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					Welcome to the inaugural issue
of Tamarack Times newsletter
published by The Greenbrier.
                                                                                                          Times            Fall 1999 Volume 1

This newsletter will serve as an
informative and entertaining
glimpse into West Virginia’s vibrant
art and craft industry.
It is my pleasure to introduce you
to 59,000 square feet of culture,
art and cuisine—truly the art and
soul of the mountains.
As a native West Virginian, I am
proud to be represented by this
unique facility. More than 1.6                                                                                                      Photo by: Arnout Hyde
million visitors from all over the
world have experienced West
Virginia through Tamarack. Over
22,000 products of approximately
                                                           Enjoy West Virginia’s Best
2,000 artists range from single
marbles to museum-quality                                 This Fall and Holiday Season
sculptures, furniture and baskets.
No other state or country                                 ~ Dance, Art,Trains and Music Highlight Favorite Fall Events ~
showcases its artists or honors its
people with such a grand

monument. Named for the                           he autumn season kicks off with a           Where can a visitor experience first-hand the
Tamarack tree, which is known for                 cornucopia of offerings for everyone.       workings of a stained glass artist, a caricaturist,
strength and versatility, our facility            Upcoming events you won’t want to miss      furniture maker, jeweler, hot glass artist, quiltmaker,
reflects the diverse cultural            range from Tamarack’s Fall Art in the Mountains      mandolin maker, candymaker, confectioner, knitter
elements that combine to define          Festival October 9 and 10 to a month-long            and spinner, creator of scents for home and body,
West Virginia’s people.                  celebration of dance during October’s “Dance         woodturner and soapmaker all in one location?
                                         Month.” From folk to traditional dance to ballet,    Tamarack’s Fall Art in the Mountains Festival is the
With year-round festivals,               you will enjoy a full range of performances          place, and Columbus Day Weekend, October 9
performances, exhibits,                  throughout this celebration.Train enthusiasts        and 10, is the time.
demonstrations and regional              should conduct their engines to Tamarack
cuisine,Tamarack showcases               November 6 and 7 for TrainFest 99.This year’s        Participants will show and sell their craft as they
“The Best of West Virginia.”             festival features special events, performances and   line the outdoor pathways leading up to the
This newsletter will carry that          demonstrations revolving around the history and      entrance of Tamarack.The festival atmosphere
theme, offering recipes from the         lore of trains.                                      continues inside with selected exhibitors, theater
“A Taste of West Virginia” Food                                                               performances, strolling musicians and special
Court, artisan profiles, decorating      Join in the weekly excitement at Tamarack for our    harvest-style food features in the “A Taste of West
tips, upcoming events and more.          newest programming addition — Sunday at Two.         Virginia” Food Court.
Questions, comments and                  You can spend every Sunday afternoon at
                                         Tamarack with the award-winning cuisine of our       Enjoy both the beauty of the mountains in their
suggestions are welcomed and                                                                  radiantly changing colors and West Virginia
encouraged.                              “A Taste of West Virginia” Food Court, managed by
                                         The Greenbrier, followed by a free performance in    culture by spending time at these special events
                                         the theater at 2 p.m. Art lovers can attend a free   and festivals.
                  Most Sincerely,        coffee and desert reception at 2 p.m. on
                                         November 21 for our latest gallery exhibit Paper.    A Calendar of Events listing interesting activities and
                                         If you can’t make the reception you can still view   programs is available; simply call 1-88-TAMARACK
                  Robert Lilly           this show through the end of the year.               to have your name placed on our mailing list.
                  General Manager
jj              Fried Green
                Tomato Sandwich
                1 Firm Green Tomato - Sliced 1/4” thick
                1/4 Cup of Flour
                1/4 Cup of Corn Meal
                Salt and Pepper to Taste
                1 Tablespoon of Vegetable Oil
                Swiss Cheese - As many slices as you prefer
                3 to 4 Strips of Bacon - Cooked to your preference
                Real McCoy Mustard Sauce by Appalachian Mountain Specialty Foods
                Mayonnaise, Kaiser Roll
                Mix flour, corn meal, salt and pepper together in a bowl. Dredge tomato slices in flour until evenly coated. Place slices in a
                hot skillet with vegetable oil and brown both sides. When tomatoes are browned, slightly overlap them in the pan
                forming a circle, then top with Swiss cheese and bacon. When cheese begins to melt, remove from pan and place on
                Kaiser roll. Dress sandwich with Real McCoy Mustard Sauce and mayonnaise. Enjoy.
                *Serve with BBQ or spicy potato chips and a glass of iced tea or white wine.

h                Chef-Stuff
                 Chef Rob Underwood began his career at The Greenbrier
                 in 1992 and became Executive Chef at Tamarack’s “A Taste
                 of West Virginia” Food Court in 1997. Originally from
                 Traverse City, Michigan, the 28-year old studied at the
                                                                                      DECORATING             TIPS
                                                                                      Unique, heirloom-quality holiday treasures abound
                                                                                      throughout Tamarack:The Best of West Virginia. Many
                                                                                      memorable holiday celebrations begin by adding those special
                                                                                      decorative touches that complete a family’s personal style.
                 Culinary Institute of America and was one of its first               From handcrafted tree trimmings to aromatic candles in a
                 students to complete the newly-founded four-year                     rainbow of glittering colors to magnificent magnolia wreaths,
                 Bachelor of Professional Studies in Culinary Arts program.           Tamarack promises discerning decorators a grand collection
                 After working throughout the United States, including                from which to choose.
                 New York, Michigan and Los Angeles’ prestigious More                 Candles in a variety of aromatic fragrances are available at
                 Than A Mouthful Catering Company, Rob welcomed the                   Tamarack year-round. Cranberry spice cake, fresh balsam fir
                 opportunity to work with The Greenbrier and offer his                and grapefruit are just a sampling of the wonderful aromas
                 wife and daughters a more pristine life.                             that remind us of holidays past and inspire us for those in the
                 While many chefs have a particular specialty, Chef Rob               future. For a festive touch, try a mountain of votive candles
                 likes all aspects of the kitchen.Tamarack’s menu of daily            on a fireplace mantle with fresh pine as a carpet. And, for
                 gourmet specials, complimented by regional dishes, allows            those fireplaces not used for burning a Yule log, place large
                 Rob the creative freedom to showcase his talent as well as           columns at different levels in white birch logs to give the
                 the Appalachian cuisine indicative of West Virginia.                 effect of a dazzling hearth.

The Hills are Alive with the Sights and Sounds of Holiday Events
Experience and enjoy the sights, sounds, tastes     handmade purple ornaments. Experience the            special products — many created exclusively
and spirit of the holidays - West Virginia-style!   magic of Christmas with the one and only             for the holidays.
This holiday season, children young and old         Kris Kringle — Tamarack’s exclusive Old
will savor the consummate West Virginia             World Santa dressed in an exquisite custom-          In one location,Tamarack offers visitors the
experience in a shopping environment                made velvet costume.                                 opportunity to select special gifts from more
second to none. Filled to the brim with the                                                              than 30,000 West Virginia-made items.This
finest West Virginia-made creations, you will       Glimpses of times past and present are               collection of unrivaled beauty and charm
find treasured gifts for everyone on your           captured the first three weekends of                 includes practical gifts for every taste, style
holiday shopping list in every price range.         December at Tamarack’s Holiday Art in the            and pocketbook. Make holiday memories as
                                                    Mountains Festivals. Here, selected artists,         you spend time with one of West Virginia’s
During the holidays you will find Tamarack in       craftspeople and food producers will set-up          most treasured natural resources — its
“Shades of Purple.” Visitors are greeted at         mini shops and demonstrations to show off            artists, craftspeople, musicians and food
the main entryway with a showcase tree              their wares, interpret their skills and artistry,    producers in a holiday environment that truly
bursting with a plethora of limited edition,        tell their interesting stories and sell their        reflects The Best of West Virginia.
A Note from
Tamarack’s Kitchen
Welcome to Tamarack’s kitchen, where you will find down
home cuisine served with extra helpins’ of southern charm
and hospitality.
Since this is our premier newsletter, I would like to elaborate
on the mission of our “A Taste of West Virginia” Food Court
and how we are able to achieve our goals with the assistance
of The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs,West Virginia.
Our primary goal is to serve the highest-quality food, using
the freshest ingredients available from an array of suppliers,
including local growers and producers.
For example,Tamarack’s signature Fried Green Tomatoes are
supplied by Gritt’s Green House in Putnam County. Other
West Virginia-produced products are Jarroll’s Mild Sage and
Italian sausages, Langston’s BBQ Sauce,Thistledew Farm’s
honeys and mustards, Appalachian Mountain Specialty Foods
for dressings and sauces, Yoder’s Country Kettle preserves,
Blue Smoke Salsa, Mr. Bee Potato Chips, and many other
                         These products not only create our
                         regional cuisine, but also foster
                         Tamarack’s mission of supporting
 food, using
                         local cottage industries. Many of
                         these growers and producers work
                         closely with Tamarack to ensure
                                                                   Producer Profile
 the freshest            product quality and to offer serving      Tamarack’s “A Taste of West Virginia” kitchen uses Jarroll’s sausage in
 ingredients”            suggestions.This relationship allows      many of its dishes.The Jarroll family opened its restaurant, the Country
                         us to serve high-quality food at          Road Inn, almost 30 years ago. Located near Summersville in Nicholas
                         moderate prices.                          County, the Civil War era farmhouse features authentic homemade
                                                                   Italian dishes handed down over several generations.
Tamarack’s policy is to parallel the level of guest satisfaction
experienced at The Greenbrier through the quality and              Father Ed and brothers Dave and George Jarroll began making sausage
consistency of our product and the level of service guests         in 1980.Tamarack serves Jarroll’s mild sage sausage on its breakfast
receive.These quality standards have resulted in tremendous        menu and their Italian sausage for sandwiches, pizzas, and as entrees.
growth since Tamarack’s opening.                                   Always popular items in the menu, Jarroll’s sausages typify the high
                                                                   standard local producers achieve through fresh, quality ingredients and
Since May 1996, approximately 725,000 customers have               home-spun pride.
enjoyed the “A Taste of West Virginia” Food Court and
banquet services, such as Tamarack’s Dinner Theater Series.
We have also formed a relationship with Beckley’s new
Mountaineer Conference Center, which allows exclusive
catering opportunities for larger groups. As we grow, we will
continue to provide the “Best of West Virginia” through our
                                                                                    On Line Catalog
commitment to quality food and personal service.
                                                                              For more information on Tamarack,
Please feel free to share your questions, comments and                            upcoming events, or to shop
suggestions for articles in upcoming newsletters.You may write
to me at Tamarack’s “A Taste of West Virginia,” One Tamarack                West Virginia-made crafts and products,
Park, Beckley,WV 25801. I look forward to hearing from you.                           visit us on the web at
                                                                            Shopping opportunities include pottery,
                                                                             glass, wood, one-of-a-kinds, and more!
                                       Rob Underwood
                                       Executive Chef
  Artisan Profile:

  Robert L. Hamon
  Hamon Glass Studio

                                                        These sparkling and colorful one-of-a-kind masterpieces by Hamon Glass Studio represent a small
                                                        sampling of the exquisite collection offered at Tamarack. One of the state’s largest glass collections,
                                                        Tamarack’s Glass Department is comprised of more than 3,000 pieces.

           obert L. (Bob) Hamon has been producing award-winning                            Marilyn Kimble Holt, of Elkview; John Desmeules, of Eleanor; and, in
           art glass pieces since 1946. The eldest son of an established                    keeping with family tradition, Bob’s nephew Boyd Miller, of Hurricane.
           glassblowing family, Hamon began developing his art in 1935                      Today, Bob seeks not to duplicate old designs but to establish new,
  at the age of 10 in his father’s factory. Working in several glass                        romantic traditions. The result is a generation of stunning, museum
  factories through apprenticeships with master glassblowers, Bob                           quality pieces fusing color with brilliance and artistic style. Each
  continued to hone his skills through the years.                                           signed masterpiece is the culmination of 60 years of dedication to
  More than 20 years ago, Bob established the Hamon Glass Studio in                         glass, an abundance of artistry and skill, and an unwavering
  Scott Depot. Continuing the tradition of apprenticeships, Bob has                         commitment to high standards of excellence.
  employed many apprentices who have gone on to establish their                             Now at age 75, Bob, along with his brother Don, continues to work
  own studios. These apprentices include Tamarack juried artists,                           in his studio seven days a week.

 Open Daily January to March 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
     April to December 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  Special Services and Motorcoach Program
   Free Parking and No Admission Charge
           Handicapped Accessible
            Easy to Find
Exit 45, I-77 WV Turnpike Beckley,West Virginia
Tamarack is only one hour by car southesast
                                                  One Tamarack Park, Beckley,WV USA 25801
from Charleston,West Virginia and northwest
from The Greenbrier. It is also a one day drive
from most major cities on the east coast.

         For more information call
1-88-TAMARACK or visit
Calendar of Events
All events listed below (excluding
dinner theater) are free and open
to the public.

December 5
Cantori Montani - Singers of the
Mountains perform at 2 p.m. and
4 p.m.
December 10
Fairmont State College Tuba
Ensemble performs at 12:30 p.m.
New River Concert Band
performs at 7 p.m.
                                                                                                      Times           Winter 2000 Volume II

December 11
Church of God Choir with
Candy Cane Lane at 11 a.m.
Demonstration by weaver Kate
December 12
Pike View High School presents a
Boar’s Head and Yule Log Festival
at 2 p.m.                                       Favorites
Demonstration by weaver Kate
December 19
                                               Delivered to
Jerry Rose and Beckley Dance
Theater perform The Nutcracker
at 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.
                                               Your Door
January 9
Cabaret singer Barbara Good
performs at 2 p.m.

