A range of bandsaws which combines accurate
cuts and high speeds, adapted to
all types of profiles used in steel construction

Internationally well-known for their robustness, accuracy and speed of execution, Behringer saws allow
the straight and mitre cut of all types of profiles.

Being a natural additional equipment to our HD fast drilling machines, the drilling sawing line represents
the key element of the performance in steel construction workshops.

Important design factor:

HBP machines are designed for fast and economical cutting, and are characterised by:

      Two guide pillars giving better stability

      Frame in cast iron giving a high rigidity

      Inclined band wheels for a longer-life of saw blades

      Easy access and clean-up of machines
Saw with 700 or 900 mm capacity               Saw with 1200 mm capacity                    Micro dosing system for lubrication

Horizontal and vertical clamping units        Rotating chip brush                          Inclined wheel with band saw driving system

Main technical characteristics:

       High driving power for a fast cut of profiles
       Regulation of the cutting speed by continuous adjustable frequency variation
       Horizontal clamping on each side of the blade and vertical clamping for an optimized
       support of the part for straight and mitre cuts
       Inclined driving wheels reducing significantly the blade wear
       Combined roller guides and hydraulically pre-tensioned carbide guides
       Optimized (hydraulic) blade tensioning to carry out accurate cuts
       Easy access to the blade allowing fast changing without tools
       Inclined saw blade to carry out cuts on materials with thick flanges and webs
       without vibration
       Optimized blade down stroke according to cut width
       Auto regulated hydraulic feed allowing an automatic adjustment to the profile’s
       type and blade wear
       Sensing system for a fast approach and optimized passage to working speed
       Rotating chip brush for band cleaning
       Integrated micro dosing system minimizing the quantity of lubricant used
       Standard “Free cut” system (from 700 mm capacity) to prevent material tightening
       on the saw blade
       NC saw blade rotation +/- 45° or +45/-60° depending on models and options
       Saw rotation axis located on the reference for an easy correction of angles
       Integrated detection of saw band breakage, sliding or leaving the guides
       Common control system with HD machine in case of drilling sawing line installation
       ProNC 2® software for programming under Windows in case of installation of
       sawing line with carriage:
               Very user friendly
               Numerous functions
               Graphic and table mode
               Nesting with optimization
       Hanging control panel with TFT 15” screen and tight keyboard with integrated mouse
       (on HD machine for drilling sawing line installation, on HBP machine for sawing line)
       Air conditioning in control cabinet (common with HD machine for drilling sawing line
       Standard network connection with DSTV file import
                                                  Characteristics                                                     HBP310-523G HBP410-723G                     HBP410-923G HBP530-1104G HBP800-1304G
                                                  Saw blade dimensions (mm)                                             5000x34x1.1        6300x41x1.3                6700x41x1.3                      8800x54x1.6                       10600x67x1.6
                                                  Drive motor (kW) - frequency controlled                                    4                   4                         4                                7,5                                11
                                                  Cutting speed (m/min)                                                   20-140              20-140                    20-140                            17-110                            17-120
                                                  Cutting range 90° round (mm)                                              310                410                       410                               530                                800
                                                  90° flat (Width x Height in mm)                                         520 x 310          700 x 400                 900 x 400                        1100 x 500                         1300 x 750
                                                  45° Mitre right / flat (Width x Height) (mm)                            260 x 300           450 x 380                 600 x 380                        700 x 500                          800 x 600
                                                  45°mitre left / flat (Width x Height) (mm)                              350 x 310          450 x 400                 600 x 400                         700 x 500                          800 x 600
                                                  Material positioning height (mm)                                          800                 800                      800                               800                                830
                                                  Weight (kg)                                                              1900                2800                      3000                             5800                               7300
                                                  Possible increase in capacity (90°) (mm)                                                                                                             1200 x 500                         1500 x 600
                                                  Saw blade angle                                                           3°                  3°                         3°                               4°                                  4°
                                                  Air conditioning system in electrical cabinet for sawing line
                                                  HBP driver software with new Pro NC 2 for sawing line
                                                  Telemaintenance for sawing line
                                                  DSTV Import for sawing line
                                                  Automatic hydraulic control of feed
                                                  Mechanical sensing of the height to cut
                                                  Double horizontal clamping of material
                                                  Vertical clamp
                                                  Control of blade sliding
                                                  Horseshoe proximity switch in case of saw band leaves the guides
                                                  Automatic cut-out on breakage of the saw blade
                                                  Hydraulic tension of saw blade
                                                  Guiding of band with carbide inserts
                                                  60° rotation on one side
                                                  Separate hydraulic power unit
                                                  Free Cut system               .
                                                  Adjustment of clamping stress
                                                  Automatic rotation of the saw
                                                  Rotating chip brush
                                                  Braking of rotating frame during cuts
                                                  Micro dosing system for lubrication
                                                  Roller table with powered hydraulic lifting roller
                                                  NC measuring back stop instead of propelling carriage
                                                  Chip conveyor
                                                   Standard                                     Optional                              Not applicable                             VERNET BEHRINGER reserves the right to modify technical data without previous notice.
                                                                                                                                                                                 Characteristics are given for steel E24 / ST37

                                                  VERNET BEHRINGER range: complete range of equipments required for working plates and section profiles
                                                  HD     High speed multispindle drilling lines for working profiles                   RD             Cutting lines for notching all types of profiles
                                                  HBP    Bandsawing machines for profiles                                              PG / FG        Punching-drilling machines for plates
                                                  MAP    Punching-shearing lines for all types of profiles                             MAG B          Combined marking-punching-drilling-cutting lines for plates
                                                  VP     Punching-drilling-shearing lines for angle sections                          PS             Punching-shearing machines for flat bars and angle sections
                                                  VF     Punching-notching-shearing lines for angle sections and flat bars             UP / UPA Portable hydraulic punching units for all types of profiles

                                                  VERNET BEHRINGER
                                                  ZAE Capnord - BP 37423
                                                  13, Rue de la Brot
                                                  F-21074 DIJON CEDEX

                                                       + 33 (0) 380 732 163
                                                       + 33 (0) 380 721 534
STUDIO du Val de S. / TOILLON G. 03 80 36 12 48


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