Operation First Class Weekend by tlu18752


									Operation First Class

   30 April – 2 May 2010
       Camp Patten
       Lakeland, GA
                   ALAPAHA LODGE
                   ORDER OF THE ARROW
                   1841 Norman Drive
                   Valdosta, GA 31601

Dear Troop Members and Scoutmasters,

       We are honored to welcome you to the 2010 Operation First Class Weekend.
This is a great time for new Scouts to learn or refresh their basic Scouting skills
needed for the trail that leads to the Eagle rank. With participation in this event, a
Scout will learn skills needed to complete several Tenderfoot, Second Class, and
First Class requirements. This event will also be a great way for a new Boy Scout
to start his Scouting career.

       We, Alapaha Lodge, Order of the Arrow, are pleased to announce that we
will once again be your host for this weekend of learning, friendship, and Scouting.
It allows us to come together in service to do great for the members of our local
council. We hope that the Scouts that we will teach this weekend will someday
become great members of the Order of the Arrow.

      We promise that we will do our best and do our duty to give guidance to
these Scouts who deserve the best instruction to become great future leaders in
Scouting and abroad. If you have any questions, please feel free to see either one
of us, and we will help in the best, possible way. I hope all of you enjoy the
opportunities that will be offered this weekend.

Yours in Scouting,

Jared Koebble                                                      Andrew Smith
Operation First Class Chairman                                   Alapaha Lodge Chief
                                  Operation First Class Weekend
                                               Camp Patten
                                           30 April – 2 May 2010

       Operation First Class Weekend will be an exciting opportunity for new Scouts to become
       acquainted with some of the basic outdoor skills needed to complete some of the requirements
       for the ranks of Tenderfoot through First Class. The aim of this weekend is not to lecture and
       demonstrate skills for the Scouts, but to actually allow them to practice the skills and give them a
       firmer understanding of the concepts.

NEW!   This year, several new program items will be incorporated into Operation First Class to make
       sure there is something offered for everybody. First, we will be offering two special merit badges
       for your older Scouts. The first of these merit badges is Signaling, first offered in 1910 and
       discontinued in 1992, but reopened for the 100th Anniversary. The requirements for Signaling
       and the other historic merit badges may only be worked on between 1 January 2010 and 31
       December 2010.

       The other is the Geocaching Merit Badge. This merit badge is new to Scouting in 2010. The
       nature of the requirements does not allow it to be completed at the weekend. However, Scouts
       will leave with the skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm to get into the game that has established
       itself as a part of Scouting in the 21st century. Scouts will be able to participate in both of these
       merit badges on Saturday.

       *These merit badges are available to Scouts over Second Class with no leadership
       responsibilities for the other activities.

       The other special event that will be taking place at Operation First Class will be the Scoutmaster
       Clay Shoot. At the end of the instructional period on Saturday afternoon, Scoutmasters may try
       their hand at dusting some clay pigeons on the shotgun range. This event will be for bragging
       rights only. Troops are more than welcome to come down and cheer on their Scoutmasters.

       The registration deadline is Friday, April 23, 2010. Your registration package must be in the
       council office by closing time on the 23rd. Cost for the event is $15 for Scouts and $15 for adults.
       Late registration fee (after 23 April) is $20 for Scouts and $20 for adults.

       Check-in at Camp will begin at 5:00 PM on Friday, 30 April. Upon checking in, you will be
       directed to your troop’s camping area to unload and begin setting up camp.

       All vehicles will be parked in the areas immediately adjacent to the new gateway on both sides
       of the new road. Vehicles may drive into the camping area to unload, but must be removed
       immediately after unloading. No vehicles will be allowed to enter the camping area after 9:00
       PM Friday night until Sunday after the chapel service. Late arrivals will be assisted in
       transporting their gear from the parking lot to the camping area.

       Policy on Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco
       The Boy Scouts of America expressly forbid alcoholic beverages of any kind. This will result in
       immediate ejection from the event. Any individual in the possession of or consuming any
alcoholic beverages will be asked to leave the event. This rule will be strictly enforced.

Drugs and controlled substances are ILLEGAL and are ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN.

Boy Scouts of America prohibits the use of tobacco products in the presence of a Scout.

Health and Safety issues
    No Scout shall ride in the cargo area of station wagons, trucks or vans.
    No fireworks or personal firearms.
    In accordance with BSA policy, no adult shall sleep in a tent with a child other than
      his/her own child.
    No motorized vehicles or tools such as go-carts, four-wheelers or chain saws are allowed.

Restroom Facilities
The designations for the restrooms, in accordance with the BSA’s Youth Protection Policy, are
as follows:
             Youth (under 21) are to use the left side of the Shower House.
             Men are to use the right side of the Shower House.
             Women will use the restrooms and showers located in the Vulcan Pavilion.

The showers on the Scout side are strictly for the use of the Boy Scouts.

Please urge your Scouts to keep the youth side of the restroom facilities clean. To aid in this
effort, an hourly rotation of units checking on the bathrooms will be announced at the leaders’
meeting Friday night.