January 16                                     ou can now enjoy Tamarack products          of the year. Softcover, illustrated, 140 pages and
Splendida Musica performs at                   delivered to your front door. Just order    priced at $12.95, Dooryard Herbs is written
2 p.m.                                         from our new four-page catalog that is an   for herb enthusiasts everywhere.
January 23                           exciting cooperative marketing venture between
                                     Tamarack and ten juried artisans.Through this         Once you’ve tasted Gourmet Central’s Chef
Trillium Piano Trio performs at                                                            Harv’s Pecan Pie Jelly, you may think that you
2 p.m.                               program you will be able to order an array of
                                     products shipped directly to you from the artisan     just ate some of the world’s greatest pecan pies
Sundays @ Two                                                                              made by Chef Harv’s Grandma Connell. Chef
Attend a quality performance         or producer.
                                                                                           Harv took her recipe and put it in a jar as a treat
every Sunday at 2 p.m.               The first edition of “Tamarack Favorites by Mail”     to enjoy the year-round. Pecan Pie Jelly is great
Presentations range from musical
                                     features more than 30 selections including            over ice cream and pound cake, and also can be
performances to plays to other
forms of stage entertainment by      gourmet fare, jewelry, books on herbs, wooden         used in making fabulous jam baked apples, muffins,
a well-rounded selection of          desk accessories, hand-painted glass and goat milk    biscuits and mini pecan pies.The 20 oz. jar of jelly,
performers who showcase the          products. Prices range from $4.65 for homemade        that is sure to delight that special Pecan Pie lover,
myriad talented individuals and      jam to $15.00 for a hand-painted glass bowl to        is priced at $6.00.
groups in West Virginia.             $44.00 for a hand-turned wooden desk set and
                                     many items in between.                                Covered with exquisite pink blossoms and a
2000 Dinner Theater Series
                                                                                           hummingbird fluttering nearby, Crystal Cave’s
Three productions by West
Virginia performers offer an         As sweets for the sweet, your “Goldilocks” will       Hand-Painted Optic Glass pieces glisten with
exciting repertoire for the 2000     love The “Three Honey Bears” from West                iridescent violet tints and feature a scalloped
season. Guests will enjoy quality    Virginia collection filled with ThistleDew Farm’s     edge. With flowers blooming everywhere, they
entertainment complemented by        32 oz. Papa Bear, 12 oz. Mama Bear, 6 oz. Baby        are perfect for entertaining or as decorative
a gourmet dinner.                    Bear, a West Virginia Honey Cookbook and a “Bee       tabletop pieces. Priced at only $25.00 for the 10"
February 4 & 5, February 25 & 26     Man” post card. Priced at $11.95, honey lovers will   bowl, $15.00 for the 5 1/2" bowls and $18.00 for
and March 10 & 11                    be “beary” happy!                                     the 9" platter, these pieces are designed as a great
For additional information on                                                              addition to any glass enthusiast’s collection.
                                     In the herb gardening classic, Dooryard Herbs.
these or other Tamarack events       Linda Ours Rago shares her knowledge and love         Order your catalog today. Call 1-877-503-3046 or
please call toll-free
                                     of herbs. For the experienced and novice herb         e-mail us at
                                     gardener, this year-round guide contains a wealth
                                     of ideas for growing and using herbs each month
g          Caramelized Citrus Cured
           Atlantic Salmon

                       Once you savor this entrée during Tamarack’s upcoming
                       Dinner Theater series it will become one of your all time
                       favorites. Serves 4

                                      Equipment List:                    1. Lay salmon fillets on plate (skin side down).
4 boneless salmon fillets (6-8 oz.)   Plate                              2. In small bowl mix sugar, salt and pepper.
1/4 cup salt (kosher or sea salt)     Small Bowl                         3. Zest orange (use only the very outside of orange, not the
1/2 cup sugar                         Heavy Bottom Sauté Pan                white pith), with zester or gently remove zest of orange with
1 tablespoon white pepper             (non-stick pan will work well)        cheese grater.
3 tablespoons zest from orange        Spatula
                                                                         4. Evenly spread grated zest over top of salmon fillets.
Juice from zested orange              Zester or Cheese Grater
3 tablespoons vegetable oil                                              5. Next generously sprinkle top of salmon with salt and sugar
                                                                            mixture; gently squeeze oranges so the juice slightly moistens
                                                                            salt and sugar mixture. Let stand for 30 minutes.

                                                                         6. After 30 minutes gently brush excess salt, sugar and zest off
                                                                            salmon fillets. Do not rinse.
        Chef-Stuff                                                       7. Heat vegetable oil in sauté pan until tiny ripples form in
                                                                            bottom of pan.
        Tamarack’s “A Taste of West Virginia” Food Court:
        It’s More Than Meets the Eye                                     8. Place salmon in pan skin side up. Let salmon cook for 3 to 4
                                                                            minutes on each side or until evenly carmelized on both sides.
        When entering the food court area at Tamarack one                   Remove from pan and serve immediately.
        immediately notices the Deli, Grill, Bakery and our daily
                                                                         Serving suggestions: Steamed Rice and Fresh Seasonal Vegetables
        Chef ’s specials. But, there are many other tastes we have
        to offer, as well.
        In the planning process is a “Grab & Go” program. This
        will provide guests with busy schedules the opportunity to
                                                                          DECORATING              TIPS
        purchase pre-made sandwiches or complete meals that               Decorating Trends for the New Millennium
        can be reheated quickly. Guests will discover that these          Just as craftsmen reacted to the Industrial Revolution with
        menu selections are made in the same fashion as all               the arts and crafts movement at the turn of the last century,
        Tamarack food offerings — high quality selections, freshly-       finely crafted home décor accessories are enjoying immense
        prepared with only the freshest ingredients.                      popularity in today’s well-appointed homes.Tamarack visitors
        Adjacent to the food court visitors will find The                 will find decorative accents in all styles and media to accent
        Greenbrier Shoppe. Offerings range from gourmet                   their living spaces.
        coffees to cookies and handmade Greenbrier chocolates.            * The approaching new Millennium brings with it an
        Stop by day or night and enjoy a fresh latte, espresso,             acceptance of blurring time periods as well as styles of
        cappuccino or 100% Colombian Greenbrier coffee.                     home furnishings into more eclectic styles — traditional
        Moving on to Tamarack’s Gourmet Food area, guests will              and contemporary, or formal and casual.
        find themselves surrounded by a wide array of flavorful           * Metal architectural elements, furnishings and decorative
        food selections. Tamarack offers a wide variety of West             accessories continue to grow in popularity because of their
        Virginia grown and produced items many of which are                 durability and appeal to both men and women of all ages
        used in the food court operation. Try one of the salsas,
        grilling sauces, preserves or 100% pure maple syrup. Pre-         * People continue to place more and more emphasis on the
        made gift baskets are a perfect addition for any occasion.          home as a place of refuge. And, this trend is expected to
        Put Tamarack on your “to do list” to select your personal           continue into the next century. People long for a “homey”
        favorites. Can’t make it to Tamarack? To place an order             feel along with the latest technology. Plush chenille, fluffy
        simply call 1-88-TAMARACK (1-888-262-7225), visit our               pillows and scents of aromatherapy can all be used to
        web site at or e-mail us at                      create a special ambiance in your home that positively                                             affects mental and spiritual health.
                                                                          Visit Tamarack:The Best of West Virginia to view examples of
                                                                          these and many other decorating suggestions.
   A Note from
   Tamarack’s Kitchen
   A side of Tamarack unknown to many visitors is our
   banquet and conference services program. In three
   locations at Tamarack you can experience the sights, sounds
   and tastes of West Virginia as you celebrate, meet or greet.
                             The David L. Dickirson Fine Art
   Looking for               Gallery can accommodate up to 95
   somewhere                 people for a sit down event.The
                             Caperton Center Conference
   special to                Room can comfortably seat 45
   celebrate an              people for a similar event. A wide
   occasion or               variety of pre-set menu selections
   hold a business are available and ourcan custom-
                             knowledgeable staff
   meeting?                  design a menu for your special
   Call Tamarack! occasion. For information on these
                             services call 1-888-262-7225 and       Woodworker A.J. Borkowski’s carving Eastern Bluebirds depicts an
   ask for Wilma Noel. If your need for space exceeds               adult eastern bluebird with three young birds in astonishing detail.
   Tamarack’s capabilities, but you still want Tamarack’s quality
   food service, call the Mountaineer Conference Center at
   the Country Inns & Suites at (304) 252-5100.Tamarack has         Tamarack’s Mighty Carvers
   partnered with the conference center to provide all of their
                                                                    Nestled among Tamarack’s collection of 30,000 juried West Virginia arts,
   catering needs.Through this partnership we can
                                                                    crafts, and food products one will discover a selection of hand carved
   accommodate larger groups in a pleasant environment and
                                                                    wood pieces that rivals those found anywhere.The creators of these
   continue to provide great food.
                                                                    pieces are a highly celebrated group of woodworkers found amongst
   Please feel free to contact us with questions, comments and      more than 1,800 juried craftsmen, artists and producers.
   suggestions for Tamarack’s food service operations. Please
                                                                    As a group their work ranges from intricately detailed wildlife to fantasy
   write me at: One Tamarack Park, Beckley, WV 25801. I look
                                                                    interpretations, from humorous caricatures of fellow West Virginians to
   forward to hearing from you.
                                                                    massive chain saw creations, from gnomes and sprites on walking sticks
                                                                    to perfectly shaped bowls. As both a group and as individuals they are
                                                                    celebrated among their peers and have received numerous awards and
                                           Rob Underwood            recognition at regional festivals and national woodcarving competitions.
                                           Executive Chef           In addition, many of their creations have been featured in the most
                                                                    prestigious of museums, shops and galleries.This work is treasured by

ENTERTAINMENT                 NOTES                                 both novice and serious collectors for its unique and meticulous
                                                                    attention to every detail.
Set Your Holiday Spirit Free with a
Visit to Tamarack This Season                                       Many of these carvers are self-taught in their craft having learned to
                                                                    whittle and carve from childhood. Some even use techniques that have
* Holidays at Tamarack are filled with fun
                                                                    been passed from one family generation to the next. One Tamarack
  and exciting activities. Saint Nicholas visits
                                                                    carver said, “When I was a child, mom would always reprimand me for
  from noon - 4 p.m. every Friday, Saturday
                                                                    losing her kitchen knives.”
  and Sunday in December plus December
  20 - 24. Dressed in a custom-made,                                For others, their craft originally developed as a retirement hobby —
  traditional old-world costume,Tamarack’s                          several Tamarack carvers are in their seventies and eighties. One senior
  Saint Nicholas will remind you of holidays                        carver remarked, “One day while sitting on the porch, I picked up a knife
  past and excite you for the one just ahead.                       and just started cutting on a piece of wood. I quickly learned that a
                                                                    mistake while carving one thing just allows you to create something else
* Shoppers are certain to enjoy free noonday concerts by
                                                                    with a few passes of the knife.”
  some of West Virginia’s finest elementary and high school
  choirs. Musical presentations range from Madrigal groups in       A trip into the woods often results in spotting a piece of wood lying on
  Renaissance Era costumes to more contemporary                     the ground that only the keenest eye would envision becoming a striking
  presentations with “Rudolph” and “Frosty.”                        work of art.The variety and sheer abundance of wood in West Virginia is
                                                                    one reason so many Tamarack artists enjoy working in this medium.
* December 3 - 5 Tamarack joins with other Beckley
  attractions for the “Appalachian Coaltown Christmas               Stop by Tamarack to see first hand the large and handsome collection of
  Celebration.” Special activities are planned at Tamarack and      carved art created by the freethinking and vivid imaginations of West
  Beckley locations throughout the weekend.                         Virginians.
  Artisan Profile:
                                                                     18-karat gold and sterling silver
                                                                     Stacking Ring Sets with semi-
  DOUBLE • SPACE                                                     precious gemstones can also
                                                                     be made to order as Mother’s
  Creates the Perfect                                                Rings in sterling silver, 14-karat
                                                                     or 18-karat gold. Handmade
  Arrangement                                                        by Lambertson/Glazer,
                                                                     DOUBLE • SPACE.

  “We think of our jewelry as miniature artworks, wherein we                                Each piece the couple creates is a true collaboration of design and
  combine color and texture to create timeless beautiful pieces which                       technical skill. Using an array of techniques, including fabrication, bezel
  will provide enduring joy to the wearers”, say Cat Glazer and Keith                       setting, and gold granulation, precious metals are combined with Cat
  Lambertson of DOUBLE • SPACE.                                                             and Keith’s original cloisonné enamels, precious and semi-precious
                                                                                            gemstones, fossils and a variety of beautiful natural materials.
  A husband and wife jewelry-making team, Cat Glazer and Keith
  Lambertson, of Lewisburg, have worked together since 1985. Cat and                        In addition to showcasing a collection of their one-of-a-kind cloisonné
  Keith are painters with extensive professional backgrounds in design                      pieces Tamarack offers a selection of the couple’s handcrafted
  and have more than 20-years of experience creating fine jewelry                           stacking rings. Stacking rings are sets of matching sterling silver or 14-
  individually.Their comprehensive studies with highly acclaimed master                     karat gold rings made with a variety of select quality semi-precious
  jewelers in the art of 22 karat gold granulation, cloisonné, and other                    gemstones.Timeless, classic, versatile and fun stacking rings offer
  enameling techniques are manifested in their museum-quality jewelry                       hundreds of possible combinations appealing to all ages. DOUBLE •
  pieces. DOUBLE • SPACE enamels have been featured in numerous                             SPACE’s custom-made Family and Mother’s Rings feature birthstones
  juried exhibitions. In 1998, DOUBLE • SPACE received the                                  for each member of the family, grandchildren, sweethearts or stones
  prestigious Niche Award in the Gold Jewelry Category, presented                           to commemorate special dates such as an anniversary.
  annually by The Rosen Agency, organizer of the largest craft trade
  shows in the country.

