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Keys to Personal Effectiveness
HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED why                       are triggered. We feel exhilarated.
some people seem to accomplish so much           Our life is more fun.                                           By Michael E. Angier
while others struggle along barely able to
attend to their daily needs? Highly              Efficacy                                       have been used by the masters for
effective people usually fulfill their                The goal is efficacy—one of my            centuries. Others are relatively new. We
achievements with less work and effort           favorite words. Efficiency is doing            invite you to try them and see for
than those who accomplish little. The            something with the least amount of effort,     yourself how helpful they can be.
difference is in their focus, intention and      time and resources available. Effectiveness
skills—all of which can be mastered.
     In the pages to follow, we’ll touch on
                                                 means getting positive results—doing
                                                 things which are worthwhile. Efficacy is
                                                                                                     Clarity Leads to Power
dozens of techniques and strategies that         the combination of the two.
can enable you to optimize your potential.            You can be efficient without being
This report is for people who want to be         effective—doing things that don’t                   It’s absolutely critical that we become
more effective—people who want to get            matter—like rearranging the deck chairs on     and remain clear on our intended out-
more done in less time while enjoying the        the Titanic. You can be effective without      comes. Mark Twain said, “I can tell
process. It’s for people wanting to              being efficient—doing something worth-         anyone how to get what they want if I
experience greater fulfillment and create        while, but taking too much time or having      could only find someone who knew what
more value in their lives and the lives of       it cost too much. What we want to strive       it was.”
those around them.                               for is efficacy.                                    When you’re absolutely clear on what
     We all enjoy the satisfaction that                                                         it is that you want and are determined to
comes from getting things done and doing         Doing the Right Things                         get it, there’s no stopping you. Lack of
them well. I’ve even gone so far as to write         The intention of this program is to        clarity and focus is one of the most
things on my to-do list after they were          help you do more of the right things faster,   common failings.
done just to experience the little joy of        easier and with less frustration. It’s              The subconscious mind doesn’t deal
checking them off. When we feel produc-          intended to help you get a better handle on    well with generalities. It likes specific
tive, when we think we’ve accomplished           your life—to make more useful choices          messages. As someone once wrote, “You
something worthwhile, our confidence and         and to effect those choices in ways that       can’t blow an uncertain instrument.” By
self-esteem increases. Even our endorphins       make your life a more rewarding                giving your mind clear instructions and no
                                                 experience.                                    vagaries, you’ll develop a powerful
                 Inside                              Many of the suggestions may appear         congruence, which will almost magically
                                                 simplistic. But don’t let their simplicity     seek out and attract your objectives.
   Developing a Clear and                        cause you to overlook the insight and miss          Have specific outcomes for every-
   Powerful Value System ...... 2                the nuggets of wisdom they contain.            thing—telephone calls, meetings, tasks,
   Knowledge Isn’t Free ......... 3              Many of the concepts are simple, but           etc.—for each day and each month.
                                                 they’re not simplistic. They’re proven
   Excellence .......................... 8                                                           Live in the Question. Tony Robbins
                                                 principles and systems that have worked        says, “Quality questions create a quality                          for many others. Some are ancient and                                    continued on page 4

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              and Powerful Value System
                                                                                                Success Networks is an international as-
                                                                                                sociation of people dedicated to being
                                                                                                more successful in all aspects of their
                                   By Scott Gingrich                                            lives. Success Net’s objective is to help
                                                                                                its members become more knowledge-
WE’VE ALL HEARD it before: “You’ve            the other. By having a clear value system,
                                                                                                able, productive, prosperous and
got to get clear on your value system.” I     one that you are congruent with, you’re a
believe that’s absolutely true. However, so   better influencer and are less likely to be
many people I talk to believe that having a   influenced into something that doesn’t fit
                                                                                                For more information on becoming part
clear value system is critical to success,    well with you.                                    of this network, visit us on the Web at:
but only about five percent of them have                                                      
spent more than two minutes on figuring it    3. It Helps You to Live
out! An even smaller percentage can           a Life Free From Regrets                                           FREE
explain why they believe that knowing             By living true to your value system,            STEP UP TO SUCCESS COURSE™
their value system is important (other        you will make the decisions that are right        Visit our web site today and start taking
than “everyone says it’s important”).         for you over the long-term. Take, for             advantage of all the information and the
                                              example, a corporate executive who has            many benefits Success Net has to offer.
