Recession is a mindset

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					                                     Recession as a mindset
                                By Brian Clark Janitech Australasia
When business makes plans for recession, one common factor is the expectation that sales will fall
and that new business will be much harder to come by. This mindset passes from the management
to the sales management and on to the sales team. Recession or talk of recession becomes a valid
excuse for not making budget. Management expect to see that sales are down and there is an
expectation that customers will decrease their purchasing volume or move to lower cost lines.
Then there are the few who see the thought of recession as an opportunity. They know that their
opposition are expecting the worst and they capitalise on this, going after their opposition’s
accounts one by one, bit by bit, increasing their business and their market share, knowing that they
will probably stay under the radar. Their strategy is to plan for growth, rather than recession. It is
not a strategy based on cutting prices. Rather, it is strategy based on innovation, bundling and
increasing the perceived value of your company by focussing on the outcome, not the products or
their price.
This is a time to differentiate your self and look not only at the mindset of your customer but also
at the mindset of your sales team. Incentivise your sales teams by giving them innovative tools to
work with, rewards for achievement and set reasonable expectations for growth while your
competitors have their guard down.
Recession is never a valid excuse for losing sales. Rather it is a time to look closely at your
business, your team and your customers and get better and smarter at the things that you do best.
It’s all in the mindset!