 Open Daily January to March 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
     April to December 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  Special Services and Motorcoach Program
   Free Parking and No Admission Charge
           Handicapped Accessible
            Easy to Find
Exit 45, I-77 WV Turnpike Beckley,West Virginia
Tamarack is only one hour by car southesast
                                                  One Tamarack Park, Beckley,WV USA 25801
from Charleston,West Virginia and northwest
from The Greenbrier. It is also a one day drive
from most major cities on the east coast.

         For more information call
1-88-TAMARACK or visit
Calendar of Events
All events listed below (excluding
dinner theater) are free and open
to the public.

March 4, 2000
WV State Thespian Area Five

March 4 & 5
Kate McComas demonstrates
March 10 & 11                                                                                                           Spring 2000 Volume III
Dinner Theater: “You Say
Tomatoes” performed by
Bluefield’s Summit Players.
March 12
Harpist Christine Mazza and Pianist
Carol Beale perform at 2 pm.
March 18 & 19
Kate McComas demonstrates
weaving. Denny Hight
demonstrates stained glass.
March 19
Ilene Evans and Irish Folk Band,
Stone & Ivy, perform at 2 pm.
Kate McComas demonstrates
March 26
Mountain Thyme performs at 2 pm.
April 8 & 9
                                                      Activities Abound at Tamarack
Jazz Weekend features Bob

                                                s the landscape opens to renew life and      Tamarack will host its first Jazz Festival April 8-9
Thompson and Skip Peck Trio.                    the winter snow and howling winds            with featured performers Bob Thompson of
April 16                                        depart, activities at TAMARACK will begin    Mountain Stage fame and the Skip Peck Trio.The
Charleston Ballet celebrates the      to blossom. Special events and focus weekends          two-day festival will focus on the variety of jazz
turn of the century, presenting       will intensify with the West Virginia State Thespian   talents throughout the state.
selections from its 44th season.      Area Five Festival on Saturday March 6th. High
April 20                              school thespian groups from throughout the             Sunday @ Two on Easter Day, April 23rd, will bring
Appalachian Visions Folk Festival     region will “strut their stuff ” during this annual    cabaret pianist and singer Barbara Good to our
sponsored by College of West          competition.                                           stage presenting “With a Song in My Heart”.This
Virginia at 2:00 pm.                                                                         charming singer from Wheeling entertains with
April 20 - 23                         March 10th and 11th marks the final weekend of         Broadway favorites that are sure to bring back
Barbara Miles demonstrates            Tamarack’s 2000 Dinner Theater Series as the           fond memories.
textiles.                             talented Summit Players from Bluefield presents
                                      the amusing Bernard Slade, “You Say Tomatoes”.         April 29 and 30 visitors will discover many aspects
April 23
Happy Easter. Barbara Good            This romantic comedy is guaranteed to keep             of the Civil War.Tamarack’s Civil War Weekend
performs “With a Song in My           playgoers wide-awake after a delicious gourmet         joins historians, authors, and re-enactors for an
Heart” at 2:00 pm.                    meal served by Tamarack’s “A Taste of West             enlightening event. Drama in the theater, music in
April 29 & 30                         Virginia” Food Court. On March 12 at 2 p.m.            the courtyard and encampments with period
Civil War Weekend.                    Morgantown harpist Christine Mazza returns to          uniforms in the meadow will help visitors take a
                                      the Tamarack stage with pianist Carol Beale to         step back in time.
May 6
International Migratory Bird Day      entertain as part of our ongoing Sunday @ Two          The West Virginia Department of Natural
Celebration.                          program.                                               Resources and Tamarack join together May 6 to
May 7                                                                                        celebrate International Migratory Bird Day.The
Allegheny Echos perform               Tamarack joins other Raleigh county businesses
                                      and attractions for the countywide St. Patrick’s       daylong celebration will feature talks by regional
traditional music and verse.                                                                 bird authorities, demonstrations by craftspeople,
                                      Day celebration by hosting our third Irish Festival
May 13                                                                                       and slide shows focusing on creating inviting
Artisan Reunion with performances     March 18th and 19th. Singer, storyteller and
                                      dancer Ilene Evans, joined by her daughter             backyard habitats.
by the Skip Peck Jazz Trio.
                                      Corrine, will bring alive various Celtic stories and   For information on these or other Tamarack activities
For additional information on         tunes. Demonstrating craftspeople and authors          please call 304-256-6843 or 1-88-TAMARACK
these or other Tamarack events        will be present to share in the Irish heritage         (1-888-262-7225).
please call toll-free                 celebration.
Coconut Pecan Chicken
  Serves 4
Ingredients:                             Pineapple Salsa:
4 boneless/skinless chicken breasts      1 cup diced pineapple
1 cup flour                              1 tablespoon rice wine vinegar or
3 whole eggs — beaten                      cider vinegar
1 cup shredded coconut                   2 tablespoons sugar
1/2 cup chopped pecans                   3 tablespoons sliced green onion
1/4 cup vegetable oil                    2 tablespoons small diced red
For Chicken: Lightly dredge chicken breasts in flour. Shake off excess flour.
Place floured breasts in beaten egg mixture.Then place egg coated
chicken in pecan and coconut mixture and coat chicken generously.
Place coated chicken in pre-heated skillet with vegetable oil on medium
heat. Cook both sides until golden brown. Remove chicken from pan
and place on baking sheet and finish in a 350 degree preheated oven.
Cook until chicken is firm or reaches 165 degrees. Remove from oven
and serve immediately.                                                           A Gallery with
For Salsa: Mix all ingredients in a stainless steel or non-reactive container.
Cover tightly with film and store in refrigerator until ready to serve.
Serve chicken with rice and seasonal fresh vegetable.
                                                                                 Treasures Galore
                                                                                 Showcasing nearly 300 juried West Virginia artists with a

h            Chef-Stuff
As many of you may know I have recently accepted a position with
the Great Lakes Hospitality Group. I would like to take this
opportunity to thank everyone who has made my stay at Tamarack a
                                                                                 broad range of talents,The David L. Dickirson Gallery at
                                                                                 Tamarack is one of Tamarack’s most treasured components.
                                                                                 The work displayed represents a stimulating variety of media
                                                                                 while the combination of artists’ techniques portrays many
                                                                                 disciplines including watercolor, oil, pastels, print and
                                                                                 photography. Artists eligible to display in the gallery have
                                                                                 been selected by a panel of judges, and they truly represent
great experience both professionally and personally.Tamarack has                 the “Best of West Virginia,” with many having received
given me a new appreciation for West Virginia that will never be                 regional, national and international recognition.
forgotten. My new position takes our family closer to my roots in
Northern Michigan where I will try to convince my new customers                  In 1999, the gallery featured work by Paula Clendenin, Steve
that Pinto Beans don’t always have to be refried or that green                   Payne, G. P. Cooper, Jeanne Kuhn, Randy B. Willliams, Frankie
tomatoes are just as good without ripening them in the kitchen                   Wheeler, Lou Riffe Gates, Bernie Peace, Jeanne Brenneman,
window.                                                                          Barbara Daniel, Mary Anne Hodson, Lee Fritch, Andrei
                                                                                 Kharisov,Tanya Rakhamaina, Debbie Lester, Jamie Lester, Allan
Taking over my position is Chef Jon Reecher. Jon started his career at           Jay Maxwell, Rita Montrosse, Doug Watson and Jurgen
The Greenbrier in 1997, where he completed the Apprenticeship                    Lorenzen.These are only a few of the more than 100 artists
program. Prior to completing this program, Jon studied at the                    whose work was exhibited.
Baltimore International Culinary College and Le Cordon Bleu. While
studying in Europe Jon lived both in London and Paris and worked at              The gallery has exceptional natural lighting that enhances the
the prestigious Connaught Hotel in London.                                       ever-changing displays featuring 8 to 10 artists at one time.
                                                                                 An artist may have a minimum of six works showing, but
Jon welcomed the opportunity to work at The Greenbrier and be                    there typically are additional selections available for viewing
part of the world-renowned organization. Originally from                         upon request. Also available to the buyer is interesting
Hagerstown, Maryland, he now lives in Lewisburg with his wife and                information about the artist including their bio, exhibition
six-month-old son.                                                               history, and permanent collection provenance. A rotation
While Chef Reecher’s background is rich in classical cuisine, he enjoys          system makes it possible to have something new to view
a wide array of cuisines and is always intrigued by regional dishes. He          every week.
is looking forward to combining his education, experience and talent             The gallery is currently compiling complete reference
with the wonderful Appalachian cuisine indigenous to West Virginia.              materials, including digital images and portfolios that will
Please feel free to share your questions, comments and suggestions               allow all Tamarack juried artists to be represented year-
for both the Food Court and upcoming newsletters. Write Jon                      round. So, if you are interested in a particular artist or style
Reecher,Tamarack, One Tamarack Park, Beckley, WV 25801.                          of work and none are on display at this time, the gallery can
                                                                                 still provide you with images and information to augment
                                         Cordially,                              your decision-making process. In addition, supplying
                                                                                 information to long-distance requests is quick and easy
                                                                                 through e-mail.
                                         Rob Underwood
                                         Executive Chef
Lucky Acorn Chairs: “Next Generation Heirlooms”
Tom Lynch, a master chairmaker and owner of Lucky Acorn Chairs in           bandsawn from a solid piece
Rock Cave, set his roots in rural West Virginia on a 56-acre                of wood and curved for a
homestead in 1976. Moving from the urban sprawl of Washington,              smooth, easy feel.The seats
DC, Tom and his wife, Grace, chose West Virginia to raise a family.         are hand-woven in either split
Drawn by their love for the trees and mountains of this beautiful           hickory bark or Shaker tape
state, these tranquil surroundings offered Tom accessibility to             in a variety of colors.Tom’s
Appalachian hardwoods in beginning his desire to work with wood.            trademark acorn finials add
                                                                            the elegant final touch.
With studies in art and sculpture,Tom began an informal chairmaking
apprenticeship with the Linger Chair Factory in Rock Cave in 1977.          Tom’s chairs are made from
During this time he was given the opportunity to train at different         West Virginia woods including
stations to learn all of the stages of building a Greenwood chair.          ironwood, rhododendron and
                                                                            hickory. He continues to use
Making Greenwood chairs the way Tom does requires dedication to             the “Linger” chair design as
use both traditional and modern techniques. He uses a traditional           well as the Shaker-inspired
chairmaking technique called Greenwood joinery, which interlocks a          style. His work in the rustic
green post to a dry rung mortise which adds strength and longevity          twig style allows for more
to the chair.This method takes advantage of the natural shrinking and       sculptural innovation. Each
swelling of wood.                                                           chair is hand-rubbed with
The process of making a Lucky Acorn Chair involves a multiplicity of        tung oil for a durable finish, which is water, alcohol and heat resistant.
techniques.The slats are steam bent, using heat and water to make           Lucky Acorn Chairs have been featured in numerous prestigious
the wood flexible enough to bend into a comfortable contour.                exhibits nationally and in national publications, including: Early
Wooden pegs are used to fasten the slats to the back legs.The legs          American Life, Woodworker’s Journal, Country Living Magazine and Log
are hand-turned on a lathe without the use of duplicators or steady         Home Living.
rests testing the skills of the master turner.The arms are bandsawn
from solid pieces of wood that are contoured to comfortably fit a           Lucky Acorn Chairs reflect high quality durability that will last for
person’s arms.The Lucky Acorn logo is branded under the arm with            generations, a classic elegance that fits any taste or style, and an
the artist’s signature and the year it was made.The rockers are             investment in West Virginia’s finest resources.

The Tamarack Storytellers
As a department,Tamarack’s bookstore                                        With the relative isolation of the region, storytelling became an
boasts one of the largest literary                                          integral part of Appalachian family life. A skillful blend of humor, plus a
collections in the country devoted entirely                                 conscious blurring of fact and fiction, makes this collection of lore a
to a single state. Myriad aspects of life and                               unique offering. Many of these tales have been handed from one
lore in West Virginia is reflected in our                                   generation to the next, and each selection is certain to create a smile
collection comprised of 600-plus book                                       and a warm, lasting impression on readers of any age.
and periodical titles. Each of these works
has been juried and accepted into the                                       No book collection about West Virginia
Tamarack system by highly qualified book                                    would be complete without an
reviewers, based on quality and                                             exploration of its rugged natural beauty
presentation.This impressive array of publications represents the           of wondrous mountains, rivers and trails.
collective writing skills of more than 400 authors and historians, many     Numerous books and periodicals to
of whom have received critical acclaim for their work at both regional      delight travelers and challenge
and national levels.                                                        adventurers are available. A variety of
                                                                            guidebooks, with answers to a broad
Within this collection, certain themes are consistently evident. As West    spectrum of questions, are also available.
Virginia achieved statehood during the Civil War, the state and its
people became witness to many confrontations between North and              Other available works include: regional cuisine cookbooks, fiction,
South. Many publications in our collection discuss these conflicts and      children’s stories, the history of craft in West Virginia, coffee table
the personal struggles of that tumultuous time.                             pictorials, poetry collections, biographies and more.