Camping and Your Campsite
Camping will be in the main camping area (under the pines) at camp, therefore, only leave no
trace campfires will be permitted. Leave no trace guidelines state that upon vacating your camp
site, there should be no trace whatsoever that a fire was there. This rules out open ground fires. If
possible use a pre-existing fire ring or a fire barrel.

Please pay close attention to the neatness of your campsite. Establishing the principles of a clean
and safe campsite will give new Scouts a good habit to practice in the future. Also, a campsite
inspection will be conducted at some point during the weekend and recognition will be given out
for the highest scores. Also, NO GROUND FIRES ARE ALLOWED. Please either utilize an
existing fire ring, or preferably a fire barrel.

Each troop will be responsible for its own meals for the weekend, with the exception of the
Saturday noon meal, which will be provided. Drinking and cooking water will be provided.
Water spigots are located at the bath house on both sides for Troop use. The water spigot at the
Pepsi Shack will not be used for troop use.
Events will be run in explanation/demonstration style with breakouts for practice and additional
help with the skills. Scouts will travel by troops and may be placed with another troop depending
on size.

      Basic knots and lashings
      Wood Tool Safety
      Fire Building and Fire Safety
      Flags
      First-Aid

Skills will be taught that cover the following requirements:
        Tenderfoot: Requirements 4, 6, 11
        Second Class: Requirements 1a, 2c & d, 5
        First Class: Requirements 1, 2, 6, 7

As stated earlier, the staff will not sign off on advancement. This task is the responsibility of the
Scoutmaster or other troop leader(s) as designated by the Scoutmaster, after review of the
Scouts’ knowledge of a particular requirement.

In regards to the merit badges mentioned earlier, you will see on the schedule that Signaling will
take place in the morning and Geocaching in the afternoon. If Scouts in these classes did not
complete something in class (semaphore message, Morse message, GPS use, etc.), they will be
able to meet with their instructors to finish those items or get in some extra practice during the
free period that starts at 3:00 on Saturday.

Please note that these merit badges are only open to Scouts who are at least Second Class and
who do not have any leadership responsibilities with the other events during the weekend.

Scoutmasters and Patrol Leaders’ Councils are urged to review this packet and plan their troop
programs to support the requirements and skills not covered during the weekend. It is possible
that after this weekend Scouts can be in a position to have completed their requirements for First
Class, but ONLY if other requirements are met prior to the weekend, and they visit with their
troop leadership after the skills instruction portion on Saturday.

Assembly and Flag Rising
As noted on the schedule, the will be two assemblies: one for raising the flag at 8:00 AM
Saturday morning, and one for lowering the flag at 6:00 PM Saturday evening. Troops should
arrive to both of these assemblies on time and in an orderly manner.

If there are any troops that wish to participate in the flag ceremony, tell the Event Chairman of
the camp or a representative from the OA lodge.

Campfire Program
Every troop should attend the campfire Saturday evening. Troops will meet in the amphitheatre
and the program will begin promptly at 8:00 PM. Skits and/or songs from troops will be

Please notify the Event Chairman if your group is interested in putting on a skit or song by noon
on Saturday.
                        Operation First Class
                         Schedule of Events

Friday April 30:
     5:00             Check- in begins
     8:00             Opening Campfire
           *Leader’s Meeting Immediately Following Campfire*
     11:00            Taps

Saturday May 1:
     7:00            Reveille
     8:00            Flag Ceremony (Flagpoles)

                     *Troops wishing to lead the presentation of the colors
                     should speak with the Event Chairman Friday
                     evening. *

     8:30 - 12:00    Signaling Merit Badge
     9:00 – 12:00    Round Robin Sessions
     12:05           Dismissed for Lunch
     1:05-3:00       Round Robin Sessions, Geocaching Merit Badge
     3:00            Dismissed from instruction for Dinner
     5:00            Assemble for Flag lowering
     8:00            Closing Campfire
     11:00           Taps

Sunday May 2:
     7:00            Reveille
     9:00            Chapel Service
     11:00           Checkout begins (Pepsi Shack)
                          Unit Roster
               (This form is to be turned in at Check in)



                      Scouts and Scouters Attending
                         Name                     Rank/Position
                         Operation First Class
                          Registration Form
Troop #________________


Phone #_______________

Registration Fees:                                          Late Fee is $20.00 and
                                                             $20.00 for adults
       $15.00 Per Scout                                     after April 23, 2010
       $15.00 Per Adult

Total Youth           ________ @ $15.00                     $_______________

Total Adults          ________ @ $15.00                     $_______________

Total Late Youth ________ @ $20.00                          $_______________

Total Late Adult      ________ @ $20.00                     $_______________

               Total Paid                                   $_______________

Tour Permit
All Troops are responsible for filing a Tour Permit with the Council Office.

Payment can be made at the Scout Service Center or by mailing this form to: Alapaha Area
Council, BSA, PO Box 1006, Valdosta, GA 31603

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