Affidavit of identity by kosupo


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									                                          CAUSE NO. NNNNNN

In the matter of:                                           )                 PRECINCT #N
        XXXXXXXX XXXXX                                      )                 COUNTY OF XXXXXX
        c/o NNNN XXXXXXXX XXXXX                                      )
        XXXXXX, Texas NNNNN                                 )                 STATE OF TEXAS

                                   AFFIDAVIT OF IDENTITY
                                  DECLARATION OF STATUS


       THAT I, *Your name in lower case* (hereinafter "Secured Party"), am a natural and living woman
and do hereby declare the following statements to be true, correct, and complete, to the best of the
knowledge and belief of Secured Party. That Secured Party:

    1. is heir and assign to the above physical and mailing address,

    2. was born *Your birthdate*,

   3. is the authorized representative for the UNITED STATES TREASURY offset account number
#*Your social security number without dashes*,

   4. and is the authorized representative for SOCIAL SECURITY number #*Your social security
number with dashes*

and is in fact, the natural and living woman of this Affidavit of Identity and Declaration.

           WHEREFORE, Secured Party, without malice, do hereby declare, that any and all alleged
contracts, legal documents, or instruments existing or presumed to exist with or in relation to the artificial
person represented as "*YOUR NAME IN UPPER CAPS" (i.e. spelled in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS) and
with or without wet-ink signature, refer to an entirely different fictional legal entity, designed without full
disclosure by various agencies as separate legal fictions, have juri
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