A second theme revolves around two of West Virginia’s most                  West Virginia’s history, location, and beauty have always provided a
historically significant industries: coal and railroads. Represented        fertile background for an abundance of creative and free thinking
through both pictorials and written accounts, these works recount the       individuals.Their collective ability to translate thought into the written
sacrifices, humor, and family life in the many coal camps and railroading   word provides a most impressive literary collection presented in a
communities.                                                                unique setting…TAMARACK:The Best of West Virginia.
                                                Food Producer Profile:

    Homemade Goodness with
    All the Charms of Yesteryear

    Libby Deitz, of Richwood, is a retired educator who served as a                                                                                Libby travels six miles up a mountain to the New Hope Community
    classroom teacher and a principal for 37 years. She has made jams                                                                              Center where she processes her jams and jellies in a commercial
    and jellies as a hobby for more than 50 years and sold them for                                                                                kitchen.The center was the grade school where she served as
    church and school projects. Growing up in Richwood, Libby                                                                                      principal.They make one batch at a time. It takes 45 minutes for each
    remembers that her mother always made jams and jellies. She began                                                                              batch of jam and 30 minutes for each batch of jelly. Once or twice a
    her own tradition right after she was married.                                                                                                 week, they make five or six batches a day, yielding about 48 jars. After
                                                                                                                                                   the jams and jellies are put into jars and sealed, Libby takes them
    Two years ago, Libby and her associate, Levada Hodovan, started All                                                                            home to affix her All Natural Woodbine Jams & Jellies label.
    Natural Woodbine Jams & Jellies.Their business is growing, and they
    are enjoying the process of learning—and the pitfalls! Incidentally,                                                                           Her berries and fruits are grown in West Virginia and many of her
    Libby is 84 years old!                                                                                                                         good friends on the mountain sell berries to her when they have a
                                                                                                                                                   surplus. Help also comes from Levada’s seven brothers and sisters.
    Libby and Levada make 12 different kinds of jams and jellies, from                                                                             When they need berries or wild grapes, she contacts them and they
    strawberry jam to blackberry jam to plum jelly to crab apple jelly to                                                                          head to the woods.
    that old-time favorite, elderberry jam. All Natural Woodbine Jams &
    Jellies’ name is derived from memories of the fun Libby had picking                                                                            Capturing the essence of West Virginia, Libby’s jams and jellies are top
    wild berries with her late husband, and Woodbine comes from the                                                                                shelf! She is one of West Virginia’s treasures and an inspiration to any
    name of a popular picnic and swimming area near Richwood that has                                                                              entrepreneur, young or old, that it is never too late to start a business.
    pleasant connotations to people in her area.

 Open Daily January to March 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
     April to December 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
   Free Parking and No Admission Charge
           Handicapped Accessible
           Right On Your Way!
Exit 45, I-77 WV Turnpike Beckley,West Virginia
Tamarack is only one hour by car southeast
from Charleston,West Virginia and northwest                                                              One Tamarack Park, Beckley,WV USA 25801
from The Greenbrier. It is also a one day drive
from most major cities on the east coast.

                          Wheeling                                                                I-81
                  70                                           PENNSYLVANIA

  OHIO                                                                       MARYLAND              68
      50        Parkersburg                      Clarksburg
                                           50                                       50
                                                 I-79                                        66
           35          I-79                                                   I-81
   I-64                                             219               250
                                Beckley                        220
                                                        I-64                 I-64

KENTUCKY                            I-77   Princeton           I-81
                              460          Bluefield

         For more information call
1-88-TAMARACK or visit
Calendar of Events
All events listed below are free
and open to the public.

June 3-4
Tamarack’s Third Annual Garden
Festival with craftspeople, nursery
exhibits, workshops, children’s
programs and more.
                                                                                                          Times       Summer 2000 Volume IV

June 11
Sunday @ Two:American Paradise
presented by the Contemporary
Youth Arts Company
June 17-18
Spring Art in the Mountains Festival
celebrating West Virginia’s birthday
with a showcase of the state’s best
artists and craftspeople.
July 13-15
Mountaineer Marble Tournament
July 22-23
Summer Art in the Mountains
Festival will swing you into high
gear with an exciting assortment of
food, craft, art and performance
                                                                                                                            Photo by: Arnout Hyde Jr.
August 3-6
Appalachian Brass residency
                                                            Series of Events Showcase
August 20
                                                               West Virginia Talent
9th Shady Tree National Car Show

                                         n celebration of West Virginia’s statehood,           August 3 through 6 are the dates for
August 25-27                             Tamarack’s Art in the Mountains Festival debuts       performances by The Appalachian Brass Quintet.
Skip Peck Jazz Band Residency            June 17 and 18 with a showcase of exhibiting          A group of professional music educators in north
                                       artisans. Join in the fun and experience exhibits in    central West Virginia, their repertoire spans five
October 7-8                            jewelry, caricature, candy making, woodworking,         centuries of music from Renaissance and Baroque
Fall Art in the Mountains Festival
                                       specialty foods, weaving, stitchery, quiltmaking, and   to Contemporary and Jazz.Their residency
celebrates the beauty of autumn
                                       woodworking.The sounds of West Virginia                 includes preparing new music for their fall season
with a festival showcase of art,
                                       musicians strolling throughout the center cap off       and recording many aspects of this experience.
craft, food, literary works and
performances.                          the festival atmosphere.
                                                                                               Jazz lovers will step to the beat August 25
November 4-5                           Summer swings into high gear with the Summer            through 27 with The Skip Peck Jazz Band from
TrainFest 2000 focuses on West         Art in the Mountains Festival on July 22 and 23.        New Cumberland. Known as the family that plays
Virginia’s railroad heritage with      Exciting indoor and outdoor food and craft              jazz, Skip, his wife Donna, and sons Nathan and
model trains, entertainment,           exhibits and special performances in the theater        Alex, charm audiences far and wide.They have
demonstrations and more.               liven up the festival experience. Enjoy spending        opened concerts for Tower of Power, George
                                       time with artisans specializing in woodworking,         Benson and Kenny G.The group is well versed in
                                       gourmet foods, weaving, painting, candy making,         the great jazz standards and also plays dozens of
                                       jewelry and apparel.                                    new tunes penned by Skip Peck.You can hear
For additional information on                                                                  Donna every night singing “Nick at Nite, the Place
these and other Tamarack events        The hot summer days of August bring something           for TV Hits!”Two of Skip’s songs are featured in an
please call toll-free                  new to music lovers. Stay cool with two                 upcoming film starring Judd Nelson, titled “The
1-888-262-7225.                        performing arts groups who will be in short-term        Cure for Boredom.” Skip has composed and
                                       residencies at Tamarack. Blending their love of         orchestrated music for ABC television.
                                       performance and interaction with the public, their
                                       residency puts them in touch with their audience.
Horseradish Crusted Salmon
4 six ounce salmon filets
4 tablespoons horseradish
4 slices of fresh white bread
1/2 cup fresh herbs chopped
1. Place bread in a food processor and pulse the bread
   until fine crumbs are made
2. Add the herbs to the bread crumbs
3. Season the fish with salt and pepper
4. Spread one tablespoon of the horseradish evenly over each piece
   of fish
5. Sprinkle the bread crumbs on top of the horseradish (be
6. Heat 2 tablespoons pure olive oil over medium high in an eight
   inch skillet
7. Place fish bread side down and cook until golden brown
8.Turn the fish over and finish the cooking
                                                                            Chef’s Recipe for

Olive Oil
There are numerous varieties of olives available to us today, with the
                                                                            Success Is Simple
                                                                            John Reecher,Tamarack’s new executive chef and food
                                                                            service manager, offers his recipe for success. He wants to
                                                                            serve the best food possible at a reasonable price. One of
                                                                            his goals is to increase our banquet business.

historic and symbolic meaning our ancestors attributed to them. In          Bringing his culinary experience and training to The
many ways, olives are as diverse and complex as grapes and wine.            Greenbrier prior to his Tamarack move, Jon learned his
Much like grapes olives gain characteristics from the soil in which they    art in some of the best culinary programs, including Le
grow.The curing process also contributes to flavor qualities of the         Cordon Bleu in London and Paris and the Baltimore
olives.                                                                     International Culinary College. Jon also has a degree in
                                                                            history from the University of Maryland Baltimore County.
Olive oil is produced primarily in Spain, Italy and France. Like wine,
olive oil differs in color. Colors range from dark green to almost clear,   A cuisine chef with classical training, Jon has always been
depending on the ripeness of the olives at the time of processing.          interested in cooking. With older brothers and sisters and
Color is not a good indication of the flavor, however; flavor is            working parents, he had to cook.
ultimately a matter of personal preference.
                                                                            Jon likes the atmosphere at Tamarack. He likes the people
Extra virgin, virgin and pure refer to the amount of acidity of the oil,    the best—the staff and customers. He likes the down-
and the extent of processing of the oil.The first cold pressing of the      home friendly atmosphere and the upscale beat. Jon
olives results in extra virgin olive oil.Virgin oil is made from the        enjoys interacting with customers and is responsive to
second and third pressing of the same olives, and pure olive oil is a       their comments.
lower cost blend of refined and virgin oil like you might find at your
                                                                            Jon commutes from his home in Lewisburg, that he shares
local food market.
                                                                            with his wife Christina, a physical therapist, and their ten-
Cooking with olive oil is very common, but can be expensive. Pure           month old son, Grant. In his spare time, Jon enjoys
and virgin oils would be more suitable for cooking. Extra virgin olive      working on the old house he bought, especially doing
oil has a very distinctive taste and usually is too expensive to use in     painting and woodworking.
cooking. Pure oil may be the best to cook with because it costs less
                                                                            Jon appreciates the opportunity to be at Tamarack. He
and the taste is not as distinctive as extra virgin oil, but it still has
                                                                            looks forward to working with the food court staff and
some nice qualities.
                                                                            creating new recipes.
The tastes and qualities of olives differ as well as our tastes. One oil
will not suit all purposes. However, I am not suggesting you keep five
different oils on hand – experimentation will be the best way to find
which oil will suit your needs best.
Artisan Profile: Keith Lahti, Innovator and Master Clay Artist
  nnovator, master clay artist, perfectionist, creator of works of             Charleston,
  beauty—all are descriptions for Keith Lahti of Floe Clay, located in         Wheeling Artisan
  Floe, West Virginia. A full-time self-employed clay artist since 1972,       Center in
Keith constantly experiments with pottery techniques, honing his skills        Wheeling, and
and artistry as he creates exciting functional and decorative pieces.          Poplar Forest
                                                                               Craft Shop in
Keith built and equipped his own studio, having constructed several            Flatwoods.
kilns during his tenure as a full-time potter. His objective to improve
and innovate with clay work brings artistic interaction to his                 Keith’s pottery at
community.Traditionally passing on his diverse skills, Keith has nurtured      Tamarack runs the
several emerging potters through workshops and apprenticeships.                gamut of
From 1992-96 Keith established and taught a ceramics program for               functional ware
residents and outpatients at the Clay County Facility of the Shawnee           such as bowls,
Hills Community Mental Health/Mental Retardation Center.                       vases, and platters
                                                                               in vivid color
His ceramic education includes a BFA from Albion College in Albion,            ranges of blues
Michigan, postgraduate courses with the acclaimed Richard Leach, and           and turquoise to
an architectural ceramics course with Peter King at the Corcoran               his earth-tone
School of Art. Further studies include workshops with internationally          one-of-a-kind
recognized clay artists Julie and Tyrone Larson, Ron Myers, Ken                earthenware
Ferguson,Val Cushing, Pete Pinnell and Cynthia Bringle, to name a few.         vessels with
An exhibitor since 1972 at the Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair in Ann                detailed surface
Arbor, Michigan, Keith has shown his work at numerous art and craft            decorations. As
shows in West Virginia and nearby states. His clay works have been             pleasing to the eye
included in prestigious exhibits and collections such as the Renwick           as they are
                                                                               functional, Keith’s     Earthenware vessel by Keith Lahti —
Gallery, Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D. C., the West Virginia
                                                                               clay pieces stand       2000 Craftsperson Award recipient.
Juried Exhibit at The Cultural Center in Charleston, and the London
Home Show in London, England. One of his earthenware vessels was               the test of time as
featured in “The Gallery”, of the January 1999 Clay Times Magazine.            works of excellence.Whether selected for everyday use or showcased
                                                                               as a gallery piece, each Floe Clay creation carries the imprint of Keith
Keith markets his work through several shops and galleries including:          Lahti’s master craftsmanship and artistry.
Tamarack:The Best of West Virginia , the Callen McJunkin Gallery in