    Why You Need to Be Crystal                family as his highest value. Let’s assume         Just for enrolling as a member, you re-
    Clear on Your Value System                that he typically goes to work early in the       ceive the Seven-week Step Up to Suc-
                                              morning and comes home late at night,             cess Course™ absolutely free.
1. It Cuts Through                            barely having time to visit with his wife or
the Fog of Indecision                         children. Will he feel fulfilled? No. He will
    Can you remember the last time you        likely be experiencing a lot of internal
were faced with a tough-to-make decision?
I can remember several. When you find
                                              conflict—conflict between work and
                                              family. One day, when his kids are living             S UCCESS STRATEGIES                  TM

yourself having trouble making a specific     on their own, he’ll realize that he missed                   Editor & Publisher
decision, step back from the situation and    out on being an active part of his children’s                 Michael Angier
ask yourself questions like: “What’s the      growing-up; something that was important                      Associate Editor
right thing to do in this situation,          to him. He will have regrets.                                   Dawn Angier
according to who I am and what I believe
                                                                                                            Advisory Board
in?” Then listen to the answer.               4. Necessary For Real Success                                 Gael Boardman
                                                  What’s “real success”? Without getting                      Tim Cook
2. A Clear Value System is                    into a full-blown discussion around                            Sandra Faul
Key to Being a Good Influencer                defining “real success”, I believe it’s more                   Alan Rubel
     A clear value system communicates        than just making a lot of money or having a                   Michael Simard
itself very clearly through what you say      lot of things. A cornerstone to “real
                                                                                                     Third Printing February 2001
and more importantly through what you         success” is being fulfilled at the deepest            © 1997-2001 Success Networks
do. When two people meet, the person          levels and that comes from living a life that              and various authors.
who is most congruent in thought, word,       honors your value system.                           This publication may be shared freely
and deed has the greatest influence over                                                         with others as long as nothing is added or
                                              Scott Gingrich is an Achievement Coach and               removed. It may not be sold.
                                              the owner of Achieve Quest. Copyright 1997
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At age 20, we worry about what others
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2                                                                                                              SUCCESS STRATEGIES · SPECIAL REPORT
                                                FROM THE PUBLISHER

Knowledge Isn’t Free
“Facts are cheap, information is
plentiful—knowedge is precious.”                                                     Michael E. Angier
                                                                              Click here for info on author.

FOR MANY PEOPLE, especially                     you need to. Time is the “gold” of the new       and intrepreneur need this, too.
seasoned Internet users, the idea of paying     century. You can always make more                     What’s it worth? If you plan to be a
for information is a hard one to swallow.       money, but you can’t get any more time.          real success in your career, you need to
There’s so much data, so many sources,              Can you really afford to search and          begin to value your time at what it will be
and the access so easy, many people feel        surf several hours a day for the informa-        worth, not only what it’s worth now. For
they shouldn’t have to pay for it.              tion you desire? Can you subscribe to—           purposes of example, let’s use only $25
     And yet, we do it all the time. We go      and read—30-40 publications? Probably            per hour and say that you could save just
to seminars, we hire consultants, we take       not. And yet staying up-to-date is critical      two hours a week. That’d be $2,600 a
classes, we retain professionals. Why?          to our success.                                  year.
