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					                     ACORN High School for Social Justice
                                  1396 Broadway
                               Brooklyn, New York 11221
                          (718) 919-1256 · Fax (718) 919-3074
                             Karen Watts, Principal

Michael Prayor, A.P. Organization, Guidance, Music, Art and Technology
Dudrige Brenord, A.P. Math, Science, Social studies and English
Alberto Garcia, A.P Security, Sp. Ed., ESL, Foreign language and Phys. Ed.

Workshop Model Lesson Plan Template

The Aim, do now, CLEAR AGENDA, Homework, vocabulary/ keywords should be
on the board at all times. Remember, the agenda should not be generic. You do not
teach the same lesson everyday. Leave space under mini-lesson to specify what you
plan on doing for mini-lesson.


The aim should be in form of an essential question that relates to the theme/topic of the

day. Always start the question with “How can we”, “ How do we” never with a “what”.

Use simple language, and Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Do now/ Motivation

The do now should be based on the theme of the lesson. It should be a brief activity that

activates prior knowledge and connects what is going to be learned; should require



A short teacher dominated segment. The first part of the mini-lesson is connection, where

the teacher starts by connecting the current lesson to something previously done. Next the

teacher states explicitly and repeatedly exactly what she is teaching in this lesson. Next

the teacher models exactly what she wants the students to do. Next is the active

engagement, where all of the students try out or discuss what it is they are supposed to
do. The last part of the mini-lesson is the link; this is where the teacher tells the students

what they will do during the independent/small group work time of the workshop.

Independent/small group work

Students work in small groups or in partnership to apply what they have learned during

the mini-lesson. During the independent/group work the teacher walks around and

confers with individual students or groups. After about 30 minutes, the teacher briefly

shares using a student’s good work as an example.


The summary should be a clarification of the lesson’s purpose. It can be structured

several ways. Groups can report back, individuals can report back, students can write

learning logs and volunteers can share.


A follow up or extension of the lesson that can be completed within a reasonable amount

of time. Please spiral the homework. Please do not give (do page 5/ 1-10) give homework

from the previous work also.

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