Richwood: Home of West Virginia’s Ramp Authorities
“The Ramp Capital of the World” is the home of West Virginia’s ramp            appeared in such magazines as Country, Scene and Goldenseal, and in
authorities. Glen and Norene Facemire of G & N Ramp Farm Specialties           numerous newspaper articles.They are continually being asked for
in Richwood are recognized with this honor due to their extensive              advice by organizations such as the USDA and the departments of
studying and growing ramps on their Nicholas County farm.                      agriculture of several states, including West Virginia. A number of chefs
                                                                               from California have contacted them for advice on use of ramps in
Growing up in Richwood, the Facemires were naturally exposed to                restaurants and methods of cultivating them in their part of the country.
ramps and the pleasure of digging and eating them. Selling them to
friends and neighbors was a way of earning money. As the years passed,         Having retired from the U. S. Postal Service in May 1998, Glen devoted
digging and eating ramps became more enjoyable to them.This                    his time to preparing a trail through their ramp patch so that others
encouraged them to learn more about this member of the allium family,          could enjoy this “Walk through the Ramp Patch” experience.
which also consists of onion, chives, leeks and garlic.Their first adventure
included harvesting the seeds and planting bulbs.Their 50-acre farm’s          Recently, the Facemires have opened a new headquarters in “The Ramp
north slope of hardwood trees was the ideal habitat for the ramp.              Capital of the World”.They have also opened a ramp specialties shop,
                                                                               complete with their line of ramp products: pickled ramps, ramp salt,
As their studies and experience in growing and harvesting ramps                dehydrated ramps, ramp mustard, ramp biscuit mix and ramp jelly.
increased, they published a small booklet called “Ramps from the Seed          Norene spends hours pickling, mixing, and baking Richwood’s most
to the Weed” in 1991. A ramp connoisseur, Norene featured some of              acclaimed natural delicacy.The Facemires’ ramp products and booklets
her favorite recipes in their published cookbook,“Ramps a Cookin’,”            are available for purchase at Tamarack:The Best of West Virginia. Stop in
in 1993.                                                                       today and experience a wild taste of West Virginia with these ramp
These ramp adventures began their odyssey to their acclaim as ramp
authorities in West Virginia and throughout the United States.They have
                                                                                                                                                                                       Red Dot

                                                Featured artist in the
                                                David L. Dickirson Gallery

    Mary McCune Black
                                                                                                                                                            Red Roses for My Lady

    “The energy and mystery that I experience in the process of creating                                                                           She is listed in Who’s Who of American Women and Who’s Who in
    a work of art is of paramount interest to me. It is a continuing search                                                                        American Art. She was the first paid director of the Charleston Art
    for meaningful form in a two-dimensional area. Light and space are                                                                             Gallery, which later became Sunrise Museum. Mary has always been
    two elements that I seek to express, often with spiritual connections.                                                                         active in promoting and establishing art associations. For example, she
    I express my ideas both in abstract and in representational forms. As                                                                          was a charter member of the West Virginia Chapter of American Pen
    my paintings evolve they have their own journey and dictate my                                                                                 Women where she served as President. She was a charter member
    thoughts and expressions,” Mary Black said.                                                                                                    of the West Virginia Watercolor Society, is the President of Gallery
                                                                                                                                                   Eleven in Charleston, is a member of the Allied Artists of West
    “My works are primarily water media and are represented in                                                                                     Virginia and is a Signature Member of the Southern Watercolor
    numerous public and private collections,” she added.                                                                                           Society.
    Mary Black was educated at Ohio University, earning a B. S. in                                                                                 Mary spends some of her time at a second home in Florida, where
    education and an M.F.A. in painting. While at Ohio University, she was                                                                         she is also active in art circles, including such organizations as the
    elected to Delta Phi Delta Art Honorary Sorority.                                                                                              Venice Area Art League of Venice, Florida, and the Englewood
    After graduation, Ms. Black began her career as an art educator,                                                                               Artisan’s Guild, Inc. of Englewood, Florida. In addition, she is affiliated
    teaching in a variety of Ohio public schools. She married Lloyd Black                                                                          with the Hilton Leech Art Studio of Sarasota, Florida.
    in 1946, and the couple made their home in Charleston, W.Va.,                                                                                  At a springy 85 years of age, she is currently exhibiting in the David
    where she still resides.                                                                                                                       L. Dickirson Gallery at Tamarack and presenting a one-person show
    Mary has participated in a number of fantastic workshops which have                                                                            with 13 new works at the Caldwell Trust Company in Florida.
    given her the opportunity to study under such artists as Charles
    Burchfield, William Thon, Louise Cadillac, Maxine Masterfield, Al
    Brouillette, and Edward Reep.

 Open Daily January to March 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
     April to December 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
   Free Parking and No Admission Charge
           Handicapped Accessible
           Right On Your Way!
Exit 45, I-77 WV Turnpike Beckley,West Virginia
Tamarack is only one hour by car southeast
from Charleston,West Virginia and northwest                                                              One Tamarack Park, Beckley,WV USA 25801
from The Greenbrier. It is a one day drive from
most major cities on the east coast.

                          Wheeling                                                                I-81
                  70                                           PENNSYLVANIA

  OHIO                                                                       MARYLAND              68
      50        Parkersburg                      Clarksburg
                                           50                                       50
                                                 I-79                                        66
           35          I-79                                                   I-81
   I-64                                             219               250
                                Beckley                        220
                                                        I-64                 I-64

KENTUCKY                            I-77   Princeton           I-81
                              460          Bluefield

         For more information call
1-88-TAMARACK or visit
Calendar of Events
Enjoy a variety of autumn and
holiday events celebrating our
state’s rich cultural heritage!
October 1-December 24
Sundays @ 2
Spend every Sunday afternoon at 2
enjoying a theater showcase of
West Virginia’s talented performing
                                                                                                           Times           Fall 2000 Volume V

October 7-8, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Fall Art in the Mountains
Festival                                            My Favorite Things Extravaganza
Meet our stars and spend time with
artisans and gourmet food

                                                ou know the song
producers. Experience Karen                     My Favorite Things from
Vuranch as she becomes Mary                     “The Sound of Music”?
Draper Ingles at 1 pm and 3 pm on       Well, it’s one of our favorites.
October 7.The Circle J Dancers          We’re decking the halls,
kick up their heels with a dance        trimming the trees and ringing
extravaganza at 2 pm on October 8.
                                        in the holiday spirit with an
October 26, 6:30 p.m.                   extravaganza of events and
Chef Jon Hams It Up Series              promotions surrounding our
Enjoy Executive Chef Jon Reecher        theme, My Favorite Things. Kicking
in a culinary showcase as he            off November 17,Tamarack will
demonstrates cooking techniques         be tied up in a package as
using West Virginia gourmet foods.      wonderful as all of your favorite
Take in an early dinner and treat       things.
yourself to an evening with Chef
Jon in our theater.                     A must-see My Favorite Things
                                        Tree will sparkle with cranberry,
November 4-5                            evergreen and gold handmade
TrainFest 2000                          limited edition ornaments.
West Virginia’s rich railroad history   Created by our talented artisans
comes alive with exhibits of model      representing the song’s lyrics, the
trains, live performances, craft        ornaments are destined to be
demonstrations and more.                somebody’s favorite thing. Stroll
November 17-December 24                 throughout this festive
My Favorite Things                      atmosphere and select your
Extravaganza                            favorite one-of-a-kind ornament
Tamarack decks the halls and trims      from our Gallery tree.
the trees in My Favorite Things with                                          Santa Claus by Patty McCarty, Fairmont, WV
                                        Thanksgiving is a special day to
activities, a strolling Santa Claus,                                          Photo by: Rick Lee
                                        spend time with your favorite
special decorations, holiday trees,
                                        people. Chef Jon and his                               to watch special films in our theater while you
craft demonstrations, food tastings,
baked goods, menu features,             culinary crew will prepare an array of foods for       shop. And, of course, they’ll want to see Santa
performances by choral groups,          Tamarack’s favorite Thanksgiving menu. Enjoy           who arrives on November 24.
weekend festivals, special product      fine dining throughout the day surrounded by
                                        our Best of West Virginia ambience. Or, dine at        Favorite holiday shopping services include
promotions and more.
                                        your favorite home place with our Fresh Food           complimentary gift wrap for each single item
November 18-December 23,                Prepared To Go Thanksgiving menu.                      purchase of $25 and over, assistance in building
Saturdays @ 11 a.m.                                                                            your own favorite gift box, gift certificates, and
My Favorite Children’s                  Searching for a gift for that favorite someone?        shipping direct from Tamarack’s post office to
Activity                                Shoppers choose Tamarack as their favorite             any location in the United States and abroad.
Bring the children along as they        shopping place. Offering a refreshing change
enjoy films in our theater while you    from the far and maddening crowds, shoppers            Looking for gifts in your favorite price ranges?
shop, with a children’s lunch feature   relax in a customer friendly atmosphere and            We are a fit with anyone’s shopping list. If you’re
in our food court.                      experience their favorite West Virginia                looking for gifts up to $25, we offer an
                                        hospitality. Bring the children along on Saturdays                                    continued on page 3
                 continued on page 3
                                 Behind the Scenes with Chef Jon
        he moment he steps inside Tamarack’s kitchen and food court,
        Executive Chef Jon Reecher is a nonstop culinary wizard. He
        starts the day early by walking around to see if food operations
are on schedule. “Is breakfast ready to be served and are lunch
preparations underway?” Reecher asks. “That’s my first overview of the
operation. We make the sauces first. I taste them three or four times.
If they are not up to par, we start over again or we fix it.”
Jon keeps track of daily inventories of food supplies so he’s always
prepared to handle the crowds who dine in our food court. He takes
care of problems from the previous day such as customer concerns,
inventory shortages and any staff issues. “These are things I handle in
the mornings, so I’ll be ready when lunch rolls around.” Reecher said.
“I’m out on the serving line with our crew, and I make sure service is
going well. I insure that guests are happy and that employees have
everything they need. If a guest is unsatisfied, I take care of it
immediately to their satisfaction.”
Customer service and satisfaction is the number one priority for Chef
Jon and his staff. “I value it highly. Customers are our bread and butter.
They have to be happy. I like to see them smile. And, we want them
to come back for more,” Jon added.
Every day Jon introduces specials on the menu along with his ever-
popular standard fare. He tries to use what’s fresh, in season or at a
good price. If he can get prime rib at a good price, he puts it on his
bill of fare. An abundance of roasted chicken guarantees that
Tamarack’s famous chicken and dumplings will be on the menu board.
Jon said, “We have about 75 to 80 different dishes we revolve our
menu around—30 are deli items and 20 are our variety of soups.”
Most eating establishments have their best sellers and customer
favorites.Tamarack’s best selling special menu feature is baked steak.
Meat loaf is another good special.The everyday offerings that are
favorites are the tried and true fried green tomato sandwich, the
grilled chicken sandwich and the barbecue featuring Tamarack’s very
own barbecue sauce recipe.
Baked goods fresh from the oven tantalize passersby at the dessert
counter. “Jane Lilly is our chief baker. She starts at the crack of dawn
making biscuits, cornbread, cakes, and cobblers five days a week. On
the other days we have relief bakers. Our recipes come from various
sources such as those from The Greenbrier with our ever-favorite
bread pudding and pecan pie, those recipes handed down through                                                                         Photo by: Rick Lee
our chefs who have worked here, and some are Jane’s recipes.” Jon
Jon likes to try new recipes. One day Jon and an associate were              eager to teach. I have my own style, and I’d like to show people how
talking about introducing vegetarian cuisine. So they ran a                  to handle gourmet food recipes and recipes using unusual food
Mediterranean-style vegetarian pita, and it sold like crazy.The pita is      products.”
chock-full of vegetables, cucumber, garlic, sun-dried tomatoes and
creamy garlic dressing. Jon also receives requests from customers who        In addition to his myriad of responsibilities with food services in the
ask for such dishes as salmon cakes and prime rib. Jon enjoys sharing a      facility, Jon takes his food on the road. He coordinates catering
recipe with our newsletter readers and features an age-old holiday           services with Country Inns and Suites and other off-site locations. His
favorite of stollen in this issue.                                           Fresh Food Prepared To Go Menu,Tamarack’s version of take-out dining,
                                                                             is a new offering for those on the go.
Jon lists food demonstrations in his roster of talents and brings this
showcase to Tamarack with his Chef Jon Hams It Up Series on                  Well, as you can see, he wears it well! Chef Jon dons his chef ’s hat, the
October 26. Jon will demonstrate common kitchen techniques using             toque, in grand Greenbrier style and offers guests a Best of West
West Virginia gourmet food products and show customers how they              Virginia dining experience.
can use them in their food repertoire. He says with a grin, “I’m a ham.
I’m pretty knowledgeable about food. I have a good time, and I’m
                                                                                                                   Calendar of Events
Stollen                                                                                                            continued from page 1
Stollen, one of Chef Jon’s favorite
                                                                                                                   November 23
recipes, is a German yeast-raised
                                                                                                                   My Favorite Thanksgiving at
bread usually made for winter                                                                                      Tamarack
holidays.                                                                                                          Enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with Chef
Fruit Mixture                                                                                                      Jon’s special menu surrounded by
2 tablespoons dark rum                                                                                             the treasures of the Mountain State.
 ⁄2 cup light raisins                                                                                              November 24
 ⁄2 cup dark raisins                                                                                               My Favorite Santa’s Arrival
 ⁄4 cup candied fruit, fine dice                                                                                   Santa in all his splendor donned in a
 ⁄4 cup chopped almonds                                                                                            rich red velvet suit brings his jolly
Dough                                                                                                              old self to Tamarack’s festive
13⁄4 cup bread flour                                                                                               surroundings. Carrying his pack of
1                                                                                                                  goodies, children of all ages will get
 ⁄2 cup cake flour
                                                                                                                   into the holiday spirit.
1 tablespoon yeast
 ⁄2 cup lukewarm milk                                                                                              December 2 & 3, 9 & 10, 16 &
2 tablespoons sugar                                                                                                17, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
 ⁄2 cup butter                                                                                                     My Favorite Things Holiday
 ⁄2 teaspoon cardamom                                                                                              Festivals
 ⁄2 teaspoon nutmeg                                                                                                Get into the gift-giving spirit and
 ⁄4 teaspoon salt                                                                                                  meet our artisans demonstrating
                                                                                                                   and showing off their wares and
⁄2 cup butter, melted                                                                         Photo by: Rick Lee
                                                                                                                   goodies. Selecting that special gift
⁄2 cup vanilla sugar                                                                                               will be a treat as you find your
                                                                                                                   favorite things.
1. Prepare the night before: soak fruit in rum, storing at room temperature.
                                                                                                                   December 3, 2 p.m.
2. To make dough: dissolve yeast in milk.                                                                          Mary
                                                                                                                   The Contemporary Youth Arts
3. Add remaining dough ingredients; mix together on first speed until incorporated. Switch to second               Company stages a holiday favorite.
   speed and mix for 8 minutes.
                                                                                                                   December 4-15, weekdays at
4. Proof dough until doubled in size, then return to mixer and slowly add fruit and nuts on first speed            12:30 p.m.
   until blended in.                                                                                               My Favorite Holiday Music &
5. Divide dough equally into three parts. Shape the dough into a loaf shape and proof again until risen            Dining Spot
   two-thirds larger.                                                                                              Enjoy fine dining at lunchtime in our
                                                                                                                   Taste of West Virginia Food Court
6. Bake in a 375-degree oven for 45 minutes until golden brown; remove from oven and butter wash                   serenaded by choral and music
   and roll in vanilla sugar.                                                                                      groups performing the sounds of
                                                                                                                   the season.
To make vanilla sugar, split a vanilla bean in half and bury it in a cup of sugar. Use granulated or
powdered sugar.                                                                                                    December 17, 2 p.m.
                                                                                                                   The Nutcracker
                                                                                                                   The Beckley Dance Theatre brings
                                                                                                                   a favorite holiday tradition to life on
              My Favorite Things Extravaganza                                                                      center stage.
                                                                                                                   February 9 & 10, March 2 & 3,
continued from page 1
                                                                                                                   March 23 & 24
extensive selection of unique products in wood,         you while you dine weekdays December 4                     Tamarack’s Fifth Annual
pottery, glass, gourmet foods, books, recordings,       through 15 during the lunchtime hour.                      Dinner Theater Series
baskets, jewelry and more. Unique My Favorite                                                                      Back by popular demand,Tamarack
Things product displays and promotions will offer       Join us this holiday season for a myriad of My             continues the tradition of its
an array of selections for those favorite people on     Favorite Things—shopping in a relaxing                     Dinner Theater Series. Fine dining
your shopping list in any price range.                  atmosphere, fine dining, festive holiday music,            with special menu features and a
                                                        spending time with our artisans, meeting our               theater performance after dinner
Everyone enjoys his or her favorite foods during        uniquely Tamarack Santa Claus, the best hospitality,       will warm you up during the cold
the holidays. Holiday baked goods fresh from our        customer service perks, unique one-of-a-kind               winter season.
bakery will entice you to come back for more.           ornaments, and gift selections for every favorite
Chef Jon is cooking up some favorite holiday            price range. Put Tamarack on your list this holiday        For additional information on these
                                                                                                                   and other events call toll-free at 1-
features for the food court menu you’ll want to         season as your favorite place to shop! We’ll be
try. Local choral and music groups will serenade        looking for you!
                                     Portraits are Worth a
                                    Thousand Words
                est Virginia’s legendary photographer, Arnout Hyde Jr., is a
                master in his uncanny ability to capture West Virginia’s
                beauty through the lens of his camera. Showcasing the
    essence of our state’s natural and cultural resources through his
    photographic portraits, Arnout takes us places we’ve never been before.
    The author of four books and one of the founders of the popular state
    magazine Wonderful West Virginia, Arnout is presently the editor of the
                                                                                                                                               Arnout Hyde’s favorite photo from his new book, West Virginia — The Land and Its People.
    publication. Launching his own small publishing company Cannon
    Graphics, Inc. in Charleston, Arnout published four books, West Virginia,                                                                  If “a picture is worth a thousand words” then Arnout Hyde has written
    A Portrait of West Virginia, New River – A Photographic Essay,The Potomac –                                                                volumes of great literature on the state that he loves so much. He has
    A Nation’s River, and his new book, West Virginia – The Land and its People.                                                               generously given West Virginia, its land and its people, one of his greatest
    His photographic portraits have graced over 500 magazine covers and                                                                        gifts—his talents as an artist.
    filled the pages of many major magazines, such as National Geographic,
    Life, Reader’s Digest, National Wildlife and Southern Living. He has taken on                                                                  Order a Favorite Book by Mail
    photographic assignments for books, magazines, and calendars
    throughout America and Europe.                                                                                                                 Items # 3439: West Virginia – The Land and its People
                                                                                                                                                   Arnout Hyde Jr.,Text by Lucia K. Hyde
    Arnout was the recipient of the 2000 Governor’s Award for Artist of
    the Year presented on April 1 at The Cultural Center in Charleston. He                                                                         Carrying the viewer on a journey through the state’s history,
    was named one of “55 Good Things about West Virginia” in the 15th                                                                              scenery and points of interest, this coffee-table book celebrates the
    Annual State Journal issue featuring 55 of the state’s greatest attributes.                                                                    mountains and the mountaineer. Hyde spent more than thirty-five
    The Journal tagged him as “the man whose shots are as well known as                                                                            years capturing the beauty of his homeland on film. It makes a
    the gold dome atop the Capitol’s rotunda.” He was given an Honorary                                                                            great favorite gift!
    Doctor of Literature from Alderson-Broaddus College.                                                                                           $29.95 and $4 shipping and handling, complimentary gift-wrap
    He is most proud of his family, his wife Teresa and daughter Lucia. Lucia                                                                      available on request November 17 through Christmas. West
    authored the text in his most recent book, West Virginia – The Land and                                                                        Virginia residents add 6% sales tax. Order toll free at
    its People. He spends his spare time experimenting with infrared                                                                               1-877-503-3046 (Mon.-Fri., 8 a.m.- 4 p.m., other times leave
    photography and has recently taken up a new sport—rock climbing.                                                                               voice mail message) or by fax at 1-304-256-6760 (24 hours).