Because we need to gain knowledge in a              Paul Zane Pilzer has predicted that               When you truly equate the cost of
palatable, efficient, and organized fashion.    adult education will be the number-one           your time to sift and filter, you start to
We pay high hourly rates to professionals       industry in the U.S. by 2005. Things are         appreciate the value of someone doing this
because they have specialized knowledge         changing so rapidly that we must con-            for you.
and they provide trusted advice and             stantly be learning new technologies and              If we’re committed to leading a
dependable solutions to problems.               new skills. Our education is truly a life-       successful life—to optimizing our
     Even though we now have the means          long endeavor. It’s not enough to have a         efforts—it’s critical for us to increase our
of accessing virtually all the documented       general education, we need to know where         skills, expand our knowledge, and stay
knowledge the world has to offer, don’t         to turn for information, how to access that      abreast of things that affect our future.
ever think that it’s free. Even without         information, and more importantly, who                We live in an age of information
paying outright for information, there’s a      we can trust.                                    overload where data dumping is epidemic.
substantial, albeit usually hidden, cost.           By knowing what a customer wants,            It’s not a shortage of information, but
     The expenditure is in terms of the time    and having a good sense of the needs of its      rather a shortage of time to obtain, study
required to retrieve and integrate useful       clients, an information company can keep         and focus this knowledge of which we’re
information. There’s a substantial cost         its members abreast of trends, provide up-       in short supply. We need help in filtering
attached to the time involved in sifting and    to-date news and information, and remind         the data in order that we assimilate what’s
filtering the data we all seek in order to be   them of the keys and principles they need        important. Businesses that fill this need
more profitable, effective and fulfilled.       to keep in mind.                                 (whether it’s their main focus or not) will
     If you don’t put a price on your time,         As we’re bombarded with information,         do well in the years ahead.
then it might not seem like your research       we’ll need more and more the services of a            Like Ben Franklin said, “If a man
and study time is costing you much. But         discerning staff to support us by supply-        empties his purse in his head, no one can
                                                ing encapsulated wisdom on a regular             take it away from him. An investment in
                                                basis. It is to this that our organization is    knowledge always pays the best interest.”
“It’s not a shortage of                         committed.                                       And remember, information—or rather the
information, but rather a shortage                  Some of our members have likened it          acquisition of knowledge—is rarely free.
                                                to hiring someone to watch out for you—
of time to obtain, study, and                   someone to keep your interests and well-             “Whoever acquires knowledge but
focus this knowledge of which                   being in mind. Managers, leaders and heads       does not practice it, is as one who plows
                                                                                                 but does not sow.”
we’re in short supply.”                         of large companies have people they pay
                                                to do this for them. Today’s entrepreneur
SUCCESS STRATEGIES · SPECIAL REPORT                                                                                                          3
life. Successful people ask better ques-            Abraham Maslow referred to this               Urgent                 Not Urgent
tions, and as a result, they get better        unity between our values and our everyday       Immediately         Prevention
answers.” One of the biggest payoffs in        performance as self-actualization. “It is a       productive        Seizing opportunities
                                                                                                 activities        Preparation
retaining a consultant or counselor isn’t so
much the advice they give, but rather the
                                               bringing together of what I do and what I
                                               really value.”
                                                                                                        1          Planning
                                                                                               Productive Meetings True recreation
questions they ask. They make us think.             In The Ten Natural Laws of Successful      Deadlines     Important
     Learn to ask yourself questions that      Time and Life Management, Hyrum Smith           Interruptions           Trivia, busywork
increase your clarity and generate             writes, “The secret to achieving inner peace    Some calls              Some mail
solutions. Ask IWWCW questions.
IWWCW stands for In What Ways Can
                                               lies in understanding our inner core
                                               values—those things in our lives that are
                                                                                               Mail, some reports
                                                                                                                       Some phone calls
                                                                                                                       Time wasters
                                                                                                                       Many pleasant
We . . . Always be asking why, when,           most important to us—and then seeing that       Pressing matters           activities
how, why not, what if, etc.                    they’re reflected in the daily events of our                Not Important
                                                    Keep your word. When you break             avoiding the As and Bs.
                                               your word—to others or yourself—you’re               The 80/20 Rule. 80 percent of your
            Values                             out of integrity and your self-esteem and       results will usually come from 20 percent
                                               confidence suffers. You need confidence to      of your efforts. Find out what that is and
                                               optimize your productivity and it’s drained     focus on that 20 percent.
