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 Presentation by Ms. Neelam
CSE HTML Validator for Microsoft Windows is a powerful, easy to use,
  user configurable, and all-in-one HTML, XHTML, and CSS checker
    that includes a link checker, spell checker, accessibility checker,
        built-in editor, and also checks for search engine issues.

 It has general functionality available under File menu of New, Open,
      Save, Reload, Close, Print and Under Edit of Redo, Undo, Cut,
       Copy, Paste, Select and Under Search of Find and Replace.

 The CSE HTML Validator Specific commands of validation, tidying up
           the document are available under Tools Menu.

 The View menu provides excessive functionality of different windows.

 The Options menu lets the Website Editor configure the program for
    different purposes, ex. validation engine options, results window
                    configuration, syntax highlighting.

The Tags Menu lets the Website Editor to add simple to complex HTML
Results Window appear after validating the document or by pressing F9. It has different tabs such as
   Message, line, Styles, Links, etc.

The Messages tab shows the comprehensive validator messages about the errors found and warnings
    with explanation.

The Line tab shows all the validator messages for the line that the cursor is on as you traverse through
    the document.

The Grouped tab contains less important messages.

The Accessibility tab shows accessibility messages generated by the validator. The validator engine
    can help check documents for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 (WCAG 1.0) compliance
    as well as compliance with US Section 508 federal standards.

The Styles tab shows messages generated by the CSS style checker.

The Links tab displays the links that were found in the document.

The Structure tab shows a tag count of start and end tags as well as a structure tree in text format.
    Click on a line in the structure tree to go to the relevant line in the document.

The Scratch tab contains two editors that you can use for making comments, noting down the code,
• View -> Editor -> Gutter Bars.
• Allows you to see bookmarks set, line
  numbers and code folding.
Gutter bar showing bookmark, line
numbers as well as code folding in original
Validation can be specifically performed
for different reasons. For example, Link
checking validates all the links in the
document. It establishes that the link file
source is present along with the
information about link file such as size,
address, etc.
Links result on validation opens up in
Results window or specifically can be
viewed by clicking on the Links tab.
Two Shell windows can be run
simultaneously for spontaneity in handling
different file operations one may required
to handle during the usage of the program.
This can be achieved by Windows -> Shell
Shell windows can be docked or floated.
Here two shells windows occupy extreme
positions in the program window.
Scratch pad available as tab in the Results
window which pops up on validation or
pressing F9 is handy tool for website
editors because of the feasibility to write
comments or important code.
Batch wizard validate multiple documents
simultaneously and the results appear in a
single or multi-page report.
In Batch Wizard, add files on clicking the
target menu.
Click on Process button on the menu bar
to start validating multiple documents.
Batch Report appears in HTML format in
the Browser window.
The HTML Tidy Tool tidies up the
document for error code.
The dialog box appears after tidying up
document with Tidied HTML tab active.
You can click on Tidy Messages to see
what changes have been made.
If you want to convert the document to
either HTML or XHTML. Choose from
Options: Force output to: type of
document. Then click OK/Accept in HTML
TIDY window.
Converted XHTML document.

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