Open Daily January to March, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
    April to December, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  Free Parking and No Admission Charge
          Handicapped Accessible
           Right On Your Way!
Exit 45, I-77 WV Turnpike Beckley,West Virginia
Tamarack is only one hour by car southeast
from Charleston,West Virginia and northwest                                                              One Tamarack Park, Beckley,WV USA 25801
from The Greenbrier. It is a one day drive from
most major cities on the east coast.

                          Wheeling                                                                I-81
                  70                                           PENNSYLVANIA

  OHIO                                                                       MARYLAND              68
      50        Parkersburg                      Clarksburg
                                           50                                       50
                                                 I-79                                        66
           35          I-79                                                   I-81
   I-64                                             219               250
                                Beckley                        220
                                                        I-64                 I-64

KENTUCKY                            I-77   Princeton           I-81
                              460          Bluefield

         For more information call
1-88-TAMARACK or visit
Calendar of Events
Experience a myriad of
performances, food events and our
popular dinner theater series!
Current through December 24

My Favorite Things Extravaganza
Your favorite holiday spot is alive
with a strolling Santa Claus, special
decorations, holiday trees decked
with uniquely Tamarack ornaments,                                                                                  Winter 2000/2001 Volume VI
craft demonstrations, holiday baked
goods, menu features, special
product promotions and great gifts.
December 15-April 30
                                                Just the Ticket for Winter Activities
Sunday @ 2

                                              ooking for something to do
Every Sunday afternoon at 2 p.m. is           during the long winter months?
full of entertainment with a theater          We have some exciting events
showcase of our state’s talented        in store for you. Whether it’s our
performing artists. Julie Adams and
                                        popular dinner theater series, live
Colleen Anderson present a
                                        entertainment with our Sunday @ 2,
musical showcase on January 14.
                                        the Chef Jon Hams It Up Series or
The Madrigal Singers take you back
to times past on February 25.           Tasty Tuesdays at Tamarack, we’ve got
                                        something for everyone this winter
January 25, February 22,                season.
March 29 & April 26, 6 p.m.
Chef Jon Hams It Up Series              Regional community theater groups
Enjoy Executive Chef Jon Reecher        take center stage at our Fifth Annual
in a stellar theater showcase as he     Dinner Theater Series February 9
demonstrates cooking techniques         and 10, March 2 and 3 and March 23
using West Virginia grown and           and 24.The series is sure to be the
gourmet food products.Take in           hottest ticket in town, with fine
dinner before the demo for a            dining and a special menu feature to
delightful culinary experience.         delight everyone and an after-dinner
Admission ticket is good towards        theater performance.
the purchase of gourmet food
products.                               Our Sunday @ 2 performances
January 16, February 13,                showcase a variety of performers in
March 13 & April 17                     dance, theater, music and storytelling.
Tasty Tuesdays at Tamarack              Mountain Stage’s very own Julie
Specially priced menu selections        Adams and composer/musician
are a treat for those wintery           Colleen Anderson perform in an
evenings.                               engaging and inspiring program on
                                                                                  World-class shopping at Tamarack
February 3-4                            January 14.The Madrigal Singers of
Salute to Black History Month           Clarksburg bring their classic sounds
A special celebration with the          to the stage on February 25.
                                                                                              Awards Ceremony. Fifth Anniversary
Raleigh County branch of the            Food connoisseurs are served up an evening            Celebration events include our Annual Garden
NAACP pays tribute to Black             with Executive Chef Jon Reecher in the Chef Jon       Festival on June 2 and 3 and a birthday bash on
History Month.
                                        Hams It Up Series on January 25, February 22,         June 20 in celebration of West Virginia’s birthday.
February 9 & 10, March 2 & 3,           March 29 and April 26. Delightful to the senses,      Watch for more information in our next issue.
March 23 & 24                           the evening is an entertaining and tasteful one.
Tamarack’s Fifth Annual                 The new Tasty Tuesdays at Tamarack program            And, it’s not too late to join us for our holiday
Dinner Theater Series                   highlights a specially priced menu sure to please     spectacular, My Favorite Things Extravaganza,
Fine dining with special menu           fans of our food court fare.                          running through Christmas Eve. Whether it’s
features and a theater performance                                                            that last-minute gift for your favorite someone,
will warm you up during the cold        As winter makes way for spring,Tamarack begins        or a place to enjoy with a relaxing dining
winter season.Tickets may be            preparations for an exciting month-long Fifth         experience, we’d love to see you stop by.
purchased at Tamarack or by calling     Anniversary Celebration that kicks off May 12         There’s always something new and exciting to
1-88-TAMARACK.                          with our Sixth Annual Artisan Reunion and             see and experience at Tamarack!
                continued on page 3                                                                              Photos in this issue are by Rick Lee.
                                               The Icing on the Cake
     icture yourself in a relaxing theater setting experiencing a
     fascinating cooking demonstration with Tamarack’s Executive
     Chef Jon Reecher. Specially staged lights surround a made-to-
order gourmet cart. A tasteful display of gourmet food products and
seasonal fresh vegetables add to the ambience. A gigantic screen
backdrop brings you up-close-and-personal with the chef.
Larger than life and dressed in his chef ’s “whites” and toque, you
watch his hands as he demonstrates helpful cooking techniques and
guides you through some of his favorite recipes using West Virginia
grown and gourmet food products. Questions from the audience are
the order of the evening as you get the answers from the expert.
Filled with more than an hour-and-a-half of tidbits from the chef, the
evening culminates with a delectable tasting of his culinary creations.
And, if you want to try some at home, you take along several of the
recipes from the Chef Jon Hams It Up Recipe Collection. An added
feature is a shopping experience with your admission ticket, good
towards the purchase of gourmet food products.
Behind the scenes as he preps for the demo, Jon practices each recipe
to make sure it’s top-notch and easy to prepare. “‘Mise en place’ is
French for ‘everything in its place.’ I like organization and being
prepared so that the evening is entertaining for our guests. My
assistant and our breakfast chef, LeTonia Manns, and I do a majority of
the prep work in advance such as cutting the vegetables and meats.
LeTonia assists me on stage to make sure the demo goes off without
a hitch. Showing various techniques of cutting and handling the
ingredients is part of the repertoire. I hope it gives our guests a few
tips they can use in their own home kitchens,” Jon said.
Chef Jon is accustomed to entertaining with cooking demos, but the
September show was his first “on stage” theater appearance. “I like
being on stage. Chefs are recognized now as professionals. With many
of us graduating from culinary schools, we are respected for our           production is staged in New Orleans, we’ll feature cajun-style food. If
talents and knowledge. We acquire hands-on experience with cooking         it’s set in England, we’ll have a taste of Britain,” he said.
demos throughout our culinary career. At The Greenbrier, I assisted
several celebrity chefs with cooking demos, including Mary Ann             Brisk winter evenings conjure up thoughts of warm relaxing places with
Esposito, Caprial Pence and David Rosengarten,” he said.                   hearty menu offerings.Tamarack’s ambience and culinary repertoire hits
                                                                           the spot with its new monthly program of Tasty Tuesdays at Tamarack.
Chef Jon practiced for the September demo when he made a guest             Scheduled for January 16, February 13, March 13 and April 17, specially
appearance on WCHS-TV’s Good Morning West Virginia. In the four-           priced menus will keep you coming back for more.
minute segment, Chef Jon was at ease facing the camera and ‘cooking
it up’ for thousands of viewers.                                           Chef Jon said, “Our cooking demo series and our new Tasty Tuesdays
                                                                           at Tamarack program enhances my relationships with people. Our
The Chef Jon Hams It Up Series adds more dates to its roster—January       cooking demos were successful, and our guests learned something
25, February 22, March 29, April 26 and May 24. Beginning at 6 p.m.,       new. I especially enjoyed questions from the audience and plan to
Chef Jon promises to offer something new and exciting for cooking          incorporate some of their suggestions in future shows, especially a
enthusiasts for each demo. “I try to use things that people ask me         session on baked goods. I want guests to call me if they have cooking
about frequently like trout, the featured recipe in this issue. I try to   and food questions.They may reach me at 304/256-6843 or
capture as many interests as possible,” Chef Jon said with excitement.     1-88-TAMARACK or by e-mail at”
“In the future, we’ll feature some guest chefs from the hotel.They’ll be
in the spotlight and I’ll be the assistant. In one of our spring shows,
pastries will be at the top of our list. We will showcase different
recipes and tastings for each show. I also plan to have audience              Tamarack’s Taste of West Virginia Food Court managed by
members join me on stage for hands-on experience.”                            The Greenbrier enjoys a brisk catering service and banquet
                                                                              business. Off-site catering services continue to grow with a
Chef Jon has some new culinary programs on the menu board for                 variety of special events, business meetings and family occasions.
our Taste of West Virginia Food Court fans. “We’re excited about our          A recent catering function for a wedding party of more than
dinner theater series coming up in February and March.These                   300 at Daniel Vineyards was a resounding success.
outstanding community theater productions give us an opportunity to
tailor our menus with the theme of the show. If the theater
                                                                                                                         Calendar of Events
West Virginia                                                                                                            continued from page 1