    Each of us has our own value system.       by not keeping your promises.                        Covey’s Quadrant. Stephen Covey
We’re not talking morality here. We’re              Bucky Fuller said it best: “Integrity is   developed a matrix to enhance our
speaking of the beliefs we have that are       the essence of everything successful.”          perspective on our tasks and gain a greater
well established even if they’re not           Success in any endeavor demands an              awareness of their priorities (see chart).
consciously apparent. When you operate         unshakable character.                           The greatest payoff comes from working
outside this value system, you can’t be                                                        on projects that are in quadrant II
effective. And it’s paramount that you                                                         (important, but not urgent). By focusing
discover these values and honor them.                                                          on quadrant two activities, we’ll position
(For more on this subject, see Scott                       First Things First                  ourselves to spend less time handling
Gingrich’s article on page two.)                                                               crises.
                                                                                                     Do you have to? Some things you
                                                   There’s no way to do everything we’d        may not really have to do. Ask yourself
                                               like to do. We can do anything we want, we      this question, “Would something terrible
               INTEGRITY                       just can’t do everything we want. We have       happen if I didn’t do this?” We often
                                               to prioritize. We need to be working on the     spend time doing things that we only
       It is not what we eat                   things that are the most important. By          thought were necessary.
       but what we digest                      doing so, we’ll see the greatest payoff. Plan        Learn to say “No.” It’s not easy at
       that makes us strong;                   your work, and work your plan.                  first, but you’ll get better at it. If you
                                                   ABC List. When you make a list of           don’t set your priorities, someone else will
       not what we gain
                                               things to do, assign a value to each one.       do it for you—with their requests.
       but what we save                        “A” means something you’re absolutely                Ask Lakein’s Question: What’s the
       that make us rich;                      committed to doing—something that must          best use of my time right now? With
       not what we read                        be done. “B” is for tasks you want very         very little effort, you can usually
       but what we remember                    much to get done and eventually will be         determine the answer, but you have to ask
       that makes us learned;                  done—they’re just not urgent. “C” items         the question. And ask it often.
                                               are for those things you’d like to do, have          Schedule our to-dos. It’s not enough
       and not what we profess                 an intention to do, or what I call, “It’d be    to list the things you plan to do. You need
       but what we practice                    nice.”                                          to schedule them just like they were an
       that gives us Integrity.                    By assigning these priorities you’ll        appointment. Otherwise, they often won’t
                                               find it easier to determine on which items      get done. Keep in mind, however, that as
                           —Anonymous          you should be working. If you’re working        you plan, the key is not to prioritize your
                                               on C items, it’s probably because you’re        schedule, but to schedule your priorities.
4                                                                                                               SUCCESS STRATEGIES · SPECIAL REPORT
                                                    Tape recorders. I think the cassette        others as well. People rise to your
                                               tape player is one of the best inventions of     expectations. If you can’t afford to hire or
             Tools & Technology                the past century. Be sure to have one in         contract with someone, perhaps you can
                                               your car. While you’re driving, you can          find a volunteer. People like to do things
                                               stay up to date on your industry, improve        worthwhile, and they don’t always have
     Call it your Success Toolbox. We must     your people skills or even learn a second        to be remunerated in money. Be creative.
keep up-to-date on the tools technology        language. Most of us spend a fair amount             Write it down—a short pencil is
has to offer.                                  of time in our cars, and we can be               better than a long memory any day. Make
     Computers. Operating successfully         educating ourselves while we travel. It’s        your notes in one place where you can
into the next century without being            also a good idea to carry a hand-held tape       easily access them—preferably your
competent with computers and being             recorder for noting thoughts and ideas as        computer. Write out your goals, your
online isn’t too likely. If you don’t have a   they occur to us.                                plans, ideas, and keep track of the results.
computer, get one. If you don’t know how                                                        Keeping a personal journal is highly
to use it , take a class.                                                                       recommended.
     If you’re not online, sign up with one                                                         KISS. Your slogan should be KISS—
of the commercial online services or a local               Systematize                          Keep It Short & Simple. The more
Internet service provider and get your feet                                                     complicated something is, the harder it is
wet. It’s fun, inexpensive, efficient,                                                          to understand and the less interested
entertaining and educational.                       Create systems that support you.            people will be in it. Emerson said it best
     Software. Today’s programs are            Automate and systematize as much as you          almost a hundred years ago, “Simplify.
powerful tools for getting your work done.     can so they happen by themselves                 Simplify. Simplify.”
