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Ramalinga Raju

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									 Prepared By :-
Himani Raghwani
           EARLY LIFE
Ramalinga Raju Byrraju born on
16th sep,1954 in a family of farmers

In Bhimavaram town of Andhra Pradesh

He was an average student in class

He completed his (B. Com) degree in 1975 from
Andhra Loyola College at Vijayawada

                   Sai Kishore Gattu            2
 Raju's father, was one of the first farmers to start
  commercial grape production in Hyderabad.

 The agribusiness' profits also went a long way in
  educating Ramalinga, the eldest son.

 Ramalinga's childhood was pretty much typical
  of an upper middle class Hyderbadi family

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Name of his father is
Satyanarayan Raju

His wife's name is Nandini
and they had two sons, Teja
and Ramu, who are both
studying Engineering.

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         Journey Begins…..
He did his MBA from Ohio University, USA. trip
to the US for his education changed his destiny

Back to India in 1977 and initially developed a
textile industry named Sri Satyam.

Then he ventured into real estate business
under the name Satyam Constructions

                   Sai Kishore Gattu              5
   Magic That Changed His Life

 On 24th June,1987 company was incorporated
  as SATYAM Private Limited Co by B Rama
  Raju and B.Ramalinga Raju

 Initial hurdles,Financial crisis

 On 26th August, 1991 it was converted into a
  Public Limited Company.
The Company went in for a Public Issue of Equity

The company has created infrastructure facilities at
Secunderabad, Hyderabad and Bangalore.

Installation of 64 kbit/s satellite link, which paves the
way for online access to global clients

The launch of Satyam Infoway (Sify) .Satyam became
one of the first to enter Indian internet service market.

   On 26th January a joint venture company
  called Dun & Bradstreet Satyam Software
  (P) Ltd. was incorporated

  It is largest single location software unit for
  D&B in the world.

 18 May 2010         Sai Kishore Gattu              8
 March 1995 – First ISO 9001:2000 Company in the
  world as certified by BVQI (Bureau Veritas Quality International)

 19th Oct,1999 - Satyam Infoway becomes the first Indian
  Internet company to be listed on NASDAQ.

 17th Sep,1999 - Satyam Chairman B. Ramalinga Raju
  receives Ernst & Young Entrepreneurship (Services)

 22nd Dec,2000 - Satyam Chairman Ramalinga Raju
  named "IT Man of the Year" by Dataquest

 15th May, 2001 - Satyam listed on New York Stock

27th Sep, 2002 - Satyam wins Golden Peacock Award
for Excellence in Corporate Governance.

11th Oct, 2002 –Wins CNBC's Asian Business Leader
Corporate Citizen of the Year Award.

In 2003 - Satyam Computer Services honoured with
prestigious IBM Lotus Award.

21s July,2005 - Satyam acquired Singapore-based
Knowledge Dynamics

                    Sai Kishore Gattu               10
In 2006

Achieved global certification
• ISO 9001 (Quality management),
• ISO 20000 (Information technology service management
  for Infrastructure Management Services and Network &
• ISO 27001(Information Security Management standards)
• First organization in the India to launch Customer-Oriented
  Global Organization training

  Satyam’s revenue crosses U.S $1.4 billion & joined the
  Billion Dollar Club as it's youngest Indian member

                         Sai Kishore Gattu                 11
                  At present
Satyam is one of India 's prominent IT company, has
nearly 40,000 employees working in all over the world.
Satyam Computers' network is spread over 55
countries across 6 continents.
Satyam serves over 558 global companies including
over 163 Fortune 500 corporations.
        Satyam’s Corporate Social
Creating value for the society is an integral
part of Satyam’s business
Satyam Foundation of “Non-Profit

                             Emergency Management
                             and Research Institute
       Byrraju foundation
• Aims to catalyze rural transformation by
  providing 54 different services in the areas
  of health, education, adult literacy, water,
  environment, sanitation and livelihoods in
  rural India to raise living standards
EMRI (Emergency Management
    & Research Institute)

     Established in April, 2005
      provides emergency response
       services across India and has
       achieved several milestones
       including saving 5000 lives in
       its first year of operation.
 NENA: National Emergency Number Authority

 AAPI: American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin

 AAEMI: American Academy for Emergency Medicine in India

 SHS: Singapore Health Services

 Stanford, Richmond
          Beyond Business
Reading: He is passionate about it and likes
reading non-fiction.

Astronomy: He is really interested in it and has
14 telescopes, but doesn't find much time to use

Food: He is a non-vegetarian and his favorite
cuisine other than Indian is, Thai.

Music He likes anything that sounds pleasant!

Movies: When he has time, he visits cinema
houses a few times in a year.
To see ourselves attaining a developed
 country status in a short time

   “ If you are the best or want to be the best
  you cannot wait for change to happen.. go
  and create ”

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