult Learners Overcome Alienation:
  The Production of Knowledge in Work Teams:                                    What Can I Do If Most of My Learners/Participants are
  The View from Below                                                           Not Pre-Literate, Brazilian Peasant Farmers?
Lisa M. Baumgartner                                      Michigamme
  The Incorporation of HIV/AIDS into Identity Over Time:                       ROUNDTABLES
  Transformational Tales Continued                                             Ming-yeh Lee                                                      Vista
Andre P. Grace, Robert J. Hill                                  Heritage         The Skewed Voices and Lost Meaning: The Reflections of
  Using Queer Knowledges to Build Inclusionary                                   Multilingual Issues in the Cross-Cultural Context
  Pedagogy in Adult Education

12:15 - 2 pm                                               Big 10 B         3:10 - 4 pm                                           SESSION 9
              Business Meeting & Luncheon
                                                                            PAPERS                                                             Room

2:10 - 3 pm                                         SESSION 8               Tonette S. Rocco                                                      101
                                                                              “My Disability is Part of Me:”
PAPERS                                                          Room          Disclosure and Students with Visible Disabilities

Jovita Ross-Gordon, Cynthia Plotts, Julie Nobel                   101       Shahrzad Mojab, Rachel Gorman                                         102
Autumn Leal, Robert Wells                                                     The Struggle Over Lifelong Learning:
  Assessment of Adult Learning Disabilities: A Triangulated Study             A Marxist-Feminist Analysis

Edward W. Taylor, John Dirkx, Daniel D. Pratt                    102        Jennifer A. Sandlin                                                   106
  Personal Pedagogical Systems: Core Beliefs,                                 Manufacturing Workers: How Adult Literacy and
  Foundational Knowledge and Informal Theories of Teaching                    Welfare-to-Work Programs Construct the World of Work

Barbara Sparks                                                   106        Antonina Lukenchuk                                                    107
  A Collage of Welfare-to-Work Perspectives:                                  Modal-Ontological Status of Subjectivity in the Context of
  Partial Views Inside and Outside the System                                 Adult Education: Possibilities and Dilemmas

Meg Wise                                                         107        Marta Soler, Adriana Aubert                                Heritage
 Expanding the Limits of Evidence-based Medicine:                            La Verneda-Sant Marti’ Adult Education Center: Dialogic
 A Discourse Analysis of Cardiac Rehabilitation Clinical                     Learning and Democratic Participation both Within and Without
 Practice Guidelines
Zelda Groener                                           Michigamme
  Articulations between Global and Local Development                        Thomas J. Sork                                                      Vista
  Agendas in South African Adult Education and Training Policies.             Ethics in the Curriculum: A Study of Ethical Frameworks and
  Whither Social Transformation?                                              Moral Imperatives Embedded in Adult Education
                                                                              Graduate Programs
Ian Baptiste, Kristine Lalley, Fred Milacci                  Heritage
Honoratha Mushi                                                             Jane Castle, Gillian Attwood, Suzanne Smythe                     Corniche
  Anatomy of Adult’s Learning Experiences:                                    Are Woman-Targeted Programs Woman Positive?
  A Phenomenological Inquiry
                                                                            4:30 - 7 pm          AEQ Board Meeting                               106

                                                                            5 - 8 pm             Dinner on Your Own
                                                                            8 pm - Midnight              DJ Dance                          Centennial
                                                                                                     Cash Bar & Snacks

                                         — SUNDAY, JUNE 3 —
7:30 am                                 Assistance Main Lobby               Mary Ziegler, Chas Durant                                           103B
7:30 - 8:30 am             Continental Breakfast Lincoln Lobby               Engagement: A Necessary Ingredient for
                                                                             Participation in Adult Basic Education
8:30 - 9:20 am                                     SESSION 10               Joseph L. Armstrong                                                   106
PAPERS                                                          Room          Collaborative Learning from the Participants’ Perspective
                                                                            Dorothy Ettling                                                       110
David J. Jones                                                   101
                                                                              Leadership for Action: Wedding Adult Education and
  Learning Culture
                                                                              Social Change
Miriam Zukas, Janice Malcolm                                    103A
                                                                            Peter Rushbrook                                              Heritage
  Pedagogy, Positionality and Adult Education: Missing Links?
                                                                              “My Business Was Not with Lost Souls and the
Hal Beder                                                       103B          Underprivileged:” The Contribution of Colin Badger (1906-1993)
  Teaching in Adult Literacy Education: Learner-Centered                      to Adult Education in Victoria, Australia
  Intentions, Teacher-Directed Instruction
                                                                            10:50 - 11:40 am                                      SESSION 12
Peter G. Malvicini                                               106
  Negotiating Curriculum in a Critical Pedagogy                             PAPERS                                                             Room
Deana Hensley, Patricia A. Maher,                            Heritage       Jesus Gomez-Alonzo, Teresa Sorde-Marti                              103A
Denise Passmore, Waynne B. James                                              Adult Education and the Scientific Community
  Conversations with Long-Time Adult Educators
                                                                            Ellen Long                                                          103B
9:20 - 9:50 am        Refreshment Break             Lincoln Lobby              Enrollment and Retention in Adult Basic
                                                                               Education Programs: Some Theoretical Implications of a
9:50 - 10:40 am                                    SESSION 11                  National Study Follow-up Study
                                                                            Ralf St. Clair                                                        106
PAPERS                                                          Room          Cracking the Code: Problems and Possibilities of
Elizabeth Tisdell, Derise E. Tolliver, Silvia Villa             103A          Curriculum Analysis in Adult Education
   Toward a Culturally Relevant and Spiritually                             Patsy Medina                                                     Heritage
   Grounded Theory of Teaching for Social Transformation and                  The Intricacies of Initiate-Response-Evaluate in
   Transformational Learning                                                  Adult Literacy Education
                                                  † + *+ *++*+
       MASQUERADE                                     Dance to the Music!
   The African Masquerade Dancers
perform a variety of celebratory dances                Sounds Unlimited
representing several African countries.
          The young dancers                                    Saturday
    range in age from 4 to 19 years.                        8 pm - midnight
   They have performed on Disney’s
      World Stage and at EPCOT
                                                      Centennial Room * Kellogg Center
         in Orlando, Florida.
                                                            Snacks * Cash Bar
          AUDITORIUM                              †+ *+ *++*+
    7:30 PM, FRIDAY, JUNE 1

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