Spend the time necessary to learn the most     without thought, action or attention on              Let go of the past—without guilt.
up-to-date office suites like MS Office or     your part. In doing so, you free yourself        Most people go around carrying
Word Perfect. The good news is that            to do what humans are best designed to           yesterday’s, last year’s and even 20-year-
they’re starting to operate more and more      do—think, create and enjoy.                      old baggage. It drags you down and
alike. Learn one, and learning another is           Be Organized. There’s no such thing         detracts from your focus and power. Get
easy.                                          as a disorganized person—only one who            things done and put them behind you.
     Contact manager, scheduler, task          doesn’t organize themselves. You can do it       There’s a power, a release and a satisfac-
manager. Part of your computer system          and it will make your life more fun.             tion that comes from being complete.
should be a personal information manager            Handle things once whenever                 Sometimes you simply need to declare
(PIM) that will make it easy to keep track     possible. Every time you pick something          something complete in order for it to be
of people and schedule your tasks and          up, look at it and think about it, it            so.
appointments. Once you have one, you’ll        consumes time and takes away your focus
wonder how you ever got by without it.         from something else.
We recommend Microsoft Outlook. Act!                Have a place for things. Make things
and Gold Mine are two other good ones.         easy to find. Time spent looking for items                  Become a Master
     Personal Planner. If you’re not near      is not only wasteful, it’s frustrating,
your computer most of the time, you need       causes us to be late for appointments and
a planner. The DayRunner™ and The              makes us less fun to be around. Put stuff           Dedicate yourself to being your best.
Franklin Planner™ are good choices. The        in the same place so you don’t have to           We can’t be masters of everything, but we
key here is to have everything in one          think about where it is. Life is too short to
place. Most PIMs for the computer allow        spend looking for things.
you to print out your schedule, address             Delegate. You don’t have to do it           “One who works with
book and task list for you to put into your    alone—get help. Big things require big           his hands is a laborer;
                                               plans with lots of resources. One of the
carry-around planner.
                                               biggest challenges facing the entrepreneur-
                                                                                                one who works with his hands
     Strive to have a paperless existence.
It’s not easy but you can come close. Get      ial or intrepreneurial type is the difficulty    and his head is a craftsman; one
things into your computer system, print        of delegating tasks and responsibilities. It’s   who works with his hands, his
out only the things you have to, and           a learned skill and one we need to master.
remember to back it all up regularly.               Ask a lot of yourself, but ask a lot of     head and his heart is a master.”
SUCCESS STRATEGIES · SPECIAL REPORT                                                                                                        5
can all be masters of something. Resolve to      you can master them.
be an authority in your industry. Here               Find your most productive time(s) of                      TAKE TIME
again, your self-confidence will increase        the day. Everyone has his or her own           Take time to work—
dramatically when you become an expert.          rhythm. You may be a night person or              It is the price of success.
We need general knowledge, but we also           perhaps the morning is your most               Take time to think—
need specialized knowledge. What are you         productive time. Don’t fight it, make it          It is the source of power.
willing to be a master of?                       work for you! Schedule your most               Take time to play—
     The novelist James Michener writes,         challenging work during your most alert           It is the secret of perpetual youth.
“The master in the art of living makes little    and productive times.                          Take time to read—
distinction between his work and his play,           Make it fun. Jerry Greenfield of Ben          It is the fountain of wisdom.
his labor and his leisure, his mind and his      and Jerry’s Ice Cream has a saying, “If it’s   Take time to be friendly—
body, his information and his recreation,        not fun, don’t do it.” It’s not a bad motto.      It is the road to happiness.
his love and his religion. He hardly knows       Anything worth doing has parts of it that      Take time to love and to be loved—
which is which. He simply pursues his            aren’t always fun, but that doesn’t mean          It is nourishment for the soul.
vision of excellence at whatever he does,        the project itself can’t be fun. Look for      Take time to share—
leaving others to decide whether he is           ways to make your work more festive.              It is too short a life to be selfish.
working or playing. To him he’s always           You can be serious without being grim.         Take time to laugh—
doing both.”                                         Keep a sense of humor about things            It is the music of the heart.
