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					December Committee Meeting - December 11, 2007

Attendees: John Verduce, Candy Verduce, Holly Murray, Butch Murray, Ron Garmey,
Naudain Radcliff, Gene Pollock, John Weingartner, Polly Stehle, Jim Carrigan, Ralph
West, Charlie George, Dave Johnston, Mic Wrbas, Sid Donovan
Minutes recorded by: Holly Murray

Meeting began at 7:00 PM

Previous meeting minutes were approved.

ScoutMaster Report:
 There were five troop activities held in the past month.
    Intro to backpacking camping trip at Raccoon Park was successful. Fourteen
      boys and five adults attended.
    Camping weekend at Slippery Rock was attended by seventeen scouts, three
      Webelos, and eight adults.
    The war memorial rededication was held on Sunday, Nov 11th.
    Two Eagle Court of Honors were held.
 The leadership patrol spent an evening cutting out the wood for the patrol boxes.
   They will be assembled at a future meeting.

Advancement Report:
 The troop’s winter court of honor will be held on January 14, 2008.
 It was requested that the committee adhere to the previous decided upon practice of
  holding the Scoutmaster Conference and Board of Review on different nights.

Finance Report:
 Registration is underway, but not all funds have been collected. Outstanding are
   payments from nine adults, six returning scouts, and one new scout.
 There is a balance of $510.00 in the scholoarship fund.
 There is $190 left in the patrol box fund.
 There is $32 in petty cash and $400 in the general fund.

Outdoor Activity Report:

   Final payment of $2150 to Lenzner for the trip to Dayton to Air Force Museum is due
    by the end of December. Final payments from everyone need to be made prior to that

Membership Report:
 Three Webelos went camping with the troop to Slippery Rock.

 Polly is gathering the training records.
New Business:

Spagetti Dinner
 The committee considered potential dates of 3/8, 3/15, 4/5 for this year’s dinner and
   decided upon 4/5/08. Gene Pollock will check with the church and see if this date is
 Discussed whether to get sponsors for placemats again this year. Committee decided
   to do this again. Ads will cost $25 of which $15 will go to the scout selling the ad
   and $10 to the troop fund. Candy will speak to Mike Weinzerel about printing the
   placemats again this year.
 Candy will get Ray Wilson’s contact information to both Holly and Polly so they can
   speak to him about arrangements he has already made for supplies and auction prizes.
 Polly will setup a meeting to plan dinner arrangements.
Airsoft incident:
 While the scouts were loading the vehicles for the Slippery Rock campout, two scouts
   were hit in the faces with airsoft pellets. The guns were not owned by any of the
   scouts, but were being handled by several scouts in addition to the non-scouts. It is
   not know who fired the shots.
 John Verduce feels our boys need to be instructed in the importance of the weapons
   ‘no tolerance’ policy.
 Discussion of whether a report of the incident should be sent to council. Naudain felt
   that as long as John had the information documented in case it was needed later, that
   would be adequate. John has documented the incident and will talk to the boys’
 It was suggested that a gun safety presentation be held at a future meeting. John may
   contact police Chief Beaver about presenting something to the troop.
MISC New Business:
 Jim Carrigan will serve as the troop’s summer camp coordinator. Mic Wrbas
   expressed a desire to help him. Camping fee for scouts has risen by $10 to $220.
   Adult rate increases by $5.00
 Candy brought up the possibility of registering our troop with GFS in Robinson.
   There is no cost. The troop would be given cards which you show when checking
   out. A percentage of all sales would come to the troop. Committee voted to try it.
   Candy will get us signed up.
 The troop Christmas party will be held on Dec 17th. The Ostronic family will pickup
   the pizza at Sir Pizza. Pop and cookies will be provided by the scouts. The scouts
   will go caroling before the party. Any proceeds collected will benefit World Vision.
 Polly asked that the boys be told about sleeping conditions prior to future outings so
   they can plan for situations like concrete.
 Klondike derby is scheduled for Jan 19, 2008. The information has been given to the
   PLC. There is a $7.00 per person charge.
 The PLC has expressed an interest in going skiing sometime in Feb or March.
   Charlie George stated that the venturing groups have a weekend scheduled at
   Nemacolon in Feb for $25.00. Scouts could camp at Heritage.
 Discussed potential locations for the boys do swimming merit badge and/or rank
   requirements. John Weingartner spoke to the aquatics director at the Baierl YMCA
    who offered us use of the pool. There is also Mrs. Benson at Northgate. Charlie will
    talk to Steve Cupcheck to see if we could work something out with Accord pool in
    the spring.
   Jim Carrigan raised the issue of limiting merit badge counseling during troop
    meetings. He felt it keeps the boys from being involved with patrol activities.
    Lengthy discussion about procedures the boys should be following for calling to setup
    meetings with a merit badge counselor rather than showing up at a meeting. Noted
    that some counselors would rather meet during the meeting than at an additional time.
    It is up to the counselor to set the rules of when sessions are to be held. John Verduce
    stated that the meetings were extended by fifteen minutes to allow for counseling at
    the end of the meeting. The boys are ‘supposed’ to check out with their patrol leaders
    before leaving the group. Committee basically agreed that there is a need to review
    the procedural steps with the boys.
   Gene Pollock presented a proposal that Ron Garmey remain as Unit Commissioner,
    but not be a member of the committee. John Verduce feels that it is a conflict of
    interest for him to serve both. John also feels that he isn’t supported by Ron.
    Naudain stated the ‘normal’ operations between the Unit Commissioner and Troop
    Committee after which a lengthy debate took place. Issues resulting in the inefficient
    operation of the troop were discussed. Gene stated that the church supports John and
    his efforts. Gene asked for a ‘vote of confidence’ from the committee to support
    John. The committee approved the vote. The proposal on Ron Garmey was
    eventually pulled off the table with an understanding that all Committee Members
    support the efforts of the Scoutmaster to continue moving the troop in a Boy Led

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 PM