Rainbow Trout                                                                                                            March 17
                                                                                                                         State High School Thespian
Chef Jon Reecher shares a customer                                                                                       Festival
favorite.                                                                                                                High school thespians create a
                                                                                                                         dramatic atmosphere for festival-goers.
2 trout fillets
                                                                                                                         April 21
Dust in seasoned flour (seasoned
                                                                                                                         The National Association of
means with salt and pepper)
                                                                                                                         Lincoln Presenters
1 tablespoon vegetable oil                                                                                               Abe Lincoln look-a-likes gather at
Put a medium size skillet over                                                                                           Tamarack.
medium high heat and add the oil.                                                                                        Upcoming Event May 12-June 20
Once the oil is very hot, but not                                                                                        Tamarack’s Fifth Anniversary
smoking, dust the trout in the flour                                                                                     Celebration
and add the trout to the pan flesh-                                                                                      Kicking off on May 12 with the Sixth
side down.                                                                                                               Annual Artisan Reunion and Awards
                                                                                                                         Ceremony, a month-long series of
Once the flesh is golden brown,                                                                                          events and promotions are topped
turn the fish over and crisp the                                                                                         off with our biggest Best of West
skin. Once the skin is crisp and brown, the fish is done. It takes approximately 4 to 5 minutes                          Virginia Birthday Bash on June 20.
total cooking time.
                                                                                                                         For additional information on
                                                                                                                         these and other events call toll-
                                                                                                                         free at 1-888-262-7225.

From Steel to Clay, Potter Finds His Niche
     can’t do anything else,” he said                                                                       Fair in the Park in Pittsburgh and the
“    passionately. Out of the mouths of                                                                     Vandalia Gathering in Charleston. His work
     potters, you can be certain that potter                                                                commands a top spot in the Ceramics
Gary Shaffer, of Brooke County, really loves                                                                Monthly Permanent Collection in Columbus,
making pots. With over 20 years of                                                                          Ohio.Tipper and Al Gore are among private
experience creating pottery, Gary’s fondness                                                                collectors who have purchased his work at
and mastery of throwing and firing pottery                                                                  the Apple Butter Festival in Berkeley Springs.
leaves his craftsmanship fingerprints on
every piece. “Throwing and firing pots are                                                                  Gary’s pottery runs the gamut from
the parts of the process that turn me on                                                                    functional stoneware to salt-glazed, wood-
and keep me going. I continually experiment                                                                 fired traditional pots to wood-fired, salt-
with new glazes and designs,” Gary said                                                                     glazed gallery pieces. His floral pottery
enthusiastically.                                                                                           continues to be his best-selling line. He
                                                                                                            creates the leaf and floral design by brushing
As a student at Brooke County High School                                                                   on iron oxides for the leaf and cobalt
in 1970, Gary tried his hand at pottery                                                                     carbonate for the floral part, using a free-
under the inspirational guidance of his                                                                     hand method that he calls flowing and
teacher Sam White. Sam encouraged Gary                                                                      spontaneous. For the past two years, he has
to study pottery at Glenville State College                                                                 concentrated on his top selling salt-glazed,
with Charles Scott. He recommended it as                                                                    wood-fired pots. He claims to have paid the
an alternative to working in the steel mills                                                                mortgage with his best-selling serving bowls
                                                   Gary Shaffer’s ever-popular floral pottery is always in style
like Gary’s father had or in the mines like his                                                             with handles.
mother’s family. After spending an
unsuccessful year at Glenville State, he worked one summer at                      Repeat collectors are the ‘bread and butter’ of his business. Several
Weirton Steel. Dissatisfied, Gary enlisted in the Navy with the goal of            customers, who have bought one of everything he has made, enjoy
returning to college on the GI Bill. It worked like a charm this time go           sending him photos of their extensive Shaffer pottery collection.The
round. With Charles Scott as his mentor, and with great perseverance               newest items to his clayful repertoire are lamps that seem to become
on his part, Gary graduated in 1980 winning the Whiting Art Award,                 favorites for his favorite collectors.
given to one outstanding art student in his or her senior year.                    Gary’s wife, Jennifer, heads up the business operation, and handles it
After teaching at Wirt County High School for a year in the early                  with ease. She comes from a family background of successful small
eighties, Gary turned to making pots full-time. And, he hasn’t stopped             business owners.This couple is a winning combination and is one of
since. Gary has exhibited his work in the Biennial West Virginia Juried            West Virginia’s success stories in the ever-changing craft world, proving
Exhibition, the National Functional Ceramics Exhibit in Wooster, Ohio,             that the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in the Mountain State.
                                                             ‘Really Handmade’                                                                 An array of pins, earrings, barrettes and pendants are offered in a
                                                                                                                                               myriad of designs. Incorporating brass and copper as highlights, he
                                                                                                                                               makes a variety of designs with sunrises. His refreshing sunrise designs
                                                                                                                                               symbolize the beginning of a new day.

                                ewtersmith Don Miller takes great pride in
                                tagging each of his creations with his hallmark
                                                                                                                                               The recipient of many awards, Don claims his highest honor received
                                of ‘really handmade’. His life has been spent
                                                                                                                                               is the number of return customers who buy his work. He has touched
                 entirely in handmade articles. “My product is ‘really
                                                                                                                                               the heart and soul of many craftspeople and customers who admire
              handmade’ pewter jewelry,” he exclaimed. “By ‘really
                                                                                                                                               his ‘really handmade’ hallmark, and his hand-wrought pewter with its
          handmade’ I mean that I design and make the parts, as
                                                                                                                                               distinctive hammer marks withstands the test of time.
      compared to craftspeople who simply assemble ready-made parts.
    Each piece is hand-cut and soldered together, using brass and copper
    to add color. Finally, it is polished and lacquered to prevent tarnishing,”
    he added.
    A pewter craftsman in West Virginia for 36 years, Don has established
    himself as one of the finest pewtersmiths in the country. His legacy
    includes such honors as the American Pewter Guild Award for
    Outstanding Design and Craftsmanship, the Award of Excellence at
    the Mountain State Art and Craft Fair, and a Merit Award in the West
    Virginia Juried Exhibition. Don and his handiwork have been
    documented in Wonderful West Virginia magazine, on West Virginia
    Public Television and through a USIA film. His specially commissioned
    12 large chalices and an over-sized ceremonial chalice command a
    special place in St. Matthews Cathedral in Washington, D.C.
    Self-taught in the craft of hand-wrought pewter, Don adds a                                                                                             Order a ‘really handmade’ piece of jewelry
    hammering touch to give each piece that distinctive handmade look.                                                                             Don Miller’s evergreen trees and sunrise jewelry shine in copper and
    Primarily a combination of tin and copper, Don manipulated the                                                                                 brass on hammered pewter. Earring posts and French hooks are
    metals masterfully having created hollowware pieces such as tea and                                                                            made of surgical steel. All pieces are lacquered to prevent tarnishing.
    coffee sets, chalices, cordials, wine goblets, candlesticks, snuffers, and
    baby cups. His decision to create jewelry exclusively came about three                                                                         Item #9809 Trees Pin, 21⁄2” x 1 1/8”, $35.00
    years ago as a result of his physical limitations in making larger pieces.                                                                     Item #9810 Trees Earrings, 3⁄4” x 3⁄4”, $27.00
    Don said that it was one of the best decisions he ever made.                                                                                   Item #9811 Sunrise Pin, 3” x 11⁄4”, $35.00
                                                                                                                                                   Item #9812 Sunrise Earrings, 11⁄4” x 3⁄4”, $27.00
    A resident of Jefferson County since 1964, Don and his wife Lee, an                                                                            $3.00 shipping and handling per order
    occupational therapist, chose West Virginia as a home to raise their
    daughter, Jennifer, and son, Will, as well as a place to set up Don’s                                                                          West Virginia residents add 6% sales tax.
    studio. Every piece of Don Miller’s jewelry captures his love of West
                                                                                                                                                   Order toll free at 1-877-503-3046 (Mon.-Fri., 8 a.m.-4 p.m., other times
    Virginia and nature with earthy scenic designs. Each also carries a
                                                                                                                                                   leave voice mail message) or by fax at 1-304-256-6760 (24 hours)
    stamp of excellence in craftsmanship honed for more than 35 years.

Open Daily January to March, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
    April to December, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  Free Parking and No Admission Charge
          Handicapped Accessible
           Right On Your Way!
Exit 45, I-77 WV Turnpike Beckley,West Virginia
Tamarack is only one hour by car southeast
from Charleston,West Virginia and northwest                                                              One Tamarack Park, Beckley,WV USA 25801
from The Greenbrier. It is a one day drive from
most major cities on the east coast.

                          Wheeling                                                                I-81
                  70                                           PENNSYLVANIA

  OHIO                                                                       MARYLAND              68
      50        Parkersburg                      Clarksburg
                                           50                                       50
                                                 I-79                                        66
           35          I-79                                                   I-81
   I-64                                             219               250
                                Beckley                        220
                                                        I-64                 I-64

KENTUCKY                            I-77   Princeton           I-81
                              460          Bluefield

         For more information call
1-88-TAMARACK or visit
Calendar of Events
Enjoy an exciting line-up of
performances, food events and
March 13 and April 17,

5-7 p.m.
Tasty Tuesdays at Tamarack
Dining out conjures up thoughts of
warm relaxing places with hearty
menu offerings.The Tasty Tuesdays at                                                                                         Spring 2001 Volume VII
Tamarack menu features an 8-oz.
sirloin steak cooked to order,
roasted garlic whipped potatoes,
fresh asparagus, baby carrots, and a                          The Best of West Virginia
Tamarack dessert. Priced at $8.95