                                                 (you’ll need it). When problems and            Take time to dream—
                                                 catastrophes occur—and they will—                 It is hitching your wagon to a star.
                                                 remember this: If you’re going to laugh
            Health & Energy                      about it later, you might as well laugh        the “stinking thinkers.”
                                                 about it now. Life is too important to take        Your goals should turn you on. Be
                                                 seriously. Be patient. Enjoy the ride.         immersed in a vocation that has meaning
    Vince Lombardi said, “Fatigue makes                                                         and value to you—a purpose bigger than
cowards of us all.” You can’t expect to do                                                      yourself. Whatever it is, find it and use it
your best if you’re sick or tired. Get                                                          to your advantage. By being engrossed in
plenty of rest. Take care of yourself. Take                  Inspiration                        something you feel passionate about,
a good vitamin supplement. Don’t do                                                             you’ll stay motivated.
things that are unhealthy. You know what                                                            Remember why you’re doing this.
they are. Take breaks in your routine, in            Find things that motivate you.             Concentrate on your goals—big and small
your day and in your life. Take charge of        Maybe it’s books, tapes or music. Certain      alike. Pay attention to why you chose to
your moods and attitudes. You are not            people are inspiring to be around. Hang        do what you’re doing. Think about your
your emotions, you have emotions—and             out with them and don’t spend time with        family. Focus on the payoff.
                                                                                                    Reward Yourself. It’s important to
                                                                                                mark the achievement of a goal or
                                     ATTITUDE                                                   milestone. Take some time off. Celebrate.
                                    By Charles Swindoll                                         Enroll the family. Let them see the joy of
          “The longer I live the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. Attitude, to    winning. Go out to dinner. Turn down a
     me, is more important than facts. It is more important than the past, than educa-          glass. Make it fun. We all like to be
     tion, than money, than circumstances, than failures, than successes, than what other       acknowledged and we need to do it for
     people think or say or do. It is more important than appearance, giftedness or skill.      ourselves as well as others.
     It will make or break a company . . .a church . . .a home. The remarkable thing is             Overcoming procrastination.
     we have a choice every day regarding the attitude we embrace for that day. We              Procrastination is so easy. It’s like
     cannot change our past . . .we cannot change the fact that certain people will act in      darkness, it’s what shows up when there’s
     a certain way. We cannot change the inevitible. The only thing we can do is play on        no light.
     the one string we have, and that is our attitude . . . I am convinced that life is 10%         When you just can’t seem to do
     what happens to me and 90% how I react to it. And so it is with you...we are in            something, commit to at least starting it.
     charge of our attitudes.”                                                                  Beginning is half done. Many times I’ve
                                                                                                found myself working on a project long
6                                                                                                               SUCCESS STRATEGIES · SPECIAL REPORT
after I had planned, simply because I                                                          ducks.” The ducks being the little nagging
promised myself I would just start it.                                                         things that eat up our patience and our
Once I’d begun, I had some momentum                                                            creativity. Clear the decks. Get things out
and I kept going.                                                                              of the way. Effect completions.
                                                                                                   In doing so, you’ll be able to create
                                                   Create your own success team.               reserves of money, time and energy. The
                                               Don’t try to go it alone. It’s too big a        best thing you can do is get out of debt.
             Consistency                       world, there are too many negative              Other than disease, we know of little else
                                               influences, and it’s too easy to lose focus.    that hampers our efficacy more than this.
                                               No company would operate without a              Perhaps it is a disease.
