March Madness Ends; Healthcare Reform Legislation Becomes Law by ProQuest


It was not a linear process. Nor did it bear much resemblance to Political Science 101 diagrams that depict the passage of a bill in the US. A video montage of the journey to passage of healthcare reform legislation might include protesters confronting Democratic lawmakers at "town hall"-style meetings around the country in August, an angry outburst by a House member during Pres Obama's healthcare address to Congress in September, and the image of Obama standing at a lectern in the East Room of the White House on March 3, flanked by white-coated healthcare professionals, during one of many speeches exhorting Congress and the nation to support healthcare reform legislation. But after a series of false starts and missed target dates, amid ever-escalating partisan political rancor, healthcare reform legislation was finally signed into law in March. Within the healthcare industry, many provider groups expressed support for the legislation.

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