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                                                                                            Aug 31, 2007
           AAAOM Member:

           As a follow-up to our published annual meeting notice in The American Acupuncturist,
           Summer 2007, Vol.40, published, June 30, 2007, please review the enclosed information

           Please be advised that the bylaws developed as a result of the reunification call for voting of
           bylaw changes, when proposed, and elections to fill seats for new Directors at our Annual
           Meeting. The Annual Meeting will be held this year in Portland, Oregon, on October 20, 2007, at
           our “Strength Through Unification” Conference. This notice provides information on voting
           procedures for members who wish to vote but will not be in attendance.

           Any AAAOM Individual member in good standing may assign their vote to another AAAOM
           Individual member in good standing for the Annual Meeting via the Individual Member Voting
           Authorization (IMVA), hereafter referred to as “proxy”.

           For a proxy vote to be valid, the Individual Member MUST provide a written and signed
           affidavit to the AAAOM Executive Director. The affidavit must:

                     have the member’s full name, signature, AAAOM identification number, address,
                     phone number, and, if applicable, the name of the State Acupuncture Association that
                     they are currently a member of;

                     have the full name, AAAOM identification number, contact phone number and
                     address of the Individual Member that you are assigning your proxy to, and

                     be sent via US mail or fax and be RECEIVED by the AAAOM Executive Director at
                     least 21 days prior to the annual meeting to be valid (Saturday, September 29, 2007).

           Deliver to:
           Rebekah Christensen, Executive Director
           P. O. Box 162340, Sacramento, CA 95816
           Fax: 916-443-4766

       At the Annual Meeting, an Individual Member in good standing may carry and vote up to 10
       (ten) Individual Member Voting Authorizations (proxies), plus their own vote (not considered a
       proxy), for a total of 11.

       If you are a member of a State Association that is an AAAOM Organizational Member, there
       may be an appointed delegate who will cast the votes for all of its Joint Members at the Annual
       Meeting.* Therefore, if you are a member of your State Association and you choose to carry
       your own vote, your vote will be deducted from the delegate votes cast by your association,
       along with any proxy votes you might carry that fall in the same capacity.

       The Delegate(s) of an Organizational Member of AAAOM vote only the IMVAs that have been
       properly registered in writing with the Executive Director of AAAOM, according to the rules set
       forward here by the Board of AAAOM.

       There will be no exceptions to this procedure or late affidavits accepted.


       * If you are attending the conference and are an Individual Member in good standing, inquire
       with your State Association about the status of its delegate. You may be able to represent your
       Association as its delegate if they have not yet appointed one. The Organizational Member will
       need to follow the protocol for appointing delegates.

       In closing, a blank copy of this proxy is posted in the “Members Only Section” of the website
       (under Member Services at www.aaaomonline.org). To access this section, the User Name is
       your Last Name, and the Password is your Membership Number. (Your member number is listed
       on the enclosed Proxy.)


       Leslie McGee RN, LAc, DiplAc/CH
       AAAOM President
                         * You must submit your proxy on this form ONLY*
Individual Member Voting Authorization               AAAOM Membership Meeting 2007

I, _______________________, hereby irrevocably              Name:____________________________________________
assign my vote to the individual indicated below:
 (complete all fields)

Name: ___________________________________                   Phone:___________________________________________
                                                            AAAOM #:
Address: _________________________________
City/ST/Zip: ______________________________                 State Assoc (if applicable)

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