                                               board of directors. You can have the same
    Nothing worthwhile is ever achieved
                                               principles working for you by having your       And Finally . . .
easily or quickly. Success may not be
                                               own team of advisors—free!                           In order to accomplish our dreams
easy, but it is simple. Anyone can be
                                                   And stay away from the doom-                and live the life we have imagined, we
successful if they’re clear on their
                                               sayers—the people with mental BO. You           must maintain constant diligence in
objectives and consistent and diligent in
                                               can’t afford being around them. Learn to        becoming and remaining effective. It’s a
their efforts. Consistency is where most
                                               care less about what other people think.        life-long process and it takes a commit-
people fall down. The habits and tasks
                                               They don’t have to live your life—you do.       ment to being our best.
needed to live a successful life are things
                                                                                                    We’d like to help. If you liked the
that anyone can and usually does do. It’s
                                                   NOTE: Members receive a special             ideas and concepts in this report, you’ll
just that the successful person does them
                                                report on creating and running your            definitely benefit from the information,
                                                    own personal Success Team.                 inspiration and ongoing support Success
    It’s not how long it takes, it’s the
                                                                                               Net has to offer. If you’re not already a
results produced. When it comes to
                                                   Build Reserves. You can’t do your           member, we invite you to enroll
accomplishment, time is clearly relative.
                                               best when you’re worried about the              today. It’s free.                       SS
Einstein once explained his Theory of
                                               telephone bill. Most people allow
Relativity in this way. “If you sit with a                                                      Visit
                                               themselves to be “nibbled to death by
beautiful girl, two hours seem like two
minutes. If you sit on a hot stove, two
minutes seem like two hours. That’s                                         RECOMMENDED RESOURCES
    The results produced in an hour of
                                                 Awaken The Giant Within, Tony Robbins
focused, committed, high-intentioned
activity can be hundreds of times more           Do It! Let’s Get Off Our Buts, Peter McWilliams
valuable than the same effort without these      First Things First, Stephen Covey
ingredients. And there’s no obstacle that        How to Get Control of Your Time & Your Life, Alan Lakein
will not submit to consistent, focused, hit-     How To Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie
it-hard, all-out massive action.                 Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey
    In order to reap, we must sow. And           Teamworks, Barbara Sher & Annie Gottlieb
then we must water, cultivate and have           The On-Purpose Person, Kevin McCarthy
patience. You can’t be digging up what
                                                 Ten Natural Laws of Successful Time & Life Management, Hyrum Smith
you’ve planted to see how it’s doing.
                                                 Think & Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill
    There’s a season for everything. Trust
in what Covey calls, “The Law of the             Your Money or Your Life, Joe Dominquez & Vicki Robin
Farm.” And Harvey McKay recommends,
“Dig your well before you’re thirsty.”                                             PERIODICALS
                                                 Home Office Computing                   Priorities
                                                 Inc. Magazine                           Fast Company
 “Better to attempt something great and          Success Strategies
fail, than attempt nothing and succeed.”

SUCCESS STRATEGIES · SPECIAL REPORT                                                                                                     7
               Excellence is never an accident. It is achieved in an organization or institution only
          as a result of an unrelenting and vigorous insistence on the highest standards of perfor-
          mance. It requires an unswerving expectancy of quality from the staff and volunteers.
               Excellence is contagious. It infects and affects everyone in the organization. It charts
          the direction of a program. It establishes the criteria for planning. It provides zest and
          vitality to the organization. Once achieved, excellence has a talent for
          permeating every aspect of the life of the organization.
               Excellence demands commitment and a tenacious dedication from the leadership of
          the organization. Once it is accepted and expected, it must be nourished and
          continually reviewed and renewed. It is a never-ending process of learning and
          growing. It requires a spirit of motivation and boundless energy. It is always the result of a
          creatively conceived and precisely planned effort.
              Excellence inspires; it electrifies. It potentializes every phase of the organization’s life.
          It unleashes an impact which influences every program, every activity, every committee,
          every staff person. To instill it in an organization is difficult; to sustain it, even more so. It
          demands imagination and vigor. But most of all, it requires from the leadership a con-
          stant state of self-discovery and discipline.
              Excellence is an organization’s life-line. It is the most compelling answer to apathy
          and inertia. It energizes a stimulating and pulsating force. Once it becomes the expected
          standard of performance, it develops a fiercely driving and motivating philosophy of opera-
          tion. Excellence is a state of mind put into action. It is a road-map to success. When a
          climate of excellence exists, all things—staff work, volunteer leadership, finances, pro-
          gram—come easier.
               Excellence in an organization is important—because it is everything.

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