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									   IJIS Program
County of Sacramento
  Sacramento, CA
       April 2007
IJIS Program Mission

The County’s Integrated Justice Information System (IJIS)
Program is designed to improve public safety through the
timely and accurate sharing of critical criminal justice
information among the stakeholder organizations in the local
criminal justice community.

Sponsor: Sacramento Criminal Justice Cabinet

Scope:   Adult and Juvenile criminal justice processes

Budget: Approximately $800k budget each Fiscal Year from
        the County Shared Systems Budget

Program Management: IJIS Program is staffed and managed
                   by the IJIS Program Manager
                   (OCIT employee)
IJIS Program Mission
The IJIS Program Team implements related integrated
justice projects on behalf of the IJIS Steering Committee &
IJIS stakeholder organizations

Each project is approved by the Steering Committee and
must meet at least one or more of the following goals:
      Improved data sharing among stakeholders
      Reduced redundant activities
      Improved ability to perform ad-hoc or trend analysis
IJIS Stakeholders

      Sacramento Police   Probation

                          District Attorney

                          Public Defender

IJIS Program Stakeholders (12)

  Sacramento County:                Sacramento Police Department
    Conflict Criminal Defenders     Sacramento County Superior
    Coroners Office                 Court
    County Executive’s Office
    District Attorney
    Department of Health and
    Human Services - Adult
    Protective Services and Child
    Protective Services
    Department of Human
    Assistance - Welfare Fraud
    Probation Department
    Public Defender
    Department of Revenue
Governance Structure

                  Sacramento County
                Criminal Justice Cabinet
                 Executive Committee
                                                   County Chief
                                                Information Officer

                   Steering Committee

               Technology         Security
               Committee         Committee
                                (CJIS / IJIS)

                    Program Office

                                Users Group
CJIS System (our justice system workhorse)
  Core justice operational system utilized by the stakeholders
  Resides on a mainframe in ADABAS
  Implemented in phases from 1978 thru 1996
  Supports: arrests/booking, known persons file, court
  calendaring/dispos, jail management, warrant processing, local
  criminal history, Probation and Public Defender Case
  Management System(s)
  Currently in maintenance mode with minor enhancements
Over the Years
  Technology has migrated towards client server vs. mainframe
  Stakeholders are developing their own Case Management
  IT staffing has migrated from centralized to decentralized; IT
  staff have grown significantly in the stakeholder organizations
  Stakeholders have an increasing need to exchange data with
  other justice organizations is a distributed environment
  Stakeholders desire to use CJIS data directly with their
  departmental system in order to meet their operational needs
  Stakeholders desire to leverage CJIS data and use the
  information in a distributed environment for reporting, case
  processing, etc.
  Stakeholders have developed their own systems that often
  duplicate functionality
  Provide Super Query Capabilities
  Maintain momentum in IJIS Program by implementing integration
  projects that are of operational value to the stakeholders
IJIS Database Environment

  Integrated Justice Information System (IJIS) - Microsoft
  SQL Server 2005 Clustered Database Environment
  IJIS is currently populated in near-real-time with data
  updated from CJIS using Treehouse Software’s DPSync
  IJIS Stakeholders use the IJIS database for reporting and to
  interface with their mission critical applications
County Environment Overview (continued)
IJIS Accomplishments

  Comprehensive IJIS Strategic Plan developed and
  Benchmarking Study completed & published (included study
  of 19 jurisdictions)
  Effective Governance Structure in place (Steering,
  Technology, & Security Committee(s); Users Group)
  Implemented a District Attorney/Court Interface for
  electronic transfer of criminal complaints
  Implemented an IJIS Database Environment (complete copy
  of CJIS database in a SQL server environment; data
  security by departmental role; updated on a near real time
  basis; replication of data to 5 stakeholders, date/time
  stamps on all tables)
IJIS Accomplishments

  Justice Information Sharing Capability Assessment
  completed with State University of New York at Albany
  Shared Systems Budget and Service Level Agreement in
  place and revised as needed
  IJIS Program intranet and internet site(s) established:
     Internet: www.ijisprogram.saccounty.net
     Intranet: http://inside.ocit.saccounty.net
  Recently completed a Proof of Concept to allow stakeholder
  applications to update CJIS via web services
Lessons Learned
  Establish a comprehensive plan and update as needed; ensure
  stakeholder buy-in
  Build a strong business case/ Return on Investment (ROI)
  Establish a solid/on-going funding source
  Establish and effectively use a strong governance structure
  Utilize a dedicated project team
  Strive to make enterprise-wide decisions, focus on the “big
  Publicize accomplishments and keep stakeholders engaged
  Use Internet/Intranet to raise awareness and share program
  Keep key decision makers involved; recruit executive level
Lessons Learned
  Reach out to other jurisdictions to bring new voices to the table
  Look for collaborative projects to be implemented
  Jointly fund projects where appropriate; implement bite size
  Strike an effective balance of “planning” and “doing”
  Ensure that business needs drive program outcomes; not
  proposed technical solutions

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