per person.                                       s the sparks fly, a piece of
                                                  steel takes shape and comes
March 17                                          to life waiting to be magically
State High School Thespian               formed. As the gas heats up the
                                         batch, a gather of glass takes shape
High school thespians create a
                                         and becomes a work of art.
dramatic atmosphere for
                                         Traditions come alive in Tamarack’s
                                         demonstration studios taking
March 23-24, 7 p.m.                      spectators back in time as they savor
Tamarack’s Fifth Annual                  the moment they watch an artisan at
Dinner Theatre Series                    work.True to form, this interpretive
Summit Players of Bluefield present      venue preserves West Virginia’s rich
Any Friend of Percy D’Angelino is a
                                         cultural heritage and keeps alive
Friend of Mine from “Men in Suits.”
                                         artisan skills and traditions. A visit
If you’re game for comedy with a         with blacksmith Frank Hedgecock
twist of mystery, this play’s just-      and glass artist Boyd Miller,
right-for-you! This comedy begins        Tamarack’s resident studio artists,
with a mysterious stranger arriving      captures the excitement of watching
at the Long Island estate owned by       artisans at work. Customers who
a renowned mob boss. Enjoy Italian       purchase their creations take home a
specialties of grilled veal chops with
                                         souvenir and capture a memory.
a lobster ragout, tarragon whipped
potatoes, baby carrots and               Visitors to Tamarack experience
asparagus with a champagne butter,       world-class shopping showcasing the
and Tiramasu. Dinner begins at           largest collection of quality West
7 p.m. with theatre after dinner.        Virginia crafts, art, books, music, and
Reservations are required.               gourmet foods. Gathered from all
March 25                                 corners of the state, the creations of
Sunday@Two                               over 1600 artisans are on display                                                        Photo by Steve Payne
Morning Star Consort, an eclectic        offering shoppers a variety of
folk ensemble, performs Celtic and       choices. Each piece has a story to tell                workshops, and lectures. Plant yourself at our
Renaissance music.                       attracting guests to experience more of                Fourth Annual Garden Festival June 2 and 3 for
March 29,April 26 and                    West Virginia’s cultural heritage. When only           a weekend filled with craft exhibits, nurseries
May 24, 6 p.m.                           the best will do, customers are assured of             selling fresh plants and herbs, workshops,
Chef Jon Hams It Up Series               quality products carefully reviewed through            lectures, special exhibits, and entertainment.
Enjoy Executive Chef Jon Reecher         a jurying process.
in a stellar theatre showcase as he                                                             Gallery exhibits entice passersby to explore the
demonstrates cooking techniques          Music, theatre, dance, storytelling, pastimes, and     current scene of art in West Virginia through
using West Virginia grown and            history take center stage during year-round            interpretations in watercolors, pastels, prints, oils,
gourmet food products.Take in            festivals and events with a focus on Civil War         sculpture, and photography. Opening on April 8,
dinner before the demo for a             times, the lore of trains, the art of gardening,       the exhibit, Magical Places, showcases art that
delightful culinary experience. $5       and the celebration of folk life traditions. Join us   reflects everyday scenes through the eyes of the
admission ticket is good towards         for Tamarack’s Civil War Weekend as the Civil          artist. Exhibiting artists include Velda Cool
the purchase of gourmet food             War era comes alive April 21 and 22 with a             Anderson, Kathryn Boland, Beth Crowder, Lou
products.                                variety of performances, demonstrations,                                             (continued on page 3)
                 (continued on page 3)
                                           All the Right Ingredients
        ou rarely see him sitting down on the job.Taking a break from
        his hectic schedule, Executive Chef Jon Reecher reflects on his
        first year as Tamarack’s Manager of Food Services. “Tamarack’s
partnership with The Greenbrier is key to our quality assurance
program of providing quality cuisine, attention to detail, and customer
satisfaction and service. Add our Appalachian-style cuisine along with
reasonable prices and you get our recipe for success,” commented
Chef Jon. “Our draw is The Greenbrier quality,The Greenbrier detail
and competitive prices. We do what it takes to make it right.”
An overview of Tamarack’s customer-comment surveys shows that
guests like the combination of high quality cuisine and service offered
at reasonable prices. “Our cafeteria-style format is different from the
norm,” said Chef Jon. “We’re more laid back and very customer
friendly. We interact with our customers and explain our menu
features. We take your trays after you finish your meal. Another unique
feature of our food service operation is that we’re cooking constantly.
We cook in small batches. Our food is hot and fresh, and this makes
us different and more popular.”
The Tamarack kitchen uses fresh West Virginia grown produce that
offers economic opportunities for many Mountain State farmers. Chef
Jon works with several area growers as a source for quality ingredients
for his food preparations. Chef Jon purchases a supply of green
tomatoes from a Nicholas County farmer for the ever-popular fried
green tomato sandwich and a quantity of his peppers for a variety of
dishes. Proud to have his product used in Tamarack, the satisfied
farmer is delighted with his professional relationship with Executive
Chef Jon Reecher.
Tamarack’s Appalachian-style recipes incorporate a variety of West
Virginia’s well-known specialty food products.The heartbeat of an
expanding food cottage industry, many of Tamarack’s specialty food
producers work with Chef Jon by providing their products for his
specialty recipes. “I incorporate several specialty food products in our
menu.The Hey Mon Caribbean Cooking Magic Pineapple Orange
Sauce is great with our ham entrée. Appalachian Mountain Specialty’s                                                                 Photo by Rick Lee
Wilted Lettuce Dressing is just the right touch for our grilled chicken
spinach salad, and ThistleDew Farm’s Honey Mustard gives the right
zip to our house dressing. Customers enjoy these specialty food            Growth in Tamarack’s catering and banquet services provides an
products and enjoy the convenience of purchasing them in Tamarack’s        expanding venue for guests booking private functions, business
gourmet food department as a take-home feature.”                           meetings and social events. Wilma Noel works with guests on
                                                                           everything from room bookings to customized menus to room décor
                                                                           with attention to every detail. “As the exclusive caterer for Country
                                                                           Inns and Suites, we plan to expand our outside catering and banquet
                                                                           services. We offer customized menus in a range of $12.95 to $28.95
                                                                           per person,” commented Chef Jon. “We also offer a “Fresh Food
       The Tamarack kitchen                                                Prepared To Go” Menu for individuals, groups and meetings. Orders
                                                                           must be placed in advance. Guests may pick up their orders, and
   uses fresh West Virginia grown                                          depending on the size of the order and geographic location, we offer
                                                                           delivery services.”

          produce that offers                                              “It is an honor and privilege for me to serve as the executive chef and
                                                                           manager of food services at Tamarack.This world-class showcase for
     economic opportunities for                                            the best of West Virginia’s creations provides a distinctive state-of-the-
                                                                           art setting for our Taste of West Virginia Food Court,” said Chef Jon.
                                                                           “Our expanding culinary programs, the Chef Jon Hams It Up Cooking
   many Mountain State farmers.                                            Demo Series and Tasty Tuesdays at Tamarack, enrich the West Virginia
                                                                           experience for our guests. It gives us an opportunity to show our
                                                                           appreciation for their support. I look forward to another successful
                                                                           and exciting year at Tamarack.”
                                                                                                              April 8, 2-4 p.m.
Oven-Roasted                                                                                                  Gallery Reception
                                                                                                              The exhibit Magical Places opens in

Lamb Rack                                                                                                     the David L. Dickirson Gallery.
                                                                                                              April 8, 2 p.m.
1 frenched lamb rack                                                                                          The Trillium Performing Arts
3 tablespoons oil                                                                                             Collective’s Youth Group presents
salt                                                                                                          its repertoire of modern dance
pepper                                                                                                        selections.
Heat a sauté pan over high heat.                                                                              April 21
Add the oil. Get it hot but not                                                                               The National Association of
smoking. Add the rack presentation                                                                            Lincoln Presenters
side down or bone side up. Heat                                                                               Abe Lincoln look-a-likes meet at
until it’s golden. Season with salt                                                                           Tamarack.
and pepper.Turn it over. Place it in                                                                          April 21-22
                                                                      Photo by Rick Lee
375-degree oven. Roast it for                                                                                 Civil War Weekend
approximately 15 minutes for rare, or roast to your specification.                                            The Civil War era comes alive with
                                                                                                              a variety of performances,

Roasted Garlic Whipped Potatoes                                                                               demonstrations, workshops, and
                                                                                                              April 29
2 lbs. Idaho potatoes                                                                                         Sunday@Two
4 cloves garlic                                                                                               The Mid-Ohio Valley Ballet
1 stick butter                                                                                                performs the Frog Prince.
3 tablespoons oil                                                                                             May 6
1 cup milk                                                                                                    Sunday@Two
Simmer potatoes until tender. Pour oil over garlic in a small oven-safe sauté pan or baking dish. Cover       Allegheny Echoes, an acclaimed
with tin foil and bake for 30 to 40 minutes or until golden. Once garlic is golden, remove from oven          group of West Virginia musicians
                                                                                                              and writers, presents a celebration
and pour off excess oil. Reserve excess oil for later use. Puree garlic. Add potatoes, milk, and butter,
                                                                                                              of Appalachian music and verse.
and mash by hand or mixer. Mix until smooth. Add garlic and season with salt and pepper.
                                                                                                              May 12
                                                                                                              Tamarack’s Sixth Annual
                                                                                                              Artisan Reunion and Awards
The Best of West Virginia                                                                                     May 20, 2-4 p.m.
                                                                                                              Gallery Reception
(continued from page 1)                                                                                       The exhibit Garden opens in the
                                                                                                              David L. Dickirson Gallery.
Gates,Vernon Howell, Georgia Raney, and Kevin
Woodcock.The exhibit runs through May 13.                                                                     June 2-3, 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
                                                                                                              Fourth Annual Garden
Delectable cuisine from A Taste of West Virginia                                                              Festival
Food Court, managed by The Greenbrier, tops                                                                   Plant yourself at Tamarack for a
off the experience. Menu favorites include the                                                                weekend filled with craft exhibits,
popular fried green tomato sandwich,Tamarack’s                                                                nurseries selling fresh plants and
own chicken and dumplings, grilled West Virginia                                                              herbs, workshops, lectures, special
trout, and the lip-smacking Jake’s barbecue.                                                                  exhibits, and entertainment.
Freshly baked and prepared desserts tantalize                                                                 May 12-June 20
onlookers with the famous Greenbrier peach,                                                                   Tamarack’s Fifth Anniversary
delicious bread pudding, scrumptious fruit                                                                    Celebration
cobblers, and that old-time Southern favorite,                                                                Kicking off on May 12 with the
pecan pie.                                                                                                    Sixth Annual Artisan Reunion and
                                                                                                              Awards Ceremony, a month-long
West Virginia’s reputation for gracious hospitality                                       Photo by Rick Lee   series of events and promotions are
carries through with customer services including                                                              topped off with our biggest Best of
a tourist information center, a post office offering   Guests from near and far immerse themselves in         West Virginia Birthday Bash on
shipping services, an ATM machine, free parking        a wellspring of the sights, sounds and tastes of       June 20.
and admission, and the personal touch from staff.      The Best of West Virginia.These collective
                                                                                                              For additional information on
Leaving no stone unturned, the expansive               experiences enhance the state’s image and              these and other events call
grounds with its artful landscaping provide a          enrich tourism in the Mountain State.This is           toll-free at 1-888-262-7225.
breath of fresh air and a relaxing environment         West Virginia at its best—TAMARACK: The Best
for travelers.                                         of West Virginia.
                                                                                                                How Sweet It Is!
                                   t’s a honey of a farm! Apiarists Ellie and Steve                                                            Steve is world famous for his bee beard, a process where he places
                                   Conlon operate ThistleDew Farm in Proctor,                                                                  the queen bee on his face and a large swarm of bees land in a
                                   headquartered in an old school house on 20 acres                                                            manner resembling a beard. Steve appeared with his bee beard on
                            of “wild and wonderful.” They manage over 700 colonies                                                             The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in February 1999 to rave reviews.
                          of honeybees for pollination, honey, beeswax, and other
                       products from the hive.                                                                                                 Ellie and Steve enjoy their honey of a business and their independent
                                                                                                                                               lifestyle. “The most satisfying part of this whole experiment is that we
    Their motto of “Fine Gifts from the Honey Bee and West Virginia”                                                                           have included all of our family.They have enjoyed the business and the
    represents a thriving small business that offers an extensive line of                                                                      fruits of our labors,” said Ellie. Dedication, hard work, love of honey,
    popular honey products for the marketplace.They operate a gift shop                                                                        family ties, and an eagerness to grow their business add up to one of
    at their farm and offer public tours of their processing facility.                                                                         the most successful honey businesses in the country,ThistleDew Farm.
    Ellie and Steve began their enterprise in Philadelphia in the early
                                                                                                                                                                      Order honey gift sets by mail
    seventies and moved to West Virginia in 1974. “After being in business
    for yourself for so many years, you realize that your time is your own,”                                                                       ThistleDew Farm honey gift sets are sweetly packaged and perfect for
    said Ellie. “If I worked a nine-to-five job, I would miss out on so much. I                                                                    those who have everything.They make great Mother’s Day and Father’s
    like the independence of running our own business. We meet so many                                                                             Day gifts!
    interesting people, and this enhances the                                                                                                                                #9822 West Virginia Gourmet Gift Box
    overall experience for us.”                                                                                                                                              includes 8-oz.Wildflower Honey, 7-oz.
                                                                                                                                                                             Original Honey Mustard, 8-oz. Creamy
    Their bees are scattered in four counties to
                                                                                                                                                                             Honey, Honey Recipes and Honey-filled
    ensure enough sources of nectar.They
                                                                                                                                                                             Candy. $21.90 includes shipping and handling.
    process their West Virginia wildflower honey
    into containers ranging in size from five                                                                                                                                #9823 “Three Honey Bears” Set includes 32-
    ounces to 650-pound barrels.Their product                                                                                                                                oz. Papa Bear, 12-oz. Mama Bear, 6-oz. Baby
    selections include honey mustard, comb                                                                                                                                   Bear,West Virginia Honey Cookbook and a
    honey, creamy honey, beeswax candles, skin                                                                                                                               “Bee Man” Post Card. $18.90 includes
    cream, and honey straws. Gift-boxed sets of                                                                                                                              shipping and handling.
    their products are popular and make great                                                                                                                                #9824 Beauty & Candlelight Set includes
    corporate gifts.                                                                                        Photo by Rick Lee                                                natural 3.5-oz. Beeswax Skin Cream, 1/8-oz.
                                                                                                                                                   ‘Balmy Lips’ Lip Cream with Aloe Vera, and two dripless 4” Honeycomb
    Ellie and Steve expanded their product line in July 2000 through the                                                                           Candles. Cosmetics do not contain alcohol or perfume. $20.90 includes
    acquisition of West’s Best products. “These products gave our business                                                                         shipping and handling.
    a broader customer base and enabled us to use more of our honey.
    West’s Best Hot Pepper Butter is the signature product and is known                                                                            West Virginia residents add 6% sales tax.
    throughout the United States,” said Ellie.                                                                                                     Order toll free at 1-877-503-3046 (Mon.-Fri., 8 a.m.-4 p.m., other times
                                                                                                                                                   leave voice mail message) or by fax at 1-304-256-6760 (24 hours).

Open Daily January to March, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
    April to December, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  Free Parking and No Admission Charge
          Handicapped Accessible
           Right On Your Way!
Exit 45, I-77 WV Turnpike Beckley,West Virginia
Tamarack is only one hour by car southeast
from Charleston,West Virginia and northwest                                                              One Tamarack Park, Beckley,WV USA 25801
from The Greenbrier. It is a one day drive from
most major cities on the east coast.

                          Wheeling                                                                I-81
                  70                                           PENNSYLVANIA

  OHIO                                                                       MARYLAND              68
      50        Parkersburg                      Clarksburg
                                           50                                       50
                                                 I-79                                        66
           35          I-79                                                   I-81
   I-64                                             219               250
                                Beckley                        220
                                                        I-64                 I-64

KENTUCKY                            I-77   Princeton           I-81
                              460          Bluefield

         For more information call
1-88-TAMARACK or visit