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									New Technology Advancement

Hewlett Packard Labs India Pvt. Ltd.

Year of Incorporation – 2002

Company overview:

HP Labs India specializes in technologies for emerging market, with a specific focus on reducing the interaction
complexity of Information Technology for non-tech savvy users. Technical areas of experience include human
computer interaction, image processing, gestural recognition, paper-based workflow, digital inking, web
technology, mobility solutions and information retrieval.


In developing countries, mobile phones are expected to deliver the first Internet experience to next billion users.
For this, we need to simplify web interactions to benefit users with ultra-low-end-phones and those challenged by
literacy and accessibility. However, with the millions of websites and services available on Internet today coupled
with the diversity of needs of the consumers, it becomes very hard to provide custom human-assisted solutions
for the long-tail of mobile internet applications. Our innovation targets this gap and provides an automated
solution to create mobile internet experiences for an end user's personally valuable web task. From a technology
perspective, we break the tradition of programmer-created-applications and envision end-users programming the
web using our solution. Our key invention is in modeling the web as a set of task-based interactions (Tasklets)
that can be authored just by web browsing and enabling smart SMS/voice gateways for voice/SMS-based
interactions to user`s personally valuable web task from low-end-mobile phones. With this technology, we have
created a portal-based solution that can be used by web site owners to quickly and freely create widgets that allow
non-internet users to access their website through SMS or voice. We estimate it would compress mobile tool
development timeframe from weeks to minutes and cost by 1/100 (by reducing the skillset needed to develop
applications from web programming to just web browsing.

Impact of innovation

External Impact

Today, to build SMS and voice based service, one has to buy SMS/voice gateway on one hand and hire
application developers, who would write new application, on the other hand. All these steps require
investment and time, and it becomes unviable for small and medium web service providers. Our innovation
provides a simple, intuitive, fast and cost-effective way to creating mobile widgets for SMS and voice based
access. It requires no upfront capital investment and no fixed cost and hence enables anyone to make their
content/service available to no-internet users. our solution of enabled end users to create new mobile widgets
without any knowledge of programming improving the capability of non-tech-savvy but domain expert users
in the organization to create useful mobile internet applications. It also enables web portal developers to
address their mobile users without knowledge of embedded system or mobile web development

Internal Impact
This innovation opens an uncontested space of user-generated applications and allows us to play in the mobile
Internet space without having to compete with device manufacturers, telecom providers or content
owners/creators to create value-added mobility services.

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